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Archive Site: Millennium Philcon Programming Brainstorming Session - November 18, 2000


Ann Crispin and publishing scams (Brenda Clough, too)

Multimedia fiction - Ann Crispin is writing a fantasy and Michael Longcor (sic?) is writing filk for it.

Ann Crispin is writing a Star Trek comic

Elaine Stiles wants more fan history, including in the fan lounge

How to build good bookshelves - have a book-shelf building seminar in a room in the Marriott early on Thursday morning, then use the bookshelves in the Fan Lounge. Must have all wood pre-cut!!!

Care and management of "textbooks."

Devious plots in fandom

Thursday - Local beer day? Talk to Stoudts, Victory, Yards, Owen's, Capitol, Dock Street and Monk's - what could we do with this?

Brewing in zero gravity

Human genome - how does knowing the genome effect identity? What are the political reamifications? Biological weaponry? Mutants and X-men? Get Jed Shumsky and schedule a very large room. Probably Greg Bear too.

Monday - Hugo winner panel

Medical oddities, research - Muller Museum (in Philly?)

Try to organize a net chat for the December meeting

The "non-physical" convention (a controversial topic since the Sci Fi Channel says they organized the first one when they missed that date by over a year!)

SFWA Mentors

Philadelphai Area Space Alliance

Derrick Pitts - in charge of the Astronomy Department at the Franklin Institute. Jim Moskowitz is in charge of Programming at the Franklin Institute

Dave Kraz - NASA in Virginia

The year in physics - Graham Collins - Scientific American

Filking - the science behind the song. The science behind the story. The science of the X-Files.

Find about about the Physics Lecture series at the Princeton Institute

Heart and lung research

Joni - researcher

Space Studies Institute, Princeton

Charles Sheffield used to be a student of Freeman Dyson's - see if he can get Dyson to come one day

World-building "mini-track" - get a peson to take notes and perhaps develop a Web site about it. Include a panel on filking/song-writing about the new world.

Future archealogy - looking back at current events/things. Bucky did something similar - how did it work out?

Xena vs. Buffy

Have a Web-based magazine seminar to get people developing these things to talk together. Zine Guide - JJ knows how started it. What will be the future of e-zines? Is a convention valid for online fans?

How will EBay impact the prce of collectibles?

Fanzine fandom in transition

Writing in different voices.

Different ways to teach writers

Bob Walters - art panels

Big fantasy movies - LOTR

Charles Pellegrino on Atlantis and Archaelogy

Larry Clough and Bruce Schneier (and others) on the techy side of computer security and algorithms like babelfish

YA: Greg Fishbone; How to Become a Superhero in 10 Easy Steps

Copyright law (Fishbone, Feldbaum, Feld)

Harry Potter parody

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