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Archive Site: Millennium Philcon Programming Division Meeting - October 7, 2000

People Attending: Lynn Cohen Koehler, Diane Turnshek, Ann Cecil, Mary Tabasko, John Schmid, Monica Cellio, Dani Zweig, Jim and Laurie Mann.

We had a long discussion on space allocation, the goings on at recent Philly meetings, and we completely reviewed and annotated the potential program invite list.

Ann Cecil agreed to organize the book discussion groups. There is potential interest by some Pittsburgh area fans in doing the pocket program - I will talk to Mark Trebing about this.

Theme Days - Extra program items around a topic:

  • Thursday - Philly and Franklin (I'd like to try to get local brewers to come and talk about their work!)
  • Friday - Comics
  • Saturday - Educators' Day (AKA RFF, DYR)
  • Sunday - YA
  • Monday - Science (day would change depending on which day people like Freeman Dyson could consider coming)


Famous Fannish Arguments How many staples? Harlan Ellison

If Analog is the best hard SF magazine, why doesn't it publish the best hard SF writers?

America's Best Comic Writers - Why Are We British? Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore. Why isn't there a British Comic industry?

Introduction to the SCA (Karent Anderson, Monica Cellio)

Power Puff Girls, Hello Kitty and Dexter's Lab's influence on cartoons

Is Franklin advice still useful?

Ben Franklin vs. Lazarus Long

Ben Franklin vs. Stephen Covey (time management)

Lloyd Alexander's the Philadelphia Adventure is set at the Philly Centennial World's Fair

Pennsylvania SF history (Philcon, Pittcon, Milford and more)

Is Science Fiction Now Respectable?

What if Ben Franklin edited Analog?

DNA - Publishing Conglomerate

Galaxy Online

Publisher Slide Shows

Small Press

How to Use Astronomy in Fantasy (Celestial Matters)

Saturday morning cartoon physics

The Physics of the Road Runner....Pokeman...

Jane Auten and the Evolution of English

I can't read Jane Austen

The Complex Sentence is Disappearing from Fiction (John Barnes)

Poor Richard's Almanac.

Austen vs. Dickens

Mannered fiction

At one point did English literature change? How? What? Language Change

Dialects - Elise's Linguist sister and fannish dialects

I Use Spell Check so all my mistakes are homonyms

Technological crunch: What's in that little black bag?

Five sentence summaries of Hugo Nominees. The Clarivoyance Game: Here's a three sentence summary of a story? Which one is it?

Recite sentence's from writer's books and see if they remember which ones were there.

The Ginsu Knifef Virtue and other tales of Philadelphia fandom. (Diane Duane, Michleal Swanwick, Gardner Dozois)

Is anyone making money at electronic publishing?? Alexandria Digital Library?

Small Press Resurgance - Wildside, NESFA

What's causing so many initial publications in hardback? Fans having more money?

What science fiction could Ben Franklin have read? (Maybe read excerpts from More's Utopia and Bergerac's parody)

Wayne Barlowe - on drawing aliens

Bruce Coville - how to read aloud well - accents

Shakespeare and SF - Elizabeth Willey

Retelling fantasy as SF - Pat Murphy's There and Back Again

Famous Cover blurbs - is Harry Potter REALLY "high fantasy?"

What "cool tech" things are being developed?

Bad Future Panels - Edmond Hamilton's "The Star Kings."

Future Funday - What's after Bungee jumping?

Upcoming Meetings

  • Saturday, November 4 2-7 (at the Mann's Review of the initial program participant list
  • Saturday, November 18 (someplace at Philcon, there will be a program discussion group of some kind)
  • Saturday, December 30, 2-7 (tentatively at Diane Turnshek's)
  • PARSEC Meeting, January or March, second Saturday of the month brainstorming