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Research by Donald D. Horward, 1990s
Additional information courtesy of Szentpeterfa (a site devoted to the geneology of people whose ancestors were from Szentpeterfa, Hungary)

[[Notes by Laurie Mann]]

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Donald Horward, the retired director of the Institute on Napoleon and the French Revolution at Florida State University, is a distant cousin of my husband, Jim Mann. He researched the Howarth (Horvat) family during one of his trips to Europe. He reported that this is a "partially conflicted family tree." Some corrections to this family tree were found at the Szentpeterfa site.

Joannas Paukauvitz was born in the 1780s. He married Anna. Their son Gasparus Paukauvitz was born January 2, 1804.

Gasparus married Elizabeth Karlovics on May 12, 1822. Their children included Stevan Paukauvits, who was born on August 19, 1837.

Stevan married Elizabeth Sztubic on April 24, 1861. Elizabeth's parents were named Joseph and Catherine Temme(?). Stevan and Elizabeth's children included Nicolaus (died young), Maria (died 18 years), Agnes, Francisca, Rosa, Julianna, Anna, Franciscus (Frank), Stephanus and Antonius.

Francisca Paukauvitz, was born in Eberau, Austria on February 13, 1868 and died on August 27, 1938. Her godparents were Cajetanus and Catherine Tippel. She married Janos Horvat.

Janos Horvat was born in Dozmat Austria-Hungary on February 12, 1867 and died on July 20, 1955(?). Janos had several siblings including Teresa (or Rose), Karl, Ferdinand and Steven.

Janos and Francisca had four children:

Horvat Family Before Emmigration, 1906
Horvat Family Before Emmigration, 1906

Robert Jenn, of the Croatian Heritage Museum and Library in Cleveland, sent along the following information on some of the surnames in this genealogy:

All surnames have their origins in Croatia. In the 1500s when the Ottoman Turks over ran The Kingdom of Croatia and the Kingdom of Hungary, many people fled. One area that is known to have recieved Croatian refugees is the Burgenland region of what is now Austria. That region decided by pleblisite to join Austria and leave Hungary after the end of WW I.

HORVAT, literally translates to Croat. The name is common throughout not only Croatia but is one of the more common name in Hungary. Many who hold this name in Hungary are ethnic Magyars.

PAUKAUVITZ is a Germanized verion (which was most likely PAUKOVITZ) of the original Croatian spelling is PAUKOVIC comes from the word pauk, meaning spider. The IC ending which sounds like ich means the son of. Originally the IC was added to the name of the eldest son, meaning "the one who inherits".

KARLOVICS is a Magarized version of KARLOVIC, meaning the son of Charles or Karl.

SZTUBIC original sp would be STUBIC.

You will find those surnames being searched by other descendants of Burgenlanders.

You will find info re the origin of these Croatian surnames in various archived Burgenland Newsletters... here is a link to one such article re PAUKOVITZ The article mentions the likely origin of these Croatians as Kopreinitz which is modern day Koprivnica located 47.3 miles ENE of Zagreb. Here's a link to the complete archive which has more articles regarding the Croatian settlement of this region.

The family emmigrated to America and settled in Pittsburgh. The family name was spelled Horvath after emmigration, but Marton spelled his name Martin Howarth.

Martin Howarth and Mary O'Brien at the BeachMartin married Mary O'Brien (1904-October 1978) in the mid-1920s.

They had nine children (one of whom died young):

Francesca Horvat and Jack Howarth, 1926 Here's picture of Francesca with her grandson, Jack in the late '20s.

Jack, Betty, Franny and Mary Alice Howarth, Circa 1936 And a family shot of Jack, Betty, Franny and Mary Alice in about 1936.

And about 1960 (front to back: Margie, Tom, Theresa, Jack, Franny, Mary Alice, Betty, and Joe)
Margie, Tom, Theresa, Jack, Franny, Mary Alice, Betty, and Joe Howarth, Circa 1960

And about 1980 (front to back: Jack, Joe, Tom, Theresa, Margie, Betty and Franny).
Jack, Joe, Tom, Theresa, Margie, Betty and Franny Howarth Circa 1980

And about 1990 (front to back: Theresa, Mary Alice, Tom, Franny, Margie, Jack, and Joe).
Theresa, Mary Alice, Tom, Franny, Margie, Jack, and Joe Howarth, Circa 1990