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This is a collection of fannish bits and pieces, making no attempt to be complete.

My Worldcon and Convention Photos. I've also been collecting Worldcon Programs in one place. (How tired was I after running the Program Division for Sasquan? I didn't remember to add the schedule from 2015 until July 2016.)

The Slan Shack is a list of fans with public home pages.

Monty Wells and Leslie Mann Everything I Learned About Buying and Renovating Buildings I Learned from Monty Wells. Other absent friends.

New to convention-going? Here are some thoughts on what to bring to a convention. Old to convention-going? Here are some thoughts on Worldcon Problems and ways to avoid them. A look back at getting into fandom, in 1975. An Essay: When It Changed: A Personal Look at Women and Science Fiction.

While I didn't get to LACon in '96, I did watch a report about it on TV. I was, however, at the last Disclave (in 1997).

Lexicon 1985 Program Booklet

Recommended Sites

Richard Brandt put Fanthology '87 online, with one of my all-time favorite articles An Open Letter to Joanna Russ by Jeanne Gomoll.

John Lorentz keeps the Fannish E-Mail Directory updated periodically.

FANAC is a huge site of photos, fanzines and fannish stories. Timebinders are fans who are organizing to preserve fannish history.