ConJosé (Worldcon 2002) Photographs:
MCFI Party Set-up - ConJosé Co-chair Tom Whitmore (Pam Fremon on Left)

ConJosé Co-chair Tom Whitmore Visits MCFI Party Set-up (Pam Fremon on Left)

We spent most of the late afternoon helping out at MCFI party set-up, then joined some friends for a delicious dinner at Il Fornaio (so good, we happily ate there later in the con). I had a risotto with many kinds of fish, including tuna, salmon and ahi ahi. I was surprised to see that the food was quite reasonably priced, and was equally stunned to learn it was part of a chain. After dinner, we returned to help finish up MCFI set-up.

© 2002 Photo by Laurie D. T. Mann