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Rosalyn Yalow (medical physicist) -- Dead. Died May 30, 2011. Born July 19, 1921. Winner of a Nobel Prize for medicine in 1977, died same day as Clarice Taylor.  Home Page  Obituary

"Weird Al" Yankovic (musical satirist) -- Not dead yet. Born October 23, 1959.  Home Page  Dead People Server Photo Gallery  IMDb

Frankie Yankovic (polka king) -- Dead. Died October 14, 1998. Born July 15, 1915. Not related to Weird Al, but they did play together.  IMDb

Molly Yard (activist) -- Dead. Died September 21, 2005. Born July 6, 1912. Civil rights activist and a president of NOW in the '80s.  Home Page  Obituary

Lorene Yarnell (mime, dancer) -- Dead. Aneurysm. Died July 29, 2010. Born March 21, 1948. Part of the ubiquitous '70s-'80s Shields and Yarnell mime team, Yarnell and Robert Shields divorced and she later retired to Norway after appearing as Dot Matrix in Spaceballs.  IMDb

Peter Yarrow (folk singer) -- Alive. Born May 5, 1938. Best of Peter, Paul and Mary.  Home Page  IMDb

Peter Yates (director) -- Dead. Died January 9, 2011. Born July 24, 1928. Bullitt, Breaking Away, The Dresser.  Home Page  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Chuck Yeager (test pilot) -- Alive. Born February 13, 1923. First person to break the sound barrier, Oct 13, 1947. Broke it again on the 50th anniversary of that event, probably for the last time as a pilot Yeager: An Autobiography  IMDb

Anton Yelchin (actor) -- Dead. Freak car accident. Died June 19, 2016. March 11, 1989. Born in Russia, his figure skater parents (Irina Korina and Viktor Yelchin) immigrated to to California when he was six months old, been working on TV since he was about 10, probably best-known as Chekov in the '00s Star Trek reboot and as the young Kyle Reese in Terminator Salvation, appeared in many productions that were released after his death.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Boris Yeltsin (former Russian president) -- Dead. Heart failure. Died April 23, 2007. Born February 1, 1931. Midnight Diaries, first elected Russian president, died on the same day as Paul Erdman and David Halberstam.  IMDb  Obituary

Thomas Yohe (TV producer/innovator) -- Dead. Cancer. Died December 21, 2000. Born circa 1937. The man behind Schoolhouse Rock.  IMDb

Dick York (actor) -- Dead. Emphysema. Died February 20, 1992. Born September 4, 1928. Bewitched Darren #1.  IMDb  FindAGrave

Michael York (actor) -- Alive. Born March 27, 1942. Cabaret, Romeo and Juliet.  IMDb

Pat York (writer/teacher) -- Dead. Car accident. Died May 21, 2005. Born circa 1947. "You Wandered Off Like A Foolish Child To Break Your Heart And Mine", died on the same day as Howie Morris  Obituary

Susannah York (actress) -- Dead. Cancer. Died January 15, 2011. Born January 9, 1939. Tom Jones, They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (for which she received a Supporting Actress Oscar nomination), The Shout and Superman.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  youtube  Obituary  FindAGrave

Bud Yorkin (TV producer/director) -- Dead. Dementia. Died August 18, 2015. Born February 22, 1926. Developed All in the Family, Maude and Sanford and Son with his business partner Norman Lear, directed comedies like Come Blow Your Horn and Divorce American Style.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Alan Young (cartoon voice/actor) -- Dead. Died May 19, 2016. Born November 19, 1919. Friend of Mr. Ed, The Time Machine, voiced Scrooge McDuck into his mid-90s, died same day as Morley Safer.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Coleman Young (politician) -- Dead. Respiratory failure. Died November 29, 1997. Born May 24, 1918. First black mayor of Detroit, served five terms. Make memorial contributions to: Coleman A. Young Foundation

Faron Young (country singer) -- Dead. Suicide/chronic illness. Died December 9, 1996. Born February 25, 1932. The Best of Faron Young.  IMDb  FindAGrave

Gig Young (actor) -- Dead. Suicide (after murdering his wife, Kim Schmidt). Died October 19, 1978. Born November 4, 1913. They Shoot Horses, Don't They?, an ex-husband of Elizabeth Montgomery.  IMDb  FindAGrave

Loretta Young (actress) -- Dead. Ovarian cancer. Died August 12, 2000. Born January 6, 1913. The Bishop's Wife.  IMDb

Paul Young (singer) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died July 15, 2000. Born circa 1947. Mike and the Mechanics -- The Living Years

Ralph Young (singer/comic) -- Dead. Died August 23, 2008. Born July 1, 1919. Toured with Tony Sandler for many years; last public performance was for a 9/11 fundraiser in 2001, died on the same day as Thomas Weller.  Home Page  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Robert Young (actor) -- Dead. Respiratory failure. Died July 21, 1998. Born February 22, 1907. Father Knows Best and Marcus Welby, born on the same day as Sheldon Leonard.  IMDb  FindAGrave

Henny Youngman (comedian) -- Dead. Pneumonia. Died February 24, 1998. Born March 16, 1906. No longer a young man... Take My Wife, Please!: Henny Youngman's Giant Book of Jokes.  IMDb  FindAGrave

Victor Sen Yung (actor) -- Dead. Died November 9, 1980. Born October 18, 1915. #2 son in Charlie Chan movies.  IMDb