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Lash La Rue (actor) -- Dead. Died May 21, 1996. Born June 15, 1917.  IMDb

Deborah Laake (writer) -- Dead. Breast cancer. Died February 6, 2000. Born circa 1952. Wrote Secret Ceremonies: A Mormon Woman's Intimate Diary of Marriage and Beyond and was ex-communicated as a result.

Ronald Lacey (actor) -- Dead. Died May 15, 1991. Born June 18, 1935. Probably best-known as the ugly little Nazi in Raiders of the Lost Ark.  IMDb

Jerry Lacy (actor) -- Retired. Born March 27, 1946. Lots of TV, including Rev. Trask on Dark Shadows and commercials where he strongly implied being Humphrey Bogart.  IMDb

Cheryl Ladd (actress) -- Alive. Born July 12, 1951. A "late Angel," she's done a lot of TV ever since, was married to David Ladd in the '70s.  IBDB  IMDb

David Ladd (producer/actor) -- Alive. Born February 5, 1947. Produced Hart's War.  IMDb

Diane Ladd (actress) -- Alive. Born November 29, 1932. Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, once married to Bruce Dern, mother of Laura Dern.  IMDb

R. A. Lafferty (writer) -- Dead. Died March 18, 2002. Born July 14, 1914. Nine Hundred Grandmothers.   AwardWeb  Home Page

Don LaFontaine (Voice-over actor) -- Dead. Collapsed lung. Died September 1, 2008. Born August 26, 1940. Did the voice-over for over a thousand movie trailers (often leading off with "In a world..."), satirized himself on a GEICO commercial, died on the same day as Michael Pate and Jerry Reed.  Home Page  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Frankie Laine (singer) -- Dead. Complications of hip replacement surgery. Died February 6, 2007. Born March 30, 1913. Singer best-known for singing the theme songs to Rawhide and Blazing Saddles, marathon dancer in the '30s.  Home Page  IBDB  IMDb  FindAGrave

Jay Lake (writer) -- Dead. Colon cancer. Died June 1, 2014. Born June 6, 1964. Science fiction writer, winner of the 2004 Campbell Award, intense blogger on his cancer fight (frequently punctuated by Fuck Cancer, which all of us who knew him agree with), subject of the documentary Lakeside, died same day as Ann B. Davis.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Arthur Lake (actor) -- Dead. Died January 9, 1987. Born April 17, 1905. Dagwood.  IMDb

Veronica Lake (actress) -- Dead. Hepatitis. Died July 7, 1973. Born November 14, 1919.  IMDb

Sir Freddie Laker (businessman) -- Dead. Died February 9, 2006. Born August 6, 1922. Self-made millionaire who started Skytrain, an attempt to revolutionize flying, but was thwarted by the rest of the aviation industry, died on the same day as Phil Brown.  IMDb

Jack LaLanne (fitness guru) -- Dead. Pneumonia. Died January 23, 2011 Born September 26, 1914. Had an exercise TV show from the '50s until the '80s, exercised for hours a day until shortly before his death, famously said "I can't die. It would ruin my image."  Home Page  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Dalai Lama (spiritual leader) -- Alive. Born July 6, 1935. Tibetan exile since the Chinese took over, won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989 - birth name Tenzin Gyatso.  Home Page  IMDb

Hedy Lamarr (actress/inventor) -- Dead. Died January 19, 2000. Born September 9, 1913. Samson and Delilah, Tortilla Flat, with composer George Antheil, she co-invented and patented a communications system during WWII that helped lead to spread-spectrum technology and wireless communications 40 years later, their friendship inspired the play "Frequency Hopping."  Home Page  Home Page  IMDb  youtube  Obituary  FindAGrave

Fernando Lamas (actor) -- Dead. Died October 8, 1982. Born January 9, 1915. He looked mahvelous, married to Esther Williams.  IMDb

Verity Lambert (TV producer) -- Dead. Died November 22, 2007. Born November 27, 1935. First female and youngest producer for BBC television, oversaw the first two seasons of Dr. Who, later produced The Naked Civil Servant.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Dorothy Lamour (actress) -- Dead. Cardiac arrest. Died September 22, 1996. Born December 10, 1914. Road pictures with Bob and Bing.  IMDb

Burt Lancaster (actor) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died October 20, 1994. Born November 2, 1913. Birdman of Alcatraz  IMDb

Elsa Lanchester (actress) -- Dead. Bronchial pneumonia. Died December 26, 1986. Born December 28, 1902. The Bride of Frankenstein, married to Charles Laughton for many years.  Home Page  IBDB  IMDb  FindAGrave

Martin Landau (actor) -- Alive. Born June 20, 1931. Brilliant in the underrated Crimes and Misdemeanors; starred in Mission Impossible and Space: 1999, ex-husband of Barbara Bain.  IMDb

Ann Landers (advice columnist) -- Dead. Multiple myeloma. Died June 22, 2002. Born July 4, 1918. Her real name was Esther Friedman Lederer, she was the twin sister of "Dear Abby", her long-time editors launched a new column, Annie's Mailbox.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Steve Landesberg (actor/writer) -- Dead. Cancer. Died December 20, 2010. Born November 23, 1945. Dietrich in Barney Miller, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, many TV bit parts in-between.  IMDb

Michael Landon (actor) -- Dead. Pancreatic and liver cancer. Died July 1, 1991. Born October 31, 1936. An appropriate birth date, seeing as he went on to star in I Was a Teenage Werewolf.  IMDb

Allan Lane (Western actor/voice) -- Dead. Died October 27, 1973. Born September 22, 1904. Voice of Mr. Ed.  IMDb  FindAGrave

Charles Lane (previously busy actor) -- Dead. Died July 9, 2007. Born January 26, 1905. In over 200 movies and almost as many TV shows; usually showed up as a tall, white-haired, stern old man in shows with Lucille Ball, semi-regular on Petticoat Junction (Homer Bedloe).  Home Page  IMDb  Obituary

Priscilla Lane (actress) -- Dead. Old age. Died April 4, 1995. Born June 12, 1915. Arsenic and Old Lace.  IMDb

Ronnie Lane (rocker) -- Dead. Complications of Multiple Sclerosis. Died June 4, 1997. Born April 1, 1946. A bassist for the old British group Faces, which also spawned Rod Stewart

Sue Ane Langdon (actress) -- Alive. Born March 8, 1936. Supporting actress on many '60s and '70s comedies.  IMDb

Hope Lange (actress) -- Dead. Ischemic colitis. Died December 19, 2003. Born November 28, 1933. In the movie version of Peyton Place and the TV version of The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, met her first husband Don Murray while filming Bus Stop, died on the same day as Les Tremayne.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Jessica Lange (actress) -- Alive. Born April 20, 1949. Found for the first King Kong remake, won Oscars for Tootsie and Blue Sky, longtime companion of Sam Shepard.  twitter  IBDB  IMDb

Jim Lange (game show host/DJ) -- Dead. Died February 25, 2014. Born August 15, 1933. Host of The Dating Game in the '60s.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Frank Langella (actor) -- Alive. Born January 1, 1938. A memorable Dracula, Nixon in Frost/Nixon.  twitter  IMDb

Frances Langford (singer) -- Dead. Congestive heart failure. Died July 10, 2005. Born April 4, 1913. Sang "I'm in the Mood for Love," toured with Bob Hope to war zones, appeared in Yankee Doodle Dandy.  IBDB  IMDb  FindAGrave

David Langton (actor) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died April 25, 1994. Born April 16, 1912. Richard in Upstairs, Downstairs.  Home Page  IMDb

Mary Jenkins Langston (cook) -- Dead. Stroke. Died May 30, 2000. Born circa 1922. Elvis Presley's famed peanut butter and banana sandwich cook.  Home Page

Angela Lansbury (actress) -- Alive. Born October 16, 1925. Over fifty years of movies (the original Manchurian Candidate, years of TV (Murder, She Wrote), Mrs. Lovett on Broadway in Sweeney Todd.  IBDB  IMDb

Robert Lansing (actor) -- Dead. Cancer. Died October 23, 1994. Born June 5, 1929. Lots of movies and TV - Gary Seven on an episode of Star Trek.  IMDb

Sherry Lansing (media mogul) -- Retired. Born July 31, 1944. President of 20th Century Fox and later Paramount, she was involved in the greenlighting of Titanic and Forrest Gump, married to William Friedkin.  IMDb

Larry Laprise (postal worker/composer) -- Dead. Died April 4, 1996. Born November 11, 1912. Wrote that ever-popular kid's song "Hokey-Pokey."  IMDb  Obituary

Ring Lardner, Jr. (writer) -- Dead. Cancer. Died October 31, 2000. Born August 19, 1915. Went to prison during the McCarthy hearings, later helped to adapt the movie M*A*S*H.  IMDb

John Larroquette (actor) -- Alive. Born November 25, 1947. The Assistant DA in Night Court (for which he won four consecutive Emmys), John in the John Larroquette Show, Carl in Boston Legal.  IMDb

Jack Larson (producer/playwright/actor) -- Dead. Died September 20, 2015. Born February 8, 1933. Jimmy Olsen in the '50s version of Superman, was once Montgomery Clift's boyfriend, longtime companion of screenwriter James Bridges.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Jonathan Larson (composer) -- Dead. Aortic aneurysm. Died January 25, 1996. Born February 4, 1960. Died just before his masterpiece Rent would have made him an overnight sensation.  Home Page  IBDB  IMDb  FindAGrave

Nicolette Larson (singer) -- Dead. Liver failure and fluid on the brain. Died December 16, 1997. Born July 17, 1952. Rock one hit wonder for "Lotta Love" who went to country.

Tommy Lasorda (coach/pitchman) -- Alive. Born September 22, 1927.

Louise Lasser (actress) -- Alive. Born April 11, 1939. An ex-wife of Woody Allen who starred in his early movies such as Bananas; probably best-known as Mary Hartman....  IMDb

Estee Lauder (entrepreneur) -- Dead. Cardiopulmonary failure. Died April 24, 2004. Born July 1, 1906. Created and marketed high quality, expensive cosmetics.  Home Page  Obituary  FindAGrave

Tom Laughlin (actor/writer) -- Dead. Died December 12, 2013. Born August 10, 1931. Created and starred an early vigilante series, Billy Jack, ran for president. Make memorial contributions to Friends of the Pine Ridge Reservation  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Stan Laurel (comic) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died February 23, 1965. Born June 16, 1890. Quieter performer in the famous Laurel and Hardy team, he never performed again after his partner died.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  FindAGrave

Arthur Laurents (playwright/director) -- Dead. Pneumonia. Died May 5, 2011. Born July 14, 1918. Wrote the scrpts for West Side Story and Gypsy.  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Frank Lautenberg (senator, businessman) -- Dead. Pneumonia. Died June 3, 2013. Born January 23, 1924. A founder of ADP, he was the last member of the Senate who was a veteran of World War II, he pushed for the drinking age to be 21 nationally.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Linda Lavin (actress) -- Alive. Born October 15, 1937. TV's Alice, won a Tony for Broadway Bound, ex-wife of Ron Leibman.  IBDB  IMDb

John Phillip Law (actor) -- Dead. Died May 13, 2008. Born June 7, 1937. Barbarella.  Home Page  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Phyllida Law (actress) -- Alive. Born May 8, 1932. Mrs. Bates in the Gwyneth Paltrow Emma, mother of and frequent co-star with Emma and Sophie Thompson.  IMDb

Peter Lawford (actor) -- Dead. Cirrhosis of the liver. Died December 24, 1984. Born September 7, 1923.  IMDb

Carol Lawrence (singer/actress) -- Alive. Born September 5, 1934. Frequent guest star on TV shows, performed in hundreds of musicals, married to Robert Goulet in the '60s and '70s.  IMDb

Steve Lawrence (singer/actor) -- Alive. Born July 8, 1935. Mostly sang with his late wife Eydie Gormé, Best of Steve and Eydie, appeared on Broadway in What Makes Sammy Run?.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb

Vicki Lawrence (actress) -- Alive. Born March 26, 1949. The Carol Burnett Show, Mama's Family.  Home Page  IMDb

Le Duc Anh (former Vietnam president) -- Alive. Born circa 1920. Ailing - strokes.

Le Duc Tho (politician) -- Dead. Died October 13, 1990. Born October 14, 1911.

Robin Leach (host) -- Alive. Born August 29, 1941. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.  IMDb

Cloris Leachman (actress) -- Alive. Born April 30, 1926. Won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for The Last Picture Show, won 9 Emmys, TV's Phyllis, Frau Blucher in Young Frankenstein, active on Broadway in late '40s and '50s (was a replacement Nellie for South Pacific), oldest performer ever on Dancing with the Stars, will play a major role in American Gods, has been a vegetarian most of her life.  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  youtube

Louis S. B. Leakey (archaeologist/anthropologist) -- Dead. Died October 1, 1972. Born August 7, 1903. Discovered some of the earliest human ancestors in Africa, promoted research of chimps and gorillas.  Home Page

Mary Douglas Nichol Leakey (archaeologist/anthropologist) -- Dead. Died December 9, 1996. Born February 6, 1913.  Home Page

Timothy Leary (psychologist, author) -- Spaced. Prostate cancer. Died May 31, 1996. Born October 22, 1920. LSD guru.  Home Page

David Lean (director) -- Dead. Died April 16, 1991. Born March 25, 1908. British director who shot some of the most beautifully photographed (Lawrence of Arabia, Dr. Zhivago) movies ever made.  Home Page  IMDb

Norman Lear (Producer/writer) -- Alive. Born July 27, 1922. Showrunner of groundbreaking TV series like All in the Family and The Jeffersons, founded People for the American Way.  Home Page  twitter  IBDB  IMDb

Michael Learned (actress) -- Alive. Born April 9, 1939. Olivia on The Waltons.  IMDb

Jules Lederer (businessman) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died January 21, 1999. Born circa 1917. Founded Budget Rent-A-Car, married to Ann Landers from 1939-1975.

Heath Ledger (actor) -- Dead. Accidental drug overdose. Died January 22, 2008. Born April 4, 1979. Astonishing in Brokeback Mountain, died before The Dark Knight was released and while The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus was being filmed. [[I got into an argument with a likely ex-reader of Dead People Server for saying that Ledger's death was due to "suspected drug use" before the coroner's report came out.]]  Home Page  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Chris LeDoux (singer/rodeo star) -- Dead. Liver cancer. Died March 9, 2005. Born October 2, 1948. Popular bareback rodeo rider who migrated to country music after his retirement.  Home Page  Obituary

Anna Lee (actress) -- Dead. Died May 14, 2004. Born January 2, 1914. Starred as Lila Quartermaine on General Hospital and Port Charles, appeared in many movies including The Sound of Music and How Green Was My Valley, died on the same day as Charlotte Benkner.  twitter  IMDb

Anthony Dwain Lee (extremely unlucky actor) -- Dead. "Manslaughter". Died October 28, 2000. Born July 17, 1961. Made a bad decision to point a toy gun at a person dressed like an LAPD cop during a Halloween party. Unfortunately, it was an LAPD cop. [[ Yes, I know the cop was black too, but there's something about the mindset of some cops to shoot black people first and avoid questions later... ]]  twitter  IMDb

Beverly Lee (singer) -- Alive. Born August 3, 1941. A Shirelle, the group that sang "Soldier Boy" and many other pop tunes in the early '60s.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb

Brandon Lee (actor) -- Dead. Shot by a gun that was supposed to have been cleaned out by a stage hand, but it hadn't been completely. Died March 31, 1993. Born February 1, 1965. Son of Bruce Lee.  twitter  IMDb

Brenda Lee (singer) -- Alive. Born December 11, 1944. "I'm Sorry," born on the same day as Lynda Day George.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb

Bruce Lee (actor) -- Dead. Brain edema. Died July 20, 1973. Born November 27, 1940. Co-starred on TV's Green Hornet, went on to help popularize martial arts in movies and in real life, father of Brandon Lee.  twitter  IMDb

Christopher Lee (actor) -- Dead. Died June 7, 2015. Born May 27, 1922. After a lifetime of little movies, he appeared in two of the biggest movies of 2002: Attack of the Clones and The Two Towers, and was unceremoniously edited out of one of the biggest movies of 2003, Return of the King. He said he was in more movies than any other actor - should we doubt Saruman's word? Acted professionally well into his 90s; his last movie will be released in 2016.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Gypsy Rose Lee (stripper, actress, writer) -- Dead. Cancer. Died April 26, 1970. Born February 9, 1911. Extremely varied career, the musical Gypsy was based on her life, toured frequently with the USO, wonderful player during the '60s on Hollywood Squares, had a son with Otto Preminger, sister of June Havoc.   Home Page  twitter  IMDb  FindAGrave

Harper Lee (writer) -- Dead. Died February 19, 2016. Born April 28, 1926. Wrote one of the great books of the 20th century, To Kill a Mockingbird (Truman Capote was her childhood friend and inspired Dill), later published an earlier version of Mockingbird Go Set a Watchman, died same day as Umberto Eco.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Laurie Lee (writer) -- Dead. Died May 14, 1997. Born June 26, 1914.  twitter

Michele Lee (actress) -- Alive. Born June 24, 1942. Knot's Landing and lots of made-for-TV movies, an ex-wife of James Farentino.  twitter  IMDb

Peggy Lee (singer) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died January 21, 2002. Born May 26, 1920. Famous for "Fever" and "Is That All There Is?" suffered a stroke in 1998, died on the same day as Carrie Hamilton.  Home Page  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  youtube  Obituary  FindAGrave

Pinky Lee (comic) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died April 3, 1993. Born May 2, 1907.  twitter  IMDb

Ruta Lee (actress) -- Alive. Born May 30, 1935. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, many bit parts on TV, frequently on Hollywood Squares, wrote a funny rememberance of her longtime friend Debbie Reynolds.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  youtube

Stan Lee (comic writer) -- Alive. Born December 28, 1922. Collaborated with Jack Kirby for many years, created Spiderman and Silver Surfer, pops up in cameos in many Marvel movies and on The Big Bang Theory.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb

Tanith Lee (writer) -- Dead. Cancer. Died May 24, 2015. Born September 19, 1947. Fantasy novel & short story writer. Wrote two episodes of Blakes 7.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Phil Leeds (actor) -- Dead. Pneumonia. Died August 16, 1998. Born April 6, 1916. Last seen as a judge on Ally McBeal.  IMDb

Tom Lehrer (educator/comedian) -- Alive. Born April 9, 1928. Famous for "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park," he wrote music for That Was the Week that Was and The Electric Company. He started at Harvard when he was 15 and has spent most of his career as a math professor.  Home Page  IMDb

Ron Leibman (actor/teacher) -- Alive. Born October 11, 1935. Reuben in Norma Rae, he won a Tony for playing Roy Cohn in Angels in America, the head of the Acting Department at the Actors Studio, married to Jessica Walter, was married to Linda Lavin.  IBDB  IMDb

Jerry Leiber (lyricist) -- Dead. Cardio-pulmonary failure. Died August 22, 2011. Born April 25, 1933. With professional partner Mike Stoller, Leiber wrote the lyrics for songs like "Hound Dog," "Jailhouse Rock," "Stand by Me" (with Ben E. King) and the Peggy Lee standard "Is That All There Is?," died same day as Nickolas Ashford.  Home Page  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Douglas Leigh (Broadway sign designer) -- Dead. Natural causes. Died December 14, 1999. Born circa 1907.

Janet Leigh (actress) -- Dead. Vasculitis. Died October 3, 2004. Born July 6, 1927. She didn't take a take a shower for years, once married to Tony Curtis, mother of Jamie Lee Curtis.  IMDb  Obituary

Mike Leigh (director) -- Alive. Born February 20, 1943. Innovative British director of wonderful movies like Topsy Turvy and Secrets and Lies.  IMDb

Mitch Leigh (composer/director) -- Dead. Died March 16, 2014. Born January 30, 1928. Wrote the music for Man of La Mancha and for a very famous jingle - "Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee."  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Vivien Leigh (actress) -- Dead. Tuberculosis. Died July 7, 1967. Born November 5, 1913. Stage and screen actress who won Oscars for Gone with the Wind and Streetcar Named Desire, second wife of Lawrence Olivier.  Home Page  IBDB  IMDb  FindAGrave

Stanislaw Lem (writer) -- Dead. Died March 27, 2006. Born September 12, 1921. Polish science fiction writer, Solaris , died on the same day as Dan Curtis.  Home Page  IMDb  Obituary

Curtis LeMay (military leader) -- Dead. Died October 1, 1990. Born November 15, 1906.

Harvey Lembeck (actor) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died January 1, 1982. Born April 15, 1923. Comic actor, Stalag 17, may be best-known for playing Eric Von Zipper in some of the '60s Beach movies.  IBDB  IMDb  FindAGrave

Jack Lemmon (actor) -- Dead. Cancer. Died June 27, 2001. Born February 8, 1925. Wonderfully versatile actor, Felix in the movie version of The Odd Couple, teamed in movies with Walter Matthau.  IMDb

Meadowlark Lemon (basketball player/minister) -- Dead. Died December 27, 2015. Born April 25, 1932. The "Clown Prince of Basketball," he was the member of the Harlem Globetrotters (1955-1980) who always seemed to have the most fun on court.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Mark Lenard (actor) -- Dead. Multiple myeloma. Died November 22, 1996. Born October 15, 1928. Mr. Spock's dad, many TV shows and plays.  IMDb

Madeleine L'Engle (writer) -- Dead. Died September 6, 2007. Born November 29, 1918. Won the Newbery Award for A Wrinkle in Time, died on the same day as Luciano Pavarotti. Make memorial contributions to: Crosswicks Foundation  Home Page  IMDb  Obituary

John Lennon (musician) -- Dead. Assassination by gun. Died December 8, 1980. Born October 9, 1940. Part of the great Lennon-McCartney songwriting team, John was always the most interesting Beatle.  Home Page  IMDb

Jay Leno (talk show host) -- Alive. Born April 28, 1950. Hosted The Tonight Show since 1992, wrote Leading With My Chin, collects motorcycles.  Home Page  IMDb

Rosetta LeNoire (actress) -- Dead. Diabetes. Died March 17, 2002. Born August 8, 1911. A regular on many series, probably best-known as Mother Winslow in Family Matters.  IMDb  FindAGrave

Rula Lenska (obscure British actress) -- Alive. Born September 30, 1947. Pitched shampoo in US in the '70s.  IMDb

Buck Leonard (baseball great) -- Dead. Died November 27, 1997. Born September 8, 1907.  Home Page

Elmore Leonard (writer) -- Dead. Stroke. Died August 20, 2013. Born October 11, 1925. Wrote Get Shorty, Out of Sight, Rum Punch and a number of other best-selling books, died same day as Marian McPartland.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

John Leonard (critic) -- Dead. Lung cancer. Died November 5, 2008. Born February 25, 1939. Writer for New York, Harper's, The New York Times and resident critic on Sunday Morning.  IMDb  Obituary

Sheldon Leonard (TV producer/actor) -- Dead. Died January 11, 1997. Born February 22, 1907. Produced '60s classics like I Spy and Andy Griffith, born on the same day as Robert Young.  IMDb

Bethel Leslie (actress/writer) -- Dead. Cancer. Died November 28, 1999. Born August 3, 1929. Brilliant in Long Day's Journey into Night (in the '80s), she played a memorable Maggie in the soap opera The Doctors (in the '60s).  IMDb

Andrew Lesnie (cinematographer) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died April 27, 2015. Born January 1, 1956. Won an Oscar for cinemetography for Fellowship of the Ring, worked on all of Jackson's Tolkein movies, his last movie The Water Diviner, was released days before his death, died same day as Suzanne Crough.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Doris Lessing (author) -- Dead. Died November 16, 2013. Born October 22, 1919. The Golden Notebook, in 2007 was the oldest Nobel Prize winner.  Home Page  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

David Letterman (talk show host) -- Alive. Born April 12, 1947. Late Night with David Letterman, used to do a very creative daytime show in the early '80s.  Home Page  IMDb

Al Lettieri (actor) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died October 18, 1975. Born February 24, 1928. Sollozzo in The Godfather.  IMDb  FindAGrave

Gerald Levert (singer/songwriter) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died November 10, 2006. Born July 13, 1966. "I Swear," died on the same day as Jack Palance and Jack Williamson.  Home Page  IMDb

Claude Levi-Strauss (anthropologist) -- Dead. Died October 30, 2009. Born November 28, 1908. Wrote The Savage Mind.  IMDb  Obituary

Ira Levin (writer) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died November 13, 2007. Born August 27, 1929. Wrote Rosemary's Baby, The Stepford Wives. and Deathtrap.  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Irving R. Levine (newscaster) -- Dead. Died March 26, 2009. Born August 26, 1922. NBC newscaster for 45 years.  IMDb  Obituary

Al Lewis (actor/author/politician/former restauranteur/radio show host) -- Dead. Died February 3, 2006. Born April 30, 1923. Grandpa on The Munsters, ran for governor of New York, birth date confirmation, died on the same day as Jean Byron.  Home Page  IBDB  IMDb

C. S. Lewis (writer/professor) -- Dead. Died November 22, 1963. Born November 29, 1898. A Cambridge professor who founded the Inklings with J.R.R.Tolkien, he is best-known for the Narnia series and a number of books on spirituality, died on the same day as Aldous Huxley and John F. Kennedy.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  FindAGrave

Diana Lewis (actress) -- Dead. Pancreatic cancer. Died January 18, 1997. Born September 18, 1919. Go West, Cry Havoc, married to William Powell for many years.  IMDb  FindAGrave

Emmanuel Lewis (former child star) -- Alive. Born March 9, 1971. Webster.  IMDb

Jerry Lewis (actor) -- Alive. Born March 16, 1926. Comic actor, teamed with Dean Martin in the '50s, tireless fundraiser for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, survived viral meningitis and cleaned up a long addiction to prescription drugs.  Home Page  IBDB  IMDb

Jerry Lee Lewis (great ball of fire) -- Alive. Born September 29, 1935. One day older than Johnny Mathis

Shari Lewis (puppeteer) -- Dead. Pneumonia/ovarian cancer. Died August 2, 1998. Born January 17, 1933. Voice of Lamb Chop and many more, prolific storyteller.  Home Page  IMDb

Sinclair Lewis (writer) -- Dead. Alcoholism. Died January 10, 1951. Born February 7, 1885. Wrote Babbitt, Arrowsmith and Elmer Gantry; first American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1930, married for a few years to Dorothy Thompson. "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross."  Home Page  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  FindAGrave

Liberace (musician) -- Dead. AIDS. Died February 4, 1987. Born May 16, 1919.  Home Page  IMDb

Richard Libertini (actor) -- Dead. Cancer. Died January 7, 2016. Born May 21, 1933. Bit parts in dozens of movies, Father Drobney in Don't Drink the Water, Sidney in Awakenings and many TV shows; ex-husband of Melinda Dillon.  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Roy Lichtenstein (pop artist) -- Dead. Pneumonia. Died September 29, 1997. Born October 27, 1923.

Gordon Lightfoot (singer/songwriter) -- Alive. Born November 17, 1938. "If You Could Read My Mind," recovered after suffering from a burst blood vessel in 2002.  Home Page  IMDb

Abbey Lincoln (singer/actress) -- Dead. Died August 14, 2010. Born August 6, 1930. Jazz singer with a long career who starred in For the Love of Ivy and other movies with Sidney Poitier, married to Max Roach during the '60s.  Home Page  IMDb  Obituary

Anne Morrow Lindbergh (writer/pilot) -- Dead. Died February 7, 2001. Born June 22, 1906. Flew frequently with her husband, wrote many books including Gift from the Sea, died on the same day as Dale Evans

Charles Lindbergh (aviator) -- Dead. Died August 26, 1974. Born February 4, 1902. First person to fly solo across the Atlantic in 1927, wrote The Spirit of St. Louis.  IMDb

Viveca Lindfors (actress) -- Dead. Died October 25, 1995. Born December 29, 1920.  IMDb

Astrid Lindgren (writer) -- Dead. Died January 28, 2002. Born November 14, 1907. Wrote Pippi Longstocking and other books for children.  Home Page

Anna Lindh (Swedish politician) -- Dead. Murdered (stabbed by assassin). Died September 11, 2003. Born June 19, 1957. Swedish foreign minister who was a likely candidate for Prime Minister at the time of her murder, died on the same day as John Ritter

Audra Lindley (actress) -- Dead. Leukemia. Died October 16, 1997. Born September 24, 1918. Mrs. Roper on Three's Company; fine comic and dramatic actress, married to James Whitmore during the '70s.  IMDb

Mark Lindsay (singer) -- Alive. Born March 9, 1942. Lead singer of Paul Revere and the Raiders.  Home Page

George Lindsey (actor) -- Dead. Died May 6, 2012. Born December 17, 1928. Longtime Hee-Haw regular, Goober Pyle on the Andy Griffith Show, fundraiser for the Alabama Special Olympics.  Home Page  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Ling-Ling (good will ambassador) -- Dead. Heart failure. Died 1992. Born circa 1971. A donation from China to the National Zoo in 1972. Survived by Hsing-Hsing

Lisa Ling (interviewer, runner) -- Alive. Born August 30, 1973. One of The View.  IMDb

Art Linkletter (talk show host/writer) -- Dead. Died May 26, 2010. Born July 17, 1912. Hosted House Party and wrote books like Kids Say the Darndest Things.  IMDb  Obituary

Larry Linville (actor) -- Dead. Lung cancer. Died April 10, 2000. Born September 29, 1939. Frank on the M*A*S*H TV show.  IMDb

James Lipton (Professional fan/educator) -- Alive. Born September 19, 1926. Created and starred in Inside the Actors Studio (featuring the funniest two hours on video - an interview with Robin Williams), wrote soap operas and produced TV special before he went to work for the Actors Studio.  Home Page  IBDB  IMDb

Peggy Lipton (actress) -- Alive. Born August 30, 1947. Julie on The Mod Squad, the waitress on Twin Peaks, married to Quincy Jones for 16 years, mother of the very talented Rashida Jones.  IMDb

Virna Lisi (actress) -- Alive. Born September 8, 1937. Great as Catherine of Medici in Queen Margot.  IMDb

Cleavon Little (actor) -- Dead. Colon cancer. Died October 22, 1992. Born June 1, 1939. Starred in Blazing Saddles.  IMDb

Rich Little (impressionist) -- Alive. Born November 26, 1938. Did a great Richard Nixon in the '70s.  IMDb

Little Richard (singer/piano player) -- Alive. Born December 5, 1932. Flamboyant performer who wrote "Tutti Frutti," he says he's retiring (but I don't believe him...).  IMDb

Barry Livingston (actor) -- Alive. Born December 17, 1953. Ernie on My Three Sons, many bit parts since.  IMDb

Stanley Livingston (artist/actor) -- Alive. Born November 24, 1950. Chip on My Three Sons, a stained glass artist.  Home Page  IMDb

Mary Livingstone (actress) -- Dead. Heart disease. Died June 30, 1983. Born June 23, 1905. Mostly performed with her husband, Jack Benny, whom she met when her cousin, Zeppo Marx, brought him to a Passover seder.  IMDb

Desmond Llewelyn (actor) -- Dead. Car crash. Died December 19, 1999. Born September 12, 1914. Q in the James Bond movies - "retired" just in time.  IMDb

Harold Lloyd (silent comic) -- Dead. Cancer. Died March 8, 1971. Born April 20, 1893.  Home Page  IMDb

Norman Lloyd (actor) -- Alive. Born November 8, 1914. Daniel Auschlander in St. Elsewhere, an active actor over the age of 90 with a great part in In Her Shoes, worked in his 99th year on Trainwreck.  Home Page  twitter  IBDB  IMDb

June Lockhart (actress) -- Alive. Born June 25, 1925. Timmy's mom on Lassie and Dr. Maureen Robinson on Lost in Space.  Home Page  twitter  IBDB  IMDb

Gary Lockwood (actor) -- Alive. Born February 21, 1937. Survived a run-in with HAL in 2001 and "the barrier at the end of the galaxy" in Star Trek.  IMDb

Robert Loggia (actor) -- Dead. Alzheimer's. Died December 4, 2015. Born January 3, 1930. Lots of bit-parts on TV, Scarface, Big, nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Jagged Edge.  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Kenny Loggins (singer/songwriter) -- Alive. Born January 7, 1948. Much music for Footloose.  IMDb

Herbert Lom (actor) -- Dead. Died September 27, 2012 Born January 9, 1917. Best-known as Dreyfus in the Pink Panther flicks.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Alan Lomax (folk music archivist) -- Dead. Died July 19, 2002. Born January 31, 1915. Recorded and popularized traditional blues and folk singers like Leadbelly, worked with Carl Sagan on the music included with the Voyager probe.  Home Page  IMDb

Guy Lombardo (bandleader) -- Dead. Died November 5, 1977. Born June 19, 1902. It used to be traditional to welcome in the New Year listening to Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians play "Olde Lang Syne."  IMDb

Julie London (singer/actress) -- Dead. After-effects of a stroke. Died October 18, 2000. Born September 26, 1926. Emergency!, married to Bobby Troup at the time of his death, married to Jack Webb in the '40s and '50s, died on the same day as Gwen Verdon.  IMDb

Richard Long (actor) -- Dead. Died December 21, 1974. Born December 17, 1927. Ma and Pa Kettle movies, Nanny and the Professor.  IMDb

Shelly Long (actress) -- Alive. Born August 23, 1949. Diane on Cheers, starred in movie comedies like Outrageous Fortune, recovered from a drug overdose.  IMDb

Dave Longaberger (basket guy) -- Dead. Cancer. Died March 17, 1999. Born circa 1934. Ran a basket company with a sense of humor - here's the headquarters he built.  Home Page

Claudine Longet (actress) -- Alive. Born January 29, 1942. Once married to Andy Williams, later killed her lover Spider Sabitch.  IMDb

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes (singer) -- Dead. Car accident/broken skull. Died April 25, 2002. Born May 27, 1971. Part of the group TLC.  Home Page  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Stefan Lorant (writer) -- Dead. Died November 14, 1997. Born February 22, 1901. Wrote one of the first coffee table books, Pittsburgh, and made movies in Hungary before WW II.

Jack Lord (actor) -- Dead. Heart failure. Died January 21, 1998. Born December 30, 1920. "Book 'im, Dano."  IMDb

Marjorie Lord (actress) -- Dead. Born July 26, 1918. Died November 28, 2015. Kathy in Make Room for Daddy, loads of movies and Broadway plays, Anne Archer's mom, fundraiser for many cultural organizations in her retirement.  Home Page  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Sophia Loren (actress) -- Alive. Born September 20, 1934. Married to Carlo Ponti.  IMDb

Lisa Loring (actress) -- Alive. Born February 16, 1958. Wednesday on The Addams Family.  Home Page  IMDb

Peter Lorre (actor) -- Dead. Stroke. Died March 23, 1964. Born June 26, 1904. Yet another Nazi escapee, appeared in M, The Maltese Falcon, and Casablanca, married for 11 years to Celia Lovsky.  Home Page  IMDb  FindAGrave

Lance Loud (actor/early "reality show" star) -- Dead. AIDS/hepatitis. Died December 22, 2001. Born June 26, 1951. The star of An American Family, an early attempt at reality TV, and one of the first openly gay people on TV (circa 1973).  Home Page  IMDb

Dorothy Loudon (actress) -- Dead. Died November 15, 2003. Born September 17, 1933. The first Miss Hannigan in the Broadway production of Annie, died on the same day as Laurence Tisch.  IBDB  IMDb

Joe Louis (boxer) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died April 12, 1981. Born May 13, 1914. Longtime heavyweight champion of the world, later became a friend of his one-time nemisis Max Schmeling.  Home Page  IMDb  FindAGrave

Tina Louise (actress) -- Alive. Born February 11, 1934. Ginger on Gilligan's.  Home Page  IMDb

Linda Lovelace ('70s icon) -- Dead. After a traffic accident. Died April 22, 2002. Born January 10, 1949. Starred in Deep Throat, a very famous early '70s porn movie but escaped from the biz and became an anti-porn activist, married to the man that Marilyn Chambers later married.  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Jim Lovell (astronaut) -- Alive. Born March 25, 1928. Flew on four space missions, including the Apollo Christmas flight around the moon in 1968, and helped bring the crippled Apollo 13 home (played the Navy man who greeted the astronauts on their return home in the movie Apollo 13)  Home Page  IMDb

Celia Lovsky (actress) -- Dead. Died October 12, 1979. Born February 21, 1897. Remembered as the Vulcan elder in the famous "Amok Time" episode of Star Trek, married to Peter Lorre for 11 years.  IMDb  FindAGrave

Morton Lowry (actor) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died November 26, 1987. Born January 1, 1908. British actor in many movies, including How Green Was My Valley.  IMDb

Myrna Loy (actress) -- Dead. Old age. Died December 14, 1993. Born August 2, 1905. The Thin Man, Cheaper by the Dozen. The Best Years of Our Lives.  IBDB  IMDb  FindAGrave

George Lucas (director) -- Alive. Born May 14, 1944. Star Wars director and entreprenuer (THX sound systems and Industrial Light and Magic).  IMDb

Susan Luckey (actress/singer) -- Dead. Died November 29, 2012. Born April 4, 1938. Appeared in three classic musicals, The Music Man (as Zaneeta Shin), Carousel (as Louisa Bigelow) and the original Mary Martin Peter Pan (as an Indian).  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Allen Ludden (TV show host) -- Dead. Bladder cancer. Died June 9, 1981. Born October 5, 1917. College Bowl, Password, married to Betty White.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Robert Ludlum (novelist) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died March 12, 2001. Born May 25, 1927. The Bourne Identity and other spy books, died on the same day as Morton Downey, Jr..  IMDb

Sid Luft (producer/manager) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died September 15, 2005. Born November 2, 1915. Married to Judy Garland in the '50s, he produced A Star Is Born.  IMDb  FindAGrave

Bela Lugosi (actor) -- Dead. Died August 16, 1956. Born October 20, 1882. Actor best-known for Dracula on Broadway and on the screen.  Home Page  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

J. Anthony Lukas (writer) -- Dead. Suicide. Died June 5, 1997. Born April 24, 1933. Fine journalist and author of the Pulitzer-prize winning Common Ground.  Home Page

Keye Luke (actor) -- Dead. Stroke. Died January 12, 1991. Born June 18, 1904. #1 son in Charlie Chan movies.  Home Page  IMDb

Sheila Lukins (chef/food writer) -- Dead. Brain cancer. Died August 30, 2009. Born circa 1942. Creator of The Silver Palate shop, a series of Silver Palate cookbooks (with Julee Rosso) and was the food editor for Parade.  Home Page  Obituary

Lulu (singer/actress) -- Alive. Born November 3, 1948. "To Sir, with Love," guested in Absolutely Fabulous briefly married to Maurice Gibb in the early '70s.  IMDb

Sidney Lumet (director) -- Dead. Lymphoma. Died April 9, 2011. Born June 25, 1924. Directed many movies including Twelve Angry Men, Network, and The Verdict, once married to Gloria Vanderbilt and was later Lena Horne's son-in-law, died same day as Pierre Celis.  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

William Lundigan (actor) -- Dead. Heart disease. Died December 20, 1975. Born June 12, 1914. In many movies, star of the '50s show Men into Space, spokesman for Chrysler.  IMDb

Ida Lupino (actress/director) -- Dead. Stroke, colon cancer. Died August 3, 1995. Born February 4, 1918. Once married to Howard Duff.  IMDb

Paul Lynde (comedian) -- Dead. Heart attack/substance abuse. Died January 9, 1982. Born June 13, 1926. Many bit parts on TV (Uncle Arthur on Bewitched), but really found his niche as the center square on the '70s version of Hollywood Squares.  Home Page  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  youtube  FindAGrave

Loretta Lynn (singer/songwriter) -- Alive. Born April 14, 1932. "One's on the Way" and "The Pill," wrote the book Coal Miner's Daughter, oldest sister of Crystal Gayle.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb

Phil Lynott (rocker) -- Dead. Pneumonia and heart failure due to years of drug abuse. Died January 4, 1986. Born August 20, 1951. Leader of Thin Lizzy.  Home Page