LACon Worldcon 1996 Monday Schedule

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Monday Morning

Midnight - 4:00 PM Internet Lounge Hilton Pacific B
24 Japanese Animation H-Avila B
6:00 am "Rich and Famous" H-Avila A
8:00 am Aerobics(559) John Douglass H-Pacific C
8:00 am "Tragic Hero" H-Avila A
8:00 am - 1:00 PM Registration Open M-North Hall
9:00 am Art Show Auction II (if required)(560) H-California A
9:00 am Tai Chi(561) Steven Barnes H-Pacific C
9:00 am - 10:00 AM Dealers Setup
CC-Hall A
9:00 am - 1:00 PM Silent Death Miniatures Starfighters Demo M-Orange Co. 4
10:00 AM Why Flying Saucer Aliens Can't Be Real(562) Dr. Jack Cohen skewers the beliefs of those who say they've been abducted. Jack Cohen CC-B2
10:00 AM Fanzine Fans From Furry Fandom(563) Furry Fandom has its own artists, writers, and zines. Come meet them! Find out how their zines differ and how much we're all alike. Craig Hilton, Mark Merlino, Rod O'Riley, Fred Patten CC-C1
10:00 AM Images of Mars(564) As one of our closest neighbors, Mars has long filled man's imagination. Our ideas of what we'd find there have changed greatly over the years, both in science and in science fiction. Listen to passages from literature and science and discover how our images of Mars have changed over the years. And, with the possible discovery of a fossil record, how our image of Mars may change again. Stephen Baxter CC-C2
10:00 AM Obscure Dick(565) Discussion and appreciation of the lesser-known works of Philip K. Dick. What did you think of "Now Wait For Last Year"? David Bratman, Grania Davis, David G. Hartwell, Greg Ketter, Spike Parsons CC-C3
10:00 AM Turning Mental Blocks Into Building Blocks(566) How to break out of that most dreaded prison of creativity: writer's block. Having trouble finishing things? Ego notgetting enough strokes? Our panelists will tell you what's worked for them. George Alec Effinger, Karen E. Willson, Marv Wolfman, Marc Scott Zicree CC-C4
10:00 AM Behind Highlander: The Series(567) The writing staff of this cult favorite gives a look behind the scenes. Gillian Horvath, Donna Lettow CC-C7
10:00 AM Alien Craft Cavalcade(568) Finishing up the alien world building project. H-Monterey
10:00 AM WSFS Business Meeting and/or Mark Protection Committee Meeting(569) A full Business Meeting of the Society will only be held if the meetings previous to this one were insufficient to conclude the business on the agenda. If no Business Meeting is necessary, the WSFS Mark Protection Committee will meet to discuss the Society's various service marks. H-Pacific A
10:00 AM Wild Wild D. West(570) Who is this brilliant and pathetic British fan writer and artist? Readings from D's work, explication of his theories, and assassination of his character. Extra credit for West impersonators! Andrew P. Hooper, Christina Lake, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Teresa B. Nielsen Hayden H-Palos Verdes
10:00 AM Adventurers Club Meet and Greet(571) The club gathers anxiously to find out the results of last night's vote. A new Curator is installed! The victors plan proper punishments for the villains. And all would be well IF Dr. Carbuncle could only remember how to put the Time Scepter back together! H-Salinas
10:00 AM Bone Hunt, Part II(572) After the club meeting, another bone hunt! Amateur paleontologists welcome! Timothy M. Griffin H-Sunset
10:00 AM JPL Employees Gathering(573) M-Grand Blrm A-B
10:00 AM Designing Computer Games(574) What makes for an addictive computer game? Why do we waste hundreds of hours looking for the solution? Computer game designers discuss what they do. Corey Cole, Lori Ann Cole, Noah Falstein, Christy Marx M-Grand Blrm K
10:00 AM - 3:00 pm Dealers RoomOpen
CC-Hall A
10:00 AM - 3:00 pm Book Exhibit CC-Hall A
10:00 AM - 2:00 pm Children's Programming: Adventurer's Club Hilton Sunset/Salinas
10:00 AM Favorite Hong Kong Fantasy Movies (by your votes) H-Avila A
10:00 AM - 2:00 pm Art Show Sales H-California
10:00 AM - 5:00 pm The Rat 3 Gift Shopopen M-Gift Shop
10:00 AM Designing Computer Games M-Grand Blrm K
11:00 am A 2-person comedy version of Star Wars will be presented CC-Concourse Stage
11:30 AM Is Art The Inspiration For Madness?(575) Writers are like gods. Whatever they want their characters to do, they do. If they want lightning to strike, the sky is shattered by electricity. Are they responsible for the themes, the ideas, and the actions in their works? Is there a responsibility notto show how to make a bomb? Should good always triumph over evil? Steven Barnes, Lisa Goldstein, Alexandra E. Honigsberg, Randy Smith CC-B2
11:30 AM Conventions: Butchering The Sacred Cows(576) Are Masquerades, Art Shows, Dealers Rooms, etc. really worth their cost in money and manpower? Or are they just so habitual that cons never think about getting rid of them? What would happen if a con did get rid of them? What would we replace them with? Richard Brandt, Shaun Lyon, Joyce Scrivner, Kevin Standlee, Janet Tait, Art Widner, Noel Wolfman CC-B3
11:30 AM Time Meddlers of Los Angeles and Gallifrey Conventions(577) A gathering of members of the Time Meddlers of Los Angeles and the people who put on Gallifrey Conventions, Los Angeles' own Doctor Who and British science fiction media club and annual convention. Catherine Beckstead, Robbie Cantor, Christian McGuire, Arlene Satin CC-B4
11:30 AM Debate: There Are Some Things Man Was notMeant To Know(588) David M. Honigsberg, Michael J. Ward CC-B4
11:30 AM Someday My Prints Will Come(578) Following the long, sometimes tortuous trail from artist's original to print, be that limited edition, lithograph, serigraph, photo, or offset print. How are they made? What are the differences? Should the buyer really care? David A. Cherry, James C. Christensen, Patricia Davis, Laura B. Kelly Freas, Ric Meyers CC-C1
11:30 AM Low Budget Filmmaking(579) The average major studio film these days costs $18 million. But there are still plenty of films being made between $100,000 and $5 million. Independent filmmakers discuss their trials and triumphs. Tom Doran, Fred Olen Ray, S.P. Somtow, Jim Wynorski CC-C2
11:30 AM The Japanese Publishing Industry(580) The science fiction publishing world is going through many changes, much like the industry in the United States. The number of original science fiction works being published is declining while books based on games, anime, and other related areas are flourishing. Where will this trend lead? Yoshio Kobayashi, Yoichi Shimada, Makoto Yamagishi CC-C3
11:30 AM Metropolis: The Future Of Big Cities(581) What changes will the future bring to the concept of the big city? Will the megalopolises continue to grow, until we have literal city-states, or will we see a move back to the 'burbs? James W. Fiscus, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Tim Powers, Walter Jon Williams CC-C4
11:30 AM Writing For Children And Young Adults(582) Is writing YA fiction different than writing for adults? How about writing for younger kids? What basic assumptions and strategies (and vocabularies) have to change? Scott Ciencin, Mel Gilden, Bobbi J.G. Weiss, Karen E. Willson CC-C5
11:30 AM SETI: Search For Extra-terrestrial Intelligence(583) A presentation on the latest information and the SETI program itself. H. Paul Shuch CC-C6
11:30 AM Seeing Isn't Believing(584) A presentation on the art of computer graphics and image manipulation. Dr. Robert Hurt CC-C7
11:30 AM Docent Tour: The Art Show(589) William Rotsler H-California B
11:30 AM Advanced Fiberglass Model and Mold Making(585) Model-making for fiberglass molds, gel coat surface systems, and tooling will be covered. Fyberdyne Laboratories H-Coronado
11:30 AM Have A Blast In The Past: SCA Demo(586) Singing! Dancing! Fighting! You can try your hand at so many arts as the Society for Creative Anachronism presents a sampler of fun things to do from centurties past. H-Sunset
11:30 AM Horror Stories In Gaming(587) Bring your favorite (?) stories of things and people who have gone wrong in roleplaying games. Scott Bennie, Corey Cole, Lori Ann Cole M-Grand Blrm K
11:30 AM Horror Stories in Gaming Roundtable M-Grand Blrm K
All day
16mm Roger Corman Movies, USC Series: The Best Little Films You Never Saw Hilton San Simeon
Author's Choice Film Series H-Carmel

Monday Afternoon

Sachiko Shibano, Takumi Shibano, James White, Connie Willis
12:00 Noon
Author's Choice Film Intro: A Matter of Life and Death(590) James White H-Carmel
12:00 Noon - 5:00 pm Sector General Table Setting Competitiontear-down
Conv Ctr, Sector General Councourse
12:00 Noon
Favorite Hong Kong Fantasy Movies (by your votes) H-Avila A
12:00 Noon - 2:00 pm The Usual; Richard & Nicki Lynch H-Huntington
1:00 - 3:00 pm
Kids Film Program H-Carmel
1:00 PM
Starwolf(591) David Gerrold provides a preview of the new television series he created, in production in Canada and to begin shortly in syndication. Ed Elbert, David Gerrold CC-C5
1:00 PM
Mistakes Future Historians Will Make About Our Time(592) If we were to read a story written in the 23rd Century but set in our time, what might we find wrong with it? Hal Clement, Michael F. Flynn, Bradford Lyau, Mike Resnick, Dave Smeds CC-B2
1:00 PM
Time Travel -- Just Who Is Your Grandfather?(593) Time travel is a staple of science fiction, but just what is it that so fascinates us about traveling to another time and place? Is it possible? What are the benefits and paradoxes of time travel? John Collin Attwood, John G. Cramer, John L. Flynn, Geoffrey A. Landis, Larry Niven, Connie Willis CC-B3
1:00 PM
Survival Tips For The Mercenary Artist(594) How to make a living as an artist and notend up with the short end of the paint brush. An artist may create for the joy of creating but you still have to eat. People who make their (and their family's) livelihood from their artwork tell why it isn't a sin to sell. Bev Doolittle, Brad W. Foster, Butch Honeck, Victoria Poyser Lisi CC-C1
1:00 PM
Exploring The Seas(595) TOPEX/POSEIDON is a joint US/France project doing ocean studies. Representatives from JPL will present some of what they have learned and discuss how this information will help us to understand our planet and things such as the El Nino phenomenon. Sara Hyman CC-C2
1:00 PM
The Mythopoeic Society: A Visual History(596) Founded in the 1960s, the Mythopoeic Society organizes discussion groups, produces several publications including a scholarly journal and a fiction magazine, and holds an annual convention, all focused on the works of J.R.R. Tolkein, C.S. Lewis, and Charles Williams. Join the society's founder for a look back at the organization's events and accomplishments. Glen GoodKnight CC-C3
1:00 PM
The Long Term Future Of Life In The Universe(597) What physical and astrophysical problems will life face as the universe grows old? Astrophysicist Dave Clements has some ideas and some solutions. Dave Clements CC-C4
1:00 PM
Screaming Queens(598) The role of Gay and Lesbian characters and themes in horror literature and movies, including the works of Anne Rice, Clive Barker, and Stephen King. Carl L. Cipra, Mark Shepherd, Fang A. Van Took, Cecil L. Young CC-C7
1:00 PM Treasure Craft Cavalcade(599) Finish up your treasures to take home! H-Monterey
1:00 PM Kids As Creators - A Writer's Workshop(600) Nancy Berman H-Sunset
1:00 PM Magic Stories(601) Strange tales of Magic playing. Everyone bring their favorite Magic story. No Killer Deck stories, please. Larry DiTillio, Benita Gagne M-Grand Blrm K
1:00 PM
Debate: Series and Shared World Universes(602) David G. Hartwell, George R.R. Martin CC-B4
1:00 PM Magic Stories M-Grand Blrm K
2:00 pm
Favorite Hong Kong Fantasy Movies (by your votes) H-Avila A
2:00 - 4:00 PM Worldcon FanGoHs Past, Present, & Future; Bruce Pelz H-Huntington
2:15 pm Adventurers Club Closing Meeting(603) New members inducted! Time Scepter repaired at last! Awards given! Prizes handed out! Thanks offered! The Adventurers will say farewell, until we all meet again in 100 years. H-Salinas
2:30 PM
The Worldcon Suggestion Box(604) Was it good for you? If you have ideas for running a better Worldcon or just have questions about how it happened this year, you're invited! Bobbi Armbruster, Robbie Cantor, Daniel G. Deckert, Mike Glyer, Craig Miller, Elayne F. Pelz, Drew Sanders, Ben Yalow CC-B2
3:00 pm Doors open for Closing Ceremonies seating CC-Arena
3:30 pm
Closing Ceremonies Warm Up(605) CC-Arena
3:30 pm Closing Ceremonies Warm-Up CC-Arena
4:00 PM
Closing Ceremonies(606) The handshakes, the sighs, the tearful goodbyes. The 54th World Science Fiction Convention is now over. Join us as we say farewell to our Guests of Honor and all of our guests and attendees. CC-Arena
4:00 PM
Building Fannish Bridges(607) Learn a little about fandoms around the Pacific Rim and join a brainstorming session on how to improve communication between the fandoms, overcoming language and other barriers. Perry Middlemiss, Janice Murray, Masamichi Osako, John Trimble CC-C7
4:00 PM Closing Ceremonies begin CC-Arena
4:00 - 6:00 pm Roscoe's White Elephant Auction H-Huntington

Monday Evening

6:00 - 8:00 pm Fan Lounge Tear-down H-Huntington
TBA, if needed Second Art Show Auctionif circumstances warrant; check the Daily Newszine or at the Art Show. H-California
TBA Book ExhibitDrawing TBA (check your pocket program or at the exhibit)

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