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Archive Site: Millennium Philcon Programming Division Meeting - November 4, 2000

People Attending: Diane Turnshek, Ann Cecil, James J. Walton, Mary Tabasko, John Schmid, Jim and Laurie Mann.

Most of this meeting was dedicated to a work session to mail out the initial round of program invitations. Over 300 mail invitations were collated and mailed; another 70 were sent via E-mail. Acceptance list


"The dangers of loaning stuff..."

Michael Kandel's translation of Stanislaw Lem

Bridget Jones Diary

Notes from Other Meetings

Here are a series of random notes I've gotten from other cons.

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Future of conventions

What if Ben Franklin had run the Worldcon?

Next generation of fandom - wher are they coming from?

Boom and bust cycle of clubs and cons

Recruiting people in bookstores

Eastern European Clubs - Poland and Bulgaria

Check with exhibitors from MagiCon

20-year Retrospective on the Philcon Hugo Review Panel

Buffies, the Trekkies of the '00s?

Upcoming Meetings

  • Saturday, November 18, 10am (brainstorming at Philcon, there will be a program discussion group of some kind)
  • Saturday, December 30, 2-? (tentatively at Diane Turnshek's)
  • PARSEC Meeting, January or March, second Saturday of the month brainstorming