ConJosé (Worldcon 2002) Photographs:
Bay Area Fan Jacky Boykin

Bay Area Fan Jacky Boykin

I have no photos from the Stewart speech as we were told that no flash photography was allowed. Stewart has a wonderful voice, seemed reasonably relaxed, and told some funny stories about his two latest movies. Then, we saw some brief previews that made both movies look phenomenal.

After Stewart, we ran into a very hungry Chris Barkley, and led him to a bar for dinner. On the far side of the Fairmont from the CC were some bars, including the Flying Pig. A man from Cincinnati owned it, and claimed to make genuine Cincinnati-style chili. So, for the second time that day, I had a meal of Flying Pig chili and wheat beer. I thought it was about 95% accurate - the cheese wasn't quite sharp enough. But Cincy native Chris seemed reasonably content.

Next, of course, were yet more parties.

© 2002 Photo by Laurie D. T. Mann