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During the first 23 years I was in SF fandom, I only got to 8 Worldcons (MidAmericon, Noreascon II, Chicon IV, ConFederation, Nolacon II, Noreascon III, Chicon V and MagiCon). Since 1997, I've been to 6 out of 7 (LoneStarCon II, Bucconeer, Chicon 2000, Millennium Philcon, ConJosé and Torcon III). ConJosé marked my first trip to California for a con, and Torcon III marked my first foreign Worldcon (at last!).

I spent some of the weekend fighting with my camera, so the quality of some of these is not quite as high as I'd like. While I deleted many photos, some still give a good feel for the con and who was there.

Leslie Mann
UK Fan Del Cotter
Cake in Honor of Janis Ian and Mike Resnick's Anthology Stars
Pittsburgh Beer Dinner Returnees
This Year's Fan GoH Mike Glyer and One of Next Year's Fan GoHs Jack Speer
Pat and Maddy Virzi
Linda Bushyager and Mike Glyer
Hope Leibowitz and a Friend
Business Meeting Head Table
Gardner Dozois and Susan Casper Take a Rickshaw to the Hugos
Hugo Nominees, Friends and Escourts
Toastmaster Spider Robinson Serenades the Audience
Rusty Hevelin Wins an Award
Hugo Losers Cake with Candy Rockets
Gay Ellen Dennett, Hugo Losers Party Hostess
Hugo Losers Party Decorations - A Big One Is in the Right Corner
Debbie King and Kelly Persons Set Up Food for the Hugo Losers Party
Geri Sullivan and Jim Mann, Hugo Losers Door Guards
Naomi Fisher
Deb King and Noreascon 4 Chair Deb Geisler
Rick Katze
Suford Lewis
Paula Lieberman, Mel Hertz and Sheila Perry
Hugo Losers Food
2003 Hugo Winner Geoff Landis
Big Heart Winner John Hertz
Rich and Nicki Lynch with Their Hugo
Hugo Losers Party: KIM Campbell
Exhibit Hall: David Brin and the Hugo Losers Gift
Exhibit Hall: WSFS Banner
Exhibit Hall: Hugos from the Early '00s
Exhibit Hall: Hugos from the '90s
Exhibit Hall: Hugos from the '80s
Exhibit Hall: Hugos from the '70s
Exhibit Hall: Hugos from the '50s
Banners/Posters for the Gathering (a Lord of the Rings Con)
Worldcon Banners
Meeting my Cousins
Packing the Exhibits
Touristing at the CN Tower