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Web Resources for Beginners

Easy Mosaic
Sherlock@ The Internet Consulting Detective
The Mosaic Demo Document from NCSA
The World Wide Web Consortium - many Web resources and standards
World Wide Web FAQ
comp.infosystems.www.announce FAQ
New User Directory
Starting Point
COOL Doctor -- Computer Online Doctor E-zine

Web Hunters/Gatherers

Northern Light Search
Alta Vista
excite Netsearch
WebCrawler Searching
Links to Search Engines
How to Optimize Your Web Page's Location in Search Engine Results

Directories to and Indexes of the Web

NetGuide Live
Yahoo a Guide to the WWW
eBLAST, the Encyclopaedia Britannica's Internet Guide - 10/5
The WWW Virtual Library - distributed Web directories maintained by experts
Your WebScout -- Way Cool Links
Searching the Einet Information Galaxy
Internet Public Library Ready Reference Collection
The Internet Sleuth
Dolores Farmer's Virtual Library

Webmaster Corner

Elsop's Webmaster Resource Center
WebMaster Magazine
The WWW Security FAQ
Trademarks and Web Sites
Bad! Bad Webmaster! Bad!!!
I'd love to assemble a book of "anonymous" Webmaster tales and get Scott Adams to illustrate it. The title of this book? Dogbert Answers Webmaster Mail. Yes, I can just see it now... ;->

Setting Up Web Browsers on PCs and Macs

Mosaic for Windows
Netscape FAQ
Hidden Features of Netscape
Lynx Documentation
Lynx Keystrokes
Lynx is text-based Web browser, available on most Unix workstations. It's an excellent tool for doing text searches, or for other times when you can't use a graphics browser

Web Page Development Resources

k.i.s.s - Keep It Simple Stupid
X Marks the Spot- XML and the future of Web page development
Virtual Library of WWW Development
Spiderwoman of the Web
Complete Resource for all Web Builders - 10/1
HTML Goodies
Barebones Guide to HTML
A Compendium of HTML Elements
Jay's Guide to Frames
Art of HTML
HTML/SGML Reference, Sandia National Labs
ant_html Ant HTML Word-to-HTML Conversion Shareware
World's Worst World Wide Web Page Don't try this on your home page!
networkMCI Developers Lab Home Page
HTML 3.0 Specification
IETF HTML Working Group
Web 66: Cookbook
Yale C/AIM WWW Style Manual

Graphics for Web Pages

Texture Station
Adobe - GIF and JPEG Continuous-tone Images
NCSA Imagemap Tutorial
Backgrounds from Baylor University
Planet Earth Home Page: Images

Graphic Tools

Victor Engel's No Dither Netscape Color Paletter
Color Circle
RGB Text Triplet Color Chart
Color Ramper (Netscape 1.1)
CID's Gif Transparentifier Thinga-Ma-Jiggy
Imaging Machine
Transparent/Interlaced GiFs FAQ
Transparent Background Images
Graphic Resources on the Internet
Background Generator
Fractal Images and Fractal Software

CGI/Perl Tools The Perl Language Home Page
Muquit's Work & Hack
Perl Tutorial
The CGI Collection
Learn to Write CGI-Forms
Shareware CGIs Chris Stephens shareware A Perl5 CGI Library
Matt's Script Archive (Perl scripts)

Web Tools

Web Page Validator
wusage 3.2 WWW server tools for reporting on usage statistics
WebStat 1.6
Wide World Web Wonder Widget -- Mozilla Printing
StatBot Users Manual
WebChat While I normally avoid adding "not completely functional" tools here, WebChat shows huge promise for the future.
Winsock FAQ
Various Web tools

Web Conferences

DCI's Internet Expo
WWW3, Darmstadt, Germany, April 10-14 1995
Upcoming WWW Conferences
4th International WWW Conference
Proceedings from the Chicago WWW Conference

Web-Related Businesses

CommerceNet Consultant Listing
Utopia Inc. Professional Web Site Design Shop
About Web Communications
Developing a Presence on the Internet

Web-Related Newsgroups

New Site Announcements

comp.infosystems.www.announce Where new Web site announcements should go! (Unless they're commercial, of course.)

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