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Program Ops Wednesday Night Dinner - Jeff Beeler, Ruth Leibig, Ian Stockdale, Tammy Coxen, and Adina Adler
Program Ops Wednesday Night Dinner - Adina Adler, Ann Cecil, James J. Walton, Deirdre Saoirse Moen
Program Ops Wednesday Night Dinner - Jim Mann, Bill Parker, Sue Wheeler, Rebekah Jensen, Ann Broomhead, Tim Szczesuil
Gay Ellen Dennett and Friends
Gay Ellen Dennett, Laurie Mann and a Friend?
Friday Panel - Breathing Water--Technological Civilization in a Liquid Atmosphere with David Brin, Patricia MacEwen, Walter Jon Williams and China Miéville
Campbell Nominee Wen Spencer (former Pittsburgh Fan) and Noreascon 4 Chair Deb Geisler
Friday Panel - SF Playwriting - Kevin A. Murphy, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Jim Grimsley, and Terry Bisson
Friday - Terry Pratchett Reading
Friday - Star Trek Trivia - Bjo Trimble (MC), Chris Barkley (winner), Jim Mann (runner-up), Chris Garcia (third place)
Friday - Star Trek Trivia - Michael Siladi (scorekeeper), Tom Galloway (judge), Bjo Trimble (MC), Chris Barkley
Civic Auditorium Ceiling
Bay Area Fan Bay Area Fan Jacky Boykin
Friday Night Parties - UK in 05 - Andrew Adams (Adina Adler at left)
Friday Night Parties - Peter Jarvis, Chair of Torcon 3
Friday Night Parties - Jim Mann, Pat Malloy and Death at the Entrace to the Discworld Party
Saturday Panel - Roger Sims Models MISFITS Shirt
San José's Tapestry
Fan Exhibits and Hugos
Ian Stockdale Finally Visits the Dealers Room, Commiserating with Program Gurus Priscilla Olson and Jim Mann
MCFI Party Set-up - ConJosé Co-chair Tom Whitmore (Pam Fremon on Left)
MCFI Party Set-up - Noreascon 4 Chair Deb Geisler Sets Up the Bar
MCFI Party Set-up - Drinks Straight Up or With More of a Bite...
MCFI Party Set-up - Lab Coats With a Message - Mad Scientist of Noreascon 4
MCFI Party Set-up - Mad Scientists Ann Broomhead, Gay Ellen Dennett and Suford Lewis
MCFI Party - Ruth Sachter With this year's Hugo Ballot Counter, John Lorenz
MCFI Party - Eric (Raymond) and Erik (Olson) - No Half-a-bees...
MCFI Party - MCFI Brains
Pre-Hugo Reception - Laurie Mann, Hostess
Pre-Hugo Reception - Father John Blaker (Events Division Manager) and Rev. Randy Smith (Hugo Area Manager)
Pre-Hugo Reception - Stephen Boucher "in Formal Attire"
Pre-Hugo Reception - Craig Engler and Scott Edelman (nominees for best Web site)
Pre-Hugo Reception - Steve Davies (Plokta Nominee) and Giulia de Cesare
Pre-Hugo Reception - Brenda Clough (nominee for Best Novella) and Naomi Fisher
Pre-Hugo Reception - ConJose Artist Guest of Honor David Cherry
Pre-Hugo Reception - Diana and Mike Glyer (fanzine and fan writer nominee) with Daughter
Pre-Hugo Reception - Kathryn Daugherty (program divison director) and Kent Bloom
Pre-Hugo Reception - Best Web Site Nominees
Pre-Hugo Reception - James Patrick Kelly (Best Novelette Nominee), Brenda Clough (Best Novella Nominee), Ken Wharton (Campbell Award Nominee) and his Wife Kate (Photographer Charles Mohapel in Background)
Pre-Hugo Reception - Connie Willis (Best Novel Nominee) and Wen Spencer (Campbell Award Nominee)
Pre-Hugo Reception - Robert Silverberg, Fred Pohl, Elizabeth Ann Hull (with Tobias Buckell (Campbell Nominee) and Stan Schmidt (Professional Editor Nominee) in the Background)
Pre-Hugos - Dramatic Presentation Acceptors Sala Baker (LOTR's Sauron), Jeff Walker ("Utility Acceptor"), and Sean Astin (LOTR's Sam)
2002 Hugo Winners
Ellen Datlow, Best Editor Hugo Winner
After the Hugos - Geri Sullivan (hospitality div. director) and Elaine Brennan (member services div. director)
After the Hugos - the First-Ever Aussiecon in 2010 Bid Party - Paris
After the Hugos - the First-Ever Aussiecon in 2010 Bid Party - Jim Mann Models the Official T-shirt
After the Hugos - the First-Ever Aussiecon in 2010 Bid Party - Pat Sims, Winner of This Year's Big Heart Award
Post Hugo Party - Another Picture of Torcon 3 Chair Peter Jarvis in a Funny Hat
Post Hugo Party - Michigan Fan Tammy Coxen
Post Hugo Party - China Miéville (Best Novel Nominee for Perdido Street Station)
Post Hugo Party - Mark Kelly (Best Web Site Winner for LocusOnline)
Post Hugo Party - Farah Mendlesohn
Post Hugos - ConJose GoH Vernor Vinge
Monday - Judy Bemis' New Look
Monday - The Giant, Inflatable Saucer (Donated by Mn-Stf)
Monday Afternoon - Tired Fans Mingling
Monday Afternoon - Janis Ian Learns Fannish History from the Masters
Monday Evening Dinner at Il Fornaio - Martin Easterbrook, Jim Mann, Pat McMurray, Margaret Austin
Monday Evening Dinner at Il Fornaio - Dave Evans and Janice Gelb
Monday Night - Old Pharts Party

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