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Ray Walston (actor) -- Dead. . Died January 1, 2001. Born December 2, 1914. The original My Favorite Martian and a judge on Picket Fences, The Stand; IMDb

Les Brown (bandleader/songwriter) -- Dead. Died January 4, 2001. Born March 14, 1912. Les Brown and His Band of Renown was the longest-touring band in show biz, and worked with Doris Day, Bob Hope and Dean Martin Home Page IMDb

Nancy Parsons (actress) -- Dead. Diabetes. Died January 5, 2001. Born January 17, 1942. Porky's, Steel Magnolias IMDb

Michael Williams (supporting actor) -- Dead. Lung cancer. Died January 11, 2001. Born 1935. Great bit parts in British movies, such as Brian in Educating Rita, married to Dame Judi Dench for thirty years IMDb

William Hewlett (started an early "garage" company) -- Dead. Old age. Died January 12, 2001. Born May 20, 1913. A co-founder of Hewlett-Packard with Dave Packard

Al Waxman (actor) -- Dead. Heart surgery. Died January 18, 2001. Born March 2, 1935. Lt. Bert Samuels on Cagney and Lacey, active in theater in his home town of Toronto IMDb

Sandy Baron (comic) -- Dead. Emphysema. Died January 21, 2001. Born May 5, 1937. Played Lenny onstage, narrated Broadway Danny Rose IMDb

Gordon R. Dickson (writer) -- Dead. Died January 31, 2001. Born November 1, 1923. Books about the Dorsai and dragons (The Dragon and the George) IMDb


Dale Evans (actress) -- Dead. Heart failure. Died February 7, 2001. Born October 31, 1912. Co-wrote "Happy Trails to You," with her husband, Roy Rogers, wrote a number of books on her own. Home Page IMDb

Anne Morrow Lindbergh (writer/pilot) -- Dead. Died February 7, 2001. Born June 22, 1906. Flew frequently with her husband, wrote many books including Gift from the Sea.

Herbert A. Simon, Ph.D. (economist) -- Dead. Complications of cancer surgery. Died February 9, 2001. Born June 15, 1916. Wonderful speaker and teacher, Nobel Prize winner for economics for 1978. Make memorial contributions to: Carnegie Mellon University, the First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh or a charity of the donor's choice Home Page Home Page

Three Rivers Stadium (stadium) -- Dead. Obsolesence. Died February 11, 2001. Born Jul, 1970. Home of four Super Bowl winners (Steelers) and two World Series winners (Pirates)

Howard Koch (producer) -- Dead. Died February 16, 2001. Born April 11, 1916. Produced many movies, including The Odd Couple and The Manchurian Candidate IMDb

Stanley Kramer (director) -- Dead. Pneumonia. Died February 19, 2001. Born September 29, 1913. Directed important movies such as Judgment at Nuremberg and Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? IMDb

William Masters (sex researcher) -- Dead. Complications of Parkinson's Disease. Died February 19, 2001. Born December 27, 1915. Masters and Johnson

Rosemary De Camp (actress) -- Dead. Pneumonia. Died February 20, 2001. Born November 14, 1910. Played many mothers in movies and TV, long-time pitchwoman for 20-Mule Team Borax Obituary IMDb

Claude Shannon (information theorist) -- Dead. Alzheimer's. Died February 24, 2001. Born April 30, 1916. Invented binary code and bits Mathematical Theory of Communication Home Page


Louis Edmonds (actor) -- Dead. Cancer/respiratory failure. Died March 3, 2001. Born September 24, 1923. Roger Collins on Dark Shadows, Langley Wallingford on All My Children IMDb

Harold Stassen (perennial presidential candidate/politician) -- Dead. Old age. Died March 4, 2001. Born April 13, 1907. Liberal Republican who decried extremism, helped to start the UN, resigned as governor of Minnesota to enlist for WWII

Kim Walker (actress) -- Dead. Cancer. Died March 6, 2001. Born June 19, 1968. One of the Heathers, she was also one of the kids in Say Anything IMDb

Edward Winter (actor) -- Dead. Parkinson's Disease. Died March 8, 2001. Born June 3, 1937. Col. Flagg on M*A*S*H IMDb

Leopold Page (leathergoods retailer/historian) -- Dead. Died March 9, 2001. Born 1914. Told many people in Hollywood the story of how Oskar Schindler saved the lives of his family and 1,000 other Jews before Thomas Keneally made the story world-famous, advisor to the movie Schindler's List Home Page

Morton Downey, Jr. (former talk show host) -- Dead. Lung disease (cancer?). Died March 12, 2001. Born December 9, 1933. More obnoxious than Jerry Springer (yes, really), had half a lung; survived a major cancer surgery in 1998 Home Page IMDb

Robert Ludlum (novelist) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died March 12, 2001. Born May 25, 1927. The Bourne Identity and other spy books IMDb

Ann Sothern (actress) -- Dead. Heart failure. Died March 15, 2001. Born January 22, 1909. Voice of My Mother, the Car IMDb

John Phillips (singer) -- Dead. Heart failure. Died March 18, 2001. Born August 30, 1935. Founded the Mamas and the Papas, father of MacKenzie and Chynna IMDb

Norma Macmillan (cartoon voice) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died March 21, 2001. Born 1921. Voice of Casper and Sweet Polly Purebread, mother of Alison Arngrim (Little House on the Prairie) IMDb

William Hanna (cartoon creator) -- Dead. Old age. Died March 22, 2001. Born July 14, 1910. Directed many cartoons including Huckleberry Hound, The Flintstones, and The Jetsons, partner of Joseph Barbera Home Page IMDb


David Graf (actor) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died April 7, 2001. Born April 16, 1950. Many bit parts, probably best known as Tackleberry in the Police Academy movies IMDb

Beatrice Straight (actress) -- Dead. Died April 7, 2001. Born August 2, 1914. Stage actress who won an Academy Award for playing William Holden's angry wife in Network.  IBDB  IMDb  FindAGrave

Willie "Pops" Stargell (baseball great/humanitarian) -- Dead. Stroke/hypertension/kidney disease/diabetes. Died April 9, 2001. Born March 6, 1940. Powerful hitter, raised millions for charity, died the morning the new baseball park opened in Pittsburgh, two days after his bronze statue was unveiled at PNC Park Home Page

Nyree Dawn Porter (actress) -- Dead. Died April 11, 2001. Born January 22, 1940. The Forsyte SagaIMDb

Sir Harry Secombe (actor) -- Dead. Diabetes. Died April 11, 2001. Born September 8, 1921. The Goon Show, Mr. Bumble in Oliver! Died on the same day as Nyree Dawn Porter. IMDb

Harvey R. Ball (graphic designer) -- Dead. Died April 12, 2001. Born circa 1921. Invented the ubiquitous smiley face in 1963 doing some work for an insurance company, made $45 from it :-)Home Page

Jack Haley, Jr. (documentary producer) -- Dead. Died April 21, 2001. Born October 25, 1933. Produced dozens of documentaries, notably That's Entertainment!, married to Liza Minnelli in the '70s IMDb

Al Hibbler (singer) -- Dead. Died April 24, 2001. Born August 16, 1915. Had original #1 of "Unchained Melody," sang with Duke Ellington's band IMDb


Cliff Hillegass (businessman) -- Dead. Died May 5, 2001. Born circa 1917. Immortalized as the man who invented Cliffs Notes

Deborah Walley (actress) -- Dead. Cancer. Died May 10, 2001. Born August 12, 1943. The second movie Gidget, the daughter on The Mothers-in-Law IMDb

Douglas Adams (hysterically-funny writer) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died May 11, 2001. Born March 11, 1952. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Home Page IMDb

Perry Como (singer) -- Dead. Died May 12, 2001. Born May 18, 1912. The singing barber from Canonsburg, PA Home Page Obituary IMDb

Jason Miller (playwright/actor) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died May 13, 2001. Born April 22, 1939. Wrote That Championship Season, starred in The Exorcist, father of Jason Patric, son-in-law of Jackie Gleason Home Page IMDb

Susannah McCorkle (singer) -- Dead. Suicide. Died May 19, 2001. Born January 4, 1946. Home Page Obituary

Whitman Mayo (actor) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died May 22, 2001. Born November 15, 1930. Grady on Sanford and Son Home Page IMDb

Patricia Hilliard Robertson (astronaut) -- Dead. Experimental plane crash/severe burns. Died May 24, 2001. Born March 12, 1963. Rennaisance woman (physician, pilot, astronaut) who died while testing an experimental aircraft Home Page Obituary

Anne Haney (character actress) -- Dead. Heart failure. Died May 26, 2001. Born March 4, 1934. Many bit parts, the social worker in Mrs. Doubtfire IMDb

Arlene Francis (actress) -- Dead. Old age. Died May 31, 2001. Born October 20, 1908. Very popular game show panelist, especially on What's My Line? IMDb


Hank Ketcham (cartoonist) -- Dead. Heart disease. Died June 1, 2001. Born March 14, 1920. Creator of Dennis the Menace Home Page Obituary IMDb

Imogene Coca (comic) -- Dead. Old age. Died June 2, 2001. Born November 18, 1908. Your Show of Shows IMDb

Anthony Quinn (actor) -- Dead. Respiratory failure. Died June 3, 2001. Born April 21, 1915. A two-time Oscar winner, he played a wide variety of roles (and ethnicities!) IMDb

John Lee Hooker (bluesman) -- Dead. Old age. Died June 21, 2001. Born August 22, 1917. Gave a concert just days before he died IMDb

Carroll O'Connor (actor) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died June 21, 2001. Born August 2, 1924. TV's In the Heat of the Night and All in the Family IMDb

Yvonne Dionne (secluded quintuplet) -- Dead. Cancer. Died June 23, 2001. Born May 28, 1934.

Jack Lemmon (actor) -- Dead. Cancer. Died June 27, 2001. Born February 8, 1925. Wonderfully versatile actor, Felix in the movie version of The Odd Couple, teamed in movies with Walter Matthau IMDb

Mortimer Adler (writer, "Great Books" editor) -- Dead. Respiratory infection. Died June 28, 2001. Born December 28, 1902. Home Page Obituary

Chet "Mr. Guitar" Atkins (guitar player/singer) -- Dead. Cancer. Died June 30, 2001. Born June 20, 1924. Produced many country singers, was an excutive for RCA records for many years.  Home Page  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave


Mordecai Richler (writer) -- Dead. Kidney cancer. Died July 3, 2001. Born January 27, 1931. The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz Home Page Obituary IMDb

Katharine Graham (publisher) -- Dead. Fall. Died July 17, 2001. Born June 16, 1917. Ran The Washington Post for many years, including during Watergate Obituary

Gunther Gebel-Williams (lion tamer) -- Dead. Brain cancer. Died July 19, 2001. Born September 12, 1934. Main headliner for Ringling Brothers in the '70s and '80s Home Page Obituary

Eudora Welty (writer) -- Dead. Pneumonia. Died July 23, 2001. Born April 13, 1909. The Optimist's Daughter Obituary IMDb

Poul Anderson (writer) -- Dead. Cancer. Died July 31, 2001. Born November 25, 1926. A gentle man and a fabulous talespinner Operation Chaos Make memorial contributions to: SFWA Emergency Medical Fund AwardWeb


Lorenzo Music (voice) -- Dead. Lung cancer. Died August 4, 2001. Born May 2, 1937. Went from working behind the scenes to being the voice of Carlton, the Doorman and Garfield, the Cat IMDb

Christopher Hewett (actor) -- Dead. Complications of diabetes. Died August 3, 2001. Born Apr, 1921. TV's Mr. Belvedere. Obituary IMDb

Larry Adler (harmonica player) -- Dead. Cancer. Died August 6, 2001. Born February 10, 1914. Talented musician who relocated to England during the McCarthy era Home Page Obituary IMDb

Maureen Reagan (speaker, activist) -- Dead. Melanoma. Died August 7, 2001. Born January 4, 1941. IMDb

Sir Fred Hoyle (astronomer, science fiction writer) -- Dead. Stroke. Died August 20, 2001. Born June 24, 1915. One of the last adherents of the "steady state" theory, he was the one, ironically, to coin the term "big bang" as a joke to describe that theory of the creation of the universe Home Page IMDb

Kathleen Freeman (actress) -- Dead. Lung cancer. Died August 23, 2001. Born February 17, 1919. Many character roles...and, twice, "a penguin" IMDb

Peter Maas (writer) -- Dead. Died August 23, 2001. Born June 27, 1929. Author of Serpico and The Terrible Hours IMDb

Aaliyah (hip hop singer/actress) -- Dead. Burned to death in a plane crash. Died August 25, 2001. Born January 16, 1979. Full name: Aaliyah Dana Haughton, was to have appeared in the next two Matrix movies Home Page Obituary IMDb


Dr. Christiaan Barnard (surgeon) -- Dead. Asthma attack. Died September 2, 2001. Born November 8, 1922. Performed the first heart transplant, South Africa 1967 Home Page Obituary

Troy Donahue (actor) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died September 2, 2001. Born January 27, 1936. Teen heartthrob of the early '60s IMDb

Thuy Trang (actress) -- Dead. Car accident (no seat belt). Died September 3, 2001. Born December 14, 1973. The Yellow Ranger in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movies IMDb

Pauline Kael (critic) -- Dead. Parkinson's. Died September 3, 2001. Born June 19, 1919. Longtime film reviewer for the New Yorker IMDb Obituary

Heywood Hale Broun (commentator, writer) -- Dead. Died September 5, 2001. Born March 10, 1918. IMDb

Justin Wilson (Cajun cook/storyteller) -- Dead. Died September 5, 2001. Born April 24, 1914. Home Page Obituary IMDb

Billie Lou Watt (voice) -- Dead. Lung cancer. Died September 7, 2001. Born circa 1930. Voice of Kimba and Astroboy (among others!) IMDb

David Angell (producer) -- Dead. Murdered by terrorists. Died September 11, 2001. Born 1948. Executive producer of Frasier Home Page IMDb

Berry Berenson (photographer/actress) -- Dead. Murdered by terrorists. Died September 11, 2001. Born 1948. Married to Anthony Perkins, Marisa Berenson's sister IMDb

Barbara Olson (political commentator, writer) -- Dead. Murdered by terrorists. Died September 11, 2001. Born 1956. Obituary

Alice Trillin (writer) -- Dead. Heart failure. Died September 11, 2001. Born 1938. Essayist, Dear Bruno, died the same day as Barbara Olson, Berry Berenson and David Angell but from an unrelated cause. Obituary

Victor Wong (actor/newscaster) -- Dead. Died September 12, 2001. Born July 30, 1927. Renassaince man who found fame playing wise old Chinese men in the movies (Big Trouble in Little China) IMDb

Dorothy McGuire (actress) -- Dead. Heart failure. Died September 13, 2001. Born June 14, 1918. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Gentleman's Agreement IMDb

Fred De Cordova (producer/director) -- Dead. Old age. Died September 15, 2001. Born October 27, 1910. Tonight Show producer for 20 years IMDb

Isaac Stern (violinist) -- Dead. Heart failure. Died September 22, 2001. Born July 21, 1920. Home Page Obituary IMDb

Lani O'Grady (actress) -- Dead. Uncertain (probably drugs & alcohol). Died September 25, 2001. Born October 2, 1954. Oldest sister on Eight Is Enough, in real life, the younger sister of Don Grady IMDb


Emilie Schindler (humanitarian) -- Dead. Aftereffects of a stroke. Died October 5, 2001. Born October 22, 1907. Oskar Schindler's wife, who helped save 1,000 Jews during WWII Schindler's List Home Page Obituary

Herblock (political cartoonist) -- Dead. Pneumonia. Died October 7, 2001. Born October 13, 1909. Washington Post cartoonist Home Page

Dagmar (blonde) -- Dead. Died October 9, 2001. Born November 29, 1921. A regular on Broadway Open House, died on the same day as Herbert Ross. IMDb

Herbert Ross (director) -- Dead. Heart failure. Died October 9, 2001. Born May 13, 1927. The Turning Point, Steel Magnolias, died on the same day as Dagmar. IMDb


JP Miller (writer) -- Dead. Died November 1, 2001. Born December 18, 1919. Wrote both the novel and the screenplay for Days of Wine and Roses and screenplays for The People Next Door and Helter-Skelter.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Anthony Shaffer (playwright) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died November 6, 2001. Born May 15, 1926. Wrote Sleuth, twin brother of Peter Shaffer.  twitter Obituary IMDb

Ken Kesey (author) -- Dead. Liver cancer. Died November 10, 2001. Born September 17, 1935. Wrote One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, one of the Merry Pranksters. Home Page Obituary IMDb

Albert Hague (actor, composer) -- Dead. Cancer. Died November 12, 2001. Born October 13, 1920. Teacher on Fame, he composed the music for How the Grinch Stole Christmas Home Page IMDb

Carrie Donovan (editor/Old Navy icon) -- Dead. Died November 12, 2001. Born March 22, 1928. Well-known fashion editor, she became famous to the masses in Old Navy commercials with her big glasses and little dog Obituary

Charlotte Coleman (actress) -- Dead. Asthma attack. Died November 14, 2001. Born April 3, 1968. Scarlet, the flighty flatmate in Four Weddings and a Funeral. Obituary IMDb

Gardner McKay (actor/writer/critic) -- Dead. Prostate cancer. Died November 21, 2001. Born June 10, 1932. Adventures in Paradise.  Home Page  IMDb  FindAGrave

Mary Kay Ash (businesswoman) -- Dead. Old age. Died November 22, 2001. Born May 12, 1918. Started a cosmetics company whose best saleswomen had pink cars Home Page

Rachel Gurney (actress) -- Dead. Died November 24, 2001. Born March 5, 1920. Lady Marjorie on Upstairs, Downstairs IMDb

George Harrison (musician) -- Dead. Brain cancer. Died November 29, 2001. Born February 25, 1943. The quiet Beatle, he survived being stabbed four times in the chest on December 30, 1999 and had individual success with "My Sweet Lord" Obituary IMDb


Kenny McCormick (running joke) -- Dead. writers were tired of figuring out ways for him to die. Died throughout 1997 1998 1999 and 2000 until December 5, 2001. Born 1997. South Park's bad luck boy

Roy Brocksmith (character actor) -- Dead. Diabetes. Died December 16, 2001. Born September 15, 1945. School principal in Picket Fences IMDb

Foster Brooks (comic (professional lush)) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died December 21, 2001. Born May 11, 1912. IMDb

Dick Schaap (sportscaster/writer) -- Dead. Complications of elective hip replacement surgery. Died December 21, 2001. Born September 27, 1934. TV and radio sportscaster and journalist, wrote an autobiography (Flashing Before My Eyes) just this year Obituary IMDb

Lance Loud (actor/early "reality show" star) -- Dead. AIDS/hepatitis. Died December 22, 2001. Born June 26, 1951. The star of An American Family, an early attempt at reality TV, and one of the first openly gay people on TV (circa 1973).  Home Page  IMDb

Nigel Hawthorne (actor) -- Dead. Heart attack/cancer. Died December 26, 2001. Born April 5, 1929. The Madness of King George Home Page Obituary IMDb

Eileen Heckart (actress) -- Dead. Cancer. Died December 31, 2001. Born March 29, 1919. Butterflies Are Free and Aunt Flo in Mary Tyler Moore Show IMDb

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