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Blue Ribbon Against Censorship

Real feminism, in other words, is being starved to death by the corporate stranglehold on culture, while corporate flacks in the corporate media mock and deride feminism - based on their own distorted depictions of it! -- Michele Landsberg

It's time for a Woman President!

Abortion Rights Web
Abuse and Personal Safety
Businesses Run by Women

Irene Stuber's Women of Achievement & Herstory and Catt's Claws
Help Lori Berenson, an American journalis who's been held since January 1996 in Peru
Women's Internet Information Network
Women Leaders Online
Yep, the Promise Keepers No Better...
Women and weirdos: My adventures at Promise Keepers (As Ami Neiberger illustrates throughout the article: "PK may be creating kinder, gentler Neanderthals, but they are still Neanderthals.")
National Women's Hall of Fame
Feminista!: The Online Journal of Feminist Construction
NEMESIS: a series of provocative sites by Nikki Craft
Andrea Dworkin Lie Detector - what they said she said and what Dworkin actually said
Women Halting Online Abuse
Babbling Boys on the Web
Women Leaders Online Resources, compiled by Cynthia Bledsoe
Pennsylvania Women's Political Network
Feminists Against Censorship and Feminists for Free Expression
Herspace, a nifty, content and graphic site aimed at women
HomeArts, while aimed more at "traditional" women, has some good articles and named the WLO site as one of their hot/eclectic sites
Love Creates/Hate Kills
Marian Wright Edelman's 25 Lessons for Life
Birthing the Crone
Federal Way Women's Network
Left of Center
The Legal Rights of Women