The Inquisition provides a way for Worldcon, NASFiC, and Smofcon bids to present information about their bids and be available for questions.

Over the last few years, most Smofcons have had each bid complete a questionnaire. Links to the questionnaires appear below. We encourage Smofcon members to read about the bids before submitting questions.

This year’s Inquisition will run from 8-9:30 on Saturday, December 2 in Salon AB, led by Stephen Boucher & Deb Geisler. Thanks to Mark Olson for managing the questionnaires.

Smofcon Bids

Worldcon Bids

Seated Worldcons


Submitting Questions to the Fannish Inquisition

At the Fannish Inquisition, all questions will be asked by the Inquisitors. The Inquisitors welcome your questions. They will ask them (possibly edited and combined), leaving you anonymous. Before the convention, E-mail questions to At the convention, there will be a drop-off point in the con suite.