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Really Good Sites

SF Site
Internet Speculative Fiction DataBase - What the IMDB is for the movie fan, this excellent database should be for the SF reader
FANAC - Brought to you by the folks who brought you MagiCon, FanHistoricon and Timebinders
SFF Net - Author sites, chat, special newsfeed and lots more.
Fannish E-mail Directory - John Lorentz has republished it as a Web site
Event Horizon


Pittsburgh Area Realtime Scientifiction Enthusiasts Club PARSEC –
NESFA Home Page (Boston area/southern New England)
SNAFFU, Southern Nevada Area Fantasy and Fiction Union
Oregon Science Fiction
Northwest Science Fiction Society NWSFS
Contemporary Canadian Fandom
Irish Science Fiction Association, Dublin, Ireland,
European Science Fiction Society
UniSFA The University Science Fiction Association (Western Australia)
Timebinder's Home Page SF fandom history
Science Fiction Reading Club


Readercon, July literary science fiction convention
The Ultimate Rivercon, Louisville KY, Summer 2000
Boskone, Framingham (Sheraton Tara), science fiction convention, February, 2001
Stilyagi Air Corps Calendar of EventsChad Childers
Kelly's Southern Con List
SF Cons Northwest
How I Became an Emergency Holographic Texan without Losing My Mind and Other Tales of LoneStarCon 2
Some Photos from Disclave, 1997

Worldcons, Bids & Other "Worldly" Cons

World Science Fiction Society, governing body of Worldcons and Worldcon bids
2001 Worldcon: Philadelphia
2002 Worldcon: ConJose
2003 Worldcon: Torcon III
A Bid for the 2004 Worldcon: Boston
Building the Con-runner's FAQ
Worldcon and NASFiC Bid Pages

Worldcon and Other Archives
2000 Worldcon: Chicon, Chicago, Illinois, August 31-September 4
1999 Worldcon: Aussiecon Three Melbourne, Australia, September 2-6
1998 Worldcon: BucConeer Baltimore, MD, August 5-9
1997 Worldcon: LoneStarCon2, San Antonio, TX
1996 Worldcon: L.A.con III, Los Angeles, CA
1995 Worldcon: Intersection, Glasgow, Scotland
25th World Fantasy Convention, Providence, RI, November 4-7, 1999


TAFF and DUFF Reports


AwardWeb  SF Awards & More! Indexed literary award lists
Photo of the 1992 Hugo
Hugo Award Winners
Nebula Award Winners and Nominees
Bram Stoker Awards - Winners and Nominees
Janice's Sorta Annual Worldcon Awards A look at some of the humorous T-shirts, buttons and other ephemera from Worldcons

Science Fiction Archives

Fancyclopedias - encyclopedias of fannish terms through the years
Science Fiction Resource Guide
SF-Lovers Archive
Fandom Domain: Links of Interest to Fandom
Australian Science Fiction Information
Ik Wil Het: Startpagina Science Fiction
The Speculative Fiction Clearing House
The Lysator Science Fiction and Fantasy Archive

Graphic & Photo Galleries

Ultimate Guide to Science-fiction...
Chesley Bonestell Art Gallery
Fan Photo Gallery
Photos from Confluence (1996)
DDB's Photo Album

SF Fen on the Web

The Slan Shack

Magazines, Semi-Prozines and Fanzines

The View from Entropy Hall, fan writing from Ed Meskys
Mimosa, the wonderful zine by Dick & Nicki Lynch
Ansible archive!
Gegenschein from Eric Lindsay in Australia


Catherine Asaro
Greg Bear
Jonathan Carroll
The Science Fiction Worlds of Jeffrey A. Carver
Arthur C. Clarke Unauthorized Home Page
Brenda Clough
Nancy Kress
Vonda McIntyre
Mary Doria Russell
S. P. Somtow
Bob Tucker
Elizabeth Wiley's Calendar of Author Signings at Bookstores
Brazen Hussies - Lisa Goldstein, Pat Murphy, Michaela Roessner
Horror Writers Association
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

SF Bookstores

Future Fantasy Bookstore
SF Source
Science Fiction Book Club
Dangerous Visions Bookstore
Vonda McIntyre's Basement Full of Books Buy books directly from their authors!
Other Change of Hobbit
Fo'Paws (OK, so it isn't a bookstore - ya gotta wear clothes and get book bags too...)

Recommended Reading

Feminist Science Fiction
Recommended Reading Lists Compiled by NESFA
Minicon 28 Classic SF Project Ratings of lots of SF books
The Good Reading Guide - Index SF reading suggestions from Australia

Astronomy and Other Sciences

The Why Files
Cascades Volcano Observatory
Naked Eye Viewing of C/1996 B2 (Hyakutake)
Hubble Space Telescope's Greatest hits, 1990-1995 Some incredible pictures from space
Comet Shoemaker-Levy Home Page (JPL)
The Nine Planets
ZEBU: UO Physics WEB Server (Lots of Astronomy, too!)
NASA Information Services via World Wide Web
Women of NASA