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The compiler of these links is a 40-something feminist technocrat and college student who lives in Pittsburgh, PA maintains all kinds of pages....


Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation's Landmine Campaign, a site to promote the anti-land mine treaty. The federal government's lack of leadership on this issue is appalling, but at least many of our people are fighting the good fight.
InterActivism Calls for political activism
We're Right, They're Wrong James Carville's book site is a little dated post-election, but a hoot! brought you the Republican National Convention
Clinton/Gore '96
Do It Yourself Congressional Investigations -- 10/25
Online Pennsylvania Lobbyist Directory
Activist's Web-Starters Kit
Pennsylvania Women's Political Network
Congressional Quarterly's American Voter
Digital Democrats
The Interfaith Alliance and Americans United for Separation of Church and State's Report on the Christian Coalition Find out more about the controllers of the Republican Party
Campaign Central
Defeat Jesse Helms
Freedom From Religion
The Left Side of the Web
World Liberalism Page
Democratic Party Web Page
The Activist's Oasis
Electronic Democracy Forum
Justin's Political Page (mostly Pennsylvania Democratic info, but other stuff as well)
Scorecard of the First 100 Days of the 104th Congress Environmental impact of the "Contract with America"
Doug Ingram's News and Politics Page
Turn Left: The Home of Liberalism on the Web
Tobacco Company Expenditures in California '93-'94 (which politicians are owned by the tobacco lobby)
GLAAD, help protect our children and friends from homophobic loons
Democratic Leadership of the House

(Actually, I'm a centrist and, some years ago, voted for more Republicans than Democrats. I was a big fan of Bill Weld in Massachusetts, until I heard that he'd given a card-carrying member of the lunatic fringe, John Silber, a state education position that's let him dismantle a number of progressive educational programs. I still wish General Powell had run. There's stuff we disagree on, but I think he would have brought some civility and class to the electoral process. Pat Buchanan's terror at a rational Republican like Powell running has was downright amusing. I wish Powell had run, if for no other reason than getting the reasonable Republicans back in control of the party. The religious fanatics ought to have their own party! (2000 note - and, apparently, they do now "The "Reform" Party"....)


WOC Senate Contact List
FedWorld Home Page
White House Home Page
FBI Home Page
House of Reprentatives
Thomas: Federal Legislative Information on the Internet
Kennedy Space Center
Apollo Home Page
Peace Corps
Camel's Nose
An Independent Web Site About the Federal Government
Federal Web Locator
CCER National Budget Simulation


Western PA Freedom to Marry
Legal Material - By Source
Virtual Law Library Reference Desk


Women Organizing for Change
Women Leaders Online
Laurie's Links
Cynthia Bledsoe's Feminist Links