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Classic Top 10 Internet Jokes
Fight Spam on the Internet!
Saving USENET and Then Some - a "call to action" to help improve the Internet by net-guru Thomas Boutell
Internet Hoax List Check here before you circulate one
Women- and Gender-Related Electronic Forums
Pleiades, a resource for women
Net Access An article from the Summer '94 issue of the WPI Journal, it provides a nice introduction to the Internet
Cyber-Rights: Other Web Sites
Internet Relay Chat info
Inter-Network Mail Guide
EFF Alerts
Internet Engineering Task Force Proposals for future standards used on the Internet
PGP - Pretty Good Privacy
PGP Author's Defense Fund Our Federal government is at is again...
Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists maintained by Stephanie da Silva
People Helping One Another Know Stuff Resources from Evelyn C. Leeper - 11/17
Computer Almanac-Numbers About Computers
Electronic Frontier Foundation
OKRA net.citizen Directory Service Find out who posts to Internet newsgroups
IWatch Digest Online
net.legends FAQ
The Internet Hunt
Debate on the CMU undergraduate's "cyberporn" paper and Time magazine's overreaction to it