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Trask House, Rochester Vermont, 1923

Trask House, Main St., Rochester, VT, 1923 Trask House, Main St., Rochester, VT, Sketch

Photo above scanned by Terry Rostamo

Old Post Cards of Rochester, Vermont

Post Card:  Rochester by Air 1 Post Card:  Rochester by Air 2

John and Mary Trask

Horace Bundy Signature, back of portrait
of Mary Trask, Rochester, VT, July 19, 1845 John Trask, July 1845, painted by
  Horace Bundy Mary Trask, July 1845, painted by
  Horace Bundy Mary Trask, Circa 1880

The portraits are of John and Mary Trask of Rochester, VT. They were painted in July 1845 by Horace Bundy, a New England portrait painter. My Cousin Mardie has the originals (in Texas after over 160 years of hanging around Vermont). A number of copies were made, and Trask descendents from across the country have them, including my father. Terry Rostamo scanned in a much later photograph of Mary. If anyone has a current address for Terry Rostamo or Willis T. Brown (who may have died in September 2001 - can anyone confirm?), please let me know.

So, this is cool (at least to me). I wanted to see how quickly the info that the portraits of John and Mary were by Bundy got into Google. So, I ran a search on "Horace Bundy" "John Trask". The first link up was not this page, it was "The Ancestry of John Kerry." It turns out I'm a distant cousin, as we both had Trask, Elliott and Herrick relatives who lived in Salem in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. I'm a huge Kerry fan and met him while he was campaigning in Pittsburgh in 2004. He's descended from John and Christian Trask of Salem, late 1600s. I added the info about Horace Bundy to this page on 9/14/14 and it was in Google by 9/22/14.

John & Mary Trask Children's Obelisk Marker, Old Cemetary, Rochester, VT   

John & Mary Trask Children's Obelisk Marker, Old Cemetary, Rochester, VT

The names on the back of the marker are of the children of John and Mary who died young. John Trask's name appears on the other side of the marker.

John & Mary and J.H. & Mary Trask's Gravestone, New Cemetary, Rochester, VT

John and Mary Trask's Headstone, New Cemetary, Rochester, VT
At some point in about 1870 or so, the old cemetary was closed and a new cemetary opened on a hill overlooking the southern part of town. John Trask has head stones in both locations!

J. H. Trask's Store Sign

J. H. Trask's Store Sign

This sign hung in front of J. H. Trask's store, and is now hanging in the general store in Rochester, along with other momentoes from his store.

Rochester High School, 1914 School Photo (partial)

Nellie Foley and John Trask, Rochester High School, 1914
This is an unfortunately blurry photo of a photo I found in the Rochester Historical Society. My grandfather, John Trask, is in the top row, the man in the black T-shirt. My grandmother, Nellie Foley, is in the first row on the far left. Her father, John Foley, was a blacksmith.

Thanksgiving 1970

Nellie Trask
and Some of Her Grandchildren, 1970

This is the first Thanksgiving after Grandpa died. The red-haired cousins are, from left to right, Mardie & Anne Trask. The blonde cousins are Laurie, Jeff, Carrie and Terry Trask. Grandma Trask is in the middle.

April 2004

Anne Trask, Mardie Trask Sorenson, Laurie Trask Mann, April 30, 2004
Anne Trask, Mardie Trask Sorenson, Laurie Trask Mann, April 30, 2004

Thanksgiving 1972

Nellie Trask
with Some of Her Grandchildren, 1972

Pat, Debbie, Mardie, Nellie, Jay, Pam, Bobby, Anne, Alan Wright, and Sally Trask.

Estate Sale, August 1980

The brick house on Main Street was in the Trask family from 1837-1980.

Trask Estate Sale, Back Yard, August 1980
Estate sale, back yard
Trask Estate Sale, Franklin Stove, August 1980
Franklin stove
Trask Estate Sale, Dining Room and China Cabinet, August 1980
Dining room and china cabinet
Trask Estate Sale, Living Room, August 1980
Living room

Christmas '96

Leslie and Jim Mann, Jeffrey Trask, Pittsburgh, PA 1996

Leslie and Jim Mann, Jeff Trask celebraing the holidays in Pittsburgh, PA

Thanksgiving '98

Carrie and Terry Trask, Jim Mann, Thanksgiving, Massachusetts, 1998
Carrie and Terry Trask, Jim Mann at the Spencer Country Inn for Thanksgiving dinner, 1998.

Deborah and Glen Haskins, November 1998
The next day, my father and I drove up to New Hamshire and had lunch with my cousin Debbie and her husband Glen.