LACon Worldcon 1996 Friday Schedule

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Friday Morning

24 hours Internet Lounge open all night Hilton Pacific B
24 hours Japanese Animation H-Avila B
6:00 am "Black Cat II" H-Avila A
8:00 am "Blood of the Leopard" H-Avila A
8:00 am Aerobics (55) For those of you able to get up in the morning. John Douglass H-Pacific C
8:00 am - 12:00 midnight Childcare Hilton
8:00 am - 8:00 pm Registration Open M-North Hall
9:00 am - 10:00 AM Dealers Setup CC-Hall A
9:00 am Tai Chi (56) Steven Barnes H-Pacific C
9:00 am N3F Breakfast Gathering (57) The National Fantasy Fan Federation invites all interested parties to meet for breakfast (on your own nickel) at the Marriott Hotel's coffee shop. Come for conversation and camaraderie. M-Coffee Shop
10:00 AM - 6:00 pm Dealers Room Open CC-Hall A
10:00 AM - 6:00 pm Book Exhibit CC-Hall A
10:00 AM Autographs (79) Gentry Lee, Jean Lorrah, Michael Reaves CC-Autographs 1
10:00 AM Autographs (79) Robin Wayne Bailey, Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury, Sean Patrick Fannon CC-Autographs 2
10:00-10:45 AM Reading:

Josepha Sherman (77) Josepha Sherman

10:00-10:45 AM Reading:

Rick Cook (78) Rick Cook

10:00 AM Overrated Films and Overlooked Movies (59) There are some films with a bad reputation but which are really quite good. There are some films with a good rep which are just dogmeat. A few highly opinionated film fans will discuss these overrated films and overlooked movies with the aide of the audience. John L. Flynn, Ric Meyers, William Rabkin, Bill Warren CC-B2
10:00 AM SF In Europe (60) Our international panel discusses what's been going on in European SF and may turn you on to new titles, new authors, and new ways of looking at the genre. Charles N. Brown, Myra Cakan, John Jarrold, Jean Marc Lofficier, Vera Nazarian, Martina Pilcerova, Mihai-Victor Stoica, Kees Van Toorn CC-B3
10:00 AM The Analog Story: What Is It? (61) Over the years, "Analog" editor Stanley Schmidt has discovered that there are a lot of common misconceptions about just what makes a story an "Analog" story. Along with several of the magazine's regular contributors, Schmidt will share his views of just what it is they're trying to do, how it isn't all rivets and getting the science right. Michael F. Flynn, G. David Nordley, Robert J. Sawyer, Stanley Schmidt, Harry Turtledove CC-B4
10:00 AM The Inklings and Current Fantasy (62) Panelists discuss the Inklings -- J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Charles Williams -- and their influence on current fantasy in fiction and the mass media. David Bratman, Elizabeth Hand, Diana L. Paxson, Tim Powers CC-C1
10:00 AM A Look At Past Futures (63) Science fiction has always been a medium for prediction: what will the future be like? At L.A.con I, the 1972 Worldcon in Los Angeles, a panel of top science fiction writers made a series of predictions for the future. Specifically what the world would be like in 1995. Five of them are on this panel. How good were they at predicting the future? Come see. We have their predictions. Hal Clement, Harlan Ellison, Alan Dean Foster, David Gerrold, Larry Niven CC-C2
10:00 AM An Hour With Jim Baen (64) Jim Baen moderates himself. Jim Baen CC-C3
10:00 AM How To Write A Book Proposal (65) One way to sell a book or an anthology is by submitting a book proposal. But what just what goes into one? And do they work? Susan Allison, Kevin J. Anderson, Mel Gilden CC-C4
10:00 AM Soviet Space Disasters (66) A look at the development of rocketry in Russia, including never before seen footage of their giant N-1 moon rocket blowing up in flight, the "Nedellin disaster," the first A-2 booster tests, ICBM multiple launch tests, and Komorov's Soyuz 1 crash. Hugh S. Gregory CC-C5
10:00 AM Vampires In Literature -- Horror Vs. Heroic (67) Vampires are making a resurgence. And not just with the usual horror readers. They've gone mainstream, with some tales of vampirism reaching the bestseller lists. But what about the books that cast a different light (you should excuse the expression) on vampires, as heroes with bad press? Barbara Hambly, Cecilia Tan, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro CC-C6
10:00 AM Comic Book Science Fiction (68) Buzz Dixon, Stuart Moore, Teresa B. Nielsen Hayden CC-C7
10:00 AM "Moon Warriors" H-Avila A
10:00 AM - 5:00 pm Children's Programming: Adventurer's Club Hilton Sunset/Salinas
10:00 AM - 10:00 PM Art Show and Print Shop open H-California
10:00 AM - Noon The Usual; Doug Faunt H-Huntington
10:00 AM WSFS Preliminary Business Meeting and Standing Rules Committee (58) Every member of L.A.con III is a member of WSFS, the World Science Fiction Society, and is eligible to attend and vote at the Society's Business Meetings. It's here that the Constitution and Rules that govern the Worldcons are discussed and voted upon. Exercise your rights as a member of the Society by attending and voting. The Standing Rules Revision committee will meet to discuss the proposed revision immediately following the Business Meeting. A vote on the revision is tentatively scheduled for WSFS Business Meeting on Sunday. H-Pacific A
10:00 AM The Future Of Science Fiction and Fantasy Illustration (69) Over the past 50 plus years, science fiction illustration has changed dramatically. The 30s and 40s had their flashy, lurid covers. The 50s and 60s sported high tech space-scapes and abstracts. And the 70s and 80s have brought us photo-realism. What lies ahead? David A. Cherry, Patricia Davis, Max S. Fellwalker, Don Maitz, David Stevenson H-California A
10:00 AM Character: It's More Than Just The Costume (70) Learn how to develop and present the character that inhabits your costume. Hall costume and masquerade costume techniques both included. Joy Day, Bridget Landry, Jay Ezra Smith, Gail Woffenden-Streib H-Coronado
10:00 AM Face Painting Craft Cavalcade (71) After the club meeting, try your hand at Face Painting, Hieroglyphics, Bookmarks, and Folders. H-Monterey
10:00 AM Adventurers Club Meet and Greet (72) Our Adventurers prepare for the arrival of their most august member, Curator Queen Victoria. Imagine trying to explain the concept of elections to the Queen! Yes, it's in the rules but no one takes rules seriously, do they? H-Salinas
10:00 AM Kids Intro To Magic: The Gathering! (73) After the Club meeting, Jon Willand Chris Weber will introduce the game to kids. Chris Weber H-Sunset
10:00 AM - 5:00 pm The Rat 3 Gift Shop open M-Gift Shop
10:00 AM "Magic, The Gathering" Sanctioned, Sealed Deck Tournament. M-Grand Blrm F
10:00 AM What's Up at the Dreamworks? M-Grand Blrm K
10:00 AM Discussion Groups M-Orange Co. 1-2
10:00 AM AD&D Castle Game: "The Sword of Justice," Charles Oversby M-Orange Co. 4 Table 1
10:00 AM - 3:00 pm AD&D Chapel of Silence: Chris Oversby M-Orange Co. 4 Table 2
10:00 AM What's Up At Dreamworks? (74) What does the game division of Hollywood's latest powerhouse have in store? Austin Grossman M-Grand Blrm K
10:00 AM Kaffeeklatsch (75) jan howard finder, Melinda M. Snodgrass M-Orange Co. 1
10:00 AM Kaffeeklatsch (76) Participants TBA M-Orange Co. 2
10:45-11:30 AM Reading:

Amy Thomson (80) Amy Thomson

10:45-11:30 AM Reading:

Martha Soukup (81) Martha Soukup

All day 16mm Roger Corman Movies, USC Series: The Best Little Films You Never Saw Hilton San Simeon
TBA Author's Choice Film Series H-Carmel
11:00 am Kaffeeklatsch (82) Joe Haldeman, S.P. Somtow M-Orange Co. 1
11:00 am Kaffeeklatsch (83) Wil McCarthy M-Orange Co. 2
11:00 am Discussion Groups M-Orange Co. 1-2
11:30 AM Anthropomorphics 101 (Workshop) H-Palisades
11:30 AM When Things Go Wrong In Space (84) A discussion of how scientists discover, analyze, and work around spacecraft problems. Do they still do it like they did in "Apollo 13"? See how the scientific method really works. Steven M. Collins CC-A16
11:30 AM Science Fiction Of The '50s and '60s (85) A disccusion of the science fiction of the period by four of the most prominent and prolific writers of the day. Harlan Ellison, Frederik Pohl, Robert Sheckley, Robert Silverberg CC-A9
11:30 AM The Future Of Religion (86) What should we expect from our many religions as we enter the new century? If we ever leave Earth will we take our religions with us? Should we? Fr. John R. Blaker, David M. Honigsberg, Alexandra E. Honigsberg, J. Gregory Keyes, James Morrow, Ross Pavlac CC-B2
11:30 AM The Films of Roger Corman (87) Our Media Guest of Honor is one of the seminal creators of science fiction and horror films. Plus he's given starts to some of the top creative people in the field, from Gary Kurtz and Joe Dante to Jack Nicholson. Come discuss his oeuvre. Dennis Bartok, Michael Donahue, Don Glut, Bill Warren CC-B3
11:30 AM Promoting Your Book and Yourself (88) What can you do to help push your new book? Get your friends to turn the book "cover out" in bookstores? Get your face in Locus? Do booksignings at Bookstar help? Will any of it do any good? Mike Capobianco, Roby James, Robert J. Sawyer, Amy Thomson, Julia H. West CC-C1
11:30 AM A Day In The Life Of An Editor (89) You may have heard that editors don't have enough time to spend reading the manuscripts that come in. Here is what they're doing instead. Keith R. A. DeCandido, Gardner Dozois, Claire Eddy, Laura Anne Gilman, John Jarrold, Steve Saffel CC-C2
11:30 AM Comic Book Heroes To Movies and TV: Do They Really Work? (90) Is it possible to translate comic books to the movie screen and do it well? There have been a few that have been financially successful but most have only done so-so business. And have any of them been any good? Lee Goldberg, Charles M. Lippincott, Len Wein CC-C3
11:30 AM Collecting Star Wars (91) Steve Sansweet, co-author of Tomart's Guide to Star Wars Collectibles and fan liaison for Lucasfilm, gives a slide presentation on the world's largest collection of Star Wars goodies. Steve Sansweet CC-C4
11:30 AM Legal Systems Of The Future (92) Experts discuss what changes the future will bring to our system of law and justice. The topics they'll cover will include Constitutional issues, intellectual property, cloning, eugenics, etc. Jon L. Breen, Anita Brenner, Keith G. Kato, Laura A. Majerus, Melinda M. Snodgrass CC-C5
11:30 AM Crossing Genres (93) Some writers work in more than one genre. SF. Horror. Mystery. Romance. Westerns. Whatever. Does working in one area influence the way you write in another? Also, some books are in more than one genre. Does that ever work? Nancy Holder, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Bridget McKenna, Sharan Newman, Jennifer Roberson CC-C6
11:30 AM Pacificon Memories (94) Fifty years ago, Los Angeles held its first World Science Fiction Convention. Come here some of the people who were there talk about what it was like and how things have changed, for Fandom, for Worldcons, for Los Angeles, and for them, in the fifty years since Pacificon I. Forrest J Ackerman, Walt Daugherty, Erle Korshak, Len Moffatt, Sam Moskowitz, Julius Schwartz, Art Widner CC-C7
11:30 AM Don Maitz Slide Show (95) Don Maitz H-California A
11:30 AM Costuming In Close-Up: Sweating The Details (96) Small scale details, finishing touches, and delicate work for close-up effects. Lisa Ashton, Pierre E. Pettinger, Sandra G. Pettinger, Janet Wilson-Anderson H-Coronado
11:30 AM Storytelling Craft Cavalcade (97) The art of telling stories. Wolf Foss H-Monterey
11:30 AM Anthropomorphics 101 (98) A workshop on the basics of combining human and non-human forms in art to create furries, toons, aliens, and other beasties. Bring drawing supplies! Jim Groat, Terrie Smith H-Palisades
11:30 AM Secretary Wrong Way's Costume Exhibit Tour (99) Rumor has it that Wrong Way's headed for the Costume Exhibit! This may be one guided tour you won't forget. Search parties wil be sent to recover the survivors. H-Salinas
11:30 AM Puppets and Puns WIth Madame Ovary (100) The first lady of white obloids guarantees an "egg-citing" show. H-Sunset
11:30 AM What's Up At Games Workshop? (101) What's the scoop on the worlds of Dark Fantasy and 4000K? Tim Van Dusen M-Grand Blrm K
11:30 AM - 12:15 PM Reading:

Mike Resnick (102) Mike Resnick

11:30 AM - 12:15 PM Reading:

T. Jackson King (103) T. Jackson King

11:30 AM Autographs (104) S.M. Stirling, J. Michael Straczynski CC-Autographs 1
11:30 AM Autographs (104) Doug Beason, Hal Clement, D.C. Fontana, David Gerrold CC-Autographs 2
11:30 AM What's Up at Games Workshop? M-Grand Blrm K

Friday Afternoon

12:00 Noon Trailer Park with Jeff Walker (105) Featurettes, trailers, and first looks at a number of upcoming science fiction, fantasy, horror, animated, and other genre productions. Jeff Walker CC-A1
12:00 Noon Sector General Table Setting Competition - Deadline for setting up tables CC-Concourse
12:00 Noon "Swordsman" H-Avila A
12:00 Noon - 2:00 pm Introduction to Psneeronics; James White H-Huntington
12:15 PM Reading:

Mark Shepherd (106) Mark Shepherd

12:15 PM Reading:

Dean Wesley Smith (107) Dean Wesley Smith

1:00 - 3:00 pm Kids Film Program H-Carmel
1:00 PM The Writer and Artist Team H-Palisades
1:00 PM "Heresy, Kingdom Come" Sealed Deck Tournament M-Grand Blrm F
1:00 PM Women in Gaming M-Grand Blrm K
1:00 PM Discussion Groups M-Orange Co. 1-2
1:00 PM Black Pearl Presentation (108) Charles Lippincott, Mark Hamill, and Eric Johnson give a preview of their upcoming film. Hamill and Johnson also co-write the Dark Horse comic of the same name, based on their feature script. Mark Hamill, Eric Johnson, Charles M. Lippincott CC-C2
1:00 PM The Bidders Speak (109) Representatives from the two announced bids for the 1999 Worldcon -- Melbourne and Zagreb -- will each give brief presentations and take questions in order to convince you to vote for them. Stephen Boucher, Maja Cetineo, Karen Meschke, Dick Smith, Igor Tabak CC-C3
1:00 PM Fiction 1995/96 (110) High Fantasy. Hard Science Fiction. Dark Fantasy. Squishy Science Fiction. Some of science fiction's most outspoken reviewers give their opinions on what was worth reading. Edward Bryant, Arthur Byron Cover, Jean Marc Lofficier, Lynn D. Maners, Joe Mayhew, Kristine Kathryn Rusch CC-C4
1:00 PM Publishing Science Fiction (111) From small press to major publishing houses, science fiction is a popular place to be. What's it take to know the field and to get your books into the stores? Do you need a million bucks or will a few hundred do? Brad W. Foster, Roy Gainsburg, Erle Korshak, Willie Siros, Dean Wesley Smith, Robert K. Wiener CC-C1
1:00 PM The Fantastic Art Of Richard Hescox (112) Come view worlds unknown. Richard Hescox CC-A16
1:00 PM Funny Stories From Science Research and Development (113) Our panelists will entertain you (and frighten you) with personal experiences and other true stories about the R-and-D business. Dr. Jim Busby, Dave Clements, Howard Davidson, Bill Higgins, Charles S. Tritt CC-B2
1:00 PM Aliens Among Us (114) We write about alien civilizations, but there are cultures we don't know about among us. One of the ways to write alien cultures is to talk to people in cultures outside that are alien to us. Anthony J. Bryant, Stephen R. Donaldson, Alan Dean Foster, Susan Kroupa CC-B3
1:00 PM Parody, Pastiche, and Humor (115) There's a time and place for everything. Or is there? Does humor have a place in modern fiction? Can there ever be too much? Jon L. Breen, James Brunet, John DeChancie, George Alec Effinger, Jody Lynn Nye CC-B4
1:00 PM Japanese Fandom Today (116) Some of Japan's BNF's give us a taste of what fandom and conventions are like in Japan, including slides of the most recent Japanese National Convention. See how they differ and how they are the same as fandom and cons from where you're from. Masamichi Osako, Takumi Shibano, Yoichi Shimada, Takayuki Tatsumi, Ken Yamaoka CC-C5
1:00 PM The Sound Of Thomas Jefferson Spinning In His Grave (117) Why do the descendants of rebels love reading about kings and wizards? Jack L. Chalker, Esther M. Friesner, Alexis A. Gilliland, Will Shetterly CC-C6
1:00 PM Stop Me Before I Collect Again (118) Most fans have a passion for collecting, whether it's books, comics, art, teddy bears, or tea pots. The question is how do we keep these collections from taking over lives and our homes? John L. Flynn, Bruce E. Pelz, Steve Sansweet, Martin Tudor, Noel Wolfman CC-C7
1:00 PM Ctein: His Art, Online and Off (119) Ctein presents a slide show and talk about his well-known space and astronomical photography and about how he converted his fine color prints into a much-visited and profitable gallery on the World-Wide Web. Ctein H-California A
1:00 PM It's What's Underneath That Counts (120) Add variety and disctinctiveness with supports, structures, and frameworks. Alter and manipulate your silhouette with corsets, bustles, bustiers, and more. Zelda Gilbert, Bridget Landry, Robin Pavlosky H-Coronado
1:00 PM Robot Craft Cavalcade (121) Build a Robot out of Humans. Also, make your very own paper Air Ships. Bob Kanefsky H-Monterey
1:00 PM The Writer and Artist Team (122) Getting the parts to work together to create comics, graphic novels, and other illustrated story works. Roz Gibson, Jim Groat H-Palisades
1:00 PM Fanzines In 1946: Retro Hugo Nominees (123) What was it like for fan-eds and artists in 1946? From the perspective of fans of the era, what made a good zine? Who were the jiants? Dick Lynch, Len Moffatt, William Rotsler, Art Widner H-Palos Verdes
1:00 PM Skull And Duggery's Lies and Movie Prop Tour (124) A special tour and "balderdash" competition through the Movie Prop Exhibit with Adventurers who wield the "real" things back home. After the panel, kids decide who's told the most outlandish story to win the prize! H-Salinas
1:00 PM Hands On Science Fun And Fact (125) Join three special guests from San Francisco's famed Exploratorium for some hands on science fact and fun! Ellen Klages, Pat Murphy, Linda Shore H-Sunset
1:00 PM Women In Gaming (126) At some gaming gatherings, the ratio of women to men may be as high as 1 to 2. Many more are closer to 1 to 100. Why? What some women think of the odds. Lori Ann Cole, Helen Cook, Elizabeth T. Danforth, Benita Gagne, Shannon Maguire, Cheryl Morgan M-Grand Blrm K
1:00 PM Debate: The V-Chip (127) Buzz Dixon, Brynne Chandler Reaves CC-A9
1:00 PM Kaffeeklatsch (128) Glen Cook, Robert Reed M-Orange Co. 1
1:00 PM Kaffeeklatsch (129) David A. Cherry, Michael Reaves M-Orange Co. 2
1:00-1:45 PM Reading:

Deborah Wheeler (130) Deborah Wheeler

1:00-1:45 PM Reading:

Todd J. McCaffrey (131) Todd J. McCaffrey

1:00 PM Autographs (132) Steven Barnes, Wil McCarthy, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, A.E. Van Vogt CC-Autographs 1
1:00 PM Autographs (132) Roger MacBride Allen, Peter S. Beagle, Dr. Robert L. Forward CC-Autographs 2
1:00 PM Mike Jittlov Mike Jittlov TBD
1:45-2:30 PM Reading:

Walter Jon Williams (133) Walter Jon Williams

1:45-2:30 PM Reading:

Janny Wurts (134) Janny Wurts

2:00 pm Flash Gordon: The Next Generation (135) Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens developed and story edited this '90s animated version of the classic Flash Gordon comic strip. Join them as they "sneak preview" an episode of the series and talk about its genesis and animation in general. And get your free tattoos. By the moons of Mongo! Garfield Reeves-Stevens, Judith Reeves-Stevens CC-A1
2:00 pm Kaffeeklatsch (136) George Alec Effinger, Jean Lorrah, Bjo Trimble M-Orange Co. 1
2:00 pm Kaffeeklatsch (137) Gregory Benford, Barbara Hambly, Sharan Newman M-Orange Co. 2
2:00 pm "Swordsman II" H-Avila A
2:00 - 4:00 PM APA-NYU Collation; Lucy Schmeidler, Zev Sero, and Mark Blackman H-Huntington
Afternoon Sector General Table Setting Competition - Judging CC-Concourse
2:00 pm Discussion Groups M-Orange Co. 1-2
2:00 pm - 8:00 pm FUZION-The Battle of the Universes: Steve Peterson M-Orange Co. 4
2:30 PM Ron Walotsky Slide Show (138) A look at the works of the renowned science fiction artist and illustrator. Ron Walotsky CC-A16
2:30 PM Science Fiction Of The '70s and '80s (139) A discussion of what made the the fiction of this period so controversial and dynamic by some of the people most responsible. Edward Bryant, C.J. Cherryh, Gardner Dozois, Harlan Ellison, George R.R. Martin CC-A9
2:30 PM Getting Started Writing SF -- Part II (140) Going from amateur to professional writer is a big step. How do you get started? In part one, new writers gave you their advice. Today in Part II agents, editors, and established writers give you theirs. Compare these expert's answers with those of yesterday's panel. Susan Allison, Doug Beason, Ashley D. Grayson, Betsy Mitchell, Harry Turtledove, Sheila Williams CC-B2
2:30 PM Faster Than Light Or Slower Than Molasses (142) A discussion on the realities of space travel. Hugh S. Gregory, Dr. Robert Hurt, Bridget Landry, Dr. Andy Monson, G. David Nordley CC-B3
2:30 PM Did The Revolution Of The '60s Succeed? (143) Whatever it was, it was one of the most controversial movements in American history. At the time, it seemed like it changed everything. Fandom and Science Fiction both surged with it as well. What was it? Has there been a lasting effect? What have we learned? Dick Eney, George Clayton Johnson, Yoshio Kobayashi, Ross Pavlac, Jerry Pournelle, Robert Sheckley CC-B4
2:30 PM Independent Booksellers (144) What's it like running an SF bookstore? True stories from the front. Greg Ketter, Lydia C. Marano, Willie Siros, Tom Whitmore CC-C1
2:30 PM Alien and Human Sexuality (145) Come join a rollicking discussion of intergalactic fun and furnication. With slides. Jack Cohen CC-C2
2:30 PM Amateur Rocketry (146) The Reaction Research Society, the oldest active amateur rocket propulsion society in the U.S., provides a presentation on what they do and how you can be the first one on your block to send something into space. Mark C. Ventura CC-C3
2:30 PM Films 1995/96 (147) Come "kick E.T.'s butt" with our reviewers as they discuss the science fiction and fantasy films of the past year. Myra Cakan, Bill Margol, Bill Warren, Len Wein CC-C4
2:30 PM New Maps Of Heaven (148) Recent times have seen an explosion of science fiction and fantasy tales centered in cosmologies and mythologies outside of the North American mainstream. Writers discuss what draws them to these other mythos and what lessons they offer. J. Gregory Keyes, T Jackson King, Mike Resnick, Cecilia Tan, William F. Wu CC-C5
2:30 PM The UFO Conspiracy (149) Are UFOs real? Listen to some people who believe they are and take a look at some of their photographic evidence. Norio Hayakawa, Anthony Hilder, Aric Leavitt CC-C6
2:30 PM Best Of Science Fiction and Fantasy For Children and Young Adults (150) Finding the perfect science fiction or fantasy novel for your niece (or nephew). Jane Jewell, Mark Kausler, Devra M. Langsam, Josepha Sherman, John Vornholt CC-C7
2:30 PM Commerce and Art: Censorship or Commercial Reality (151) Some editors/publishers just don't like what you have to say. Is that censorship? Some don't want to publish anything controversial, to face the potential wrath of the Fundamentalists or the Parent Groups. It's their money; isn't it their choice? Robin Wayne Bailey, Ctein, Brett Glass, David G. Hartwell, Randy Lofficier H-California A
2:30 PM Photographing Costumes: In Front and Behind the Camera (152) Getting the best photo. Behind the camera techniques for professional and amateur photographers. Tips for costumers on how best to show off your costumes in front of the camera. Aimee Hartlove, Jack Kronak, Robin Pavlosky, Kenneth T. Warren H-Coronado
2:30 PM Alien Craft Cavalcade (153) This is the big project for the weekend: build free form models transforming the room into an alien environment. H-Monterey
2:30 PM The Aliens From Earth (154) Many great and well-known alien species have been based on earthly animals. Bring along stories you think the group may not have heard of and spread the word! Robert J. Sawyer H-Palisades
2:30 PM Create Your Secret Identity (155) Members of the Adventurers Club teach you the fine art of disguise and trickery through acting tips, make-up, and costume ideas. H-Salinas
2:30 PM Learn The Write Stuff! (156) Learn how to tell a story from the pros. Larry DiTillio, D.C. Fontana, Mel Gilden, Chris Weber H-Sunset
2:30 PM Getting Unreal: The Future of Gaming (157) The State, and the Future, of Interactive Entertainment. What is the "Brave New World" of Gaming going to look like? Richard Aronson, Corey Cole, Noah Falstein, Charles H. Weidman III M-Grand Blrm K
2:30 PM Docent Tour: The Costume Exhibit (158) Cat Devereaux CC-Concourse
2:30 PM Docent Tour: The Fan History Exhibits (159) Bruce E. Pelz CC-Concourse
2:30 PM Docent Tour: The Art Show (160) William Rotsler H-California B
2:30-3:15 PM Reading:

Jennifer Roberson (161) Jennifer Roberson

2:30-3:15 PM Reading:

S.M. Stirling (162) S.M. Stirling

2:30 PM Autographs (163) Jack L. Chalker, Irene Radford, Kevin O'Donnell, Elizabeth Forrest CC-Autographs 1
2:30 PM Autographs (163) Forrest J Ackerman, Sheila Finch, Peter J. Heck, Allen Steele CC-Autographs 2
2:30 PM The Aliens from Earth H-Palisades
2:30 PM Getting Unreal: The Future of Gaming M-Grand Blrm K
3:00 pm "Galactic Empires" Sealed Deck Tournament. M-Grand Blrm F
3:00 pm Discussion Groups M-Orange Co. 1-2
3:00 pm Captain Simian and The Space Monkeys Presentation (164) Come get a preview look at one of this Fall's wackiest and wittiest animated science fiction series. It's filled with references to Star Trek, Star Wars, Alien, and more. The creators of the show will run the first two episodes and answer questions. Gordon Bressack, Rob Hudnut, Jerry Doyle CC-A1
3:00 pm Author's Choice Film Intro: Miracle Mile (165) Connie Willis H-Carmel
3:00 pm Kaffeeklatsch (166) Stephen R. Donaldson, Larry Niven M-Orange Co. 1
3:00 pm Kaffeeklatsch (167) Dennis Etchison, Mike Moscoe, Stanley Schmidt M-Orange Co. 2
3:15-4:00 PM Reading:

John E. Stith (168) John E. Stith

4:00 PM HOUR 25, presented by KPFK Radio (169) Hour 25 is the long-running Los Angeles-based science fiction radio talk show airing every Friday night on KPFK Radio from 10pm to Midnight. As has become a Los Angeles area tradition (having taped at many Loscons and, formerly, Equicons), Worldcon is pleased to present a live taping with audience participation, with special guests to be announced. Don't miss this chance to be part of the fun! Warren James, Suzanne Gibson, Terry Hodel M-Grand Blrm A-B
4:00 PM Robert Heinlein's The Puppet Masters: SF Classic To Mediocre Movie (170) The men who made the movie, producer Michael Engleberg and writers Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio, and David Goyer tell all. Ted Elliot, Michael Engelberg, M.D., David Goyer, Terry Rossio CC-A9
4:00 PM What Oz Is (171) Daily life of Australian fans, from book publishers to clubs to fanzines to conventions. John Foyster, Craig Hilton, Perry Middlemiss CC-A16
4:00 PM The Future Of Medicine (172) Dr. Richard Crownover, Dr. Stephen Davis, Bill Ernoehazy, M.D., James W. Fiscus, Charles S. Tritt, Deborah Wheeler CC-B2
4:00 PM Books That Changed My Life (173) Some books have a profound effect on people. Come here from our panelists which books had a major effect on them and share your own stories. Marjii Ellers, Alexandra E. Honigsberg CC-B3
4:00 PM Particle Physics For Dummies (174) So simple even we can figure it out! John Collins Attwood, John G. Cramer CC-C1
4:00 PM I'll Pull Out Your Eyestalks And Stomp On Them (175) Science fiction has become more permissive over the years, as has most other media and genres. But are we now too violent? Is there anything wrong with violence as a theme? Should I punch out your lights if you disagree? C.J. Cherryh, Joe Haldeman, Michael Reaves, Marc Scott Zicree CC-C2
4:00 PM Not Tonight, Dear, I Have A Deadline (176) Life and living with a professional writer or artist. Susan Ellison, Karen Haber, Rebecca Moesta, Serena Powers, Christine Valada, Courtney Willis CC-C3
4:00 PM Del Rey: Up Close And Personal (177) Come learn what's up at Del Rey. Steve Saffel, Veronica Chapman, Shelly Shapiro, Dave Stevenson CC-C4
4:00 PM Sexual Stereotyping (178) There have been strong female characters in science fiction at least since "Jirel of Joirey." This genre hasn't avoided the pitfalls entirely but it's done better than many. Or has it? A. C. Crispin, Max S. Fellwalker, Sheila Finch, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dave Smeds CC-C5
4:00 PM Dinosaurs (179) A panel of experts tell all. Or some. Like, what's the real story behind the changing shape of brontosaurus heads. And how come we never see the skeletons of baby dinosaurs. Were they warm-blooded or cold-blooded? Greg Bear, Don Glut CC-C6
4:00 PM Building An Alien (180) An audience participation event. With the guidance of a moderator, audience members come up with the ideas for what they breath, how many eyes, and the rest of the details and our panel of artists will see if they can figure out what it looks like. Frank Kelly Freas, Tom Kidd, Jay Kay Klein, Ron Walotsky CC-C7
4:00 PM Acrylic Painting Technique (181) A slide show showing one painting step-by-step from sketch to finished art. David A. Cherry H-California A
4:00 PM Computer Craft Cavalcade (182) Computer Art demonstration and showcase. H-Monterey
4:00 PM Fan Fiction Roundtable Gathering (183) A gathering for writers and readers of fan fiction coordinated by the Fan Zine Archives. H-Pacific A
4:00 PM Mustelid Fandom (184) Ferret fans have their day, along with their cousins the weasels, otters, skunks, and sables. And yes, we need the badgers! Mark Merlino, Michael H. Payne H-Palisades
4:00 PM Meet James Gurney, Creator of "Dinotopia"! (185) The Club Curator's made a discovery! A world where dinosaurs and man live together in peace. Our special guest, James Gurney, offers us a look at his world in a special Meet and Greet especially for kids. James Gurney H-Salinas
4:00 PM JPL Presentation: Space - The Final Frontier (186) The club takes an adventure through JPL's exciting projects and hints at upcoming explorations into the unknown reaches. Sara Hyman H-Sunset
4:00 PM Midkemia: The Early Years (187) Raymond Feist takes you into how Midkemia was developed as a gaming world then translated into a fantasy literature world. Raymond Feist M-Grand Blrm K
4:00 PM Debate: Science Fiction Is Inherently Liberal/Conservative (188) Brad Linaweaver, Frederik Pohl CC-B4
4:00 PM Docent Tour: The Japanese Fandom Exhibits (189) Takumi Shibano CC-Concourse
4:00 PM Kaffeeklatsch (190) Forrest J Ackerman, James Morrow, Melanie Rawn M-Orange Co. 1
4:00 PM Kaffeeklatsch (191) Brynne Chandler Reaves, Walter Jon Williams, William F. Wu M-Orange Co. 2
4:00-4:45 PM Reading:

Robert Reed (192) Robert Reed

4:00-4:45 PM Reading:

Jack McDevitt (193) Jack McDevitt

4:00 PM Autographs (194) George Alec Effinger, Barbara Hambly, Jody Lynn Nye, Jeanne Robinson, Spider Robinson CC-Autographs 1
4:00 PM Autographs (194) J. Gregory Keyes, S.P. Somtow, Amy Thomson CC-Autographs 2
4:45-5:30 PM Reading:

Will Shetterly (195) Will Shetterly

4:00 PM "Swordsman III: The East is Red" H-Avila A
4:00 - 6:00 pm Beach Blanket Corflu; Tom Becker H-Huntington
4:00 PM Mustelid Fandom H-Palisades
4:00 PM Midkemia: the early years (Not Confirmed) M-Grand Blrm K
4:00 PM Discussion Groups M-Orange Co. 1-2
Late afternoon Retro-Hugo Awards
Location: TBA.
5:00 pm The Retro-Hugo Award Ceremony (196) In contrast to Sunday night's Hugo Awards presentation, we are proud to present the Retro-Hugos, dating back to the 1940's for works that had gone unrecognized. The winners of the Retro-Hugos will be announced here. Robert Silverberg CC-Arena
5:00 pm Highlander - The 10th Anniversary (197) Bill Panzer, executive producer of the "Highlander" films and television series, answers questions and premieres new footage from the brand-new Tenth Anniversary laserdisc release of the movie that started it all. Jonathan Raines talks about the remastering process and the interviews, slide show, and extra footage that went into this new release. Jonathan Gaines, Bill Panzer CC-A1
5:00 pm Battlefield Earth: A Staged Reading (198) A dramatic reading of the ultimate invasion story by L. Ron Hubbard, dynamically performed by actress and author Vivian Schilling ("Future Shock," "Sacred Prey") and actor Jason Beghe ("Melrose Place"), among others. Vivian Schilling, Jason Beghe CC-C5
5:00 pm Adventurers Club Induction Ceremony (199) There's alarming news! Dr. Carbuncle's Time Scepter has disappeared! Was it stolen? Lost? There's panic in the club. The Adventurers are trapped here in 1996 unless you can help solve the mystery! H-Salinas
5:00 pm What's Up At Wizards Of The Coast (200) What's coming up with Magic, RoboRally, NetRunner, and ??? Susan Mohn M-Grand Blrm K
5:00 pm Kaffeeklatsch (201) A. C. Crispin, George R.R. Martin, Harry Turtledove M-Orange Co. 1
5:00 pm Kaffeeklatsch (202) Kevin J. Anderson, Esther M. Friesner, Rebecca Moesta M-Orange Co. 2
5:00 pm What's Up at Wizards of the Coast? M-Grand Blrm K
5:00 pm Discussion Groups M-Orange Co. 1-2
5:30 PM Drawing To Order (203) Professional science fiction illustrators tell tales of the perils of working when the call they're responding to is from an art director and not a muse. Bob Eggleton, Frank Kelly Freas, Richard Hescox, Tom Kidd, Martina Pilcerova H-California A
5:30 PM Venus in Furs (204) The adult and erotic aspects of Furry art and story. Just what is the appeal of fur? (Warning: Adult discussion content) Mark Merlino, Terrie Smith H-Palisades
5:30 PM Venus in Furs H-Palisades

Friday Evening

6:00 pm Troma-Fest (205) Lloyd Kaufman, head of cult-master Troma Films, provides a look at what's in store for fans of Sgt. Kabukiman and the Toxic Avenger from 6pm to midnight. See the film schedule for full details. Lloyd Kaufman H-San Simeon A-B
6:00 pm Kobayashi Alternative (206) Introduction to Virtuality Game System using the classic no-win situation James T. Kirk had to cheat to beat. Justin Thyme Productions. Jonathan Albin, Tracy Johnson, Dave Petersen M-Grand Blrm G
6:00 pm "The Three Swordsmen" H-Avila A
6:00 - 8:00 pm TAFF Party; Martin Tudor H-Huntington
6:00 pm - Midnight Troma Triple Bill: "Bugged," "Sgt. Kabukiman," and "Warriors of the Demon Sword." Hilton San Simeon
6:00 pm "Kobyashi Alternative" M-Grand Blrm G
6:00 pm AD&D Castle Game: "The Sword of Justice," Charles Oversby M-Orange Co. 4 Table 1
6:00 pm GURPS Game: Paul Henrichsen M-Orange Co. 4 Table 2
7:00 PM The Worldcon Regency Dance (207) Dancemaster John Hertz instructs and delights while taking experts and those with three left feet through dances of the Regency era (around 1800). Costumes encouraged (especially from the period). Don't ask what this is doing at a science fiction convention. Just accept it as traditional. John Hertz M-Grand Blrm E
8:00 pm "Savior of the Soul" H-Avila A
8:00 pm Guest of Honor Speeches (208) Roger Corman, Teresa B. Nielsen Hayden, Sachiko Shibano, Takumi Shibano, James White, Connie Willis CC-A1
8:00 pm Mach-Ken: An Anime Theme Song Sing-Along (209) Toshiyuki Ishiyama H-Carmel
8:30 PM Coming Across: Current UK Fanzines (210) Highlights of the British fannish press. Examples will be shown, addresses shared. Andrew P. Hooper, Christina Lake, Martin Tudor H-Palos Verdes
TBA Regency Dancing M-Grand Blrm E
8 pm til we get there Carl Joshua Brandon: Tower to the Moon H-Huntington
9:00 pm Treks not Taken (211) With musical accompaniment, Steven R. Boyett reads and performs selections from his new book, "Treks not Taken," Star Trek vignettes as if written by Anne Rice, Ernest Hemingway, Herman Melville, J.D. Salinger, and Jack Kerouac. Steven R. Boyett H-Pacific A
9:00 pm The Masquerade Continues (212) Further adventures of the Masquerade LARP. Ben Strother M-Grand Blrm K
9:00 pm The Masquerade Continues M-Grand Blrm K
10:00 PM The Chesley Awards Presentation (213) The annual presentation of the Chesley Awards, the honors for science fiction and fantasy art, presented by ASFA, the Association of Science Fiction Artists. H-California A
10:00 PM The World Music Dance Party, sponsored by Warner Aspect Books (214) Fannish favorites and special music from around the globe, sponsored by Warner Aspect Books. DiscMistress: Ulrika O'Brien. M-Mar. Hall Cent
10:00 PM Warner Books World Dance Party Sponsored by Warner Books. D.J.: Ulrika O'Brien. M-Mar. Hall Cent
10:00 PM "Deadful Melody: The Six-Fingered Demon" H-Avila A
10:00 PM Infinite Realms New system, 6-8 characters provided. Justin Larue. M-Orange Co. 4 Table 1

Friday Late Night

12:00 Midnight Special "Green Snake" H-Avila A
12:00 Midnight A Dark Corner Of The Shop (215) Horror writer Dennis Etchison leads a Midnight Horror panel of insiders' shop talk. The things that never get said on convention panels. Peter Atkins, Dennis Etchison, Nancy Holder, George Clayton Johnson, Adam Simon, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro H-Pacific A
2:00 am "Swordsman " H-Avila A
4:00 am "Swordsman II" H-Avila A

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