SFWA Author Emeritus

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At times, SFWA may acknowledge an "Author Emeritus," a writer who made contributions to the field of science fiction, but may no longer be active in the field. While it is not a Nebula, it is given out as part of the Nebula Award Ceremony.

1995 Emil Petaja
1996 Wilson "Bob" Tucker
1997 Judith Merril
1998 Nelson Slade Bond
1999 William Tenn (Philip Klass)
2000 Daniel Keyes
2001 Robert Sheckley
2003 Katherine MacLean
2004 Charles L. Harness
2006 William F. Nolan
2007 D. G. Compton
2008 Ardath Mayhar
2009 M. J. Engh
2010 Neal Barrett, Jr.