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Edwin B. Luce Photographic Collection: a wonderful archive of old Worcester photos

City Hall, Main St., Worcester

Worcester City Hall

Old Stone Church, Route 12, West Boylston

Old Stone Church, West Boylston

Robert's Rocket

First liquid-fueled rocket, Auburn (replica of 1926 model)
Goddard Rocket Replica, Auburn

A WPI Institution

Retired WPI Dean Bill Trask

Here's a photo of "Mr. WPI" himself, my Dad, Bill Trask He served as Dean of Placement/Career Planning for over 30 years. He's sitting on his "retirement gift," a bench in front of Boynton Hall.

Foxwood Casino Photos

The Big Fountain That Rains Periodically...

Foxwoods Archer

It's about 90 minutes south of Worcester on 395, take the first exit marked "Indian reservation" and fohllow the reservation signs. The Casino is about 9 miles from the highway, in the middle of the country. I liked the assorted motion theaters best of all. I dropped my limit on cheap poker in less than an hour...

My folks prefer Bingo
Ruth and Bill Trask, Leslie Mann
(and my daughter is doing her best Arnold S. impersonation).