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Archive Site: Millennium Philcon Program Division - May 27, 2000

Issues raised at the meeting are marked like this.

People attending: Laurie & Jim Mann, Timons Esaias, Mary Tabasko, John Schmid, Christina Schulman and JJ Walton

Division Management:
  Jim and Laurie Mann, co-division directors, Lynn Cohen Koehler, deputy division director
Gary Feldbaum is the vice chair overseeing the Program Division (& Events & Fannish…)

Issues to Discuss

What’s happened so far

We briefly reviewed some of the convention planning status.

What we expect to happen in the future

Overview of the timeline. Laurie and Christina engaged in some database and Web neepery - both Christina and John have the technical expertise to write a script-to-database program that should make idea management and program questionnaire management much easier. Also, we strongly encouraged people to come to Philly for the mega-area meeting, planned for 9/22-9/24.

Maps and facilities (showed maps and discussed the facilities generally)

Job definitions and appointments

We reviewed the list of people appointed so far, and the areas under the Programming Division. Christina Schulman asked to oversee the Publishing area, so we added that to the list. Jim pointed out that Literary Teas should be under KaffeeKlatches (though Literary Beers are a separate item), and that Hank Smith is overseeing the Science area. Other sub-areas ("not tracks") include Fantasy and Game Shows. Long time fan Kevin Riley and local writer Timons Esaias ("The Outsider") have joined the local program staff. We asked the Columbia University students we'd met at the Nebulas to be staff as well. The one whose E-mail address we had said he doesn't think he'll be at the Worldcon, but he promised to pass along the word to his friends.

Local meetings:
The tentative meeting scheduled for July 8 has been canceled.
We need to discuss the following issues in the mailing list: Letters to the GoHs (should go out before Chicon), start to review the invite list, what to do at Chicon, brainstorm.

Meetings should be monthly beginning in October
Tentative Date for First Post-Chicon Meeting - Saturday, October 7, 2pm, at the Mann's.

Since it's not clear when future meetings in Philadelphia will be, we didn't want to even set any other tentative dates yet, except that the "Program Frenzy" will probably be the first weekend of May, 2001 (May 5-6).

“Non-local" meetings:
Program staff breakfast - Tentatively Friday morning of Chicon, 8:30am, Hyatt Coffee Shop
Either Sunday afternoon or Monday morning at Chicon, there will be a small programming item open to all on programming for Philly
A 1 hour "breakout" session during the area "mega meeting" in Philly, Sept 22-24.
A 1 hour meeting at Smofcon.
A 1-2 hour brainstorming/initial major item scheduling session during a division head/area head Philly meeting sometime in the late winter