Online schedule for Smofcon 35:

Mobile app: Download the “Grenadine Event Guide” on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Enter this event code once you’ve installed Grenadine Event Guide: SMOF35.

Generally, if you already have the Grenadine Event Guide installed on your phone or tablet, you just need to enter the event code on your phone. However, if you can’t display the Event Code window, delete the old Grenadine Event Guide, reinstall it and then you should be able to install the SMOF35 mobile app.

Final Smofcon schedule, as of 11/28, in different formats:

Items requiring advance sign-up that still have space are:

  • Negotiation: Not Just For Hotels Anymore (Fri 10am)
  • Worldcon Events (Fri 10am)
  • From Bid to Worldcon (Fri 1:30pm)
  • Websites (Sun 10am)
  • Reworking the Inquisition (Sun 1:30pm)

We learn a lot every time we run a convention.

  • How do we make sure to apply lessons learned to future conventions?
  • How do we learn to be less reactive, and more proactive?