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Lawrence Kestenbaum meets Laurie Mann, 01/20/01

Kirk Alyn

Political Graveyard Curator Meets Dead People Server Curator on Inaguration Night, 2001. Kirk Alyn, (who played Superman in the serials in the early '50s), posed in front of his favorite dressing room at Fantasy Film Celebrity Con in Pittsburgh in 1979. Your curator is beside Kirk, and the curator's consort, Jim Mann, is beside her.

If you have a photograph of someone who is listed in Dead People Server, I'll be happy to store the photograph here or link back to a photo at your site. Sketches are also welcome. Please note that you must be the owner of the photo or sketch; I do not include photos that are copyrighted by other people (publicity stills, et.c.). Submit photo. All uncredited photos were taken by your curator, Laurie Mann.

Photo of David G. Hartwell, taken in 2009 while he was a guest of honor at Anticipation, the World Science Fiction Convention.

David G. Hartwell, 2009

Terry Pratchett, 10/2011

Photo of Terry Pratchett, October 14, 2011 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. That might have been during his last trip to the states.

Photo of Phoebe Snow, taken in 2008 at a concert in Pittsburgh.

Pheobe Snow, 2008

Octavia Butler, 2000

Photo of Octavia Butler, taken in 2000 at New York City Nebulas.

Photo of Robert Sheckley, taken in 2004 in Boston.

Robert Sheckley, 2004

Michael Feldman

Photo of Michael Feldman, taken on 9/17/05 in Cleveland.

Self portrait of Will Eisner, from the Gothenburg Book Fair, provided by Bo Lundin, Sweden.

Self Portrait of Will Eisner

Hal Clement, 1992

Hal Clement's 70th birtday party, Disclave 1992.
A classic picture of writer Hal Clement (real name, Harry Stubbs), who died suddenly on 10/29/2003. Hal was 81 and diabetic, but he was still extremely sharp and active. He was a convention panelist in Colorado the weekend before he died. He was not a really prolific writer, but he wrote one of the field's seminal works, Mission of Gravity.
I knew him pretty well for over 20 years. Back in the mid-'80s, a bunch of us named him "honorary grandfather of NESFA" as none of his children had had kids yet, and we had some he could "borrow." He was always very much in touch with all the current goings on in science and in the science fiction field. Hal may have a record for appearing on the most number of panels at a World Science Fiction convention - something like 17 panels over a 5 day period.

As Harry Stubbs, he taught chemistry and the love of science to generations of Milton Academy students (and to two years of students at Major Victor Edwards High School in West Boylston, MA during the late '40s).
Donations in Harry's memory may be made to Joslin Diabetes Development Office or St. Michael's Episcopal Church, 112 Randolph Ave, Milton MA 02186. Or go give a pint of blood in memory of Hal - remember, he managed to give about 25 gallons during his many years as a blood donor.

Barbara Hambly and George Alec Effinger, World Fantasy Convention, New Orleans 1994.

Barbara Hambly and George Alec Effinger, World Fantasy Convention, New Orleans 1994

Robert Silverberg and Damon Knight, World SF Convention, Kansas City, MO, 1976

Robert Silverberg and Damon Knight, World SF Convention, Kansas City, MO, September 1976.

Sinbad, the parrot bites Amanda Blake, photo by Daniel Parks.

Amanda Blake

Sandra Gould

Sandra Gould and Joe, photo by Wendy, the Bewitched.Net curator.

An amazingly-lifelike Keith Richards and a few of his fans, photo by Ronnie H.

Keith Richards

Weird Al

Weird Al and "Elvis" in a compromising position? Photo by David Rossi.

Clayton Moore (the Lone Ranger) signed autographs during a visit to Pittsburgh in 1980, photo by Robert Booth; his children also appear in the photo.

Clayton Moore

Buster Crabbe

Buster Crabbe (the original Flash Gordon) signed autographs at the 1979 Fantasy Film Celebrity Con in Pittsburgh, photo by Robert Booth.

Lost in cyberspace? Let Web guru Harley Hahn help you! Here Harley posed with two of his buddies.

Harley Hahn