Archive Site: Staff for the Millennium Philcon Programming Division

Program Division Directors - Laurie & Jim Mann

  • Deputy Director - Lynn Cohen Koehler
  • General Pre-con Program Staff - Timons Esaias, Kevin Riley, Perrianne Lurie
  • GoH Liaisons - John Schmid & Diane Weinstein
    • Staff - Mimi McGinnis, Shelley Handen, Joe McCabe
  • Liaison to Facilities - Adina Adler
  • Liaison to Tech - Mary Tabasko
  • Master Scheduler/Liaison to Pocket Program - Jim Mann
  • Pocket Program (also reports to Publications) - Ann Cecil
    • Staff - Mia Sherman, Greg Armstrong
    • Front Cover Artwork - Mercy Van Vlack
    • Back Cover Artwork - Kevin Hayes
    • Internal Ben - Brian Molinell
    • Icons - Shasha Riley
    • Map Assistance - Kevin Riley
  • Program Clerical Staff - Leslie Mann
  • Program Ops/Office - Janice Gelb
    • Green Room - Eve Ackerman
    • Staff - Tammy Coxen, Andrew A. Adams, David Evans, Bobbi Fox, Mike Glyer, Marcia Illingworth, Pat McMurray, Moshe Yudkowsky, Joe Neff, Dave Gallaher, Chris Marble, James J. Walton, Hank Smith, Sue Francis, Pat Sims, Steven Lopata & Kimiye Tipton
  • Academic - Camille Bacon-Smith
    • Assistants - Philip Kaveny & Janice Bogstad
    • Franklin University - Jared Lobdell
  • Autographs - David Nathanson
  • Camp Franklin (Childrens Activities) - Rachel L. Silber & Traciy Fogarty
  • Developing the Young Reader/Educational Outreach - David-Glenn Anderson
  • Kaffee Klatches/Literary Teas - Kathei Logue
  • Literary Beers - Laurie Mann
  • Teen Activities/Workshops - Diane Turnshek
    • Assistant - Kevin Whitworth (Phelan)
    • ISAAC Interviews - Michele Rosen
    • Kevin Hayes
  • Wake-up Activities - Tom Becker (Walking) & Linda Subias (Cardio Kick-boxing)
  • Writing, Art & Misc. Workshops - Darrell Schweitzer & Oz Fontecchio
  • Program Areas
    We have "lead people" for to develop ideas for each area, but using the whole program staff to build & populate the items.
    • Art Show Docent Tours - John Hertz
    • Book Discussion Groups - Ann Cecil
    • Costuming - Rob Himmelsbach
    • Fan/Fanzine - James J. Walton
    • FanHistoriCon 10.5 - Priscilla Olson
    • Filk - Dave Weingart
    • Game Shows - Tom Galloway
      • Junkyard Wars - Crash, team captain for the Nerds
      • Special Projects - Chris Barkley
      • Staff - Sharon Sbarsky
    • Gaming - Glen Costikyan
    • Music/Concerts - Lynn Cohen Koehler
    • Auction & Awards Coordinator - Laurie Mann
    • Science - Hank Smith
    • World-Building Transcriber - Arlen P. Walker
  • Program Brain Trust Participants
    Online group that made programming suggestions. It consisted of everyone else on the staff list above plus:
    Lenny Bailes, Tom Becker, Elaine Brennan, Charles Cady, Monica Cellio, Karen Connell, Greg Costikian, Bob Devney, Jill Eastlake, Mike Fisher, Jim Freund, Peter Grace, Rob Gates, Bill Higgins, Danny Lieberman, John Mansfield, Victoria McManus, Micheal Nelson, Lawrence Person, Charles Petit, J. B. Post, Michele Rosen, Mark Santillo, Christina Schulman, Joyce Scrivner, Jed Shumsky, Steven Silver, Julie Stickler, John Syms, Sherry Thompson, Eva Whitley, & Lew Wolkoff.
  • Developing the Young Reader/Educators Brain Trust
    Another online list of people who developed program ideas, this time for DYR/Educators Program
    Julie E. Czerneda, Ef Deal, David DeGraff, Larry Lewis, Andy Love, Wendie Old, Sinya Schaeffer, Mary Schroeder-Blumke, Magi Shepley, Lindalee Stuckey, James Van Pelt, Pat York, Bobbie du Fault Gieseke, Rebecca Lowry, Lynda Williams, Meaghan Canavan, Karen Connell, Jane Davitt, Jared Lobdell, Phillip Owenby, Charles C. Ryan, David Silver, Mary Anne Stanley, Helge Moulding. Sara Paul, Diane Turnshek, Lynn Cohen Koehler, & Ilyana, Michael & Rozalyn Mansfield