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Mark Goddard (Holy Cross and Lost in Space alumnus)

Marcia Cross (Marlboro resident, Melrose Place resident psycho)

Mark Fidrych (Northboro native, Detroit Tiger Pitcher and Rookie of the Year for 1976. Affectionatly known as "The Bird" (before the Indiana bird moved in...). His baseball career was cut short due to a blown-out elbow and shoulder. Mark is now a regular ar Chet's Diner.) He owns a working farm in Northboro.

SmileyHarvey Ball (Now has his own graphics business in downtown Worcester. It was he, not Forrest Gump, who invented the "Smiley Face" to lift moral at a local insurance company. Shame on you, Robert Zemeckis!)

SHE'S BUSY! (Local band consisting of another duo of Wilson sisters, this time Lisa and Selena. Their musical style is compareable to that of the Indigo Girls. They also have an impressive archive of their own compositions available on two locally released CD's.)