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Thursday Morning

8:00 am - 12:00 pm Dealers Setup
CC-Hall A
8:00 am - 12:00 midnight Childcare Hilton
8:00 am - 8:00 pm Registration Open M-North Hall
10:00 AM - Noon Fan Lounge Set-up H-Huntington
10:00 AM - 5:00 pm The Rat 3 Gift Shopopen M-Gift Shop

Thursday Afternoon

12:00 pm - 6:00 pm Dealers RoomOpen
CC-Hall A
12:00 pm - 6:00 pm Book Exhibit CC-Hall A
All Day Open Gaming M-Orange Co. 4
12:00 Noon
"Enter the Rumble at the WorldCon" H-Avila A
12:00 Noon-2:00 pm Toad Hall West; Geri Sullivan, Jeff Schalles, and Robert Lichtman H-Huntington
12:00 Noon - 9:00 pm KaffeeklatschsPossible Discussion Groups M-Orange Co. 1-2
24 Japanese Animation H-Avila B
All day
16mm Roger Corman Movies, USC Series: The Best Little Films You Never Saw Hilton San Simeon
Author's Choice Film Series H-Carmel
1:00 PM
Moonbase Science (1) The views of NASA's coming space station are decidedly mixed. But suppose we had a Moonbase? What kind of physics, astronomy, astrophysics, biology, etc. could be done there? Would this be strictly a science station, like our bases in Antarctica, or would colonization soon follow? DJ Byrne, John G. Cramer, Bill Higgins, Les Johnson CC-B3
1:00 PM
(2) In Defense Of Escapist Literature Science fiction has had a moniker of being junk food for the mind; escapist fare only. Is that true? notall of it is literature but surely some of it must be? Mustn't it? What literary trends can be found? What will withstand the test of time? And does it matter? Roger MacBride Allen, Stephen Baxter, Joe Mayhew, Teresa B. Nielsen Hayden CC-B4
1:00 PM
Writing Workshops: The Whys And Wherefores(3) Are they even worthwhile? People who have taught at Writing Workshops and others who have taken them discuss the benefits and pitfalls of these writing roundtables. Gerri Balter, James Brunet, Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury, Kevin O'Donnell, John E. Stith CC-C1
1:00 PM
Robocop Vs. Real Cop: The Future Of Law Enforcement(4) The crime labs of today make any major police department into a Sherlock Holmes. What will the future bring? Criminalists and others discuss what changes they're already seeing in their work and what they expect for the future. Joseph P. Bonino CC-C2
1:00 PM Lost Wax Casting(5) A slide presentation on the lost wax casting process, from designing, mold- making, and metal casting to the finished bronze. Butch Honeck H-California A
1:00 PM - 3:00 pm
Kids Film Program H-Carmel
1:00 PM Adventurers Club Meet and Greet(6) Those time traveling rapscallions gather to choose a new Club Curator. But there's trouble! Some of the members are insisting on a real election with real candidates. Who knows? The next Curator-candidate might just be you! H-Salinas
1:00 PM Treasure Box Craft Cavalcade(7) After the Meet and Greet, express yourself with Treasure Boxes and Face Painting. H-Monterey
1:00 PM Fun With The Furries!(8) After the meeting, join Furry artist Mitch Biero for a demonstration of his art. After that, journey down the hall to meet costumed characters in the Furry Fandom Lounge. H-Sunset
1:00 PM Game Master Tips(9) Scott Bennie, Helen Cook, Cheryl Morgan M-Grand Blrm K
1:30 pm
Diplomacy Of Trans-Oceanic Fandom(10) Fanzine editors, con-runners, and editors all look at trans-oceanic fandom differently. Can we identify some general cultural differences that challenge communication between fans? How do we manage each other's expectations? Is U.S. fandom really being picked on? Fiona Anderson, John Foyster, Teddy Harvia, John-Henri Holmberg CC-C5
2:00 pm
"Skinny Tiger and Fatty Dragon" H-Avila A
2:00 - 4:00 PM The Usual: Jack Heneghan H-Huntington
2:30 PM
Politics And The Future(12) The face of the American political system has been changed forever by the advent of electronic technology. Can our system handle it? What will our government be like in 100 years? Arlan Andrews, Sr., Jack L. Chalker, Alexis A. Gilliland, Brett Glass, Dr. Elizabeth Anne Hull, Brad Linaweaver CC-A9
2:30 PM
Understanding The WSFS Business Meeting(11) You have the right to debate and vote on the rules used for selecting the Hugo Awards and future Worldcons. It all happens at the WSFS Business Meetings taking place this convention. Learn how to exercise your rights! Kevin Standlee CC-A16
2:30 PM
Getting Started Writing SF -- Part I(13) Going from amateur to professional is a big step. How do you get started? Should you write every day, whether the muse strikes or not? What mistakes shouldn't you make? Writers who have recently broken in will give you their advice today. Agents, editors, and others will advise in Part II tomorrow. Roger MacBride Allen, Roby James, Edward Kramer, Brook West, Jim Young CC-B2
2:30 PM
Electronic Publishing(14) Since the dawn of the computer age, people have been talking about the "paperless society." That certainly hasn't happened but how have computers and the Internet effected publishing? The editors, publishers, and authors of books and magazines available via the Internet talk about the paperless revolution. Scott Ciencin, Craig E. Engler, William Fawcett, Brooks Peck, J. Neil Schulman CC-B3
2:30 PM
Overlooked Books and Overrated Novels(15) For some reason, some terrific books just don't sell. Nobody's ever heard of them. Others are taught in college as classics of the field, but no one can understand why. Our panelists let you in on some unknown classics you shouldn't miss while they dismiss some lofty `classics'. Charles N. Brown, Emma Bull, Susan T. Casper, Arthur Byron Cover, Jean Marc Lofficier CC-B4
2:30 PM
Science Fiction Art of Japan(16) A slide presentation of outstanding works by today's Japanese science fiction and fantasy illustrators and artists. Anthony J. Bryant, Yasuo Kawai CC-C1
2:30 PM
The Delta Clipper(17) A discussion and presentation on the on-going technology and operations development for a reusable launch vehicle. Gerald Coleman CC-C2
2:30 PM
Dealers and Dealing(18) Dealers (and people who'd like to be dealers) talk about what it's like to go from convention to convention and stand behind a dealer's table for days on end. Is it worth it? Why do they do it? Scott Dennis, Greg Ketter, Devra M. Langsam CC-C3
2:30 PM
Jack The Ripper -- Fact And Fiction(19) One hundred years ago, Jack the Ripper cut a bloody swath through London. But compared to modern serial killers, Jack was a flyweight. So why has he held such a fascination for so many writers through the years? And just who was Jack the Ripper? Buzz Dixon, Bill Warren, Marv Wolfman CC-C4
2:30 PM
Indistinguishable From Magic(20) A slide presentation about Space Tethers, Space Propulsion, Space Ships, Space Warps, and Space Energy. Dr. Robert L. Forward CC-C5
2:30 PM Heads and Hands(21) A nuts-and-bolts workshop on drawing and painting two of the most difficult parts of the human form. Luise Perenne H-California A
2:30 PM Write This Way!(22) A panel of fanzine reviewers discuss fanzine writing that works and why. Brief examples of brilliant technique will be shared. And stay around for the immediately following FAN-O-RAMA where longer examples will be read aloud. John D. Berry, Christina Lake, Dick Lynch, Patrick Nielsen Hayden H-Palos Verdes
2:30 PM Hieroglyphic Craft Cavalcade(23) H-Monterey
2:30 PM Secretary Wrong Way's Exhibit Hall Tour(24) What begings in the Adventurers Club trophy room will turn into a wacky tour of the Exhibit Hall and parts unknown. We promise to send out rescuers to save the "lost tour." H-Salinas
2:30 PM Adventures With Origami(25) SF author and origami guru Jane Mailander creates treasures from paper. Jane Mailander H-Sunset
2:30 PM Live Action Role Playing - What Is It?(26) David A. Berge, Sean Patrick Fannon, Neal Feldman, Ben Strother M-Grand Blrm K
4:00 PM
Docent Tour: The Fan History Exhibits(42) Joyce Scrivner CC-Concourse
4:00 PM
Might Makes Right(27) An awful lot of `Hard SF' is set in a military milieu. Is that to be our destiny in space? Or are Gordon Dickson, Robert Heinlein, and Jerry Pournelle just giving us some rip-roaring adventures? Besides, what's wrong with militarism? James W. Fiscus, Joe Haldeman, Richard McEnroe, Jerry Pournelle, Allen Steele CC-B2
4:00 PM
European Space After Ariane 5(28) The effects and consequences of the Ariane 5 failure: what it means for European space activities, for the world of commercial launch vehicles and for future launcher development. Stephen Baxter, Dave Clements, Bill Higgins CC-B3
4:00 PM
Religion In SF Books and Movies(29) How has science fiction treated religion? Are all faiths created equal? Fr. John R. Blaker, Roby James, James Patrick Kelly, T Jackson King, Ross Pavlac, Robert J. Sawyer CC-B4
4:00 PM
Breaking In To Comics(30) Kurt Busiek, Marv Wolfman CC-C1
4:00 PM
Tor Books: A Look To The Future(31) Tom Doherty, Claire Eddy, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Linda Quinton CC-C2
4:00 PM
Stuffed Animals, Their Care And Collecting(32) Learn how to lead the plush life. Fiona Anderson, Gerri Balter, Craig Miller CC-C3
4:00 PM
SF Movie Poster Slide Show(33) Film Historian and Reviewer Bill Warren presents his slide show of great and lurid SF movie poster art. Bill Warren CC-C4
4:00 PM
Drawing In Tongues: Fan Artists(34) We're hiding the pens and paper, asking these special people to talk about creativity, influences, how they like to work and, possibly, why. Brad W. Foster, Alexis A. Gilliland, Teddy Harvia, William Rotsler CC-C5
4:00 PM
"Black Cat" H-Avila A
4:00 PM Computer Art(35) A discussion of computer art and graphics. How it's done, where it's used, and who's doing it. Cecilia Cosentini, Max S. Fellwalker, Dr. Robert Hurt, Barclay Shaw H-California A
4:00 PM Beginning Glitz And Glitter(37) Glitzy, glittery, and gaudy techniques to make your costume stand out. Learn materials and basic techniques for adding sparkle, shine, and focus to your hall or masquerade costume. Lisa Ashton, Zelda Gilbert, Pierre E. Pettinger, Sandra G. Pettinger, Janet Wilson-Anderson H-Coronado
4:00-6:00 pm Anything But The Usual; Allen Baum and Donya Hazard White H-Huntington
4:00 PM Fan-O-Rama(36) Reading aloud from the Good Examples discussed in the earlier "Write This Way" fanzine review panel. John D. Berry, Christina Lake, Dick Lynch H-Palos Verdes
4:00 PM Paper Airplane Craft Cavalcade(38) The best paper airplanes ever folded! H-Monterey
4:00 PM Belle's Story Hour(39) A quiet time for fantasy, soft music, and beautiful stories, hosted by members of the Adventurers Club. H-Salinas
4:00 PM Meet A Philatelic Adventurer(40) Adventures with sticky paper! Laura Francos shows how stamp collecting can be fun. Laura Francos H-Sunset
4:00 PM Designing Fantasy Role Playing Games(41) Gamers, writers, and artists who have designed popular FRP games discuss what it takes to create an interesting, playable game. Elizabeth T. Danforth, Steve Perrin, Steve Peterson M-Grand Blrm K
16mm Silent Film Classics Hilton San Simeon
5:00 pm WSFS Mark Protection Committee Meeting(43) This permanent standing committee of the World Science Fiction Society acts to register and maintain the various service marks owned by WSFS, including "Worldcon" and "Hugo Award." This meeting is open to all attendees. H-Conf. 7
5:00 pm Adventurers Club Induction Ceremony(44) The Adventurers gather to welcome new members, salute their guests, and entertain the mysterious and forgetful Dr. Carbuncle, inventor of the Time Scepter, the amazing invention that makes this time traveling club possible! H-Salinas
5:00 pm Getting The Most Out Of Gaming(45) How to make your gaming experiences fun and enjoyable for yourself and the other players. Panelists also discuss their favorite games and any new games you should know about. Larry DiTillio, Sean Patrick Fannon, David M. Honigsberg, Jefferson P. Swycaffer M-Grand Blrm K
5:30 PM Furgonomics(46) A discussion group on designing a world and the stuff in it with non-humans in mind. Just what would a chair look like if you had a tail? Or wings, for that matter? H-Palisades

Thursday Evening

6:00 pm Doors open for Opening Ceremonies seating CC-Arena
6:00 pm
"Black Cat II" H-Avila A
6:00 - 8:00 pm Another Use for Lime Jell-OJell-O Tasting; Chaz Baden H-Huntington
6:00 pm - on Internet Loungeopen all night H-Pacific B
6:00 pm "The Camarilla LARP" M-Grand Blrm K
6:30 pm Opening Ceremonies Warm Up(47) A little something to get you in the mood. CC-Arena
7:00 PM Opening Ceremonies(48) The 54th World Science Fiction welcomes you! Join us as we present our Guests of Honor for 1996 in the Arena and celebrate the Worldcon's return to Los Angeles. James White, Roger Corman, Sachiko Shibano, Takumi Shibano, Connie Willis CC-Arena
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Art Showand Print Shop open H-California
7:00 PM The Camarilla LARP(49) The start of the convention-long Camarilla Masquerade game. Ben Strother M-Grand Blrm K
8:00 pm - ??? @! Party; Blars Blarson H-Huntington
8:00 pm
"Blood of the Leopard" H-Avila A
8:00 pm
The Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society (LASFS) General Meeting(50) The world's oldest science fiction club, the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, Inc. was founded in October, 1934 and has met every week since. This year will make no exception, as a general meeting of the Society is conducted on the Worldcon grounds. Come join us for this week's meeting! M-Grand Blrm A-B
8:00 pm Ice Cream Social and Club Midway(51) M-Mar. Hall Cent
8:30 PM Fanzines I'd Like To Publish(52) Panelists discuss their dream fanzines, from the ridiculous to the sublime. Be prepared for tales of The Fanzine That Ate My Life. Lenny Bailes, Richard Brandt, Leah Zeldes Smith, Art Widner H-Palos Verdes
10:00 PM
"Moon Warriors" H-Avila A
10:00 PM RATapalooza: The Rat That Roared(53) A Giant Rat of Sumatra presentation. Dancing allowed. Mixmaster Alan E. Hale, blender provided by Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems "A Growing Excitement Company." D.J.: Alan Hale M-Mar. Hall Cent

Thursday Late Night

12:00 Midnight
"Enter the Rumble at the WorldCon" H-Avila A
12:00 Midnight
Midnight Tales Of Horror(54) Come listen to this panel tell tales `guaranteed' to curdle your blood. Edward Bryant, Wolf Foss, Nancy Holder, S.P. Somtow H-Pacific A
2:00 am "Skinny Tiger and Fatty Dragon" H-Avila A
4:00 am "Black Cat" H-Avila A

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