Archive Site: The Millennium Philcon Final Schedule

Thursday, August 30

Thursday9:00am CC2 Information
Information Opens - Convention Info, Handicapped Services and Sign-ups

Thursday9:00am CC2 Registration
Registration Opens

Thursday9:00am CC2 Volunteers
Volunteer Desk Opens - We Need Your Help to Make The Worldcon Run! Please Stop By and Volunteer

Thursday9:00am CC307
Media Room Opens (for Press/Broadcast/Web Representatives)

Thursday9:30am CC304
Green Room Opens

Thursday10:00am CC101
Camp Franklin Opens - Today's Theme "Getting to Know You" - Registration

Thursday10:00am CC102A
Open Art Projects: Beading, Lifesize Drawings, Puppet Theater (Camp Franklin)
Our special activities of the morning will be creating and decorating life size drawings of ourselves, and beaded projects. We'll also be making a puppet theater to use later in the convention. Other art materials will be available.

Thursday10:00am CC2 Exhibit Art
Artist Check-in Opens

Thursday11:00am CC2 Asimov Table
Dealer's Room - at the Asimov's/Analog Table: Gardner Dozois, Mike Resnick

Thursday11:00am CC2 Dealers Room
Dealers Room Opens

Thursday11:00am CC2 Exhibit Hall
Exhibit Hall Opens

Thursday11:00am CC2 Site Select
Site Selection Opens
Site Selection is your chance to vote on the location of the 2004 World Science Fiction Convention. Stop by, pay the fee and vote. Voting ends Saturday at 6pm and the location of the 2004 Worldcon will be announced at the Sunday morning WSFS Business Meeting.

Thursday11:00am CC202B
SIG: Friends of Bill W.

Thursday12:00 noon CC101
Video: A Bug's Life (Camp Franklin)
An epic of miniature proportions. A misfit ant, looking for warriors to save his colony from grasshoppers, recruits a group of bugs that turn out to be an inept circus troop.

Thursday12:00 noon CC109A
ISAAC Interviews/Teen Lounge Opens

Thursday12:00 noon CC2 Asimov Table
Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov's/Analog Table: Gardner Dozois, George R. R. Martin

Thursday12:00 noon CC202B
Welcome to Philadelphia
Find out about the interesting museums, restaurants and places in Philadelphia from the locals.
Gene Olmsted, Tom Purdom, Helen H. Thompson

Thursday12:00 noon CC204A
Teen Orientation
WorldCons can be confusing--start right with advice from teens who are old hands at congoing, some special speakers and lots of freebies. Lunch in Chinatown immediately following.
Laurie Mann, Ilyana Mansfield, Diane Turnshek

Thursday12:00 noon CC204B
Computer Security: How Secure Is Secure?
Learn about the cutting edge of computer security from experts in the field.
Lawrence A. Clough, Donald E. Eastlake III

Thursday12:00 noon CC204C
Ben Franklin: Master of Science, Master of Propaganda
Was Ben Franklin really as wise as history reports, or was he just his own best press agent? Did he create America, or was he just a pawn of the French in the years before the French Revolution? What about his illegitimate children? His other, ahem, interesting habits? Learn the stories behind the myths, legends, and just plain salacious rumors.
George H. Scithers (M), Christine Valada, Lew Wolkoff

Thursday12:00 noon M3 Con Suite
Con Suite Opens

Thursday12:00 noon M4 Franklin B
Franklin Hall B Opens: Shmoozing Areas, Gaming, Misc 24/7 Until 3pm Monday!

Thursday12:00 noon M401
Ruby, Galactic Gumshoe (Radio Room)
A wonderfully wry, funny series from ZBS.

Thursday12:00 noon M408-409
Anime: Cowboy Bebop (Subtitled)
The year 2071AD. Driven out of their terrestrial Eden, humanity chose the stars as the final frontier. From the section-by- section collapse of the former nations, a mixed jumble of races and peoples came. They spread to the stars, taking with them the now confused concepts of freedom, violence, illegality and love, where new rules and a new generation of outlaws came into being.

Thursday1:00pm CC105A
Reading: Robert J. Sawyer

Thursday1:00pm CC106A
Reading: S. M. Stirling

Thursday1:00pm CC2 Asimov Table
Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov's/Analog Table: Bob Eggleton

Thursday1:00pm CC202B
How to Have Fun at a Worldcon Even if You Brought Your Children
Joni Brill Dashoff, Lynn Cohen Koehler

Thursday1:00pm CC204A
Beer in Philadelphia
Lew Bryson, Brian L. Burley, Jim Mann, John Syms

Thursday1:00pm CC204B
A Worldcon Orientation for SF Professionals
Finding your way through the maze of publishers, conventions, fans and more.
Janice Gelb (M), David Howell, Priscilla Olson, Darrell Schweitzer, Julie Stickler

Thursday1:00pm CC204C
How to Enjoy Your First Convention
An introduction to fandom by long-time fans. Bring your questions, they'll have the answers.
Gay Haldeman, Rusty Hevelin

Thursday1:30pm CC101
Storytelling (Camp Franklin)
Barbara Chepaitis

Thursday1:30pm CC103C
Camp Franklin: Active Games/Introductions

Thursday1:30pm CC105A
Reading: Judith Berman

Thursday1:30pm CC106A
Reading: John Costello

Thursday2:00pm CC102A
Storytelling (Camp Franklin)
Angela Klinger

Thursday2:00pm CC102B
Creating Comics (Camp Franklin)
A hands on introduction to creating your own comics.
Colleen Doran

Thursday2:00pm CC105A
Reading: William A. S. Sarjeant

Thursday2:00pm CC2 Exhibit Auto
Autographing: Mark Anthony, Carol Berg, Dawn P. Dunn, James C. Glass, Scott E. Green, J. Ardian Lee, Steven Piziks, Irene Radford

Thursday2:00pm CC2 Masq Reg
Masquerade Registration Opens

Thursday2:00pm CC202B
Rediscovered Authors: Eric Frank Russell, Fredric Brown, Henry Kuttner, & Others
Jack L. Chalker, Peter J. Heck, Rick Katze (M), Steve Miller, Mike Resnick

Thursday2:00pm CC203A
Book Discussion: Dune by Frank Herbert
Oz Fontecchio

Thursday2:00pm CC203B
Introduction to the WSFS Business Meeting
The Worldcon Business Meeting can be a scary event for newcomers. The panel provides an introduction to why the business meeting is important and how it works. It also talks about a few items you'll probably see discussed over the course of the con if you attend.
Donald E. Eastlake III (M), Kevin Standlee, Ben Yalow

Thursday2:00pm CC204A
The Yankee Confederacy and Other Untapped Alternate Histories
Early in its life, the US almost split apart. But it wasn't the South that nearly left the Union; it was New England. What would have happened if it had? The panel looks at this and other unexplored alternate histories.
Laura Frankos, John G. Hemry, S. M. Stirling (M), Harry Turtledove

Thursday2:00pm CC204B
Getting It Wrong: Science Goofs in Science Fiction
Many science fiction novels have science goofs, sometimes big, sometimes small, sometimes annoying, sometimes amusing. Do such science goofs destroy the story? When do they and when don't they? How important is getting the science right?
Hal Clement, Stephen C. Fisher, Diane Kelly, Jeffrey D. Kooistra, Toni Weisskopf (M)

Thursday2:00pm CC204C
Philadelphia in Science Fiction and Fantasy
Gregory Frost, J. B. Post, Darrell Schweitzer, Michael Swanwick (M)

Thursday2:00pm M4 Franklin B
Internet Lounge Opens

Thursday2:00pm M401
Firesign Theater: The Original Cycle (Radio Room)
Waiting for the Electrician, How Can You Be In Two Places At Once, Don't Crush That Dwarf, and I Think We're All Bozos on This Bus.

Thursday2:00pm M690
Fan Lounge Opens

Thursday2:30pm CC105A
Reading: Guy H. Lillian III

Thursday2:30pm CC106A
Reading: Diane Turnshek

Thursday3:00pm CC102A
Dino Hunt Game (led by Sarah Elkin and Lois Mangan) (Camp Franklin)
A non-violent action game about dinosaurs.

Thursday3:00pm CC102B
Wizard Costumes (Camp Franklin)
Get a jump on the Million Wizard March and start working on your costume.

Thursday3:00pm CC105A
Reading: Kristine C. Smith

Thursday3:00pm CC106A
Reading: Wen Spencer

Thursday3:00pm CC110B
SIG: Brotherhood without Banners (Fans of George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire)
George R. R. Martin

Thursday3:00pm CC2 Asimov Table
Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov's/Analog Table: Connie Willis

Thursday3:00pm CC2 Exhibit Auto
Autographing: Edward Bryant, Clay & Susan Griffith, Matthew Hughes, Caro Soles

Thursday3:00pm CC201C
Fannish Inquisition I: Worldcon Bidder Presentations
Kim Campbell, Vince Docherty, Deborah M. Geisler, Hiroaki Inoue, Lance Ozsko, Tom Whitmore (M)

Thursday3:00pm CC202B
The Wisest Man in the World: Ben Franklin in Fact and Fiction
Fred Lerner (M), Louise Marley, Mary Schroeder, Diana Thayer

Thursday3:00pm CC203A
Friends and Writers
Friendships between writers provide the moral support of fellow professionals. It can help them in their daily struggles with the creative process, the writing life, and the business side of the profession. This is different from from the formal, more limited support writers get from writer's groups.
Geary Gravel, Rosemary Kirstein, Ellen Kushner, Delia Sherman, Toni Anzetti (M)

Thursday3:00pm CC203B
Fields of Dreams: Baseball in SF and Fantasy
Robert J. Gates, Shane Tourtellotte, Eric M. Van, Rick Wilber (M)

Thursday3:00pm CC204A
Galactic Patrols and Beams of Force: the Space Opera of Smith and Campbell
Many people consider E. E. Smith's Lensman books to be the greatest of the classic space operas of the thirties and forties. Others feel that John Campbell's space operas, written before he gave up writing to remake the field as Astounding's editor, deserve that honor. The panel looks at the works of these two great writers of space opera.
John Ashmead, Hal Clement, Simon R. Green, Yuri Mironets, Mark L. Olson (M)

Thursday3:00pm CC204B
Space Technology: A Look Into the Next Quarter Century
The way we get into space and what we can do there will change considerably in the next quarter century. Single-stage-to-orbit craft, new drive technology, and zero-g manufacturing will come into their own. The panel looks the next steps in space technology.
Greg Bear, Jordin T. Kare (M), Allen Steele

Thursday3:00pm CC204C
Camera Obscura: SF and Fantasy Films You Haven't Heard Of
Daniel Kimmel (M), Mark R. Leeper, Nicki Lynch, Craig Miller

Thursday3:00pm CC3 Overlook Bar
Literary Beer: Derryl Murphy

Thursday3:30pm CC105A
Reading: Bud Sparhawk

Thursday3:30pm CC106A
Reading: Sheila Finch

Thursday4:00pm CC102A
Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts (Camp Franklin)
Join in sharing your favorite popular children's rhymes and learn some new ones! Parents invited too. (How many versions do you know?)
Josepha Sherman

Thursday4:00pm CC2 Asimov Table
Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov's/Analog Table: Gregory Frost, James Patrick Kelly, John J. Kessel

Thursday4:00pm CC202B
You Don't Have to Be a Brain Surgeon
What are some of the current trends in brain surgery? Could stem cell research make brain surgery obsolete? What about drug therapies? A discussion of science and the science fiction of brain surgery.
Jed Shumsky, Jonathon Sullivan MD, Isaac Szpindel

Thursday4:00pm CC203A
Mobile Infantry and Space Fighters: What Makes Good Military SF
David Gerrold, John G. Hemry (M), David Sherman, S. M. Stirling

Thursday4:00pm CC203B
SF Ben Franklin Could Have Known: The Very Early History of SF
Elaine Brennan (M), Debra Doyle, Louise Marley, Charlie Petit

Thursday4:00pm CC204A
Our Great Grandfather: The Works of Edgar Allan Poe
Kathryn Cramer (M), Linda J. Dunn, Laura Frankos

Thursday4:00pm M4 Franklin A
Filk Concert
Frank Parker

Thursday4:00pm M407
Video: Scary Movie

Thursday4:00pm M408-409
Anime: Bugs Bunny Tribute
Different directors and their perspectives on how to direct a Bugs Bunny carton.

Thursday4:00pm M5 Grand A-F
Opening Ceremonies
What do Ben and Debby Franklin, the SFWA Musketeers, and some characters from Monty Python have to do with the Millennium Philcon? Come see and help us get the convention off with a "BONG!" (No pies will be killed during the Opening Ceremonies.)
Greg Bear, Mark L. Blackman, Greg Blog, Bridget Boyle, Todd Dashoff, Gardner Dozois, Esther Friesner, Becky Kaplowitz, Ira A. Kaplowitz, Elizabeth Moon, Ron Ontell, Val Ontell, Kevin P. Roche, George H. Scithers, Delia Turner, Laura Underwood, Lew Wolkoff, Stephen Youll

Thursday4:30pm M4 Franklin A
Filk Concert
Gary D. McGath

Thursday4:30pm M401
Nick Danger (Radio Room)
Not part of the cycle, but still a favorite.

Thursday5:00pm CC101
Camp Franklin Closes (Camp Franklin)

Thursday5:00pm CC104A
Friends Don't Let Friends Run Worldcons: Worldcon Chairs Discuss Worldcon
Anthony R. Lewis, Tom Veal, Tom Whitmore (M)

Thursday5:00pm CC105A
Reading: Josepha Sherman

Thursday5:00pm CC106A
Reading: Christy Hardin Smith

Thursday5:00pm CC106B
Reading: M. K. Fuller

Thursday5:00pm CC110B
SIG: LexFA: Lexington, KY, Fantasy Association
Join us for a great free-form, multi-part conversation about whatever comes up. The scattered members of LexFA will be gathering from across the continent, some of us for the first time in years.

Thursday5:00pm CC2 Asimov Table
Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov's/Analog Table: Catherine Asaro, Mike Moscoe

Thursday5:00pm CC2 Exhibit Fan
Docent Tour: Fan Exhibits
Mike Resnick

Thursday5:00pm CC201B
Evolution of Online Communities: How Did They Start? Where Are They Going?
Tom Galloway, Saul Jaffe, Wilma Meier (M), Vera Nazarian, Sharon Sbarsky

Thursday5:00pm CC202B
H.P. Lovecraft in the 21st Century
He's in Penguin Classics and even in the Library of America. HPL has clearly crossed over from genre into Literature. An examination of the state of things Lovecraftian, current critical opinion, scholarship, etc., with some consideration of why Lovecraft, unlike his contemporaries, has achieved such exalted status.
Lillian Stewart Carl, Jael, J. B. Post (M), Darrell Schweitzer

Thursday5:00pm CC203A
The Aging of SF: A Discussion
Is science fiction changing in ways that no longer appeal to a younger audience?
Gregory Benford, Judith Berman, David G. Hartwell

Thursday5:00pm CC203B
Time Machines, Alien Invasions, and Invisible Men: the Legacy of H.G. Wells
James Cambias, Craig Engler, Paul Levinson (M), Art Widner

Thursday5:00pm CC204A
The Art of World Building: An Overview of Worldbuilding Panels
Over the course of the convention, a series of panels will create a world, its ecosystem, and its inhabitants. But first we discuss the art and practice of worldbuilding. How do you go about worldbuilding? What are the ground rules? What research do you need to do? What if you know the physics but the biology is a complete mystery (or vice versa)?
N. Taylor Blanchard, Hal Clement, Arlen P. Walker (M)

Thursday5:00pm CC204B
Across the Commonwealth: The SF Renaissance in the UK, Australia, and Canada
There seems to be an SF resurgence going on in the UK and in the British Commonwealth. When one talks about the major figures in SF, names like Banks, MacLeod, Baxter, Hamilton, Sawyer, McMullen, Reynolds, and others come to mind. The panel discusses SF in the English-speaking world beyond the US.
Cecilia Dart-Thornton, Cory Doctorow, Paul J. McAuley, Sean McMullen, Robert J. Sawyer

Thursday5:00pm CC204C
From Torturing Villains to Screaming Queens: How Does SF/F Treat G/L/B/T Characters
The Spectrum Awards will be given out at the beginning of the panel discussion. How far beyond the common stereotypes have we gone with G/L/B/T characters? Is the "gay character" still just a standard stock figure? Are there places G/L/B/T characters have yet to go? Have changes in the portrayal and treatment of G/L/B/T characters in SF/F kept pace or outdistanced those in the real world? Or is the genre behind the curve?
Thomas Atkinson, Lisa DuMond, Steve Pagel (M), Don Sakers, Delia Sherman

Thursday5:00pm M4 Franklin A
Filk Concert
Gary Ehrlich, Erica Neely

Thursday5:30pm CC105A
Reading: Peter J. Heck

Thursday5:30pm CC106A
Reading: Joe Haldeman

Thursday5:30pm CC106B
Reading: Tom Purdom

Thursday5:30pm CC304
Green Room Closes

Thursday5:30pm M4 Franklin A
Filk Concert
Benjamin Newman

Thursday5:30pm M407
Video: Devil's Advocate

Thursday6:00pm CC2 Dealers Room
Dealers Room Closes

Thursday6:00pm CC2 Exhibit Art
Art Show/Print Shop Open

Thursday6:00pm CC2 Exhibit Hall
Meet and Greet
Greg Bear, Susan T. Casper, Gardner Dozois, Esther Friesner, George H. Scithers, Jamie S. Warren Youll, Stephen Youll

Thursday6:00pm CC2 Masq Reg
Masquerade Registration Closes

Thursday6:00pm CC2 Site Select
Site Selection Closes

Thursday6:00pm CC201C
Fans play on a team with one of our Hugo Award- winning artists as players sketch visual clues to SF-related words and terms while the rest of their team tries to guess the word or term. The best fan players get to keep the sketches!
Bob Eggleton, Teddy Harvia

Thursday6:00pm CC202B
Catherine Mintz Reads New, Original Fiction by Kathy Tyers

Thursday6:00pm CC203B
Ghost Stories vs. Serial Killers: Must Horror Be Supernatural?
Does horror fiction have to be supernatural? If not, doesn't that just make it a subset of crime/suspense fiction?
Craig Shaw Gardner (M), John Passarella, James Van Pelt

Thursday6:00pm CC204A
Star Trek Aliens and Cultures
Star Trek has given us a number of alien cultures. Of these, the Klingons have the most passionate fans, though Romulans, Vulcans, and others have their own fans. The panel looks at Star Trek's aliens, the cultures created for them, and the fan phenomena they've generated.
Kevin Geiselman, Saul Jaffe, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Lawrence Schoen, Susan Shwartz

Thursday6:00pm CC307
Media Room Closes

Thursday6:00pm M4 Franklin A
Filk Concert
Matt G. Leger

Thursday6:30pm M4 Franklin A
Filk Concert
Marc S. Glasser

Thursday7:00pm CC202B
Political Fantasy? A West Wing Discussion
Robert Devney, Daniel Kimmel, Timothy E. Liebe, Terry A. McGarry, Melinda Snodgrass (M)

Thursday7:00pm CC203B
The Problem of Spike
Keith R. A. DeCandido, Wendie Old, Susan Sizemore, Ben Yalow (M)

Thursday7:00pm M4 Franklin A
Filk Concert
Erica Neely

Thursday7:00pm M415
A Parents' Guide to Gaming
What are the various genres of gaming all about? How do they differ and how are they similar? We will examine RPGS, LARPS, CCGs, Strategy/Tactical, Miniatures and Board Games, with special attention to parents' concerns and particularly the benefits to children to be derived from participating in these activities.
Lavelle Harmon (M), Lottie Hashem, Benjamin Newman

Thursday7:30pm M4 Franklin A
Filk Concert
Leslie Fish

Thursday7:45pm M407
Video: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Thursday8:00pm CC109A
Teen Lounge Closes

Thursday8:00pm CC2 Information
Information Closes

Thursday8:00pm CC2 Registration
Registration Closes

Thursday8:00pm CC2 Volunteers
Volunteer Desk Closes

Thursday8:00pm CC202B
Poetry Jam: An Open-Mike Poetry Reading: Timons Esaias

Thursday8:00pm CC203A
How the Masquerade Judging Works
Marty Gear, Rob Himmelsbach, Sandra G. Pettinger

Thursday8:00pm CC203B
Beyond Men in Tights: Comics without Superheroes
Not all comic books are about guys (or gals) in flashy underwear who fly around and catch criminals. In addition to the explorations of horror and fantasy featured in DC's Vertigo imprint, some small publishers still permit artists to expand the "underground" tradition of the '60s. Kyle Baker's "Why I Hate Saturn," "Love and Rockets," by the Hernandez brothers, Dan Clowes' "Eightball," "Strangers in Paradise" -- your local comic book store is still a haven for alternative artists and writers to tell it like it is. Come to this panel and share your ideas about your favorite Really Cool Stuff.
Brenda W. Clough (M), Keith R. A. DeCandido, Daniel P. Dern, Brad W. Foster, Lawrence Watt-Evans

Thursday8:00pm CC204A
So You Want to Win a Million (round 1)
Use your knowledge of SF-related topics and your lifelines to come up with the correct Final Answers and you could walk out of this item with one million Turkish Lira in your pocket. See your newspaper's exchange rate listings for just how rich you'd be!
Chris Barkley

Thursday8:00pm CC204B
Dialogue on Life, the Universe and Writing
Lois McMaster Bujold, Lillian Stewart Carl

Thursday8:00pm M3 Con Suite
Con Suite "Officially" Opens - "Puppy Whelping Party"

Thursday9:00pm CC110B
SIG: WSFS Mark Protection Meeting - This meeting is open to any member of the Worldcon

Thursday9:00pm CC202B
Trivia for Chocolate
So you think you know SF trivia? Put your mouth where your mouth is and win a piece of chocolate for every question you can correctly answer first. Top scorers get preference for being contestants trying to Win Tom Galloway's Money on Friday.
Mark L. Olson

Thursday9:00pm CC203A
Ask Doctor Mom
Muriel Hykes,

Thursday9:00pm M5 Grand G-H
Film: Short Subjects

Thursday9:15pm M5 Grand G-H
Film: Fantasia 2000

Thursday9:45pm M407
Video: Barbarella, Queen of the Galaxy

Thursday10:00pm CC2 Exhibit Art
Art Show/Print Shop Close

Thursday10:00pm CC2 Exhibit Hall
Exhibit Hall Closes

Thursday10:00pm CC202B
Dramatic License or Mucking It Up: Movies Based on Books
We've all seen the results of the shift from page to screen, and we often think it isn't pretty. Is it just Hollywood "not getting it," or is there simply enough of a difference between page and screen that change is necessary. Are we so attached to our internal imagery that nothing on the screen will ever be right? With some high-profile films based on SF/F books coming this year, maybe we need to re-examine our expectations.
Ctein, Robert Devney, Sasha Miller, Keith J. Olexa, Melinda Snodgrass

Thursday10:00pm CC203A
Underground Horrors: Horror Small Press
The (hopefully) not-so-secret world of the horror small press. The majority of horror fiction, including most of the important books and virtually the entire short story market, exists independently of traditional New York publishing. How did this state of affairs come about? Is it a good thing or the only lifeboat left floating?
John Betancourt, Angela Kessler, Steve Pagel, Darrell Schweitzer (M)

Thursday10:00pm M307
Introduction to Filk
Solomon Davidoff, Matt G. Leger, J. Spencer Love, Paul Shuch, David Weingart (M)

Thursday10:00pm M4 Franklin A
Jazz Concert
Karen Penrose, Peter Suffredin

Thursday10:00pm M404
Open Filking Opens

Thursday10:00pm Mar SFFNET Suite
SFF NET Suite Reading: Keith R. A. DeCandido

Thursday10:30pm M5 Grand G-H
Film: La Jetee

Thursday11:00pm M401
Tolkien Heads - The Hobbit (Radio Room)

Thursday11:00pm M5 Grand G-H
Film: 12 Monkeys

Thursday11:30pm M407
Video: Rocky Horror Picture Show

Friday, August 31

Friday1:00am M5 Grand G-H
Film: Short Subjects

Friday1:15am M407
Video: Mars Attacks

Friday1:15am M5 Grand G-H
Film: Edward Scissorhands

Friday2:00am M690
Fan Lounge Closes

Friday3:00am M407
Video: Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Friday4:00am M3 Con Suite
Con Suite Closes

Friday5:30am M407
Video: Starship Troopers

Friday7:30am M307
SIG: Friends of Bill W.

Friday7:45am M407
Video: The Wizard of Oz

Friday8:30am M307
SIG: Weight Loss Support

Friday9:00am CC104A
Unorthodox Visions in Penn's Commonwealth (Academic)
James Dilbert, J. Gregory Keyes

Friday9:00am CC110A
Writing Exercises
Robert Nansel, Diane Turnshek (M)

Friday9:00am CC2 Information
Information Opens - Convention Info, Handicapped Services and Sign-ups

Friday9:00am CC2 Registration
Registration Opens

Friday9:00am CC2 Volunteers
Volunteer Desk Opens - We Need Your Help to Make The Worldcon Run! Please Stop By and Volunteer

Friday9:00am CC307
Media Room Opens (for Press/Broadcast/Web Representatives)

Friday9:00am M1 Lobby (near Gift Shop)
Morning Walk Through Downtown, led by Tom Becker. Assemble by 8:55, leave by 9:05, Return 10:00
Tom Becker

Friday9:30am CC304
Green Room Opens

Friday10:00am CC101
Camp Franklin Opens - Theme "Science" (Camp Franklin)

Friday10:00am CC102A
Aliens Workshop (Camp Franklin)
Make your own alien creatures. Then let's build an adventuresome landscape for them.

Friday10:00am CC103A
WSFS Meeting
Open to all Worldcon members, the WSFS Business Meeting is where you can participate in the process of making and changing the official rules for the Hugo Awards and the selection of future Worldcons. The WSFS meetings are open to all members. Today's meeting is where we hear reports from committees, consider changes to the Standing Rules, and go through an initial round of setting debate times for amendments to the WSFS Constitution, and also where you can make nominations to the WSFS Mark Protection Committee. If there are items of business you want discussed at the main meetings later in the convention, make sure you attend today's meeting to keep the business from being dismissed from the agenda.

Friday10:00am CC104B
Ben Franklin: The Light of Reason and the Light of Alchemy (Academic)
J. Gregory Keyes, James Morrow

Friday10:00am CC105A
Reading: Tamora Pierce

Friday10:00am CC106A
Reading: James A. Stevens-Arce

Friday10:00am CC108B
Coming Attractions: Bantam
Anne Lesley Groell

Friday10:00am CC109A
ISAAC Interviews/Teen Lounge Opens

Friday10:00am CC110A
SIG: Science Fiction Poetry Association
This is the only organization for sf/f/h poets, both pros and fannish. Our meetings would be open to non-members.

Friday10:00am CC110B
SIG: Odyssey Writing Workshop Alumni Reunion
This is a chance for Odyssey Workshop graduates to meet and chat, and for people interested in Odyssey to come and ask questions. Completely unofficial.

Friday10:00am CC2 Exhibit Art
Art Show/Print Shop Open

Friday10:00am CC2 Exhibit Hall
Exhibit Hall Opens

Friday10:00am CC2 Masq Reg
Masquerade Registration Opens

Friday10:00am CC2 Site Select
Site Selection Opens
Site Selection is your chance to vote on the location of the 2004 World Science Fiction Convention. Stop by, pay the fee and vote. Voting ends Saturday at 6pm and the location of the 2004 Worldcon will be announced at the Sunday morning WSFS Business Meeting.

Friday10:00am CC201C
Slide Show: "Big Names" A Cautionary Tale About Fictional Trips to Well-Known Stars
Hal Clement

Friday10:00am CC202B
Introduction to Gripe Sessions: What We Can and Can't Fix
Todd Dashoff, Laurie Mann

Friday10:00am CC203A
Our Favorite SF and Fantasy: The Young Adult Perspective
Jared Dashoff, Haitham Jendoubi, Katherine Macdonald (M), Catherine McMullen, Bryan Zubalsky

Friday10:00am CC203B
Enjoying the Art Show: How to Get the Most Out of a Worldcon Art Show
A Worldcon art show can be overwhelming for fans used to the art shows at regional cons. There is so much to see that you can miss a lot. The panel provides advice for enhancing your experience and talks about several items in the current art show that you just shouldn't miss. It also explains how you can bid on art, how the auction works, and how you go about buying the piece you bid for.
Jane Frank, Barbara Higgins

Friday10:00am CC204B
From Gethen to Earthsea: The Works of Ursula K. Le Guin
John R. Douglas (M), M. K. Fuller, Karen Haber, Mary Soon Lee, Melissa Scott

Friday10:00am CC204C
SF Professional Organizations: SFWA and ASFA
Sharon Lee (M), Teresa Patterson

Friday10:00am L4 Congress A
SF Writing Workshop
Catherine Asaro, Judith Berman, Nicholas A. DiChario, Geary Gravel, Charles Ryan

Friday10:00am M406
Alien Worlds (Radio Room)
Family audio drama from the mid-70s.

Friday10:00am M407
Video: Friday Morning Cartoons: Pocket Dragon Adventures

Friday10:00am M408-409
Anime: Star Blazers: The Comet Empire 1-6 (G, Dubbed)
Classic anime from Japan. It is the year 2201 and the galaxy is threatened by a massive warship disguised as a comet.

Friday10:30am CC105A
Reading: Forrest J. Ackerman

Friday10:30am CC106B
Reading: Jody Lynn Nye

Friday11:00am CC104A
The Art of Developing Character Histories in RPGs
After the dice have been rolled, gamers breathe life into their creations by creating character histories. What makes for a good character history? Is a past full of tragedy important? How do the numbers you rolled affect the creation of your character's history? How much input should game masters have? Did you remember to include some hooks for your game master to tie your history to her world and the current life of your character?
James Cambias, Greg Costikyan (M), Steve Jackson, Sasha Miller

Friday11:00am CC105A
Reading: Michael Swanwick

Friday11:00am CC106A
Reading: Stephen Chambers

Friday11:00am CC108B
Baen Books Traveling Slide Show (with Door Prizes!)
Toni Weisskopf

Friday11:00am CC110A
Running an Artist's Digital and Class Media Studio on a Shoestring
Cortney Skinner

Friday11:00am CC2 Asimov Table
Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov's/Analog Table: Gardner Dozois, Walter Jon Williams

Friday11:00am CC2 Dealers Room
Dealers Room Opens

Friday11:00am CC2 Exhibit Auc
Fantiques Roadshow
Fantiques Roadshow is a participatory activity - all you need to do is bring along an item with some sort of SF significance (book, art, fannish item or collectible) and see if it's worth anything. The first part of Fantiques Roadshow is an informal appraisal of items at tables in the auction area. The appraisers will select a few items to bring up to the front table during the second part of the show.
Jane Frank, Rusty Hevelin, Joe Siclari, Jerry Weist

Friday11:00am CC2 Exhibit Auto
Autographing: Karen Haber, Anne Harris, Stanley Schmidt, Robert Silverberg, Bud Sparhawk

Friday11:00am CC2 Exhibit Demo
SF Art Demo: How to Do Covers and Illustrations and Get the Job
Joe Bergeron

Friday11:00am CC201A
Space and Sensibility: SF Fans Appreciate Jane Austen
Jane Austen is very popular with a large segment of the SF community, and her works have influenced a number of writers.
Ellen Asher, Lois McMaster Bujold, Richard Garfinkle, Amy Thomson (M), Connie Willis

Friday11:00am CC201B
Babylon 5 and Deep Space 9: A Look Back
Chris Barkley, Michael A. Burstein (M), Jeanne M. Cavelos, Inge Heyer, Josepha Sherman

Friday11:00am CC201C
Gernsback Continuum Revisited: Retro-visionary Future Along Route 66 (with a Side Trip to Area 51)
Ernest Lilley
The time in the Pocket Program for this item is not correct.

Friday11:00am CC202B
Writers Who Filk & Filkers Who Write
Joe Haldeman, Larry Niven, David Weingart (M)

Friday11:00am CC203A
Bucking the Corporate Fantasy Trend
Lisa A. Barnett, Terry Bisson (M), Ellen Kushner

Friday11:00am CC203B
Cover Art and Interior Illos: the Artists' Views
We often look at cover art and interior illustrations from the writer's perspective or the fan's perspective -- often complaining about what wasn't quite right. Here, the artists will discuss their take on the issue. How familiar do they feel they need to be with the work? How do they chose what in a book to illustrate for the cover? How faithful does the cover have to be -- should it be a snapshot from the book, or should it just be something that captures the feel?
Jim Burns, Colleen Doran, Omar Rayyan, Michael Whelan (M)

Friday11:00am CC204A
Galactic Geographic: A Guided Tour
Karl Kofoed

Friday11:00am CC204B
Worldbuilding 101: Creating a Planet
Gregory Benford (M), Hal Clement, Yoji Kondo

Friday11:00am CC204C
A World-Wide Endeavor: Science Fiction from Around the Globe
Charles N. Brown (M), Tobias Buckell, Kir Bulychev, Yuri Mironets, Vera Nazarian

Friday11:00am CC3 Overlook Cafe
Kaffee Klatsches: Eve Ackerman, Jack L. Chalker, N. Taylor Blanchard, Julie Czerneda

Friday11:00am M307
Book Discussion: The Naked Sun by Isaac Asimov
Stephen C. Fisher

Friday11:00am M406
The Island of Doctor Moreau (Radio Room)
A live production from the Atlanta Radio Theatre.

Friday11:00am M407
Video: Cinderella

Friday11:00am M5 Grand G-H
Film: Short Subjects

Friday11:15am M5 Grand G-H
Film: Chicken Run (2001 Hugo Nominee)

Friday11:30am CC102A
Motors (Camp Franklin)
Build an electric motor out of simple parts. (No taking apart the appliances when you get home!)
Michael Mansfield,

Friday11:30am CC102B
Computer Bugs with Myra (Camp Franklin)
Make your own computer bugs out of computer parts. All materials included.

Friday11:30am CC105A
Reading: Jeffrey A. Carver

Friday11:30am CC106A
Reading: Wendy Snow-Lang

Friday11:30am CC106B
Reading: Pat Cadigan

Friday11:30am M408-409
Anime: Oh! My Goddess 1-5 (PG, Subtitled/Dubbed)
The hilarious exploits of a college student who orders out for dinner and ends up with a goddess instead!

Friday12:00 noon CC103C
SFWA Musketeers Swordfighting Demo
Lillian Stewart Carl, Brenda W. Clough, Doranna Durgin, Esther Friesner, Rachel Hartman, John G. Hemry, Elizabeth Moon, Vera Nazarian, Madeleine E. Robins, Selina Rosen, Kristine C. Smith, Delia Turner, Laura Underwood

Friday12:00 noon CC105A
Reading: Frederik Pohl

Friday12:00 noon CC106A
Reading: Cecilia Dart-Thornton

Friday12:00 noon CC106B
Reading: Delia Sherman

Friday12:00 noon CC108A
What Makes a Good Stage Costume? How To Make a Stunning Stage Presence
How it looks, how it moves, what story does it tell, and how to put your best foot forward.
John F. Hertz, Elaine Mami, Pierre E. Pettinger Jr (M), Sandra G. Pettinger, Sandy Swank

Friday12:00 noon CC108B
Win Tom Galloway's Money
If they're smart enough, quick enough, and lucky enough, some contestants will walk away with some of host Tom Galloway's American money. To do so, they'll have to beat first each other, and then Tom himself, at answering humorously-titled SF trivia questions.
Keith R. A. DeCandido, Tom Galloway (M)

Friday12:00 noon CC110A
SIG: Combined BWA and APA: NYU Collations
APA: NYU is a New York-based Amateur Press Association, now in its 28 year.
Marc S. Glasser

Friday12:00 noon CC110B
Nurturing Your Ish: The Care and Feeding of a Fanzine
The problems concerning a fanzine editor are very similar to those confronting an editor of a commercial magazine. Said editor must concern himself with issues such as attracting and keeping readers, attracting and keeping contributors, getting the time and money to work on an issue, the magazine's content and appearance, distribution of the zine, and I am sure dozens of others. A fanzine editor doesn't necessarily have to worry about a profit, or even breaking even.
Mike Glyer (M), Guy H. Lillian III, Richard Lynch, Mike Scott, Dick Smith

Friday12:00 noon CC2 Asimov Table
Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov's/Analog Table: Gardner Dozois, Joe Haldeman

Friday12:00 noon CC2 Exhibit Auto
Autographing: Jeffrey A. Carver, Glen Cook, Marvin Kaye, Kay Kenyon, Jeffrey D. Kooistra, George R. R. Martin, Robert J. Sawyer, Wen Spencer

Friday12:00 noon CC2 Exhibit Demo
Fan Art Jam
Brad W. Foster, Alexis Gilliland, Teddy Harvia, Sue Mason

Friday12:00 noon CC201A
Convention Planning Primer: Convention Publications
Michael R. Nelson, Sharon Sbarsky, Diana Thayer

Friday12:00 noon CC201B
Writing for TV: A Dialog
Marc Zicree, author of the Star Trek: Deep Space 9 episode "Far Beyond the Stars," as well as episodes of The Next Generation, Babylon 5, and sliders, discusses writing for TV with movie critic Dan Kimmel.
Daniel Kimmel, Marc Zicree

Friday12:00 noon CC201C
Publishing in the 21st Century: How Has Cover Art Changed?
Bob Eggleton (M), Jamie S. Warren Youll, Michael Whelan, Paul Youll, Stephen Youll

Friday12:00 noon CC202B
Fandom in the Fifties: WSFS Inc. and All That Jazz
How was fandom developing (changing? evolving?) in the Eisenhower years? Were fannish cultures and politics as stagnant as those of the mundane world? What was going on in the convention arena?
Rusty Hevelin, Ray Faraday Nelson, Art Widner

Friday12:00 noon CC203A
Another Universe: Writing Media-Based Tie-Ins
How does writing media tie-ins differ from writing other types of works? What are the differences between writing tie-ins that are closely tied to the source (for example, novelizations of movies) vs. novels that are related to a media series (Star Trek or Star Wars novels)?
Ginjer Buchanan, Jeanne M. Cavelos, Allen Dean Foster, Craig Shaw Gardner

Friday12:00 noon CC204A
America's Best Comics
Alan Moore isn't the only great comic book writer in the Western World, but many of his fans find the above imprint for his one-man comic book company is titled appropriately. Moore revolutionized comic book paradigms in the '80s with his cinema-verite graphic novels: Watchmen and V for Vendetta. Today, his Promethea series continues to stretch the envelope of what's possible in the comic book medium. But with Kurt Busiek, Warren Ellis, Grant Morrison, and J.M. DeMatteis all busy writing, Alan has a run for his money in making the "ABC" imprint live up to its title. (Neil Gaiman may throw his hat back into the ring, someday, too!)
Lenny Bailes (M), Larry Niven, James C. Shooter, Dani Zweig

Friday12:00 noon CC204B
Punctuated Equilibrium, Hopeful Monsters, and Darwin's Radio: How Evolution Works
Stephen Baxter, Greg Bear (M), Samuel Scheiner

Friday12:00 noon CC3 Overlook Cafe
Kaffee Klatsches: Debra Doyle & James D. Macdonald, Claire Eddy, Laura Anne Gilman

Friday12:00 noon M3 Con Suite
Con Suite Opens

Friday12:00 noon M307
Book Discussion: Vanishing Acts edited by Ellen Datlow
John J. Kessel

Friday12:00 noon M4 Franklin A
Pagan Concert: Music from the Goddess

Friday12:00 noon M406
The Martian Chronicles (Radio Room)
Five radio dramas from the early 50s, compiled by Paul Wunder and Max Schmid to emulate Bradbury's book.

Friday12:00 noon M690
Fan Lounge Opens

Friday12:15pm M407
Video: Destination Moon

Friday12:30pm CC105A
Reading: Roger MacBride Allen

Friday12:30pm CC106A
Reading: Laura Frankos

Friday12:30pm CC106B
Reading: Derryl Murphy

Friday12:30pm M5 Grand G-H
Film: Short Subjects

Friday1:00pm CC101
Video: Ben and Me (Camp Franklin)
A mouse tells his story of how he guided Benjamin Franklin to success and prominence.

Friday1:00pm CC102B
A Tour of the Solar System (Camp Franklin)
Join Inge Heyer on a multimedia trip through the Solar System.
Inge Heyer

Friday1:00pm CC104B
Radical Philadelphia Visions: Benjamin Franklin and Scott Nearing (Academic)
Jesse Lemisch PhD, James Young

Friday1:00pm CC105A
Reading: Catherine Asaro

Friday1:00pm CC106A
Reading: David Marusek

Friday1:00pm CC106B
Reading: Scott Edelman

Friday1:00pm CC108B
Coming Attractions: Del Rey
Steve Saffel

Friday1:00pm CC2 Exhibit Auto
Autographing - Guests of Honor
Greg Bear, Gardner Dozois, Esther Friesner, George H. Scithers, Stephen Youll

Friday1:00pm CC2 Exhibit Demo
Book Binding Demo
Kent Brewster

Friday1:00pm CC201A
So You Want to Start Your Own Convention: Advice from Experienced Conrunners
Ann Cecil, Joe Siclari (M), Eric M. Van, Tom Whitmore

Friday1:00pm CC201B
The British Illustration Contingent: Art in the UK
Paul Barnett, Jim Burns (M), Fred Gambino, Alan Lynch, Chris Moore

Friday1:00pm CC201C
Slide Show: Writing and Illustrating Fairy Tales
Ruth Sanderson

Friday1:00pm CC202B
Are the Editor and Copyeditor the Writer's Enemies ... or Best Friends?
Debra Doyle, Eleanor Lang, Terry A. McGarry (M), Michelle Sagara West, Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Friday1:00pm CC203A
Beyond Stephen King: A Look at Contemporary Horror
Pat Cadigan, Ellen Datlow, P. C. Hodgell (M), Lawrence Watt-Evans

Friday1:00pm CC203B
Liberty and Other Inalienable Rights: Will Basic Rights Change in the Future?
Terence Chua, John Pomeranz (M), Christy Hardin Smith, Christine Valada

Friday1:00pm CC204A
An Astounding View: The Future as Seen By SF of the '30s and '40s
Roger MacBride Allen, Leah Zeldes Smith, Walter Jon Williams (M)

Friday1:00pm CC204B
Growing Up With Us: Children's Books We Still Love as Adults
Some children's books survive the test of time in more ways than one: not only are they read by new generations of children, but they continue to be read and re-read by those same children when they grow up. The great "children's books" -- Narnia, The Hobbit, Alice, The Golden Compass, Harry Potter -- can be read and appreciated by adults as well as children. What differentiates these from the children's books we lay aside (and which disappoint us when we try to return to them as adults)?
Ellen Asher, Tamora Pierce (M), Jo Walton, Andrew Wheeler, Toni Anzetti

Friday1:00pm CC204C
The Classics of Alternate History
The Sidewise Award will be presented at the start of this session. The panel discusses the classics of alternate history and discusses what makes a superior alternate history novel. What are the great novels? How well do they examine the historical turning point? Is getting the history right in an alternate history novel more important than getting the science right in a hard SF novel?
Suzanne Alles Blom (M), Michael Dobson, Evelyn C. Leeper, Paul J. McAuley, Harry Turtledove

Friday1:00pm CC3 Overlook Cafe
Kaffee Klatsches: Yoji Kondo, Simon R. Green, Susan Shwartz

Friday1:00pm L4 Congress A
Creating Alien Languages: A Workshop
Create an alien language in only three hours.
Elizabeth Barrette, Haitham Jendoubi, Stanley Schmidt (M), Lawrence Schoen

Friday1:00pm M411-412
What God Plays In Your Universe: Music for Your Game World
Stephen Brinich, Lee Gold, Steve Jackson (M)

Friday1:00pm M415
Campaign Basics I and II
"Behind the Scenes and Who Was That Masked Man?". What are the "big picture" ideas one needs to develop when creating a role-playing campaign? What can the GM do to make this fictional world come alive for the players? Build your campaign from the ground up. What can both the GM and players do to bring their characters to life?
Andrew Adams, James Cambias, Shanti Fader, Keith J. Olexa (M)

Friday1:00pm M5 Grand G-H
Film: Fantasia

Friday1:00pm M690 - Fan Lounge
Fanzine Fandom Today
Arthur Hlavaty, Hope Leibowitz, Vicki Rosenzweig, Joyce Scrivner, Robert Whitaker Sirignano
Listed twice in the Pocket Program - this is the correct time and place

Friday1:30pm CC105A
Reading: Anne Harris

Friday1:30pm CC106A
Reading: Rick Wilber

Friday1:45pm M407
Video: Longer Than You Think -- 1950s PSFS Worldcon Home Movie

Friday2:00pm CC102B
Belly Dancing (Camp Franklin)
Dr. Karen teaches an introduction to bellydancing.
Karen Purcell

Friday2:00pm CC103C
Regency Dance
John F. Hertz

Friday2:00pm CC104A
Writing SF for Young Readers
Julie Czerneda (M), Robert J. Sawyer, Isaac Szpindel, James Van Pelt, Pat York

Friday2:00pm CC104B
Philadelphia Visions: Saints and Baseball (Academic)
Jan Bogstad, Rick Wilber

Friday2:00pm CC105A
Reading: Stephen Baxter

Friday2:00pm CC106A
Reading: Melissa Scott

Friday2:00pm CC106B
Reading: Douglas Smith

Friday2:00pm CC108B
Coming Attractions: Ace/Penguin/Putnam
Ginjer Buchanan, Anne Sowards

Friday2:00pm CC2 Asimov Table
Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov's/Analog Table: James Patrick Kelly, Sheila Williams, Connie Willis

Friday2:00pm CC2 Exhibit Art
Art Show Docent Tour
Ken Warren

Friday2:00pm CC2 Exhibit Auc
SFWA Emergency Fund Auction
Peter J. Heck, Ellen Klages

Friday2:00pm CC2 Exhibit Auto
Autographing: Catherine Asaro, Lois McMaster Bujold, Lillian Stewart Carl, Gregory Frost, Barry N. Malzberg, Kate Elliott, Katya Reimann, Mike Resnick, Robert Charles Wilson

Friday2:00pm CC2 Masq Reg
Masquerade Registration Closes

Friday2:00pm CC201A
We'll Put on a Show! What It Takes to Stage a Masquerade
Some of the top East Coast Masquerade directors tell you all the disparate pieces that have to come together to make a con's big production (with no or little rehearsal and a pick-up cast!).
Jill Eastlake (M), Marty Gear, Carl Mami, Sandy Swank, Victoria Warren

Friday2:00pm CC201B
From Beer-Powered Rockets to Human-Powered Computers: Strange Technological Twists in SF
Richard Garfinkle, Sharon Lee, Sean McMullen

Friday2:00pm CC201C
Slide Show
Don Maitz

Friday2:00pm CC202B
Previously in Philadelphia: the 1947 and 1953 Worldcons
Jay Kay Klein, E. M. Korshak, Hal Lynch, Frederik Pohl, Jack Speer (M)

Friday2:00pm CC203A
Godzilla Past, Present, and Future
Forty-seven years ago, Japan produced its entry into the giant monster genre -- Godzilla. The film has spawned numerous sequels -- some good, some not so good -- and the series itself has reinvented its own past several times. The panel looks at the past and future of Godzilla, that most durable of monsters.
Bob Eggleton, Kevin Geiselman, Daniel Kimmel, Jim Mann (M)

Friday2:00pm CC203B
Hidden Lovecraft - Mythos in Popular Culture
Terence Chua, Greg Costikyan, Thomas Harlan (M), Darrell Schweitzer

Friday2:00pm CC204A
The New Wave: A Look Back
George R. R. Martin, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Robert Silverberg, Norman Spinrad, Michael Swanwick (M)

Friday2:00pm CC204B
Working Together: How Artists Can Collaborate
Paul Youll, Stephen Youll

Friday2:00pm CC204C
Changing Views of the Space Program
How have our impressions of the space program changed over the years? The panel looks at the way we've viewed space travel from the 1940s till now, from before the first satellite to the space shuttle and the International Space Station.
N. Taylor Blanchard, Hal Clement (M), Yoji Kondo, Cassie Krahe, Bryan Zubalsky

Friday2:00pm CC3 Overlook Cafe
Kaffee Klatsches: Warren Lapine, Larry Lewis, Nancy Kress, Yuri Mironets

Friday2:00pm M307
Book Discussion: Darwin's Radio by Greg Bear
Farah Mendlesohn

Friday2:00pm M4 Franklin A
Filk Concert
Joe Haldeman

Friday2:00pm M690 - Fan Lounge
Online with Fanzine Fandom
Lenny Bailes, Frank Lunney, Geri Sullivan, Ted White

Friday2:15pm M407
Video: Inner Space

Friday2:30pm CC105A
Reading: Tony Daniel

Friday2:30pm CC106A
Reading: Shane Tourtellotte

Friday2:30pm M4 Franklin A
Filk Concert
Merav Hoffman

Friday2:30pm M406
Brave New World (Radio Room)
A 1956 production from the CBS Radio Workshop narrated by Aldous Huxley, with a score by Bernard Herrmann.

Friday2:30pm M408-409
Anime: Cartoons by Tex Avery
Some of the zaniest cartoons ever made. This director is known for his fast-paced and precisely timed comical cartoons.

Friday3:00pm CC101
Reading (Camp Franklin)
Eleanor Lang,

Friday3:00pm CC105A
Reading: Mary Soon Lee

Friday3:00pm CC106A
Reading: Nicholas A. DiChario

Friday3:00pm CC106B
Reading: Cecilia Tan

Friday3:00pm CC108B
Coming Attractions: DAW
Debra J. Euler

Friday3:00pm CC2 Asimov Table
Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov's/Analog Table: Robert J. Sawyer

Friday3:00pm CC2 Exhibit Auto
Autographing: Barbara Chepaitis, Linda J. Dunn, Larry Niven, John Passarella, James C. Shooter, S. M. Stirling, Michael Swanwick

Friday3:00pm CC201A
Under-Plundered Mythologies: Other Sources for Fantasy and Science Fiction
The Incas, the Mayas, Sub-Saharan Africa (I know that covers a lot of cultures), the West Indies, Polynesia, Iceland, and various other third-world regions have mythologies that haven't seeped very far into F/SF yet.
Kir Bulychev, Shanti Fader, Jane M. Lindskold (M), Mike Resnick, Josepha Sherman

Friday3:00pm CC201B
What Makes a Good Cult TV Show?
From Blake's 7 and Red Dwarf to Brimstone, Sapphire and Steel to She-Wolf of London: short-lived shows that pushed boundaries and that ended too soon. What about these shows inspired their fans? Will the availability of cult TV on video and DVD make them more cultish or less?
Adina Adler, Michael A. Burstein, Kimberly Ann Kindya, George R. R. Martin, Len Wein

Friday3:00pm CC201C
Slide Show
Joe Bergeron

Friday3:00pm CC202B
The Well-Read Fan: What Current Fanzines Should All Well-Read Fans Be Reading?
The panel discusses the best current fanzines as well as some classic fanzines.
Brad W. Foster, Nicki Lynch, Leah Zeldes Smith (M), Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Friday3:00pm CC203A
As You Know, Bob: The Positives and Negatives of Info Dumps in Writing
James D. Macdonald, Betsy Mitchell, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Bud Sparhawk

Friday3:00pm CC204A
Philadelphia's Own Grandmaster: An Appreciation of L. Sprague de Camp
Michael K. Brett-Surman, Sean McMullen, George H. Scithers (M), Harry Turtledove

Friday3:00pm CC204B
Where Has the Future Gone?
Increasingly, time travel, historical settings, nostalgia, retro/pastiche futures and revisitations of old sf tropes are filling the magazine and novel pages. A look at Asimov's and F& SF for the year 2000 shows that less than one in four sf stories is set in a freshly imagined future. Why is so much sf at the turn of the new millennium looking backward?
Gardner Dozois, James Patrick Kelly (M), John J. Kessel, Gordon Van Gelder

Friday3:00pm CC204C
The Heirs of Philip K. Dick: Jeter, Powers, Blaylock
Jim Freund, David G. Hartwell, Louise Marley, Eric M. Van (M), Andrew Wheeler

Friday3:00pm CC3 Overlook Bar
Literary Beer: J. B. Post

Friday3:00pm CC3 Overlook Cafe
Kaffee Klatsches: Terry Bisson, David Sherman, Pat Cadigan, Jeffrey A. Carver

Friday3:00pm M307
Releasing Your Inner Music
Denise Gendron

Friday3:00pm M4 Franklin A
Filk Concert
Valerie Housden

Friday3:00pm Mar SFFNET Suite
SFF NET Suite Reading: David B. Coe

Friday3:30pm CC101
Camp Franklin Closes for Pool Party (Reminder: If Your Kids Aren't Going, Pick Them Up at 3:30)
Join Camp Franklin's field trip to the Marriott pool for an hour of water fun. All participants must have signed permission slips to participate. All children should be picked up from the pool (seventh floor of the Marriott) by 5:00pm.

Friday3:30pm CC105A
Reading: Katya Reimann

Friday3:30pm CC106A
Reading: Susan Shwartz

Friday3:30pm CC106B
Reading: Donald Kingsbury

Friday3:30pm M4 Franklin A
Filk Concert
Daniel Glasser, Melissa Glasser

Friday3:30pm M406
By His Bootstraps (Radio Room)
Starring Richard Dreyfuss. One of Heinlein's many masterpieces; this one produced by Yuri Rasovsky, winner of a special Nebula Award this year.

Friday4:00pm CC103C
Presenting Your Costume
Esther Friesner shows all about the art of showing your costume to its best advantage: movement, display, and using the whole stage.
Esther Friesner, Kimberly Ann Kindya

Friday4:00pm CC104A
Suzie McKee Charnas, Joanna Russ, Suzette Haden Elgin (Academic)
Jan Bogstad, Farah Mendlesohn

Friday4:00pm CC104B
Franklin's Genius and the Genius of Science Fiction (Academic)
David Brin, J. Gregory Keyes, James Morrow

Friday4:00pm CC105A
Reading: Michelle Sagara West

Friday4:00pm CC106A
Reading: Paul Levinson

Friday4:00pm CC106B
Reading: Kate Elliott

Friday4:00pm CC108A
Fen Abroad - A Look at Fan Funds
Naomi C. Fisher, Janice Gelb (M), Victor Gonzalez, Sue Mason, Pat Molloy

Friday4:00pm CC108B
Coming Attractions: Roc
Laura Anne Gilman, Jennifer E. Heddle

Friday4:00pm CC110B
SIG: LED, laser, and Flash Light Enhancements for Costume
For anyone interested in practical wiring of costume or gadgets for con display. This session will provide parts and battery power for hands on learning and advice on the how-to of lighting in fabric, staffs, wands, headpieces, and anything you want to wear or display. Easy, very effective, and you get to keep the parts. No fee. Need help with something, bring it. The presentation level will be bottom line basic, no expert help required, please. 15 people max.

Friday4:00pm CC2 Asimov Table
Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov's/Analog Table: Stephen Baxter

Friday4:00pm CC2 Exhibit Auto
Autographing: Scott Edelman, Jane M. Lindskold, Lee Martindale, Terry A. McGarry, Elizabeth Moon

Friday4:00pm CC201A
Campbell Award Nominees: How We Broke into the Field
James Cambias, Thomas Harlan, Douglas Smith, Kristine C. Smith, Jo Walton

Friday4:00pm CC201B
The Writer in the High Castle: The Works of Philip K. Dick Note new day and time
John R. Douglas (M), Ray Faraday Nelson, Steve Stiles, Robert Charles Wilson

Friday4:00pm CC201C
Slide Show
Barclay Shaw

Friday4:00pm CC202B
Famous Fannish Lawsuits and Scandals
Brian L. Burley, Jack L. Chalker, E. M. Korshak, Jack Speer (M)

Friday4:00pm CC203A
Clark Ashton Who? Great Forgotten Fantasy Authors
The fantasy shelves of today are dominated by a few writers, often writing 700-page-per-volume, multi-volume series. Gone are the days of Lin Carter's great Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series. The panel talks about the great, classic works of fantasy that the audience should comb bookstores (or the Internet) to find.
P. C. Hodgell (M), Marvin Kaye, James D. Macdonald, Darrell Schweitzer

Friday4:00pm CC203B
Con Running 101: Looking at Hotel Contracts
Ben Yalow

Friday4:00pm CC204A
PSFS Meeting
The Philadelphia Science Fiction Society is one of the oldest SF clubs in the country and was the catalyst for the Philadelphia in 2001 Worldcon bid. PSFS traditionally invites a speaker for its Friday meetings. Today, PSFS reaches across the state to Pittsburgh for its speaker, satiric SF writer William Tenn (also known as the former Penn State English professor Phil Klass).
Hugh Casey, William Tenn

Friday4:00pm CC204B
The DNA Publications Family: The Broad Spectrum of SF and Fantasy
John Betancourt, Angela Kessler, Warren Lapine (M), Andrew I. Porter

Friday4:00pm CC204C
The Art of Illustration: Illustrating Books
Is the art of illustrating books making a comeback? Why did interior illustrations -- often an important part of a book in the 19th century -- become so rare in the 20th century? The panel looks at the ways in which illustrations enhance and become part of a book and discusses shining examples.
N. Taylor Blanchard, Thomas Kidd, Charles Lang, Don Maitz, Cortney Skinner

Friday4:00pm CC3 Overlook Bar
Literary Beer: Lois Tilton

Friday4:00pm CC3 Overlook Cafe
Kaffee Klatsches: Jack McDevitt, Brenda W. Clough, George H. Scithers

Friday4:00pm L4 Congress A
Poetry Workshop
Timons Esaias, Joe Haldeman, Geoffrey A. Landis

Friday4:00pm M307
SIG: MENSA/Triple Nine (All members of high IQ societies welcome)
Muriel Hykes (M)

Friday4:00pm M4 Franklin A
Filk Concert
Bill Sutton, Brenda Sutton

Friday4:00pm M408-409
Anime: Vision of Escaflowne 1-2 (PG, Subtitled)
The story of an ordinary girl who one day encounters an other-worldly beam of light and is transported to a land where some very strange things happen to be.

Friday4:00pm Mar SFFNET Suite
SFF NET Suite Reading: David Levine

Friday4:15pm M407
Video: Rocketship X-M

Friday4:30pm CC105A
Reading: Nancy Kress

Friday4:30pm CC106A
Reading: John Passarella

Friday4:30pm CC106B
Reading: Art Widner

Friday4:30pm M4 Franklin A
Filk Concert
Mark Mandel

Friday5:00pm CC103C
Self Defense for Fans, or How Not To Be a Victim, Even If You Are a Klutz
We'll be demonstrating blocks and possibly light throws.
Eric Raymond

Friday5:00pm CC104A
Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Collections (Academic)
Colleen Cahill, Hal Hall, Edward James, Fred Lerner, Thomas M. Whitehead

Friday5:00pm CC105A
Reading: Darrell Schweitzer

Friday5:00pm CC106A
Reading: Norman Spinrad

Friday5:00pm CC106B
Reading: Amy Thomson

Friday5:00pm CC110A
Collaboration Workshop: Exercises for Writers
Come prepared to write in small social groups. Planned exercises, discussions of infamous collaborations and contracts.
Cassie Krahe, Diane Turnshek, Bryan Zubalsky

Friday5:00pm CC2 Asimov Table
Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov's/Analog Table: Jim Grimsley, David Marusek

Friday5:00pm CC2 Exhibit Auto
Autographing: Hal Clement, Kathryn Cramer, Tony Daniel, David G. Hartwell, Kristine C. Smith

Friday5:00pm CC201A
Milford, Clarion, and the Evolution of SF Workshops
Judith Berman, Grant Carrington, Janice M. Eisen, Nalo Hopkinson, Richard P. Russo

Friday5:00pm CC201B
The Liar's Club
Pat Cadigan (M), Gardner Dozois, Janice Gelb, George R. R. Martin

Friday5:00pm CC201C
Slide Show
Thomas Kidd

Friday5:00pm CC203A
Historical Garb: When History, Fantasy and Imagination Collide
Is your 15th century SCA garb really accurate for Deryni or Darkover? Can you get away with using your fantasy hall costume at a historical re-enactment? And why not!
Monica Cellio, Susan de Guardiola, Rob Himmelsbach (M), Sandra G. Pettinger, Kevin P. Roche

Friday5:00pm CC203B
Protecting Your Collection: Advice for Collectors of Books, Art, Magazines, and Fanzines
Rusty Hevelin, Joe Siclari, Jerry Weist

Friday5:00pm CC204B
The First McDonald's on Epsilon V: What Parts of Our Culture Will We Bring With Us?
As we spread our wings to the stars, what parts of our culture will journey with us? What institutions and traditions will we carry to new worlds? Will those cultural trappings be American or other? Or are our cultural trappings tied to our current world and will we travel outward without them?
Cory Doctorow, Ellen Kushner, James Morrow, Severna Park, Mike Resnick (M)

Friday5:00pm CC204C
Sailing the Sea of Stars: The Interrelations Between SF and Naval Fiction
David Feintuch, John G. Hemry (M), Tom Purdom, Susan Shwartz, Tom Veal

Friday5:00pm CC3 Overlook Bar
Literary Beer: Robert J. Sawyer

Friday5:00pm CC3 Overlook Cafe
Kaffee Klatsches: Susan Sizemore, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Madeleine E. Robins, Ruth Sanderson

Friday5:00pm M307
Book Discussion: Probability Moon by Nancy Kress
Michelle Sagara West

Friday5:00pm M4 Franklin A
Filk Concert
Jordin T. Kare

Friday5:00pm M5 Grand A-F
Jeff Walker Film Presentation
Trailer Park -- A Worldcon Tradition. Wall-to- wall trailers, teasers, clips and featurettes from upcoming science fiction, fantasy, horror, animated and other genre releases under one roof in one room at one time. You can be pretty sure it'll include Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone and Lord of the Rings as well as a few you're not expecting. Gathered for MilPhil by veteran studio genre consultant and long-time Worldcon attendee Jeff Walker.
Jeff Walker

Friday5:00pm Mar SFFNET Suite
SFF NET Suite Reading: Laura Underwood

Friday5:30pm CC105A
Reading: Don Sakers

Friday5:30pm CC106A
Reading: Steven Sawicki

Friday5:30pm CC106B
Reading: Jim Freund

Friday5:30pm CC304
Green Room Closes

Friday5:30pm M4 Franklin A
Filk Concert
Paul Shuch

Friday5:30pm M407
Video: Harvey

Friday6:00pm CC104A
The Next Step for Games: Cell Phones, PDAs, and Other Frontiers
Greg Costikyan, Neil Harris

Friday6:00pm CC105A
Reading: Walter Jon Williams

Friday6:00pm CC106A
Reading: Rosemary Kirstein

Friday6:00pm CC108B
Chesley Awards
Esther Friesner, Teresa Patterson, Stephen Youll

Friday6:00pm CC110A
SIG: Farscape Informal Discussion Group
The staff of the non-profit on-line fan 'zine,, invite fellow fans (or curious on-lookers) to be part of a group discussion focusing on the past, present and future of the SciFi Channel's critically acclaimed series, Farscape. is a highly popular website within the Farscape fan community, featuring exclusive interviews and detailed informational resources surrounding the show. All species are welcome.

Friday6:00pm CC110B
SIG: Fans of the Secret Adventures of Jules Verne
Learn why you should watch this show when it goes into syndication!

Friday6:00pm CC2 Site Select
Site Selection Closes

Friday6:00pm CC203A
Legend of the Galactic Heroes: A Discussion of the Film
Takayuki Karahashi, Yukio Kikukawa

Friday6:00pm CC204A
Angelus, Spike, Dru, et al.: A Look at the Buffy Villains
Buffy the Vampire Slayer has given us a number of memorable baddies. The panelists discuss their favorites and how they fit into the great tradition of fantasy and horror villains.
Marty Gear, Simon R. Green, Nicki Lynch, Katya Reimann, Sarah Zettel (M)

Friday6:00pm CC307
Media Room Closes

Friday6:00pm M4 Franklin A
Filk Concert
Barry Gold

Friday6:30pm M4 Franklin A
Filk Concert
Lynn Gold

Friday7:00pm CC201C
An Anthropological Report on an Expedition to Mundania
Thomas Atkinson, Don Sakers

Friday7:00pm CC202B
Forty Years of Perry Rhodan
Uwe Anton

Friday7:00pm CC203B
What the Frell: A Look at Farscape
Keith R. A. DeCandido, Brad Ferguson (M), Jennifer Roberson, Toni Anzetti

Friday7:00pm M408-409
Anime: Gasaraki 1-4 (PG-13, Subtitled)
The flames of war explode in the Middle East as two shadow forces unleash monstrous weapons of mass destruction. But in a world where giant robots are real, the most dangerous weapon of all lies buried within a human mind.

Friday7:15pm M407
Video: Longer Than You Think -- 1950s PSFS Worldcon Home Movie

Friday7:30pm M407
Video: Alphaville

Friday7:30pm Other/Off site
Philadelphia Fantastic: Young Adult Authors Night, at Borders Book Shop, 1727 Walnut St.
Debra Doyle & James D. Macdonald, Sheila Finch, Tamora Pierce

Friday8:00pm CC109A
Teen Lounge Closes

Friday8:00pm CC2 Exhibit Art
Art Show/Print Shop Close

Friday8:00pm CC2 Exhibit Hall
Exhibit Hall Closes

Friday8:00pm CC2 Information
Information Closes

Friday8:00pm CC2 Registration
Registration Closes

Friday8:00pm CC2 Volunteers
Volunteer Desk Closes

Friday8:00pm CC203A
Introduction to Anime
jan howard finder (M), Colette Fozard, Merav Hoffman, Ilyana Mansfield

Friday8:00pm CC204A
Fannish Feud
We've surveyed 100 fans on various topics. Come see if members of two competing teams can come up with the most common survey responses.
Craig Shaw Gardner (M)

Friday8:00pm M307
SIG: Jewish Services
Janice Gelb

Friday8:30pm M5 Grand A-F
Retro Hugos Awards
The Retro Hugo Awards honor "the best" of 1950.
Esther Friesner

Friday9:00pm M4 Franklin A
Rock Concert: Venus Moon & The Gas Giants

Friday9:00pm M404
Open Filk

Friday9:00pm M408-409
Anime: Beany and Cecil (PG)
Classic animation from the Screen Gems library.

Friday9:15pm M407
Video: Dark Star

Friday9:30pm M5 Grand A-F
Greg Bear's Guest of Honor Talk
Greg Bear

Friday10:00pm M403
Filk: Up Against the Wall! (Revolutionary Song-themed Filk Circle)
Gary D. McGath

Friday10:00pm M408-409
Anime: Golden Boy 1-6 (R, Dubbed)
Kintaro is a computer programmer who works at a company of all women, and the risque hilarity of how he keeps ending up on his feet goes from there...

Friday10:00pm M411-412
Filk: The Horror, The Horror -- Songs About Monsters, Demons and Other Nasty Things
Terence Chua

Friday10:00pm Mar SFFNET Suite
SFF NET Suite Reading (Erotica - Adults Only Please)
Elspeth Potter

Friday10:30pm M4 Franklin A
Rock Concert: The Red Masque

Friday10:30pm M5 Grand G-H
Film: 1950 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo Winner (time approximate after event)

Friday10:30pm Mar SFFNET Suite
SFF NET Suite Reading (Erotica - Adults Only Please)
K. A. Kristiensen

Friday10:45pm M407
Video: The Lathe of Heaven

Friday11:00pm M307
SF Love Scenes
The group looks at great SF erotic love scenes. They discuss who does it well, and give examples. Panelists -- for amusement or instruction -- may also want to read examples of particularly bad ones.
Catherine Asaro, Cecilia Tan, Diane Turnshek

Friday11:00pm M406
Tolkien Heads - Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (Radio Room)

Friday11:45pm M5 Grand G-H
Film: Short Subjects

Saturday, September 1

SaturdayMidnight M4 Franklin A

SaturdayMidnight M5 Grand G-H
Film: Nosferatu (silent)
Live organ accompaniment supplied by George Akerley. Akerley is organist for the Philadelphia Phillies and is used to playing in scary, spooky situations. This is the vampire movie that set the standard.

Saturday0:15am M407
Video: Animal Farm (1999)

Saturday1:00am M408-409
Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion 1-4 (R, Subtitled)
Mankind is warned off of biotechnology experiments by "Angels" who descend one day and destroy several land masses. Humanity's only hope lies in the underground city and the EVA units.

Saturday1:30am M5 Grand G-H
Film: Short Subjects

Saturday1:45am M407
Video: The Wizard of Speed and Time

Saturday1:45am M5 Grand G-H
Film: Shadow of the Vampire

Saturday2:00am M690
Fan Lounge Closes

Saturday2:30am M407
Video: Forbidden Planet

Saturday3:00am M408-409
Anime: Perfect Blue (R, Dubbed)
Pop singer Mima Kirigoe looks forward to a new career as an actress. When she lands a role in a murder mystery, her life begins to fall apart with terrible hallucinations. A bold, sexual suspense thriller.

Saturday3:15am M407
Video: Sphere

Saturday4:00am M3 Con Suite
Con Suite Closes

Saturday4:30am M408-409
Anime: City Hunter (R, Subtitled)
Joe and Kaori are hired to protect the daughter of the presidential candidate of a Third World nation. They soon discover that the daughter is also the candidate's secret service agent. Little by little, Joe and Kaori uncover several dark secrets and start to piece together the plot against the candidate and his daughter.

Saturday5:30am M407
Video: Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Saturday6:00am M408-409
Anime: Reboot 1 (G, Subtitled)
Ever wonder what happens to your computer when you switch it on? This 3-D adventure takes you on an odyssey of epic proportions into worlds never explored before. Follow our heroes, Dot, Enzo, Mouse, AndrAla, and Phong into the uncharted reaches of the Web, where the search for a lost friend turns into a high-tech battle for survival.

Saturday7:30am M307
SIG: Friends of Bill W.

Saturday8:00am M408-409
Anime: Astro Boy 1 (G)
In the distant world of 2000 AD, a terrible accident kills the son of a prominent scientist. Swearing that no power in the universe can stop him, he builds perhaps the greatest machine of all time and a monument to his son: Astro Boy! (also contains "The Monster Machine")

Saturday8:15am M407
Video: The Secret of NIMH

Saturday8:30am M307
SIG: Weight Loss Support

Saturday9:00am CC103C
Cardio Kick-boxing
Linda Subias

Saturday9:00am CC104A
Elementary SF
Julie Czerneda, Priscilla Olson, Spring Schoenhuth, James Van Pelt, Pat York (M)

Saturday9:00am CC105A
Secondary SF
jan howard finder, Paul Halpern, Charles Oberndorf, Mary Schroeder, Janna Silverstein

Saturday9:00am CC105B
Educator Round Table
Educator's Day sparks additional discussions. Join in with Teaching with Ender's Game, Editing a school science fiction magazine, I am an Alien, Teaching special effects creature mask-making techniques, Creating illuminated SF manuscript pages with miniature paintings, SF and teaching math, Making cloth dragons and other alien creatures, Selling SF in the classroom, Favorite ways to foster student enthusiasm, You don't do that -- books you press on acquaintances and myriad other topics.

Saturday9:00am CC2 Information
Information Opens - Convention Info, Handicapped Services and Sign-ups

Saturday9:00am CC2 Registration
Registration Opens

Saturday9:00am CC2 Volunteers
Volunteer Desk Opens - We Need Your Help to Make The Worldcon Run! Please Stop By and Volunteer

Saturday9:00am CC307
Media Room Opens (for Press/Broadcast/Web Representatives)

Saturday9:00am M307
Writing Exercises
Diane Turnshek

Saturday9:00am M408-409
Anime: Kimba, The White Lion 1 (G)
This is the story about a lion cub who is destined to be king of the jungle some day, but he has to survive in a dangerous world without his parents. Kimba learns to depend on his friends as they learn to depend on him.

Saturday9:30am CC304
Green Room Opens

Saturday9:30am Other/Off site
Heinlein Blood Drive: Bloodmobile at Arch Street United Methodist Church

Saturday9:45am M407
Video: Saturday Morning Cartoons: Pocket Dragon Adventures

Saturday10:00am CC101
Camp Franklin Opens - Theme "Ben Franklin in Time and Space" (Camp Franklin)

Saturday10:00am CC102A
Art Projects: Time Travel Machine, Puppets, Sculpy (Camp Franklin)
Make a time travel machine out of found materials, create a puppet to use later in our puppet theater, work with Sculpy to make a creation out of your imagination. Other art materials will be available.

Saturday10:00am CC103A
WSFS Meeting
The WSFS Business Meeting is open to all Worldcon members. Today's meeting will debate and vote on amendments to the WSFS Constitution. The elections for the WSFS Mark Protection Committee are scheduled for this meeting.

Saturday10:00am CC103C
SIG: Introduction to Shaolin Kung Fu
Join Lori Ann White, a senior instructor at Wing Lam Kung Fu School in Sunnyvale, CA, in an introduction to Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, a classic Chinese long-fist style (think David Carradine done right). Please wear loose- fitting clothing and flat-soled shoes.

Saturday10:00am CC104A
Using Dinosaur Summer Across the Curriculum
Greg Bear, Julie Czerneda, David DeGraff, Larry Lewis

Saturday10:00am CC104B
Two Sides of Science Fiction: Ursula K. Le Guin and C. J. Cherryh (Academic)
Jan Bogstad, Susan Shwartz, Pat York

Saturday10:00am CC106B
Reading: Terry Bisson

Saturday10:00am CC108A
Timothy Liebe's Dead: Circulating (& Stopping) Death (& Other) Rumors at the Speed of Light
Brad Ferguson, Laurie Mann (M)

Saturday10:00am CC108B
EOS Presentation: Upcoming Titles
Jennifer Brehl, Diana Gill

Saturday10:00am CC109A
ISAAC Interviews/Teen Lounge Room Is Not Available on Saturday

Saturday10:00am CC2 Exhibit Art
Art Show/Print Shop Open

Saturday10:00am CC2 Exhibit Hall
Exhibit Hall Opens

Saturday10:00am CC2 Site Select
Site Selection Opens
This is your last chance to vote on the location of the 2004 World Science Fiction Convention. Stop by, pay the fee and vote. Voting ends tonight at 6pm and the location of the 2004 Worldcon will be announced at tomorrow morning's WSFS Business Meeting.

Saturday10:00am CC202B
Publicity for Writers, Artists, and Small Presses: A Forum
Joshua Bilmes, Lynn Cohen Koehler, John Passarella, Christy Hardin Smith

Saturday10:00am CC203A
Gripe Session
Todd Dashoff

Saturday10:00am CC203B
The Neofan Manifesto - One Year Later
Lenny Bailes, Robert J. Gates, Julie Stickler (M)

Saturday10:00am CC204A
Where Did Tom Swift Go? Why Are Most YA Writers Writing Fantasy, Not SF?
Hal Clement (M), Debra Doyle, Howard V. Hendrix, Betsy Mitchell, Charles Sheffield

Saturday10:00am CC204B
Greg Bear: An Appreciation of His Work
Tony Daniel, Kathleen Ann Goonan, Shelly Shapiro (M), Barclay Shaw

Saturday10:00am L4 Congress A
Fantasy Writing Workshop
P. C. Hodgell, Marvin Kaye, Sasha Miller, Delia Sherman

Saturday10:00am M307
SIG: Jewish Services

Saturday10:00am M406
Dr. Who and the Pescatons (Radio Room)
A two-part serial from the BBC featuring Tom Baker.

Saturday10:30am CC106B
Reading: Sarah Zettel

Saturday11:00am CC103C
SIG: Shotokan Karate Workshop
Kenn Bates will be giving a Shotokan Karate Workshop. Kenn is a black belt instructor in Karate. Fans attending this workshop will learn and practice simple Karate techniques. No prior experience necessary. This is an ACTIVE workshop. Come dressed in loose clothing and ready to move. See you there.

Saturday11:00am CC104A
Writing on Shared Worlds
Reading SF springboarded a Texas class into writing in a shared universe. Panelists discuss how the students did comparison and contrast to spin into their world.
jan howard finder, Nancy Kress, Andrew Love, Ilyana Mansfield, Charles Ryan

Saturday11:00am CC104B
Vonnegut's Early Work (Academic)
Arthur Hlavaty, Elizabeth Anne Hull, Bruce Rockwood

Saturday11:00am CC105A
Anatomy of SF Creatures
Artists demonstrate methods and rules of thumb for visualizing plausible aliens. What an alien creature might be built like gives an overview of applicable biological and physical laws. In the process are plentiful opportunities for instruction in biology, evolution, biomechanics, etc.
Kir Bulychev, Jael, Larry Lewis

Saturday11:00am CC106A
Reading: Terry A. McGarry

Saturday11:00am CC106B
Reading: Simon R. Green

Saturday11:00am CC108B
Guest Artist Slide Show
Stephen Youll (M)

Saturday11:00am CC2 Dealers Room
Dealers Room Opens

Saturday11:00am CC2 Exhibit Art
Art Show Docent Tour
Donato Giancola

Saturday11:00am CC2 Exhibit Auto
Autographing: Stephen Chambers, Cecilia Dart-Thornton, David Gerrold, Jack McDevitt, Madeleine E. Robins, Allen Steele, Dean Warren, Len Wein

Saturday11:00am CC2 Exhibit Demo
Artist Demo: Pen and Ink
Brad W. Foster

Saturday11:00am CC2 NESFA Sales
Dealer's Room - Autographing at the NESFA Table
Hal Clement

Saturday11:00am CC201A
Making Immodest Proposals: The Science Fiction of William Tenn
Timons Esaias, James Morrow, Robert Silverberg, Jo Walton, Connie Willis

Saturday11:00am CC201B
Lesbian/Bi/Gay Images and Themes In Genre Media
How are lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgendered people viewed in genre media if at all? Have things changed with the times? Does genre media play any special role in promoting a gay culture?
Joshua Bilmes, Ctein, Robert J. Gates (M), Ellen Klages, Jed Shumsky

Saturday11:00am CC202B
The Nature of Time
John Ashmead, Paul Halpern

Saturday11:00am CC203A
Writing Action Scenes: A Seminar
A discussion on how to write action scenes.
Sean McMullen

Saturday11:00am CC203B
History of Philadelphia Fandom and First Fandom
The First Fandom Hall of Fame will be given out at the begnning of this panel. Find out about the history of Philadelphia fandom and the connections of First Fandom to Philadelphia fandom.
Gary Keith Feldbaum, Hal Lynch, Wilma Meier, Peggy Rae Sapienza (M), George H. Scithers

Saturday11:00am CC204A
Chasing Science: The Excitement and Wonder of Science
Frederik Pohl (M), Charles Sheffield

Saturday11:00am CC204B
Sons of Literary Scams
Discussion of the traps for new and experienced authors, with leading agents, publishers, editors and watchdogs.
Kent Brewster, Michael Capobianco, Brenda W. Clough, A. C. Crispin, Charlie Petit, Victoria Strauss, Lois Tilton, Gordon Van Gelder

Saturday11:00am CC204C
Long Live the Legion
Joe Bergeron, Tom Galloway, Priscilla Olson (M), Don Sakers

Saturday11:00am CC3 Overlook Cafe
Kaffee Klatsches: S. M. Stirling, Ian Randal Strock, Cecilia Tan, Harry Turtledove

Saturday11:00am L4 Congress A
Storyboarding Workshop
James C. Shooter

Saturday11:00am L4 Congress B
Looking Like a Klingon: A Costuming Workshop
Kevin Geiselman

Saturday11:00am M307
SIG: Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury's Science Fiction and Fantasy Workshop Meeting
We don't meet in person because we workshop by snail mail and email, so this is a chance for a few of us to get together and learn faces for the names. Anyone who is interested in learning more about the Science Fiction and Fantasy Workshop is also welcome to attend. We'll have flyers there and we'll talk about our experiences with long-distance critiquing.

Saturday11:00am M406
Tom Corbett, Space Cadet (Radio Room)
Better than Saturday morning cartoons!

Saturday11:00am M407
Video: Touche -- How to Fight with Swords: A Guide for Writers
Ever wondered the "right" way to describe swordfights? John Hemry will use clips from famous swordfights on video, and will talk about the right terminology - bring a pen (and paper) but not a sword.
John G. Hemry, Kristine C. Smith

Saturday11:00am M408-409
Anime: Giant Robo 1-4 (PG, Subtitled)
This is the incredible retelling of the Giant Robo story, where the Experts of Justice battle against all odds to prevent the third prototype of the Shizuma drive from falling into the hands of the Big Fire!

Saturday11:00am M5 Grand G-H
Film: Short Subjects

Saturday11:00am Mar SFFNET Suite
SFF NET Suite Reading: Vera Nazarian

Saturday11:15am M5 Grand G-H
Film: Galaxy Quest

Saturday11:30am CC106A
Reading: Lisa A. Barnett

Saturday11:30am CC106B
Reading: Tobias Buckell

Saturday12:00 noon CC101
Back to the Future (Camp Franklin)
Eccentric Doc Brown invents time travel; when young Marty McFly goes back in time, he creates a time paradox that will keep him from ever being born.

Saturday12:00 noon CC103A
ASFA Meeting
Teresa Patterson

Saturday12:00 noon CC103C
SIG: Brotherhood without Banners - Featuring a Reading by George R. R. Martin
George R. R. Martin

Saturday12:00 noon CC104A
Training the Brain -- SF Rules!
Julie Czerneda

Saturday12:00 noon CC104B
Science Fiction on the Screen (Academic)
Michael Cassutt, John L. Flynn, Daniel Kimmel

Saturday12:00 noon CC105A
Different Students, Different Styles
Muriel Hykes, Sara Paul, Magi Shepley (M), Eva C. Whitley

Saturday12:00 noon CC106A
Reading: Walter Mosley

Saturday12:00 noon CC106B
Reading: Severna Park

Saturday12:00 noon CC108A
What to Look for in an Agent
Lucienne Diver, Jim Frenkel, James Patrick Kelly, Shawna McCarthy (M), Eleanor Wood

Saturday12:00 noon CC108B
Slide Show
Michael Whelan

Saturday12:00 noon CC2 Exhibit Art
Art Show Docent Tour
Jane Frank

Saturday12:00 noon CC2 Exhibit Auto
Autographing: Forrest J. Ackerman, Keith R. A. DeCandido, Debra Doyle, James Gifford, Geoffrey A. Landis, Mary Soon Lee, James D. Macdonald, Sean McMullen, Tamora Pierce, Mary A. Turzillo

Saturday12:00 noon CC2 NESFA Sales
Dealer's Room - Autographing at the NESFA Table - PSFS Speaker
William Tenn

Saturday12:00 noon CC201A
Iain Banks's Culture: Utopia or Dystopia?
Andrew Adams (M), Timons Esaias, Derryl Murphy, Mark L. Olson

Saturdaynoon CC201B
Tributes to Poul Anderson and Gordy Dickson
Join their family and friends and share your memories of, and thoughts about, these sorely-missed forces in our field. Note new day and time
Astrid Anderson Bear, Greg Bear

Saturday12:00 noon CC201C
The SETI Project
Paul Shuch

Saturday12:00 noon CC202B
How (the Hell) Did Heidelberg Happen?
The 1970 Worldcon was held in Heidelberg. U.S. fans found themselves to be strangers in a strange land. But why (and how) did Heidelberg hold the Worldcon? What are the advantages (and problems) of non-English-speaking conventions: past-present-future?
Anthony R. Lewis, Richard Lynch (M), Robert Silverberg

Saturday12:00 noon CC203A
Worldcon Orientation
New to Worldcons and fandom? Stop by with your questions and we'll introduce you to fandom.
Lenny Bailes, Priscilla Olson, Leah Zeldes Smith

Saturday12:00 noon CC203B
Leeds vs. Philadelphia: The First Convention
Joe Siclari, Jack Speer

Saturday12:00 noon CC204A
Cutting-Edge Physics: Theories of Everything
Catherine Asaro, Gregory Benford, John G. Cramer (M), David DeGraff

Saturday12:00 noon CC204C
The Delicate Balance: Ecology and SF
Elizabeth Moon, Mike Moscoe, Samuel Scheiner (M)

Saturday12:00 noon CC3 Overlook Cafe
Kaffee Klatsches: Michael Dobson, Marc Zicree, Craig Engler, Richard Garfinkle

Saturday12:00 noon M3 Con Suite
Con Suite Opens

Saturday12:00 noon M307
Book Discussion: Farmer in the Sky by Robert A. Heinlein
Timothy E. Liebe

Saturday12:00 noon M4 Franklin A
World Music: Sound & Spirit
Did you know that the World Fantasy Award- winning author of Thomas the Rhymer and Swordspoint is also the host & writer of a public radio show heard all over the country on NPR? The show, "Sound & Spirit," examines the myth and magic, traditions and beliefs plus the music that has sustained the human spirit around the world and through the ages, guided by Ellen's unique storytelling style. In this special live presentation, Ellen takes you on a mythic journey of the human family in words and music. (For weekly show descriptions and schedules, see:
Ellen Kushner

Saturday12:00 noon M406
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Volume 1 (Radio Room)
Episodes 1-6 of the original version of Douglas Adam's legacy to the world.

Saturday12:00 noon M407
Video: Longer Than You Think -- 1950s PSFS Worldcon Home Movie

Saturday12:00 noon M690
Fan Lounge Opens

Saturday12:30pm CC106A
Reading: Kathleen Ann Goonan

Saturday12:30pm CC106B
Reading: Howard V. Hendrix

Saturday12:30pm M407
Video: Flubber

Saturday1:00pm CC102B
Theatre Games (Camp Franklin)
Edward Einhorn joins Camp Franklin in playing theatre games.
Edward Einhorn

Saturday1:00pm CC104A
So Many Contests, So Little Time
Students are bombarded with writing contests. Should teachers/librarians/parents encourage them to enter? How to be street smart writer includes the good, the bad and the nevers.
Michael A. Burstein, Diane Turnshek, James Van Pelt, Pat York

Saturday1:00pm CC104B
Studying Culture: Anthropologists Study the Science Fiction Community (Academic)
Camille Bacon-Smith, Solomon Davidoff, Deborah M. Geisler

Saturday1:00pm CC105A
Playground Storytelling
First collect children's modern folk stuff on the playground. Communication is a vital part of life -- school life and life in general. Oral history and story is just as important as written -- and using books and oral collections back it up.
Elizabeth Moon, Wendie Old, Josepha Sherman

Saturday1:00pm CC106A
Reading: Jack L. Chalker

Saturday1:00pm CC106B
Reading: J. Gregory Keyes

Saturday1:00pm CC108A
Developing Computer Games - The Artists' Perspectives
As computers get better, art for computer games has become extremely sophisticated. Join artists experienced in developing art for computer games (David Cherry now works for Ensemble Studios and is working on Age of Empires; Barclay Shaw is an expert in 3-D computer art and multimedia design) for a discussion of how art and game development work hand-in-hand.
David Cherry, Barclay Shaw

Saturday1:00pm CC108B
What's New from Warner Aspect and
Christine Dao, Lauren Lawson, Jaime Levine, Betsy Mitchell, Paul Witcover

Saturday1:00pm CC2 Asimov Table
Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov's/Analog Table: Connie Willis

Saturday1:00pm CC2 Exhibit Art
Art Show Docent Tour
Stephen Youll

Saturday1:00pm CC2 Exhibit Auto
Autographing: Gregory Benford, Lisa DuMond, Paul Kidd, Nancy Kress, James Morrow, Charles Sheffield, James A. Stevens-Arce, Cecilia Tan

Saturday1:00pm CC2 Exhibit Demo
Demo: Minicomics
Larry Lewis

Saturday1:00pm CC201A
How Did We Get Here: An Alternate History Challenge
Alternate histories are certainly a popular form of SF. Why are we drawn to Alternate history? Does it fulfill a different need than other forms of SF or fantasy? Watching the pivot points unfold and the shape of the history make itself clear is a large part of the fun, and often taxing to the imagination. This panel is part challenge round. We'll give you scenarios at the start of the panel, and ask you to brainstorm how you would shape an alternate history to achieve these moments
Orson Scott Card, Joe Siclari, Edie Stern, S. M. Stirling, Harry Turtledove, Andrew Wheeler, Rick Wilber

Saturday1:00pm CC201B
Vive La Difference: Multicultural Alien Societies
In many works of SF and fantasy, alien/non- human races have a single culture. While this is often at its most extreme on SF in movies and TV (Star Trek's aliens, for example), it's also true in much written SF. But there are prominent exceptions. The panel examines why some writers write monocultural aliens as well as prominent examples of multicultural alien societies.
Samuel R. Delany, Nalo Hopkinson, Severna Park (M), Melissa Scott, Nancy Springer

Saturday1:00pm CC201C
JPL Presentation
Michelle R. Baker

Saturday1:00pm CC202B
Streetcars and Railways
Moshe Feder, Danny Lieberman, George H. Scithers (M), Kevin Standlee

Saturday1:00pm CC203A
Methods and Mediums in SF Art
The panel discusses the mediums -- the kinds of paints, papers, surfaces, varnishes, airbrushes, paintbrushes -- artists use, as well as artistic methods.
Donato Giancola, Jael, Sue Mason, Omar Rayyan, Charlene Taylor D'Alessio (M)

Saturday1:00pm CC203B
Financial Planning for the Self-Employed: A Guide for Writers
Introducing the basic financial information you need to make sound financial decisions with special attention to writers and other creative types and their financial needs. Our panel will guide you through -- and translate -- what may be unfamiliar terms and details, explain ways of setting financial goals and creating strategies toward meeting them.
Linda J. Dunn, Peter R. Liverakos, Amy Sheldon, Susan Shwartz

Saturday1:00pm CC204A
It's a Mystery: Science Fiction and Mysteries
There is quite a bit of overlap between science fiction and mysteries, both in terms of readers and writers. The panel discusses mystery fiction -- what it shares with SF and where it differs.
Glen Cook, Peter J. Heck (M), Walter Mosley, Richard P. Russo

Saturday1:00pm CC204B
Worldbuilding 102: Creating an Ecosystem
Julie Czerneda, Diane Kelly, Paul J. McAuley, Joan Slonczewski (M), Robert Charles Wilson

Saturday1:00pm CC204C
Greg Egan, Vernor Vinge, Stephen Baxter, and the Rebirth of Hard SF
Stephen Baxter, Jim Frenkel (M), Charles Oberndorf, Robert J. Sawyer

Saturday1:00pm CC3 Overlook Cafe
Kaffee Klatsches: Alexis Gilliland, Larry Niven, Mike Resnick

Saturday1:00pm L4 Congress A
Performance Workshops -- Relating to the Audience
Monica Cellio, Terence Chua, Kathleen Sloan

Saturday1:00pm M307
SIG: Forum on the Future of Space Travel (and an E- zine launch-Vexxin Magazine)

Saturday1:00pm M5 Grand G-H
Film: Short Subjects

Saturday1:15pm M5 Grand G-H
Film: X-Men (2001 Hugo Nominee)

Saturday1:30pm CC106A
Reading: Catherine Mintz

Saturday1:30pm CC106B
Reading: Jane M. Lindskold

Saturday1:30pm M4 Franklin A
Folk Concert: Rise Up Singing
Rise Up Singing has been a major hit with SF fans around the world since its publication in 1988 providing a virtual cornucopeia of lyrics & guitar chords to every kind of song from Beatles to Broadway, from traditional folk songs to songs of peace & justice. Annie & Peter, Rise Up Singing's creators, have been leading singing around the world for decades. This will be a singalong concert. Songbooks will be provided for this event - or bring along your own. Come sing with the couple who made "the blue book"!
Peter Blood, Annie Patterson

Saturday2:00pm CC102A
Creating Puppet Stories (Camp Franklin)
Using our puppets and puppet theater, create stories together.
Edward Einhorn

Saturday2:00pm CC103C
SIG: Introductory Shotokan Karate Workshop
Kenn Bates will be giving a Shotokan Karate Workshop. Kenn is a black belt instructor in Karate. Fans attending this workshop will learn and practice simple Karate techniques. No prior experience necessary. This is an ACTIVE workshop. Come dressed in loose clothing and ready to move. See you there.

Saturday2:00pm CC104A
Science Fiction: Fact or Fancy?
N. Taylor Blanchard, Andrew Love (M), Catherine McMullen, Charles Sheffield

Saturday2:00pm CC104B
The Impact of the Internet on Scholarly Communication in the Field of Fantasy and SF (Academic)
Jan Bogstad, Colleen Cahill, Leroy Dubeck, Rhonda Wilcox

Saturday2:00pm CC105A
Give the Kid a Book
They're highly motivated ... or disaffected ... they're top readers ... or they've never read a book ... they want to reach higher... or they need extra credit to pass. They're students, and you need to reach them somehow. Why not an SF/F book? Authors, editors and educators discuss topical books that tune in to where students are heading
Ef Deal, Gregory Frost, Denise Gendron, Laura Anne Gilman, Toni Weisskopf

Saturday2:00pm CC106A
Reading: James Cambias

Saturday2:00pm CC106B
Reading: Fruma Klass

Saturday2:00pm CC108A
Gone the Way of the Dinosaurs: Is the "Paperback Original" Dead?
Moshe Feder (M), Sean P. Fodera, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Shelly Shapiro

Saturday2:00pm CC108B
Ellen Datlow Interviews Gardner Dozois About Life, the Universe and Editing
Ellen Datlow, Gardner Dozois

Saturday2:00pm CC2 Asimov Table
Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov's/Analog Table
Robert Silverberg

Saturday2:00pm CC2 Exhibit Art
Show Us Your Portfolio! Professional Artists Meet
Don Maitz

Saturday2:00pm CC2 Exhibit Auc
Naomi C. Fisher, Janice Gelb, Victor Gonzalez, Sue Mason, Pat Molloy

Saturday2:00pm CC2 Exhibit Auto
Autographing: Uwe Anton, Jack L. Chalker, Howard V. Hendrix, Sharon Lee, Steve Miller, Jody Lynn Nye, Frederik Pohl, Lawrence Schoen, Walter Jon Williams

Saturday2:00pm CC2 Exhibit Demo
Art Demo: Jewelry
Janet Kofoed

Saturday2:00pm CC201A
The Future of Science and Technology As Viewed from Franklin's Time
Grant Carrington, Paul Levinson (M), Edmund R. Meskys, Madeleine E. Robins, Edward Tenner

Saturday2:00pm CC201B
Ur-SF: Folklore and Myth as a Basis for SF
If mythology and folktales are our roots, what in them has been used in SF and fantasy writing?
Brenda W. Clough, Tony Daniel, P. C. Hodgell, Vera Nazarian

Saturday2:00pm CC201C
Slide Show
Ron Walotsky

Saturday2:00pm CC202B
Developing Convention Programs: A Philosophical (and Practical) Discussion
Andrew Adams, Jim Mann, Priscilla Olson, Edie Stern

Saturday2:00pm CC203A
How to Review a Book or Movie
Robert Devney, Lisa DuMond, Janice M. Eisen, Daniel Kimmel (M)

Saturday2:00pm CC203B
Breaking Into Print: Newcomers Discuss Strategies
New writers face a daunting struggle against an often Byzantine market and a landscape filled with known writers. How does a new writer find his or her way through the labyrinth and break through to success as an author?
Joe Bergeron, Tobias Buckell, Stephen Chambers, Charles Ryan, Wen Spencer

Saturday2:00pm CC204A
SF Romances
The Sapphire Award will be presented at the start of this panel. The winners of this year's Sapphire Awards are Catherine Asaro, Marilyn Byerly, MaryJanice Davidson, Saira Ramasastry, Linnea Sinclair, and Jane Toombs. The panel examines the overlap between SF and romances: both SF books that also can be considered romances and romances that have SF elements.
Eve Ackerman, Catherine Asaro (M), Bud Sparhawk, Diane Turnshek

Saturday2:00pm CC204B
Understanding Comics: Thinking Outside the Box
Some highly intelligent, dedicated readers of science fiction have trouble getting into comic books, because they have difficulty training themselves to parse the narrative conventions -- why should the frames be followed left-to- right? How do you know when you're supposed to jump to a splash frame instead of reading down the side? Should we return to the '50s convention of arrows? How can we think outside the comics box?
Colleen Doran, James C. Shooter, Wendy Snow-Lang, Steve Stiles, Jerry Weist (M)

Saturday2:00pm CC204C
The SF Short Story Today
Terry Bisson, David G. Hartwell (M), James Patrick Kelly, Geoffrey A. Landis, David Marusek

Saturday2:00pm CC3 Overlook Cafe
Kaffee Klatsches: Toni Anzetti, Sarah Zettel, Mary A. Turzillo, Jo Walton

Saturday2:00pm L4 Congress B
Men's Renaissance Costuming for Beginners
Sandy Swank teaches a workshop on using men's middle class Renaissance patterns available commercially to construct simple field garb for historical re-enactment use (SCA or equivalent).
Sandy Swank

Saturday2:00pm M307
SIG: Lite Circle Books Presents Readings from its New Dark Fantasy/Horror Anthology
Colette Fozard

Saturday2:00pm M407
Video: Destination Moon

Saturday2:00pm M408-409
Anime: Galactic Heroes: Gaiden, The Hero of El Facil (PG, Subtitled)
A "side-story" prequel about the first rise to prominence of the brilliant young Alliance commander Yang Wen-Li. When the Alliance's frontier colony world of El Facil is threatened by a huge advancing Imperial space fleet, the colony's craven garrison commander Arthur Lynch takes his military fleet and escapes, leaving the civilian population defenseless. Young Lieutenant Yang Wen-Li takes charge and, quickly organizes an evacuation which saves the population, leaving Lynch to be captured by the Empire.
Takayuki Karahashi, Yukio Kikukawa

Saturday2:00pm M415
Campaign Basics III and IV
Haven't We Been Here Before? and Roll vs Role". Learn to infuse your campaign with thematic resonances, like the value of loyalty or the pain of lost love. Also, an overarching plot can provide your players with direction and goals that enhance the game.
Shanti Fader, Keith J. Olexa, Mark Santillo (M)

Saturday2:30pm CC102B
Filking (Camp Franklin)
Lois H. Mangan

Saturday2:30pm CC106B
Reading: Jack McDevitt

Saturday3:00pm CC102A
Hamster Divination (Camp Franklin)
Esther Friesner shares her unbelievable hamster tricks.
Esther Friesner

Saturday3:00pm CC102B
Reading (Camp Franklin)
Debra Doyle, James D. Macdonald

Saturday3:00pm CC103A
So You Want To Win a Million (round 2)
Is that your Final Answer? Use your lifelines and knowledge of SF-related topics to possibly leave this item a million in a Terrestial currency in your pocket.
Chris Barkley

Saturday3:00pm CC104A
Robert Heinlein's Farmer in the Sky and Other SF Gardening Books
Ilyana Mansfield, Michael Mansfield, Mike McGrath, David Silver

Saturday3:00pm CC104B
Using Science Fiction in the Disciplines (Academic)
Using science fiction to teach subject material in various fields and disciplines, including: physical sciences, philosophy (s/a dystopia/utopia), history, urban studies, etc.
David DeGraff, Leroy Dubeck, Farah Mendlesohn, Charlie Petit

Saturday3:00pm CC105A
SF and Music in the Classroom
Klingon opera. Filk. Melodies on glass harmonica. Science fiction music weaves through classrooms.
Denise Gendron, Lee Gold, Louise Marley, Magi Shepley, Paul Shuch

Saturday3:00pm CC106A
Reading: Paul J. McAuley

Saturday3:00pm CC106B
Barbara Chepaitis

Saturday3:00pm CC108A
Fantasy Worldbuilding
Glen Cook, Simon R. Green, Marvin Kaye, George R. R. Martin, Jennifer Roberson

Saturday3:00pm CC108B
A Three Year Survey: A Slide Show
Donato Giancola

Saturday3:00pm CC2 Asimov Table
Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov's/Analog Table: John G. Cramer, Jeffrey D. Kooistra, Stanley Schmidt

Saturday3:00pm CC2 Exhibit Art
Art Show Docent Tour
Ctein, Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Saturday3:00pm CC2 Exhibit Auto
Autographing: Roger MacBride Allen, Suzanne Alles Blom, A. C. Crispin, Michael Dobson, Paul Levinson, Josepha Sherman, Susan Shwartz, Harry Turtledove

Saturday3:00pm CC2 Exhibit Demo
Demo: Pen & Ink
Cortney Skinner

Saturday3:00pm CC201A
Old Rivalries: Marvel vs. DC
Bob Greenberger, James C. Shooter, Len Wein (M)

Saturday3:00pm CC201B
Playing God in Somebody Else's Universe: Roleplaying in Established Worlds
Roleplaying in an existing universe not specifically designed for roleplaying: from books, tv series or movies, can be very rewarding and fun for the players, but it places different stresses on the GM than playing from an RPG source book. The panel discusses the he trials and tribulations of GMing Babylon 5, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, C J Cherryh... et al.
Andrew Adams (M), Uwe Anton, Tony Finan, Kevin Geiselman, Steve Jackson

Saturday3:00pm CC201C
A Journey Through the Universe with the Hubble Space Telescope
Inge Heyer

Saturday3:00pm CC202B
From Manuscript to Printed Word: How a Book Comes to Life
Claire Eddy (M), Sean P. Fodera, James Minz, Jamie S. Warren Youll, Eleanor Wood

Saturday3:00pm CC203A
Baycon '68: Barely Beating the Boom
A look at a pivotal year, when the 60's drew to a close, and the great explosion of the next ten years was just beginning. What was it all like -- and how did the convention mirror the changes and foretell the future?
Astrid Anderson Bear, Andrew I. Porter (M), Roger Sims, Ted White

Saturday3:00pm CC203B
The Next Step: What Happens AFTER Breaking Into Print?
Breaking into print in the first place is a big hurdle. But sometimes the next step -- moving from a writer who has sold one story to a writer selling regularly -- is an even bigger hurdle. Moreover, once you've broken into print, there are a lot of professional considerations that come into play. A group of writers discuss what to do next.
Michael A. Burstein, Cory Doctorow (M), Nalo Hopkinson, Ellen Klages, Shane Tourtellotte

Saturday3:00pm CC204A
The Other Hard SF: Hard SF and Biology
Greg Bear, Kathleen Ann Goonan, Jack C. Haldeman, Nancy Kress (M), Joan Slonczewski

Saturday3:00pm CC204B
Writing Outside the Lines: Crossing Genres From a Writer's Perspective
Catherine Asaro, Lillian Stewart Carl (M), Nicholas A. DiChario, Robert J. Sawyer, Kristine C. Smith

Saturday3:00pm CC204C
The Year in Review: Computer Technology
Howard Davidson, Daniel P. Dern, Tom Galloway, Edie Stern (M)

Saturday3:00pm CC3 Overlook Bar
Literary Beer: Fruma Klass, William Tenn

Saturday3:00pm CC3 Overlook Cafe
Kaffee Klatsches: Michael K. Brett-Surman, Michael Capobianco, Bud Sparhawk, Allen Steele

Saturday3:00pm M307
Book Discussion: Sabriel by Garth Nix
Janna Silverstein,

Saturday3:00pm M4 Franklin A
Acoustic Concert: Mr Vague

Saturday3:00pm M406
Writers Reading from Their Works (Radio Room)
Writers reading their original works from the KGB Fantastic Fiction series, The NY Review of SF Readings, and Hour of the Wolf.

Saturday3:00pm M408-409
Anime: Galactic Heroes: The Battle of Vermillion 1 & 2 (PG, Dubbed)
Parts 1 & 2 of the crucial battle between Reinhard von Lohengramm (who inherited a Countship between the first movie and now, hence his name change) and Yang Wen-Li as commanders in their own right. Yang's fleet is terribly outnumbered, but can Yang's leadership and the courage and devotion of his men find a way out? These episodes were specially dubbed into English as a potential pilot for the American market.
Takayuki Karahashi, Yukio Kikukawa (M)

Saturday3:00pm M411-412
Filk: How Do You Find the Good Stuff?
Terence Chua, Merav Hoffman, Crystal Paul (M)

Saturday3:00pm M5 Grand G-H
Film: Star Trek: Insurrection

Saturday3:30pm CC106A
Reading: Craig Shaw Gardner

Saturday3:30pm CC106B
Reading: Charles Sheffield

Saturday4:00pm CC101
Story Reading (Camp Franklin)
Edward Einhorn

Saturday4:00pm CC102B
Puppet Theater (Camp Franklin)

Saturday4:00pm CC104B
Teaching Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror as Literature (Academic)
Andrew M. Butler, Samuel R. Delany, John L. Flynn, Howard V. Hendrix, John J. Kessel

Saturday4:00pm CC106B
Reading: Lisa DuMond

Saturday4:00pm CC108A
Writing on the Web: The Internet as Resource and Tool
Cecilia Dart-Thornton, Ellen Key Harris-Braun, James D. Macdonald, Diane Turnshek

Saturday4:00pm CC108B
The Killer Bs
Greg Bear, Gregory Benford, David Brin

Saturday4:00pm CC2 Asimov Table
Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov's/Analog Table: Allen Steele

Saturday4:00pm CC2 Exhibit Art
Art Show Docent Tour
David Cherry

Saturday4:00pm CC2 Exhibit Auto
Autographing: Orson Scott Card, Doug Chiang, Allen Dean Foster, Richard Garfinkle, P. C. Hodgell, Nalo Hopkinson, Donald Kingsbury, Walter Mosley, Vera Nazarian, Sarah Zettel

Saturday4:00pm CC201A
Beyond Campbell: The Great SF Editors
When talking about editors in SF, the starting point always seems to be John Campbell. But the discussion shouldn't end there. Gold, Boucher, Wollheim, Carr, Pohl, and others were important to the development of the field. The panel looks at the history of editing in SF.
David G. Hartwell (M), Barry N. Malzberg, Beth Meacham, Betsy Mitchell, Frederik Pohl

Saturday4:00pm CC201B
Isaac Asimov's SF Magazine: A History
Gardner Dozois, Shawna McCarthy, George H. Scithers, Sheila Williams (M)

Saturday4:00pm CC201C
Why Things Bite Back: Technology and Unintended Consquences
The author of Why Things Bite Back discusses technology change and the unintended effects it can have.
Edward Tenner

Saturday4:00pm CC202B
Online Gaming: Past, Present, and Future
Erik Bear, Thomas Harlan, Neil Harris

Saturday4:00pm CC203A
The Fan Writing Hall of Fame
We have a hall of fame containing the best written SF. Why not one for fan writing? The panel discusses the best fan writing of all time and reads samples of the favorite writers/pieces.
Joe Siclari (M), Dick Smith, Ted White, Art Widner

Saturday4:00pm CC203B
Beam Me Up, Karl: SF and the Left
Daniel Hatch (M), Warren Lapine, Tamora Pierce, Patrick Nielsen Hayden

Saturday4:00pm CC204A
Looking Back at 2001: Kubrick and Clarke's Masterwork Today
Joe Bergeron, Daniel Kimmel (M), Jim Mann

Saturday4:00pm CC204B
The Changing World of the Professional Artist
Karl Kofoed, Don Maitz, Barclay Shaw, Ron Walotsky, Stephen Youll (M)

Saturday4:00pm CC204C
The Future of Gardening: Organic Gardening, Hydroponics, and Other Old/New Ideas
Michael Mansfield, Mike McGrath (M), Leah Zeldes Smith

Saturday4:00pm CC3 Overlook Bar
Literary Beer: Geoffrey A. Landis

Saturday4:00pm CC3 Overlook Cafe
Kaffee Klatsches: Steven Sawicki, Stanley Schmidt, Ellen Datlow, Terry A. McGarry

Saturday4:00pm M307
SIG: Lois-Bujold List Meeting

Saturday4:00pm M407
Video: Failsafe

Saturday4:00pm M408-409
Anime: Galactic Heroes: A Primer (PG, Subtitled)
A special video explaining much of the history and backstory of the "Legend of the Galactic Heroes" universe for those unfamiliar with it, plus a "making of" documentary featuring a peek behind-the-scenes at the series production and interviews with the animation director and producer and other key staff.
Takayuki Karahashi, Yukio Kikukawa

Saturday4:30pm CC106A
Reading: Debra Doyle

Saturday4:30pm CC106B
Reading: Jeanne M. Cavelos

Saturday4:30pm M4 Franklin A
Filk Recording: WorlDream (Come, learn the song, and join in!)
The WorlDream is a way for filkers around the world to sing together. One song will be recorded at every filkcon in the world in 2001, in addition to the Millennium Philcon. All the recordings will be mixed together into one final version. The song itself is simple and easy to learn and everyone is welcome to join in.
Steve McDonald

Saturday4:30pm M5 Grand G-H
Film: Short Subjects

Saturday5:00pm CC101
Camp Franklin Closes (Camp Franklin)

Saturday5:00pm CC103A
The Business End of Writing
Topics covered include: Keeping accurate records for tax time; is your writing a second career/business or a hobby -- and what does that mean to the IRS?; should your writing persona be a separate business entity, and if so what and when?; contract provisions and concerns, as well as negotiations; other pertinent issues regarding the business end of things that we creative types tend to completely miss.
A. C. Crispin (M), Lucienne Diver, Christy Hardin Smith

Saturday5:00pm CC104A
The Turning of the World: Music & Transformation
The creators of the enormously popular songbook Rise Up Singing are joining forces with the host of the award-winnning PRI radio show "Sound & Spirit" to lead a discussion on the role that music and song play in social & planetary transformation. Come explore the role of song in raising consciousness & empowering people to launch and sustain the movements that are changing societies around the earth. The panel will include group singing using Rise Up Singing. Participants are invited to bring songs to the panel that they believe have been or may in the future spur healing & change.
Peter Blood, Ellen Kushner, Annie Patterson

Saturday5:00pm CC104B
Teaching the Writing of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror (Academic)
Barbara Chepaitis, Samuel R. Delany, Joe Haldeman, Marvin Kaye (M), James Morrow

Saturday5:00pm CC106A
Reading: James Patrick Kelly

Saturday5:00pm CC106B
Reading: Louise Marley

Saturday5:00pm CC108A
Phobos Entertainment: Creating a New Multi-Media Company
Orson Scott Card, Doug Chiang, James C. Shooter

Saturday5:00pm CC108B
The Golden Ducks and Bucconeer YA Literary Awards
Greg Bear, Hal Clement, David Gerrold, Kathi D. Overton, Peggy Rae Sapienza, John Pomeranz

Saturday5:00pm CC2 Asimov Table
Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov's/Analog Table: Sean McMullen

Saturday5:00pm CC2 Exhibit Art
Art Show Docent Tour
John F. Hertz

Saturday5:00pm CC2 Exhibit Auto
Autographing: Lisa A. Barnett, Donato Giancola, Teresa Patterson, Richard P. Russo, Ruth Sanderson, Melissa Scott

Saturday5:00pm CC201A
The Ethical Dimensions of Contemporary Fantasy
Much of the fantasy written prior to the last 20 years had a strong, easily identifiable, often black-and-white ethical dimension, whether it was the Christian underpinnings of Tolkien and Lewis or the warrior ethos of Eddison in The Worm Ouroboros or Howard in the Conan stories. Modern fantasy also has an ethical dimension, but one that is arguably more complex and ambiguous, with more shades of gray. The panel examines the moral and ethical dimensions of contemporary fantasy.
Camille Bacon-Smith, Brenda W. Clough, Kathryn Cramer (M), Michelle Sagara West, Michael Swanwick

Saturday5:00pm CC201B
Dammit, I Want My Flying Car: What SF Didn't Predict
What ever happened to the neat gadgets of old- time SF? Weren't we supposed to have personal flying cars by now? Where are the atomic rockets (not to mention the atomic automobiles)? Personal jet packs? Dinner-in-a- pill? Helicopter flivvers? Visi-phones? Blasters? Are we doomed to a dull, mundane future?
Stephen Chambers, William Tenn, Sharon Lee, Charles Oberndorf, Jack Speer (M)

Saturday5:00pm CC201C
The Weakest Link
Are you from a village that's missing its idiot? Should you get out of the gene pool? Are you a book short of a trilogy? Contestants willing to suffer having their performance at answering SF trivia critiqued by host Pat Cadigan will compete to determine the Millennium Philcon's Strongest Link. As for the rest...G'bye!
Pat Cadigan

Saturday5:00pm CC202B
The Great Explosion: Fandom in the 60s and 70s
Was it really only caused by Star Trek/Star Wars? How did the massive changes in fandom (size, gender ratio, age, etc.) impact the community? Did we learn anything from the explosion? Is there another fannish explosion in the future?
Anthony R. Lewis, Wilma Meier, Toni Weisskopf, Ben Yalow

Saturday5:00pm CC203A
SF Magazines: In Transformation, On Life-Support, or Just Fine, Thank You
Ellen Datlow, Scott Edelman, Warren Lapine, Gordon Van Gelder (M), Sheila Williams

Saturday5:00pm CC203B
Making Your Way Through the Five-Book Trilogies: The Best Recent Fantasy
Ellen Asher, Stephen Boucher, David B. Coe, Kate Elliott, Katya Reimann (M)

Saturday5:00pm CC204A
The Science We Don't Understand
Science usually focuses on new discoveries and new understanding. But what have we left out? Where are the holes in our knowledge? What are the things we DON'T understand in physics, astronomy, biology, and mathematics?
Catherine Asaro, John Ashmead, John G. Cramer (M), Howard Davidson, Dave Kratz

Saturday5:00pm CC204B
The Art of Horror: Artists and Horror
Is horror art different from SF and fantasy art? Who were the great horror artists?
Bob Eggleton (M), Jane Frank, Charles Lang, Michael Whelan

Saturday5:00pm CC204C
The Wrath of Gods: Plagues in the Future
Nancy Kress, Perrianne Lurie, Karen Purcell, Edward R. Rosick (M), Joan Slonczewski

Saturday5:00pm CC3 Overlook Bar
Literary Beer: M. K. Fuller

Saturday5:00pm CC3 Overlook Cafe
Kaffee Klatsches: Jane M. Lindskold, George R. R. Martin, Angela Kessler, Steve Miller

Saturday5:00pm CC307
Media Room Closes

Saturday5:00pm M307
SIG: Christian Fandom
Christian Fandom is an interdenominational fellowship interested in the accurate representation of Christianity in SF and fandom.

Saturday5:00pm M408-409
Anime: Bubblegum Crisis (PG, Dubbed)
Considered the Japanese Animated Cyberpunk classic. Join the Knight Sabers as they risk their lives to fight the evil Genom Corporation (not to mention Genom's killer robot Boomers!).

Saturday5:00pm M5 Grand G-H
Film: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Saturday5:15pm M407
Video: Sleeper

Saturday5:30pm CC106A
Reading: John J. Kessel

Saturday5:30pm CC106B
Reading: Jennifer Roberson

Saturday5:30pm CC304
Green Room Closes

Saturday5:30pm M4 Franklin A
Filk Concert: Pegasus Nominees
The Pegasus Awards for excellence in filking are given annually at the Ohio Valley Filk Fest (OVFF). We are pleased to present this year's nominated songs in the categories of Best Computer Song, Best Creature Song, and Best Filk Song. Anyone can vote for the Pegasus Awards at, or in person at OVFF.

Saturday5:30pm Mar SFFNET Suite
SFF NET Suite Reading: Terry A. McGarry

Saturday6:00pm CC104A
Alien in My Pen
Take biological and physical laws and apply actual written descriptions as both an illustrator's and writer's exercise, a la "has the illustrator read all the details of this creature and incorporated them into a convincing whole?" and "has the writer described it effectively enough for the reader to understand, and if not, how is it deficient?"
David Brin, Hal Clement, Larry Lewis

Saturday6:00pm CC105A
Now That They Read
Parents, writers, teachers, and librarians exchange ideas on how to keep others reading.
Kir Bulychev, David B. Coe, Lisa DuMond, James Patrick Kelly, Mary Schroeder

Saturday6:00pm CC2 Dealers Room
Dealers Room Closes

Saturday6:00pm CC2 Site Select
Site Selection Closes (did you miss your chance to vote on the location of the 2004 Worldcon?)

Saturday6:00pm CC202B
Following the Slayer: A Look Back at Five Seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The panel looks back at the first 5 seasons of Buffy and why it has been so popular, even with people whom you might not imagine watching a show called Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Stephen Boucher, Stephen C. Fisher, Craig Shaw Gardner, Katherine Macdonald, Melinda Snodgrass

Saturday6:00pm CC204A
So What Happened to Clavius Base? Why 2001 Is Nothing Like 2001
Stephen Baxter, Michael F. Flynn, Daniel Hatch, Tim Kyger (M), Geoffrey A. Landis

Saturday6:00pm M307
SIG: Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Workshop
The best known and most effective SF writers' workshop in the world, the training place for many of today's finest SF and fantasy writers.

Saturday6:00pm M690 - Fan Lounge
Fanzines in the Fifties
Gregory Benford, Rusty Hevelin, Ray Faraday Nelson, George H. Scithers, Gregory Trend, Ted White

Saturday6:45pm M407
Video: The Time Machine

Saturday7:00pm CC202B
The Evolution of Gaming: From Miniatures and Boards to Dungeons and Computers
Greg Costikyan, Michael Dobson, Steve Jackson, Charlie Petit

Saturday7:00pm CC204B
The Match Game
Get ready to match the stars! Contestants selected at random from the audience attempt to match as many of the celebrity panelists' attempts to fill in the blank in statements like "Captain Kirk has the biggest ______ in Starfleet!" Based on the classic game show hosted by Gene Rayburn, also known as _Blankety Blank_ in Britain.
Kevin Standlee
"Celebrity" Panelists Include: Robert Devney, Laurie Mann

Saturday7:00pm Mar SFFNET Suite
Doranna Durgin Leads a Discussion of Her Works
Doranna Durgin

Saturday8:00pm CC109A
Teen Lounge Closes

Saturday8:00pm CC2 Information
Information Closes

Saturday8:00pm CC2 Registration
Registration Closes

Saturday8:00pm CC2 Volunteers
Volunteer Desk Closes

Saturday8:00pm CC203B
In Search of Redemption: Angel and Buffy
Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a show about growing up and assuming responsibility. Angel, though a spinoff of Buffy, took a different path. It's a show about redemption. The panel looks at Angel, its themes, and the way it is different from (and similar to) Buffy.
Thomas Harlan, John Passarella, Anne Sowards, Tom Whitmore, Ben Yalow

Saturday8:00pm M408-409
Anime: Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro (PG, Subtitled)
Reknowned international thief Lupin III comes to the small European duchy of Cagliostro to investigate some forged money and stumbles across a national conspiracy going back some hundreds of years. Lupin and his friends must rescue the beautiful Clarice from the hands of the evil Count Cagliostro and solve the mystery of a hidden treasure dating back to the 15th century.

Saturday8:00pm M5 Grand A-F

Saturday8:30pm M407
Video: Longer Than You Think -- 1950s PSFS Worldcon Home Movie

Saturday8:45pm M407
Video: Frank Herbert's Dune (TV Mini-Series)

Saturday9:00pm CC203B
Carrying On: Books in Shared Universes
Books in shared universes -- whether they be in shared media universes like Star Trek or in the worlds created by Isaac Asimov, Roger Zelazny, or Marion Zimmer Bradley -- continue to be popular. While some dismiss them, others embrace them. Can other writers successfully carry on the works of now-dead writers? What constraints are they under? How much freedom do they have, and how much can they change things without turning off the fans?
Roger MacBride Allen, A. C. Crispin (M), J. Gregory Keyes, Jane M. Lindskold, Melinda Snodgrass

Saturday9:00pm M404
Computer-themed Filk
Bill Sutton, David Weingart

Saturday9:00pm M411-412
Open Filk

Saturday10:00pm CC2 Exhibit Art
Art Show/Print Shop Close

Saturday10:00pm CC2 Exhibit Hall
Exhibit Hall Closes

Saturday10:00pm M4 Franklin A
Concert: Trapdoor, set 1 (concert starts at Masq half-time start time and length may vary)

Saturday10:00pm M408-409
Anime: Shinesman (PG-13, Dubbed)
Parody of many of the "aliens conquering earth" themes in anime with a certain bent towards those Mighty Morphin' guys from many moons ago. A hilariously funny comedy.

Saturday10:00pm M5 Grand G-H
Film: Short Subjects (time approximate after event)

Saturday10:30pm Mar SFFNET Suite
SFF NET Suite Reading (Erotica - Adults Only Please)
Caro Soles

Saturday11:00pm M4 Franklin A
Concert: Trapdoor, set 2 (concert starts after the Masquerade time may vary)

Saturday11:00pm M406
Tolkien Heads - Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers (Radio Room)

Saturday11:00pm M408-409
Anime: Ranma 1/2 (PG-13, Dubbed)
A hilariously funny martial arts sex comedy - Ranma and Genma are transformed through a mishap into a bosomy young girl (from a teenage boy) and into a panda (from his father).

Saturday11:00pm M411-412
Filk: The Room of Doom and Gloom
Harold Feld

Saturday11:00pm M5 Grand G-H
Film: Frequency (2001 Hugo Nominee)

Sunday, September 2

SundayMidnight M4 Franklin A

Sunday0:45am M5 Grand G-H
Film: Short Subjects

Sunday1:00am M5 Grand G-H
Film: Pleasantville

Sunday1:15am M407
Video: Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Sunday2:00am M408-409
Anime: Moldiver 1-6 (PG-13/R, Subtitled)
The time is Tokyo, 2045. One day in the future, Mirai Ozara discovers the true identity of a strange superhero. This astounding mystery is her brother Hiroshi, who has discovered the supersuit with the power to control the world...

Sunday2:00am M690
Fan Lounge Closes

Sunday2:30am M407
Video: The Day the Earth Stood Still

Sunday2:30am M408-409
Anime: Ninja Resurrection

Sunday4:00am M3 Con Suite
Con Suite Closes

Sunday4:15am M407
Video: Logan's Run

Sunday5:30am M408-409
Anime: Vision of Escaflowne 3-4 (G, Subtitled)
The continuing adventures of an ordinary girl who one day encounters an other-worldly beam of light and is transported to a land where some very strange things happen to be.

Sunday6:15am M407
Video: 1984

Sunday7:30am M307
SIG: Friends of Bill W.

Sunday8:00am M408-409
Anime: Astro Boy 2
Doctor Tempo has been playing around with something that he shouldn't: the flow of time! With the invention of Atomic Time Crystals, he's built a device that sends Astro Boy back to the days of King Arthur! (also contains "One Million Mammoth Snails").

Sunday8:15am M407
Video: Ed Wood

Sunday8:30am M307
SIG: Weight Loss Support

Sunday9:00am CC2 Information
Information Opens - Convention Info, Handicapped Services and Sign-ups

Sunday9:00am CC2 Registration
Registration Opens

Sunday9:00am CC2 Volunteers
Volunteer Desk Opens - We Need Your Help to Make The Worldcon Run! Please Stop By and Volunteer

Sunday9:00am CC203B
Writing Exercises
Jeanne M. Cavelos, Diane Turnshek

Sunday9:00am CC307
Media Room Opens (for Press/Broadcast/Web Representatives)

Sunday9:00am M1 Lobby (meet near Gift Shop)
Morning Walk Through Downtown, led by Tom Becker, assemble by 8:55, leave by 9:05, return 10:00
Tom Becker

Sunday9:00am M408-409
Anime: Kimba, The White Lion 2
Kimba's lineage is thrust into doubt by King Specklerex and a tribe of spotted lions. Jealous of his own past relationship with Caesar, this tribe leader inexplicably convinces Kimba that he might not even be a lion.

Sunday9:30am CC304
Green Room Opens

Sunday10:00am CC101
Camp Franklin Opens - Theme "Wizards, Witches and Magic" (Camp Franklin)

Sunday10:00am CC102A
Art Projects: Drawing Dragons, Care/Feeding of Magical Animals, Making Robes, Wands, Bead Familiars (Camp Franklin)
Dr. Karen, well known veterinarian, answers questions and shares information on the correct way to care for your magical creatures. Participants are welcome to bring any animals that they have questions or concerns about. Drawing Dragons with Larry Lewis Mom won't let you have a dragon because your younger sister is allergic? Come draw your own that even a mother will love. Your wand getting old? Come make a costume for the Million Wizard March and a familiar to march with you.
Larry Lewis, Karen Purcell

Sunday10:00am CC103A
WSFS Meeting
The WSFS Business Meeting is open to all Worldcon members. The first item of business for today's meeting is to receive the official results of the Worldcon Site Selection. Also at today's meeting is Question Time, where you get a chance to put questions to future seated Worldcon committees. If time permits, the WSFS Mark Protection Committee may meet immediately after the Business Meeting.

Sunday10:00am CC104A
Structuring of YA/Children's Fiction
Writing for YA/children has different rules - nonfiction, picture books, chapter books - Share ideas and ask the 101 questions.
N. Taylor Blanchard, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Wendie Old, Josepha Sherman

Sunday10:00am CC104B
Women's Messages (Academic)
What are Women saying in fantasy and science fiction? Do they say it differently than men? If women are from Fantasy, and Men are from Science Fiction, why do men win the fantasy awards, and women win science fiction ones? Analysis of women's writing in sf and fantasy.
Catherine Asaro, Barbara Chepaitis, Karen Haber, Liz Williams

Sunday10:00am CC105A
Reading: Elizabeth Moon

Sunday10:00am CC106B
Reading: Gregory Feeley

Sunday10:00am CC108B
Slide Show
David Cherry

Sunday10:00am CC2 Exhibit Art
Art Show/Print Shop Open

Sunday10:00am CC2 Exhibit Hall
Exhibit Hall Opens

Sunday10:00am CC201A
SIG: Parents Meeting
Lynn Cohen Koehler

Sunday10:00am CC201B
HFA - Asperger's Contribution to Science Fiction Culture
Greg Bear (M), Muriel Hykes, Eva C. Whitley

Sunday10:00am CC202B
SIG: Combined Christian Service

Sunday10:00am CC203A
My Life in a Time Machine: 75 Years as a Fan
Forrest J. Ackerman

Sunday10:00am CC203B
SIG: Del Rey Online Writing Workshop Members
Members of Del Rey's Digital Writing Workshop & anyone interested in joining/learning more.
Moved from 11:00am in the Pocket Program
Ellen Key Harris-Braun

Sunday10:00am CC204B
Are the Oceans Still Our Future?
Hal Clement, Diane Kelly, Joan Slonczewski, Allen Steele (M)

Sunday10:00am L4 Congress A
Horror Writing Workshop
Greg Costikyan, Gregory Frost, Darrell Schweitzer

Sunday10:00am M406
The Tale of the Knight, the Witch and the Dragon (Radio Room)
A BBC fantasy drama starring Patrick Stewart.

Sunday10:00am M408-409
Anime: Bakuretsu 17-26 (R, Subtitled)
This is a very fun series about some hunters that is filled with magic, sorcery, fighting and romance. These episodes bring you the exciting conclusion of this thrilling series (and yes, you can watch these one their own!)

Sunday10:30am CC105A
Reading: Michael A. Burstein

Sunday10:30am CC106A
Reading: A. C. Crispin

Sunday10:30am CC106B
Reading: Nalo Hopkinson

Sunday10:30am M407
Video: Sunday Morning Cartoons: Pocket Dragon Adventures

Sunday11:00am CC103C
SIG: Restored Kingdoms of Gondor & Arnor - Accession Council Meeting (or Who Wants to be a Monarch?
Do you think you are one of the lucky few descended from the Third Age of Middle Earth? If you do, then you may be just the man or woman we have long sought after. For the last 30 years the Restored Kingdoms of Gondor and Arnor have been looking for their lost sovereign. If you think you qualify, just fill out one of the Reclaimation of Sovereignty forms located around the convention and bring it to the Accession Council. If you are selected you will inherit a ready-made kingdom, complete with vassals and 1000 acres in Lithuania. Start a new chapter in the enduring history of Middle Earth. Act now and you may receive a beautiful crown, complete with wings, a tree, and seven stars.

Sunday11:00am CC104A
Life With Harry
We are talking about Harry Potter, but what about his neighbors? Artemis Fowl just moved in. Dorothy Gale still lives there. Tom Swift? Lucky Starr? A block party. Have you ever tasted chocolate covered gummi frogs?
Hal Lynch, Catherine McMullen, Wendie Old, Magi Shepley

Sunday11:00am CC104B
Naming the World? (Academic)
What does science fiction really do? Predict or describe the world? Give us goals to shoot for, or name the formless longing we already have? Critical discussion--not, "what is science fiction," but "how does science fiction survive as a literature of the mind?"
Catherine Asaro, David Brin, Samuel R. Delany, Howard V. Hendrix, James Morrow, Liz Williams

Sunday11:00am CC105A
Reading: Brenda W. Clough

Sunday11:00am CC106A
Reading: Pat York

Sunday11:00am CC106B
Reading: Suzanne Alles Blom

Sunday11:00am CC108A
Small Is Beautiful: Writing Short Stories
Susan T. Casper, James Patrick Kelly, Lee Martindale (M), David Marusek, Douglas Smith

Sunday11:00am CC108B
Gripe Session
Todd Dashoff

Sunday11:00am CC2 Asimov Table
Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov's/Analog Table: Sheila Williams

Sunday11:00am CC2 Dealers Room
Dealers Room Opens

Sunday11:00am CC2 Exhibit Art
Art Show Docent Tour
Brad W. Foster

Sunday11:00am CC2 Exhibit Auc
Junkyard Wars

Sunday11:00am CC2 Exhibit Auto
Autographing: Jane Frank, Thomas Harlan, John G. Hemry, Don Maitz, Lois Tilton, Jo Walton

Sunday11:00am CC2 Site Select
Worldcon 2004 Membership/Conversion Table Opens

Sunday11:00am CC201A
Publishing Today: The State of Science Fiction Publishing
Charles N. Brown (M), Kathryn Cramer, Debra J. Euler, Beth Meacham

Sunday11:00am CC201B
Beyond Humanity? Will Standard Human Beings Exist in the Future?
Many SF stories speculate that biotechnology and nanotechnology will change us such that, in the not-too-distant-future, standard humans won't exist, or will be in a minority. How likely is this? And how soon will it occur?
Greg Bear (M), Lois McMaster Bujold, Kathleen Ann Goonan, Frederik Pohl

Sunday11:00am CC201C
The Kepler Project: The Search for Earth-Like Planets
Yoji Kondo

Sunday11:00am CC202B
When It Changed: Discon '74 and After
Discon was the first Worldcon that had a separate "fan" lounge, possibly marking the pivotal moment that fanzine fans found themselves superseded by convention-running fans. Discuss/analyze this statement -- and cheer or bemoan this climacteric change in fandom.
Jack L. Chalker, Moshe Feder, Alexis Gilliland, Jack C. Haldeman (M), Guy H. Lillian III

Sunday11:00am CC203A
Conventions We Go To and Why
From an attendee's point of view, what makes a good convention? A group of folks who attend more than their share of conventions give their points of view.
Hal Clement, Erik Olson, Priscilla Olson (M), Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Sunday11:00am CC203B
The Resnick/Malzberg Dialogues: A Live Rendition
Barry N. Malzberg, Mike Resnick

Sunday11:00am CC204A
What's New in Paleontology?
Michael K. Brett-Surman, William A. S. Sarjeant, Josh Smith

Sunday11:00am CC204B
Size Matters: Writing Novels, Writing Short Stories
Writing novels is a very different task from writing short stories. Some writers only excel at one or the other, some at both. Our panelists -- who have produced great works at both lengths -- compare writing novels and witting short fiction.
Sheila Finch, Joe Haldeman, Nancy Kress, Connie Willis (M)

Sunday11:00am CC204C
The City in SF
From Metropolis, through the "Cities in Flight" books, to a number of more modern stories, a city has been both setting and, in a way, a character in many SF stories.
Kimberly Ann Kindya, Sean McMullen, Kate Elliott, Walter Jon Williams (M)

Sunday11:00am CC3 Overlook Cafe
Kaffee Klatsches: P. C. Hodgell, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Jean Lorrah

Sunday11:00am L4 Congress B
What We Can Learn from Young Writers: The SFWA Junior Program
Lucienne Diver, Paul Levinson, Diane Turnshek, Harry Turtledove
Location moved from Pocket Program

Sunday11:00am M307
Book Discussion: The Sky Road by Ken MacLeod
Andrew M. Butler

Sunday11:00am M408-409
Anime: Gunbuster 1-2 (PG, Subtitled)
Noriko seeks to honor her dad's memory by going into space and, well, help him find the fleet he lost. All she has to do is survive some intense rivalry from her classmates, learn a dizzying amount of information, and survive long enough to graduate from the Space Academy!

Sunday11:00am M415
Campaign Electives I and II
How do GMs and other participants handle the "problem" players? How do players deal with a GM who seems out to destroy their characters, no matter the cost? What can both players and GMs do beyond the character sheet and the rulebook to bring the game to life?
Kevin Geiselman, Steve Jackson, Keith J. Olexa, Mark Santillo (M), Lisa J. Steele

Sunday11:00am M5 Grand G-H
Film: Legend of the Galactic Heroes (Anime 35mm)
"My Conquest is the Sea of Stars" (1988) - this film was the first animated interpretation of the "Legend of the Galactic Heroes" universe ever released. After 150 years of war between the Galactic Empire and Free Planets Alliance, two brilliant young commanders arise on either side who will change the course of the war and human history forever. This film details the first encounters in battle between these two men, Reinhard von Mnsel and Yang Wen-Li, and shows that their greatest fight may not be against one another as much as against the hidebound and corrupt influences in both their civilizations. (English subtitled, 60 minutes)

Sunday11:30am CC101
Video: Bedknobs and Broomsticks (Camp Franklin)
An apprentice witch, 3 kids and a cynical conman search for the missing component to a magic spell useful to the defense of Britain

Sunday11:30am CC105A
Reading: Timons Esaias

Sunday11:30am CC106A
Reading: James D. Macdonald

Sunday11:30am CC106B
Reading: Vera Nazarian

Sunday11:30am M406
X Minus 1: Skulking Permit (Radio Room)
A light-hearted classic Robert Sheckley story.

Sunday11:30am M407
Video: The Rocketeer

Sundaynoon CC102B
Storytelling (Camp Franklin)
Noah Lewis

Sunday12:00 noon CC103A
SFWA Meeting
Brad Ferguson, Howard V. Hendrix, Sharon Lee, Madeleine E. Robins, Norman Spinrad, Lois Tilton

Sunday12:00 noon CC103C
SIG: Restored Kingdoms of Gondor & Arnor: Council- General Mtg (Is This Any Way to Run a Kingdom?)
Whereas the Accession Council may not be successful in its search for the true King (May He Soon Return) the formal meeting of the Peers of the Realm will be held. Come see moving ceremony and vicious debate unequaled since the fall of the Soviet Union. Decide for yourself whether the Peers are extraordinary visionaries, missusing certain pharmaceuticals, or deeply disturbed. Maybe all of the above.

Sunday12:00 noon CC104A
Characterization for Writing Children's/YA Fiction
Roger MacBride Allen, Ef Deal, Jean Lorrah, Tamora Pierce, Pat York

Sunday12:00 noon CC104B
Fighting the Forces: Essayists on the Meaning of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Academic)
Essays from recent scholarly criticism of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Camille Bacon-Smith, David Lavery, Farah Mendlesohn, Rhonda Wilcox

Sunday12:00 noon CC105A
Reading: David Brin

Sunday12:00 noon CC106A
Reading: David B. Coe

Sunday12:00 noon CC106A
Reading: Paul Kidd

Sunday12:00 noon CC108B
Writers of the Future
John L. Flynn (M), Fruma Klass

Sunday12:00 noon CC2 Asimov Table
Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov's/Analog Table: Nancy Kress, Charles Sheffield

Sunday12:00 noon CC2 Exhibit Auto
Autographing: Tobias Buckell, Bob Eggleton, Simon R. Green, Rick Wilber

Sunday12:00 noon CC2 Masq Reg
Masquerade Table Opens - Video Tape Sales and Return of Contestants' Cassettes

Sunday12:00 noon CC201A
Folklore in Fantasy and Horror
Judith Berman (M), Josepha Sherman, Mary A. Turzillo

Sunday12:00 noon CC201B
Criminal Justice: Different Settings/Different Views
Terence Chua, John G. Hemry, Christy Hardin Smith, Lisa J. Steele (M)

Sunday12:00 noon CC201C
Slide Show
Jim Burns, Fred Gambino, Chris Moore

Sunday12:00 noon CC202B
Ecology in the 4th Dimension: the Late Pleistocene Decline of the North American Mammalian Megafauna
Priscilla Olson

Sunday12:00 noon CC203A
The First Carpool: A Look at Chicon and Denvention (1940/41)
Art Widner

Sunday12:00 noon CC203B
Reliving the Past - the SCA and Its Impact on Fandom
Brian L. Burley, Monica Cellio

Sunday12:00 noon CC204A
Jedi Knights and Midichlorians: Star Wars Past and Future
Thomas Atkinson, Shanti Fader, J. Gregory Keyes, Craig Miller (M), Shelly Shapiro

Sunday12:00 noon CC204B
California Dreaming: Future Sources of Energy
What is the future of energy production? Will fission make a comeback? Will the dream of fusion reactors become a reality in our lifetimes? What about geothermal energy, or solar power satellites? The panel looks at the future of energy production.
Gregory Benford, Jordin T. Kare, Richard Lynch (M), Victoria Warren

Sunday12:00 noon CC204C
Mathematical SF
Michael F. Flynn (M), Richard Garfinkle, Donald Kingsbury, Mark R. Leeper

Sunday12:00 noon CC3 Overlook Cafe
Kaffee Klatsches: Jim Freund, Geary Gravel, Kevin P. Roche

Sunday12:00 noon M3 Con Suite
Con Suite Opens

Sunday12:00 noon M406
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Volume 2 (Radio Room)
Episodes 7-12; relatively obscure, but still even better than the books which followed.

Sunday12:00 noon M5 Grand G-H
Film: Short Subjects

Sunday12:00 noon M690
Fan Lounge Opens, WOOF Collation
Collation of WOOF (annual Worldcon 1-shot APA) in Fanzine Lounge: bring contributions (copy count 100) to Fanzine Lounge by 6 pm Saturday.

Sunday12:30pm CC105A
Reading: John R. Douglas

Sunday12:30pm CC106A
Reading: Robert J. Gates

Sunday12:30pm M5 Grand G-H
Film: The Matrix

Sunday1:00pm CC102A
Face Painting & Wizard Costumes (Camp Franklin)

Sunday1:00pm CC102B
Magic (Camp Franklin)
Bryan Dean

Sunday1:00pm CC104B
And Then It Changed: Fantasy Before and After Tolkien (Academic)
Did it change? Why? How? Suggest other reasons/authors.
Solomon Davidoff, Gregory Frost, John J. Kessel, Darrell Schweitzer

Sunday1:00pm CC105A
Reading: Thomas Harlan

Sunday1:00pm CC106A
Reading: Kimberly Ann Kindya

Sunday1:00pm CC108A
Writing for the Screen
Steven Sawicki (M), James C. Shooter, Melinda Snodgrass, Isaac Szpindel, Marc Zicree

Sunday1:00pm CC108B
Coming Attractions: Tor
James Minz

Sunday1:00pm CC2 Exhibit Art
Art Show Docent Tour
Tom Whitmore

Sunday1:00pm CC2 Exhibit Auto
Autographing: Pat Cadigan, Craig Shaw Gardner, Louise Marley, Paul J. McAuley, Connie Willis

Sunday1:00pm CC201A
An Octarine Shade of Humor: Terry Pratchett's Discworld
Andrew M. Butler, Hal Clement, Mark L. Olson (M), Kristine C. Smith

Sunday1:00pm CC201B
Editing a Professional SF Magazine: The Editors Speak
Gardner Dozois, Shawna McCarthy (M), Charles Ryan, Stanley Schmidt, Gordon Van Gelder

Sunday1:00pm CC201C
A History of Japanese Fandom
Hiroaki Inoue, Yasuo Kawai, Mari Kotani, Masayuki Muratani, Takayuki Tatsumi, Ken Yamaoka

Sunday1:00pm CC202B
Cross-Pollination: The Influences of Anime and Science Fiction on One Another
Anime and the written SF of the late 1980s and the 1990s -- particularly cyberpunk -- have influence one another. The panel examines this, discussing examples.
Andrew Adams, Marc Gordon (M), Jane M. Lindskold, Charles Oberndorf

Sunday1:00pm CC203A
Beer in Zero G and Other Challenges of Space Manufacturing
What challenges await us in orbital manufacturing? Will we be able to brew beer? If so, what are the differences between brewing in orbit and brewing here on earth? What will we be able to do in orbit that we can't do on earth? And what won't we be able to do in orbit?
Jeffrey A. Carver, Inge Heyer, Bud Sparhawk, Allen Steele (M)

Sunday1:00pm CC203B
RASFF and All That: Fandom on the Net
Lenny Bailes, Sue Mason, James Nicoll, Erik Olson (M), Jo Walton

Sunday1:00pm CC204A
SF Uses of General Relativity: Wormholes and Warp Drives
Gregory Benford, John G. Cramer (M), Paul Halpern, Yoji Kondo, Charles Sheffield

Sunday1:00pm CC204B
Posthuman Rights: What Rights Will AIs Have?
Human rights has been a difficult enough subject. In the future, we'll have even more complex questions to deal with. What rights will AIs have? Will they have to be paid for their work? Can we unplug them without being guilty of murder?
Alexis Gilliland, Mike Scott, Amy Thomson, Sarah Zettel (M)

Sunday1:00pm CC204C
Do They Keep Kosher on Mars: Jewishness in SF
Michael A. Burstein, Janice Gelb (M), Daniel Kimmel, William Tenn, Josepha Sherman

Sunday1:00pm CC3 Overlook Cafe
Kaffee Klatsches: Don Maitz, Betsy Mitchell, James Morrow

Sunday1:00pm M307
SIG: PhillySlash - Philly-area Media Fans on the PhillySlash Mailing List and Friends
Victoria McManus

Sunday1:00pm M4 Franklin A
Rock Concert: David Honigsberg & Friends

Sunday1:00pm M411-412
Filk: Performing with Other People
Monica Cellio (M), Daniel Glasser, Marc S. Glasser, Melissa Glasser, Valerie Housden, Bill Sutton, Brenda Sutton

Sunday1:15pm M407
Video: Longer Than You Think -- 1950s PSFS Worldcon Home Movie

Sunday1:30pm CC105A
Reading: Ellen Kushner

Sunday1:30pm CC106A
Reading: Katherine Macdonald

Sunday1:30pm M407
Video: The Hobbit (Animated, 1977)

Sunday2:00pm CC102A
Active Games (Camp Franklin)

Sunday2:00pm CC102B
Storytelling (Camp Franklin)
Ruth Sanderson

Sunday2:00pm CC104B
Publishing Science Fiction and Fantasy Research and Criticism (Academic)
Kathryn Cramer, Edward James, David Lavery, Farah Mendlesohn

Sunday2:00pm CC105A
Reading: Julie Czerneda

Sunday2:00pm CC106A
Reading: Lawrence Schoen,

Sunday2:00pm CC106B
Reading: Richard P. Russo

Sunday2:00pm CC108A
Writing 101: A Guide for Writers
A panel of experts answers questions on the technique and business of writing.
Rosemary Kirstein, Lee Martindale (M), Kate Elliott, Katya Reimann, Rick Wilber

Sunday2:00pm CC2 Asimov Table
Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov's/Analog Table: Michael A. Burstein, Michael F. Flynn, Paul Levinson

Sunday2:00pm CC2 Exhibit Art
Art Show/Print Shop Close

Sunday2:00pm CC2 Exhibit Auto
Autographing: Jeanne M. Cavelos, David B. Coe, J. Gregory Keyes, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Jean Lorrah, Mike Moscoe, Severna Park, Michelle Sagara West

Sunday2:00pm CC2 Exhibit Fan
Docent Tour: Fan Exhibits
Leah Zeldes Smith

Sunday2:00pm CC201A
Wooden Ships and Zoology: The World of Patrick O'Brian
Delia Sherman, Wendy Snow-Lang, S. M. Stirling, Walter Jon Williams, Sarah Zettel (M)

Sunday2:00pm CC201B
Robert Heinlein: An Appreciation and Evaluation
James Gifford, Fred Lerner, Bill Patterson, George H. Scithers, Susan Shwartz (M)

Sunday2:00pm CC201C
New Missions to Mars
Geoffrey A. Landis

Sunday2:00pm CC202B
A Fragmentation of Fans: The Growth of Separate Fandoms
An examination of the background (and continued growth) of the separation of the fannish community into separate fandoms. From the SCA to Costumecons, and early comics fandom to filk convention ,,, what's going on, why, and what will be the outcome?
Moshe Feder, Mike Glyer, Laurie Mann, Edmund R. Meskys, Don Sakers (M)

Sunday2:00pm CC203A
Modernism and SF
Jim Frenkel, Kathleen Ann Goonan, John J. Kessel, Terry A. McGarry (M), Michael Swanwick

Sunday2:00pm CC203B
Free Space and Corporate Space
Some SF pictures space mostly controlled by governments -- ranging from galactic empires to military bureaucracies. Others picture space dominated by big business -- sometimes in good ways, sometimes bad. The panel examines these two conflicting views of our future in space and in SF.
David Brin, Greg Costikyan, Debra Doyle (M), Ian Randal Strock

Sunday2:00pm CC204A
Gardner Dozois Guest Editor Speech
Gardner Dozois

Sunday2:00pm CC204B
The Phlogiston Belt: Changing Science and the Hard SF Writer
Stephen Baxter, Jack McDevitt (M), Derryl Murphy, Larry Niven, Stanley Schmidt

Sunday2:00pm CC3 Overlook Cafe
Kaffee Klatsches: Forrest J. Ackerman, Jerry Weist

Sunday2:00pm L4 Congress C
Writer Beware - a Session for Aspiring Writers on the Business of Writing
Michael Capobianco, Ann C. Crispin, Victoria Strauss

Sunday2:00pm M4 Franklin A
Filk Concert: Three Weird Sisters

Sunday2:00pm M408-409
Anime: Record of Lodoss War, 1-13 (PG, Subtitled)
The best fantasy anime to come out in years! Lodoss: the accused island has seen wars ravage its kingdoms for thousands of years. Now, an evil beyond any it has ever faced before is awakening, and a party of six are drawn together in battle.

Sunday2:00pm M690 - Fan Lounge
Fanzine Fandom Overseas
Bridget Bradshaw, Steve Davies, Vince Docherty, Naomi C. Fisher, Pat Molloy

Sunday2:30pm CC105A
Reading: Cory Doctorow

Sunday2:30pm CC106A
Reading: Ellen Klages

Sunday2:30pm CC106B
Reading: Michael Dobson,

Sunday2:30pm CC2 Exhibit Hall
Million Wizard March - Assembly
Esther Friesner (M)

Sunday3:00pm CC104B
Critiquing Short Fiction (Academic)
Discussion of the critical tools and processes when looking at short fiction. What makes certain specific examples of short fiction good literature?
Kathryn Cramer, Gregory Feeley, P. C. Hodgell, Darrell Schweitzer

Sunday3:00pm CC105A
Reading: Marvin Kaye

Sunday3:00pm CC106A
Reading: Lee Martindale

Sunday3:00pm CC106B
Reading: Mike Resnick

Sunday3:00pm CC108A
Piracy in the Digital Age
Michael Capobianco, Charlie Petit, Christine Valada (M)

Sunday3:00pm CC108B
Editing: The Book Editors' Perspectives
Many program items talk about the role of the magazine editor (we have a couple of the program here). Magazine editors are so prominent, that everyone knows who they are. But book editors also do a very important job (as anyone who looks at the unedited Heinlein can see). Book editors from a number of the major book lines talk about the role of the book editor, what they bring to the table, and what their role will be in the future.
Claire Eddy (M), Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Steve Saffel, Anne Sowards

Sunday3:00pm CC109A
ISAAC Interviews/Teen Lounge Opens

Sunday3:00pm CC2 Asimov Table
Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov's/Analog Table: Anthony R. Lewis, Stanley Schmidt, Shane Tourtellotte

Sunday3:00pm CC2 Exhibit Auto
Autographing: David Brin, Colleen Doran, Joe Haldeman, Jack C. Haldeman, Jennifer Roberson, Ron Walotsky, Michael Whelan

Sunday3:00pm CC2 Exhibit Hall
Million Wizard March
Show your support for Wizards everywhere.
Esther Friesner

Sunday3:00pm CC2 NESFA Sales
Dealer's Room - Autographing at the NESFA Table - PSFS Speaker
William Tenn

Sunday3:00pm CC201A
Writing, Revising, Editing
No piece is ever perfect. There's always the temptation to keep re-writing chapter 1 until it's perfect before you go on to chapter 2. That way lies madness. How much should you re- write before you're done. Revising can introduce inconsistencies, which later editing should remove. Some of these things may be picked up by a copy editor if you sell/have sold the book, but the better it is when you turn it in, the more chance of it being bought (by the publisher if it's uncommisioned, by the readers if it's being published).
Cecilia Dart-Thornton, Scott Edelman, Ellen Key Harris-Braun, Sasha Miller, Janna Silverstein (M)

Sunday3:00pm CC201B
J. R. R. Tolkien and the Twentieth Century
J. R. R. Tolkien looked back to earlier times, yet his great creation is also profoundly a part of the twentieth century. Moreover, Tolkien's works stand as major influences on other writers. Fantasy changed with Tolkien. And while some maintream critics downplay his place in literature, his works have spoken to millions -- surely a sign that they are indeed important.
Jeffrey A. Carver (M), George R. R. Martin, Jamil Nasir, William A. S. Sarjeant

Sunday3:00pm CC201C
Slide Show
Bob Eggleton (M)

Sunday3:00pm CC202B
Web Pages for Writers: A Discussion
Timothy E. Liebe, Laurie Mann

Sunday3:00pm CC203A
Inevitable Masquerade Debriefing
Rob Himmelsbach, Victoria Warren

Sunday3:00pm CC203B
If You Have a Good Idea, You Need Good Sentences
Linda J. Dunn, Mary Soon Lee, James Van Pelt (M)

Sunday3:00pm CC204A
From Fan to Pro: A Talk by George Scithers
George H. Scithers

Sunday3:00pm CC204B
The Dark Side of the Universe: Dark Energy and Dark Matter
John G. Cramer (M), David DeGraff, Paul Halpern

Sunday3:00pm CC3 Overlook Bar
Literary Beer: Keith R. A. DeCandido

Sunday3:00pm CC3 Overlook Cafe
Kaffee Klatsches: Camille Bacon-Smith, David Howell, jan howard finder, Nalo Hopkinson

Sunday3:00pm L4 Congress A
Young Writers Workshop
Brenda W. Clough, Jeffrey D. Kooistra, Paul Levinson, Tamora Pierce, Wen Spencer, Diane Turnshek

Sunday3:00pm M307
SIG: Hypoglycemics United to Foster Awareness
How do you know you are not affected by this medical condition that may affect 1/4 of the population of the United States if you don't know the questions? Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is the probable cause for post con blues (let-down), getting super upset at losing your +5 Wizard, sudden crying fits, and binge chocolate eating. It has other, more subtle symptoms and can be controlled. Meeting led by Benita Kasten Gagne

Sunday3:00pm M4 Franklin A
Filk Concert
Terence Chua

Sunday3:00pm M406
A Wizard of Earthsea (Radio Room)
A young boy attends school to learn how to become a wizard. Not Harry Potter, but an adaptation of the Ursula K. Le Guin novel, narrated by Dame Judi Dench.

Sunday3:00pm M407
Video: The Lord of the Rings (animated 1978)

Sunday3:00pm M415
Game to Fiction/Fiction to Game
What makes for a good translation from one medium to the other? All genres of gaming will be considered and compared with their analogs in sci-fi, fantasy and horror literature.
James Cambias, Greg Costikyan (M), Michael Dobson, Kevin Maroney, Walter Jon Williams

Sunday3:00pm M690 - Fan Lounge
Meet Recent DUFF/TAFF Winners
Naomi C. Fisher, Janice Gelb, Victor Gonzalez, Pat Molloy, Joyce Scrivner

Sunday3:30pm CC105A
Reading: Grant Carrington

Sunday3:30pm CC106A
Reading: Toni Anzetti

Sunday3:30pm CC106B
Reading: Charles Oberndorf

Sunday3:30pm M4 Franklin A
Filk Concert
Bill Roper, Gretchen Roper

Sunday4:00pm CC102B
Folksinging (Camp Franklin)
Sing Along with Gunther Anderson to favourite folk songs.
Gunther Anderson

Sunday4:00pm CC104B
Creating Culture: the Anthropology in the Science Fiction of ... (Academic)
Camille Bacon-Smith, Judith Berman (M), Jane M. Lindskold

Sunday4:00pm CC105A
Reading: Connie Willis

Sunday4:00pm CC106A
Reading: James Morrow,

Sunday4:00pm CC106B
Reading: David Gerrold

Sunday4:00pm CC108A
Copyright Law for Writers and Artists
Deborah M. Geisler, Christine Valada

Sunday4:00pm CC108B
The Geology of Middle Earth
William A. S. Sarjeant

Sunday4:00pm CC110B
SIG: Reading for the Future
Gathering of teachers, librarians, parents, SF professionals interested in sharing information about/for children reading science fiction.
Lynn Cohen Koehler,

Sunday4:00pm CC2 Asimov Table
Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov's/Analog Table: David Brin

Sunday4:00pm CC2 Exhibit Auc
Art Auction

Sunday4:00pm CC2 Exhibit Auto
Autographing: Stephen Baxter, Ellen Datlow, Peter J. Heck, Steven Sawicki, Amy Thomson

Sunday4:00pm CC2 Exhibit Hall
Million Wizard March Post-Assembly

Sunday4:00pm CC2 Masq Reg
Masquerade Table Closes

Sunday4:00pm CC201A
From the Caves of Steel to the City Guard : SF and Fantasy Police Stories
Glen Cook, Larry Niven, Tom Purdom, Lisa J. Steele (M)

Sunday4:00pm CC201B
Current Trends in Anime
Shanti Fader, Timothy E. Liebe (M), Jamil Nasir

Sunday4:00pm CC201C
Dinosaur Talk
Josh Smith helped to find the partial skeleton of a sauropod dinosaur, later designated as Paralititan stromeri. Hear Josh's story of current dinosaur hunting techniques, and the "creative financing" he used to make his proposed dig a reality.
Josh Smith

Sunday4:00pm CC202B
Things to Come: Fandom in the Future
Mike Glyer, Victor Gonzalez, Erik Olson, Mark L. Olson, Jack Speer

Sunday4:00pm CC203A
Portraying the Unportrayable: Writing About the Superintelligent and Transhuman
Julie Czerneda (M), Tony Daniel, Nancy Kress, Larry Lewis

Sunday4:00pm CC203B
Space Tourism: Publicity Stunt or the Coming Thing?
Tim Kyger, Keith J. Olexa, Charles Sheffield, Allen Steele, Ian Randal Strock (M)

Sunday4:00pm CC204A
About the Rediscovery Award
Gardner Dozois, Scott Edelman, James Patrick Kelly, Eleanor Lang, Anthony R. Lewis, Jim Mann, Robert Silverberg

Sunday4:00pm CC204B
Worldbuilding 103: Creating Civilizations
Roger MacBride Allen, Rosemary Kirstein, Victoria McManus, Elizabeth Moon (M)

Sunday4:00pm CC204C
Beyond Ayn Rand and Robert A. Heinlein: Libertarian SF
The Prometheus Award will be presented at the start of this panel.
Michael F. Flynn, Eric Raymond, Amy Rule, Fran Van Cleave

Sunday4:00pm CC3 Overlook Bar
Literary Beer: Joe Haldeman

Sunday4:00pm CC3 Overlook Cafe
Kaffee Klatsches: Sheila Finch, Michelle Sagara West, Gregory Feeley

Sunday4:30pm CC105A
Reading: David Sherman

Sunday4:30pm CC106B
Reading: Hal Clement

Sunday5:00pm CC101
Camp Franklin Closes (Camp Franklin)

Sunday5:00pm CC104B
History and Fantasy (Academic)
Where do all those fantasy universes come from, and why? (a critical/historical examination of fantastic literature)
Lois McMaster Bujold, Esther Friesner, Gregory Frost, Charlie Petit, Susan Shwartz, Harry Turtledove

Sunday5:00pm CC105A
Reading: P. C. Hodgell

Sunday5:00pm CC106B
Reading: Robert Charles Wilson

Sunday5:00pm CC108A
The Future of Music
Paul Shuch, Helen H. Thompson, Ted White

Sunday5:00pm CC2 Art Show Sal
Art Show Sales Opens

Sunday5:00pm CC2 Asimov Table
Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov's/Analog Table: Norman Spinrad

Sunday5:00pm CC2 Exhibit Auto
Autographing: Julie Czerneda, Doranna Durgin, Kathleen Ann Goonan, Darrell Schweitzer, Susan Sizemore, Christy Hardin Smith, Douglas Smith, Lawrence Watt-Evans

Sunday5:00pm CC201A
Sects in Zero G: Religious Societies in the Spacefaring Future
Jeffrey A. Carver, Ef Deal, M. K. Fuller, Farah Mendlesohn, Sarah Zettel (M)

Sunday5:00pm CC201B
Heart of Darkness: How Dark Should Villains Be?
Every hero needs a foil, but just how bad should your villain be? If your hero is a dark one, does your villain have to be that much darker? Is it possible to take your villain too far? How evil can a villain be before edging into horror?
Barbara Chepaitis, Laura Anne Gilman, Victoria McManus, Len Wein

Sunday5:00pm CC201C
Reading Performance: On Venus, Have We Got a Rabbi (with the Original Intonations)
William Tenn

Sunday5:00pm CC202B
The Growing Rift? -- Pros and Fans
A look at recent changes in fandom. Some pros view themselves as separate from the fannish community -- and some fans view pros as separate. What's driving this change?
Janice Gelb, Gay Haldeman, Priscilla Olson (M), Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Sunday5:00pm CC203A
60 Years of the N3F
Helen A. Davis, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Catherine Mintz, Art Widner

Sunday5:00pm CC203B
On Killing
Timons Esaias

Sunday5:00pm CC204A
Why Harry Potter?
There have been many great YA books over the years. Why did Harry Potter take off? What was it about Rowling's novels.
Katherine Macdonald, Ruth Sanderson, Shelly Shapiro, Magi Shepley

Sunday5:00pm CC204B
The Year in Physics and Astronomy
Ctein, Jordin T. Kare, Dave Kratz, Mark L. Olson (M)

Sunday5:00pm CC204C
The Future of Medicine
Muriel Hykes, Jay Meisner, Jed Shumsky, Jonathon Sullivan MD (M)

Sunday5:00pm CC3 Overlook Bar
Literary Beer: Michael Swanwick

Sunday5:00pm CC3 Overlook Cafe
Kaffee Klatsches: John G. Cramer, Cecilia Dart-Thornton, David Marusek, James C. Shooter

Sunday5:00pm M4 Franklin A
Filk Concert: Decadent Dave Clement

Sunday5:00pm M5 Grand G-H
Lord of the Rings Presentation

Sunday5:15pm M407
Video: The Return of the King (animated 1979)

Sunday5:30pm CC105A
Reading: Sean McMullen

Sunday5:30pm CC106A
Reading: Michael Mansfield

Sunday5:30pm CC106B
Reading: Sharon Lee, Steve Miller

Sunday5:30pm CC304
Green Room Closes

Sunday5:30pm M4 Franklin A
Filk Concert: TBA

Sunday6:00pm CC106A
Reading: Ilyana Mansfield

Sunday6:00pm CC2 Dealers Room
Dealers Room Closes

Sunday6:00pm CC2 Information
Information Closes

Sunday6:00pm CC2 Registration
Registration Closes

Sunday6:00pm CC2 Site Select
Worldcon 2004 Membership/Conversion Table Closes

Sunday6:00pm CC2 Volunteers
Volunteer Desk Closes

Sunday6:00pm CC202B
From Elvish to Klingon: Languages in SF and Fantasy
Kimberly Ann Kindya, Mark Mandel, Lawrence Schoen

Sunday6:00pm CC203A
The Other Side of the Fifties: Leigh Brackett, Ray Bradbury, and Planet Stories
When SF of the fifties is discussed, much of the discussion tends to center on the trio of magazines -- Astounding, Galaxy, and F& SF -- and those who wrote regularly for them. But there was another side of the 1950s -- a side that included magazines such as Planet Stories -- that included such writers as Leigh Brackett and Ray Bradbury. The panel discusses Brackett, Bradbury, and others.
Thomas Harlan, Terry A. McGarry (M), James Nicoll, Mary A. Turzillo

Sunday6:00pm CC204A
Life on Mars -- Reality or Fantasy?
Michael F. Flynn, Inge Heyer, Geoffrey A. Landis, Charles Sheffield (M)

Sunday6:00pm CC307
Media Room Closes

Sunday6:00pm M4 Franklin A
Filk Concert: TBA

Sunday6:45pm M407
Video: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Sunday7:30pm CC2 Art Show Sal
Art Show Sales Closes

Sunday7:30pm M4 Franklin A
Electronic Music Concert: Don Slepian

Sunday8:00pm CC109A
Teen Lounge Closes

Sunday8:00pm CC2 Exhibit Hall
Exhibit Hall Closes

Sunday8:00pm CC203A
Where Else Can These Characters Go: A Look at Fan Fiction
A Whole New World: fan fiction writers devote immense time and effort to their craft, and take familiar characters in different directions such as alternate universes, crossovers, and explicit sexual relationships.
Robert J. Gates, Victoria McManus (M), Julie Stickler

Sunday8:00pm M408-409
Anime: Fleischer Animation
Classic animation from the 1930's: including Popeye, Betty Boop, Superman, Color Classics, and Screen Songs.

Sunday8:00pm M5 Grand A-F
Hugo Awards
Greg Bear, Gardner Dozois, Esther Friesner, George H. Scithers, Stephen Youll

Sunday8:45pm M407
Video: 2001: A Space Odyssey

Sunday9:00pm M404
Open Filk

Sunday10:00pm M307
SIG: MAFIA (this is all Diane's fault... -> )
Diane Turnshek

Sunday10:00pm M4 Franklin A
Trance Concert: Null Sleep

Sunday10:00pm M403
Filk: It Came from the Silver Screen (Media Filk)
Crystal Paul

Sunday10:00pm M411-412
Gordy Dickson/Poul Anderson Memorial Filk
In addition to being authors and fen, both Gordy Dickson and Poul Anderson were filkers. The Millennium Philcon honors their memory with a circle of songs by and about these two much- missed giants of the field.
Barry Gold, Lee Gold

Sunday10:00pm M5 Grand G-H
Film: 2001 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo Winner (time approximate after event)

Sunday10:00pm Mar SFFNET Suite
SFF NET Suite Reading (Erotica - Adults Only Please)
Cecilia Tan

Sunday11:00pm M406
Tolkien Heads - The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King (Radio Room)

Sunday11:15pm M407
Video: War Games

Sunday11:33pm M5 Grand G-H
Film: Short Subjects (time permitting)

Monday, September 3

MondayMidnight M4 Franklin A

Monday0:30am M5 Grand G-H
Film: Star Wars: Episode One The Phantom Menace

Monday1:15am M407
Video: The Day After

Monday2:00am M690
Fan Lounge Closes

Monday3:00am M408-409
Anime: Bastard!
A nasty gentleman named Dark Schneider (how can you go wrong with a name like that?) decided he wanted to take over the world...he failed once, and he is not going to fail again!

Monday3:15am M407
Video: Road Warrior

Monday4:00am M3 Con Suite
Con Suite Closes

Monday4:45am M407
Video: My Favorite Martian

Monday6:00am M408-409
Anime: Kimba, The White Lion 3
The residents of the jungle are hungry, and Kimba's lofty ideals about animals not eating other animals suddenly doesn't sound so good. His plan is to raise vegetables and turn his friends to eating only them...but raising plants takes time!

Monday6:30am M407
Video: The Postman

Monday7:30am M307
SIG: Friends of Bill W.

Monday8:00am M408-409
Anime: Astro Boy 3
When the brain of a brilliant, murdered scientist is placed in the body of a super robot, the resultant creature goes off to seek revenge on his murderer. Only Astro Boy can intervene and bring Herringbone Tweed to justice! (also contains "Mystery of the Aimless Dam")

Monday8:30am M307
SIG: Weight Loss Support

Monday9:00am CC103C
Cardio Kick-boxing
Linda Subias

Monday9:00am CC110A
Writing Exercises
Robert Nansel, Diane Turnshek

Monday9:00am CC2 Information
Information Opens - Convention Info, Handicapped Services and Sign-ups

Monday9:00am CC2 Registration
Registration Opens

Monday9:00am CC2 Volunteers
Volunteer Desk Opens - We Need Your Help to Move Out the Worldcon! Please Stop By and Volunteer

Monday9:00am CC307
Media Room Opens (for Press/Broadcast/Web Representatives)

Monday9:00am M408-409
Anime: Reboot 2 (G, Dubbed)
Traveling the Games, we follow our cynical hero Matrix, a young and energetic sprite named Enzo, and his companions Andraia and Frisket as they wander the Net in search of his mentor Bob and the Game Cube that will bring them home.

Monday9:30am CC304
Green Room Opens

Monday9:30am M407
Video: Contact

Monday10:00am CC101
Camp Franklin Opens - Theme "Pirates" (Camp Franklin)

Monday10:00am CC102A
Art Projects: Treasure Boxes, Souvenir Books, Pirate Themes (Camp Franklin)
Make your own eye patches, flags, maps, and treasure chests to put your con souvenirs in.

Monday10:00am CC103A
WSFS Meeting
If the meetings earlier in the convention were unable to process all official business, we will consider what is left today. Check the convention newsletter to find out if there will be a Monday Business Meeting.

Monday10:00am CC105A
Reading: Irene Radford

Monday10:00am CC109A
ISAAC Interviews/Teen Lounge Opens

Monday10:00am CC2 Art Show Sal
Art Show Sales/Pick-up Open

Monday10:00am CC2 Exhibit Hall
Exhibit Hall Opens

Monday10:00am CC2 Site Select
Worldcon 2004 Membership/Conversion Table Opens

Monday10:00am CC203A
They Died Too Soon: TV Series That Should Have Lasted Longer
Craig Engler, Perrianne Lurie, Nicki Lynch, Isaac Szpindel

Monday10:00am L4 Congress A
Workshop: Writing in Shared Worlds
Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Jean Lorrah

Monday10:00am M307
SIG: Working Group for a Teen Fan Fund
Diane Turnshek

Monday10:00am M406
Wyrd Sisters (Radio Room)
One of Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels, as adapted by the BBC.

Monday10:30am CC105A
Reading: Gregory Frost

Monday10:30am M408-409
Anime: SDF Macross (PG, Subtitled)

Monday11:00am CC105A
Reading: Keith R. A. DeCandido

Monday11:00am CC106A
Reading: Greg Costikyan

Monday11:00am CC110B
Book Discussion: Calculating God by Robert J. Sawyer
Tom Veal

Monday11:00am CC2 Asimov Table
Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov's/Analog Table: Geoffrey A. Landis, Mary A. Turzillo

Monday11:00am CC2 Dealers Room
Dealers Room Opens

Monday11:00am CC2 Exhibit Auto
GoH Autographing: Greg Bear, Gardner Dozois, Esther Friesner, George H. Scithers, Stephen Youll

Monday11:00am CC202B
Challenges of Translating Fantasy and Science Fiction
Uwe Anton, Kir Bulychev, John Costello (M), Patrick McGuire

Monday11:00am CC203A
Small Presses and the Changing Face of Publishing
Roger MacBride Allen, Jack L. Chalker, James Gifford, Anthony R. Lewis, Steven Sawicki

Monday11:00am CC203B
Making Recommendations or Thoughtful Analysis? A Look at SF Criticism
What distinguishes criticism from book reviewing? How does criticism manage objectivity in a field in which so many of the practitioners know one another?
David G. Hartwell (M), Evelyn C. Leeper, Kevin Maroney

Monday11:00am CC204B
And So It Goes: The Kilgore Trout Memorial Panel
The panel examines the works of Kurt Vonnegut, focusing on one of his most famous creations, Kilgore Trout ("died" Labor Day 2001).
Lenny Bailes, Craig Engler, James Morrow, Tom Purdom

Monday11:00am CC204C
World Premiere - Excerpts from Lois McMaster Bujold's Latest Unpublished Miles Book
Lois McMaster Bujold

Monday11:00am CC3 Overlook Cafe
Kaffee Klatsches: Paul Levinson, Wen Spencer, Mike Moscoe, Michael Whelan

Monday11:00am M307
Book Discussion: Galactic Pot Healer by Philip K. Dick
Eric M. Van

Monday11:00am M408-409
Anime: Wartime Cartoons
A show of eight cartoons that were made between 1942 and 1945 and were related to the United States' participation in World War II.

Monday11:30am CC102B
Comic Art (Camp Franklin)
Learn to make your own comic art.
Steve Stiles

Monday11:30am CC105A
Reading: Madeleine E. Robins

Monday12:00 noon CC106A
Reading: Susan Sizemore

Monday12:00 noon CC106B
Reading: George R. R. Martin

Monday12:00 noon CC2 Asimov Table
Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov's/Analog Table: Gardner Dozois

Monday12:00 noon CC2 Exhibit Auto
Autographing: Hilari L. Bell, Adam-Troy Castro, Joanna Erbach, Robert I. Katz, Lyda Morehouse

Monday12:00 noon CC201C
Operations Horizon and Lunex: The Military's Cold War Plans for a Moon Base
Operation Horizon and Operation Lunex,were real Cold War plans (recently declassified) by the Army and Air Force for Lunar Bases. The talk looks at both plans shows how SF and the real world were intersecting at the time (why did SF writers keep talking about nuclear missiles on the Moon?), how some of the programs' concepts were integrated into the Apollo Program, why they never happened, alternate historical possibilities if they had happened, and how the plans point us toward perhaps the single most significant turning point in 20th Century space activities (which didn't occur in space).
John G. Hemry

Monday12:00 noon CC202B
First Fandom Then and Now
This panel will begin with a brief slide show by Jay Kay Klein showing get-togethers of First Fandom from years ago.
Forrest J. Ackerman, Hal Clement (M), Jay Kay Klein

Monday12:00 noon CC203A
Developing the Young Reader Omnibus
Julie Czerneda, Ef Deal, David DeGraff, Larry Lewis, Ilyana Mansfield, Michael Mansfield, Wendie Old, Charles Ryan, Spring Schoenhuth, Mary Schroeder, Magi Shepley, James Van Pelt, Pat York

Monday12:00 noon CC203B
Big Boys, Don't Cry: Men's Costuming for Tall and Full-Figured Men
What do you do when your yardage goes into double digits and the pattern only fits up to an alleged "Large". Don't despair, our panelists offer semi-sage advice and a few horror stories.
Rob Himmelsbach, Jay Meisner, Sandy Swank

Monday12:00 noon CC204A
How to Lie With Statistics: The Continuing Story
Michael F. Flynn

Monday12:00 noon CC204B
So You Say You Don't Like Comics: Graphic Novels for SF and Fantasy Fans
Some graphic novels are popular even with those who claim to dislike comic books. The Sandman is a prime example. What makes some graphic novels appeal to even those who don't normally like comics and graphic novels? What others should the audience run out now and find?
Kevin Maroney, Madeleine E. Robins, Teresa Nielsen Hayden (M), Dani Zweig

Monday12:00 noon CC204C
Trends in Electronic Publishing
Michael Capobianco, John R. Douglas (M), David Howell, Ernest Lilley

Monday12:00 noon CC3 Overlook Cafe
Kaffee Klatsches: Donald Kingsbury

Monday12:00 noon M3 Con Suite
Con Suite Opens

Monday12:00 noon M407
Video: Monday Morning Cartoons: Pocket Dragon Adventures

Monday12:00 noon M411-412
Filk Wrap-up
Harold Feld, Lee Gold, Crystal Paul, Bill Sutton, David Weingart (M)

Monday12:00 noon M690
Fan Lounge Opens

Monday12:30pm CC102B
Video: Hook (Camp Franklin)
When Capt. Hook kidnaps his children, an adult Peter Pan must return to Neverland and reclaim his youthful spirit in order to challenge his old enemy.

Monday12:30pm CC105A
Reading: Jo Walton

Monday1:00pm CC105A
Reading: Mary A. Turzillo

Monday1:00pm CC106A
Reading: James Van Pelt

Monday1:00pm CC2 Asimov Table
Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov's/Analog Table: Tom Purdom, Michael Swanwick

Monday1:00pm CC2 Information
Information Closes

Monday1:00pm CC2 Registration
Registration Closes

Monday1:00pm CC2 Volunteers
Volunteer Desk Closes

Monday1:00pm CC201C
Marvel Comics: Present and Future
Bob Greenberger

Monday1:00pm CC203A
What Have We Created? A Concluding Worldbuilding Session
Gregory Benford, Rosemary Kirstein, Paul J. McAuley, Arlen P. Walker (M)

Monday1:00pm CC203B
The Future of Publishing: Print-On-Demand, E-Books, and Other Big Changes
Roger MacBride Allen, David Howell, Steve Miller, Patrick Nielsen Hayden

Monday1:00pm CC204A
Gripe Session
Todd Dashoff

Monday1:00pm CC204B
Farewell to Xena
Keith R. A. DeCandido, Kimberly Ann Kindya, Matt G. Leger, Nicki Lynch (M)

Monday1:00pm CC204C
Computer Law
Mikki Barry, Gary Keith Feldbaum, Peter V. Radatti

Monday1:00pm M407
Video: Longer Than You Think -- 1950s PSFS Worldcon Home Movie

Monday1:00pm M690 - Fan Lounge
Care and Feeding of a Fanzine Collection
Moshe Feder, Joe Siclari, Gregory Trend

Monday1:15pm M407
Video: The Phantom Tollbooth

Monday1:30pm CC304
Green Room Closes

Monday2:00pm CC109A
Teen Lounge Closes

Monday2:00pm CC2 Exhibit Art
Art Show Sales/Pick-up Close

Monday2:00pm CC307
Media Room Closes

Monday2:00pm M5 Grand A-F
The Field Since the End of World War II
Greg Bear, Gardner Dozois, Esther Friesner, George H. Scithers, Stephen Youll

Monday2:45pm M407
Video: The Phantom of the Opera

Monday3:00pm CC101
Camp Franklin Closes (Camp Franklin)

Monday3:00pm CC2 Dealers Room
Dealers Room Closes

Monday3:00pm CC2 Exhibit Hall
Exhibit Hall Closes

Monday3:00pm CC2 Site Select
Worldcon 2004 Membership/Conversion Table Opens

Monday3:00pm M4 Franklin B
After 99 Straight Hours, Franklin Hall B (Internet Lounge, Shmoozing Area, Gaming, etc.) Closes

Monday3:00pm M5 Grand A-F
Closing Ceremonies
"Now it's time to say goodbye to all our company. M - I - C..." Ooops, wrong group. Come anyway and see what we have in mind for saying "Goodbye" and "Thanks" to one and all.
Greg Bear, Todd Dashoff, Gardner Dozois, Esther Friesner, Randy Hoffman, Nancy Janda, George H. Scithers, Lew Wolkoff, Stephen Youll

Monday4:00pm M411-412
Dead Cheesesteak Filk

Monday4:00pm M690
Fan Lounge Closes

Monday4:15pm M407
Video: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon