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If you run a radio talk show, I can be available to play trivia or talk about the site or the Internet in general. Drop me a line to arrange an appearance or interview.

This page lists media appearances I've made as curator of Dead People Server, or articles that have appeared about Dead People Server. If you see an article that's not listed here, let me know so I can link to it.

January 6, 2015 - On the Rocking in the Valley podcast with Steve Christopher, talking about 2014 deaths, particularly musicians and our favorite comic Robin Williams. Turns out Steve's a Star Trek fan too.

An almost 8 1/2 year gap...

September 2006 - Prerecorded an appearance on Kerang Radio's Ugly Phil Morning Show with Phil and Rachel. I'm not sure when it will be on. We chatted about the site and had a sudden, mutual attack of the giggles over Steve Irwin's untimely death.

March 31, 2006 - Appeared on Bob Miller in the Morning on KPAM AM 860 in Portland, OR. I'm on from about 1:00-6:50 of the recording; I don't have MP3 editing capabilities.

March 29, 2006 - Interviewed by Buck Wolf at for an article on celebrity death rumors.

March 10, 2005 - Quoted in the Harvard Crimson.

January 25, 2005 -- KDKA 1020 in Pittsburgh on the Mike Romigh Show, from 9:00pm-9:30pm EST (following a "wake" for the Steelers, after their AFC Championship loss), talking about Johnny Carson and Dead Pools.

February 6, 2004 -- KDKA 1020 in Pittsburgh on the Mike Romigh Show, from 10pm-11pm EST, sandwiched between discussions on the 40th anniversary of the Beatles coming to America.

October 28, 2002 -- KROX 101X in Austin Texas ("Morning X with Drew and Trina").
Later the same day -- WLW 700 AM in Cincinnati, Ohio ("The Gary Burbank Show").

June 2002 -- Review in TechKnow, Ohio Library Council's magazine (page 14 of the .pdf file).

June 2002 -- Mentioned in USA Today by a Web Librarian tip as a place to look up dead people.

2000 -- Nice write up in Dancing Hamsters, Gothic Gardening, and Cyber Conspiracies by Barb Karg.

December 22, 2000 -- Kim Komando's Komputer Klinic, syndicated radio show.

December 15, 2000 -- Brief review in Entertainment Weekly's "What to Surf."

December 2000 -- Brief review in Earthlink's blink Magazine.

July 16, 2000 -- Brief review in Access Magazine, a Sunday paper insert (thanks the Jeanne Clark for sending me a copy!).

April 10, 2000 -- Brief article in the Chicago tribune, "New Hope for the Dead."

April 7, 2000 -- Article in the Las Vegas Sun by Kirk Baird. (He also interviewed Abe Vigoda to discuss the problems associated by being "assumed to be dead" when you aren't! (There is one error in the article (DPS was around 500-600 entries in 1997 when I took it over.).))

March 23, 2000 -- Reuters/ABC article called Surfers Search for Death, Taxes Online.

Early 2000 -- Entertainment Weekly What to Surf - Site of the Week.

January 2000 -- There was a write-up about DPS in the January 10th issue of InternetWeek.

December 1999 -- Interviewed by James Orsag for the Valley News Dispatch for an article on dead pools which appeared on January 1, 2000.

October 1999 -- The Rumors page was discussed in Yahoo! Internet life.

July 13, 1999 -- On the syndicated Bob & Sheri radio show.

July 4, 1999 -- Joal Ryan of Eonline wrote an amusing piece, focusing on the Quash that Rumor page.

June 16-17, 1999 -- Headline News aired a segment on "taking the pulse of Hollywood," which featured Dead People Server and some other celebrity-death-related sites. Jeannie Moos was the reporter. The Dead People Server interview that was taped at Channel 11 in Pittsburgh on May 6. Zachariah Love of the late site was also interviewed (but from the far west).

February 1, 1999 -- Dead People Server was almost mentioned in a Providence Journal article.

January 22, 1999 -- Joined John Garabo on Y108 at about 7:40 AM (Pittsburgh area).

September 18, 1998 -- Michael Graham Show WBT Radio 1110 AM/99.3 FM, Charlotte, NC. We played a few rounds of "Dead or Alive."

September 7, 1998 -- John Robbie Show on Radio 702 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

September 1, 1998 -- On The Joe Show on WJBX, Ft. Myers, FL at 7:30 AM with Joe and AnnRae. (Well, it was only for three minutes, so if you went out for coffee, you missed it!)

August 26, 1998 -- San Jose Mercury News edited the AP article as a "People in the News" bit. I did an interview with WBZ radio (1030 AM) in Boston, and it appeared as a Dave Maynard "News from the Other Side" segment.

August 24, 1998 -- The Associated Press picked up the article. The article appeared in various forms at CBS News and USA Today.

August 24, 1998 -- Nice article on Dead People Server by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. (Thanks to LA Johnson and to Bob Donaldson.)

August 8, 1998 -- Net Talk Live, Jovan's Hotsites Archive.

July 10, 1998 -- On KABC (790 AM, Southern California) on Mr. KABC's show on Friday, July 10 from 9PM-10PM PDT. This was a terrific hour, with lots of callers and I was stumped a few times (but IMDB generally saved me when DPS did not!).

July 9, 1998 -- Phone guest on KFI (640 AM, Southern California) on the John & Ken Show The show was on RealAudio live. It was not a bad hour, though it kind of veered off on Jim Nabors and urban legends more than I would have expected.

Summer 1998 -- Article on Dead People Server in the Philadephia paper.

March 13, 1998 -- Mentioned in Ask the Surf Guru.

February 9, 1998 -- Houston Chronicle's Dead Hotlist.

January 11, 1998 -- Dead People Server was mentioned in an article in The Washington Post