Laurie Trask - Jim Mann Wedding, May 22, 1977

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With all the people putting up pages on their recent weddings, I thought I'd finally select a few favorite wedding pictures and put them up. Most of the 1977 photos were taken by Barbara Geraud Knutson.

Laurie Dickinson Trask (that's me) married James Anthony Mann on May 22, 1977. 1977 was the height of disco fever, a fad we both avoided, but just before Star Wars opened, a fad we gleefully enjoyed. Laurie Trask, Jim Mann and Friend...
We got married in the First Congregational Church, West Boylston, MA, a church with a very attractive set of stained glass windows. Stained Glass, First Congregational Church, West Boylston, MA
The church minister at that time was David Heintzelmann. He was good people. Here he was shaking hands with Bill Mann, my brother-in-law to be (and now a chef). Ira Kaplowitz, our best man, looks on. David Heintzelmann, Bill Mann, Ira Kaplowitz
Another picture from the wedding rehersal. My cousin Howard Hazen was the ringbearer (aka "Frodo" according to Jim). Jim's grandmother Mary O'Brien Howarth, his mother Betty Mann, and his uncle Bill Mann are looking on. Howard Hazen, Mary Howarth, Betty Mann, Bill Mann
My dad, Bill Trask, has acted in dozens of amateur plays over the years. The weekend I graduated from high school, he was playing Mr. Gibbs in Our Town. The weekend I got married, he was playing Luther Billis in South Pacific. After I scanned this picture in, I decided the "Honeybun" photo was just...well...a little too revealing for the Internet. Singing the part of Nellie is well-known local actress Grace Leslie. Grace Leslie and Bill Mann in South Pacific
We strongly eschewed the "groom and bride shall not see one another before the wedding" nonsense. Laurie Trask and Jim Mann
The "walk down the aisle" shot. Behind us are my father's brothers George and John Crawford, Crawford's daughter Jay, a school friend of Jeff's Jason Goulen, and some fans in the back - Suford and Tony Lewis, and in the very last row, Jim Hudson. Laurie and Bill Trask
After the ceremony, there was the reenactment for the photographers. From left to right: Bill Mann (Jim's uncle), Howard Hazen (my cousin), Ira Kaplowitz (our best man), Jim Mann, Bill Trask, Laurie Trask Mann, David Heintzelmann, Ruth Trask, Heidi Hazen, Beth Moran Smith, and Betty Mann. I'd love to know what happened to the film my mother-in-law was shooting. Bill Mann, Howard Hazen, Ira Kaplowitz, Jim Mann, Bill Trask, Laurie Mann, David Heintzelmann, Ruth Trask, Heidi Hazen, Beth Moran Smith, Betty Mann
This is a shot taken in the garden of Higgins Estate with my parents Bill and Ruth Trask. Bill and Ruth Trask, Laurie and Jim Mann
My parents' next-door-neighbor, Mrs. Lavoie, made a terrific cake. It had two chocolate and one vanilla layers. Traditional cake-cutting picture, with cousin Heidi Hazen looking on. Jim and Laurie Mann, Heidi Hazen and the Cake
Jim attacks the cake. Jim Mann and the Cake...
Great Aunt Arlene and Uncle Howard Shonyo with their grandchildren Andrea Hazen (Welsh) and Howard Hazen. Martha Steck, my family's favorite babysitter, is sitting with them. My grandmother Alice Shonyo, and several great aunts from the Trask family came down to the wedding. Arlene and Howard Shonyo, Andrea and Howard Hazen,
  Martha Steck
The reception was held on very hot day (it got to be 96!) at the Higgins Estate on the campus of Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Here, my cousins are having a drink: Debbie Trask Haskins, Laurie Trask Mann and Anne Trask Forcier. Debbie, Laurie and Anne Trask
Drama Club kids from West Boylston and some other folks we hung out with ("circular" from the top): Fran Lounsbury, Jim & Laurie Mann, Nancy Aharonian, Scott Johnson, Andrea Hazen, Bruce Leslie, Jason Goulen, (I forget the dark-haired young woman's name), Gail Larson, Paul Yankowskas
Jim and I joined Brenda and Larry Clough for a celebration of our "close-to-mutual" 20th anniversaries (them - 5/21/77, us - 5/22/77). Since money was almost no object, we went to the Old Angler's Inn just outside of DC in Maryland along the Potomac. The food was great and the service was extremely attentive.
Jim and Laurie Mann, Brenda and Larry Clough at our 20th Anniversary Dinner
Our 30th anniversary dinner, with other couples married in 1977: Lawrence and Julie Evans, Larry and Brenda Clough, Jim and Laurie Mann. We had an amazing dinner at The Inn at Little Washington.
May 2007, 30th anniversary party
Our 35th anniversary dinner, celebrated at the 2012 Nebula Award Banquet.
May 2012, 35th anniversary dinner