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Art Clokey (animator) -- Dead. Died January 8, 2010. Born October 12, 1921. Inventor of Gumby, he was also the animator for Davey and Goliath.  Home Page  IMDb  Obituary

Miep Gies (Hero) -- Dead. Died January 11, 2010. Born February 15, 1909. An employee of Otto Frank who helped hide Anne Frank's family during part of WWII, and saved Anne's diary, returning it to her father after the war.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  youtube  Obituary  FindAGrave

Teddy Pendergrass (singer/songwriter) Dead. Colon cancer. Died January 13, 2010. Born March 26, 1950. Great singer ("If You Don't Know Me By Now"), paralyzed in a 1982 accident.  IMDb  

Carl Smith (singer/songwriter) -- Dead. Died January 16, 2010. Born March 15, 1927. Opry star, wrote "Your Love Keeps Lifting Me (Higher and Higher)," first husband of June Carter Cash  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Erich Segal (writer/academic) Dead. Heart attack/Parkinson's disease. Died January 17, 2010. Born June 16, 1937. Best-known for Love Story.  IMDB  

Robert B. Parker (writer) Dead. Died January 18, 2010. Born September 17, 1932. Most famous for the Spenser series of books, he wrote dozens of books, many of which were adapted for TV and the movies.  Home Page  IMDB  

Kate McGarrigle (singer/songwriter) -- Dead. Died January 18, 2010. Born February 6, 1946. Canadian folksinger, wrote "Heart Like a Wheel," mother of Rufus and Martha Wainwright.  Home Page  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

James Mitchell (actor/dancer) -- Dead. Heart disease/Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Died January 22, 2010. Born February 29, 1920. Starred in All My Children as Palmer Cortlandt for nearly 30 years, played Curly in the dream sequence ballet in Oklahoma and starred in Brigadoon on Broadway, survived by his partner, the costume designer Albert Wolsky.  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Jean Simmons (actress) -- Dead. Died January 22, 2010. Born January 31, 1929. Guys and Dolls, Spartacus, Elmer Gantry and over 70 other films, once married to Stewart Granger.  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Earl Wild (pianist) -- Dead. Died January 23, 2010. Born November 26, 1915. Classical pianist and teacher who started giving concerts on the radio by the time he was 12, recorded Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" with the NBC Orchestra when he was 21, and gave his last concert at 92!  Home Page  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Pernell Roberts (actor) -- Dead. Died January 24, 2010. Born May 18, 1928. Bonanza, Trapper John, MD.  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Zelda Rubinstein (actress) -- Dead. Multiple organ failure. Died January 27, 2010. Born May 28, 1933. The psychic in the Poltergeist movies, AIDS activist.  IMDb  Obituary

J. D. Salinger (reclusive writer) -- Dead. Died January 27, 2010. Born January 1, 1919. Catcher in the Rye  IMDb  Obituary

Howard Zinn (historian) -- Dead. Heart attack Died January 27, 2010. Born August 24, 1922. Longtime anti-war activist, he wrote A People's History of the United States.  IMDb  Obituary

Aaron Ruben (producer) -- Dead. Pneumonia Died January 30, 2010. Born March 1, 1914. Producer of TV shows, including The Andy Griffith Show, Gomer Pyle and Sanford and Son.  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Kage Baker (SF writer) -- Dead. Cancer Died January 31, 2010. Born June 10, 1952. Wrote the Company novels, finalist for Hugo, Nebula and World Fantasy awards.  Home Page  Obituary


David Brown (producer) -- Dead. Died February 1, 2010. Born July 28, 1916. Produced movies like Jaws, The Sting and The Player, and the Broadway show Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, married to Helen Gurley Brown.  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Frances Reid (actress) -- Dead. Died February 3, 2010. Born December 12, 1914. Played Alice Horton on Days of Our Lives constantly from 1965 until 2007, very active on Broadway in the '40s.  Home Page  IBDB  IMDb

William Tenn (SF writer/college professor) -- Dead. Congestive heart failure Died February 7, 2010. Born May 9, 1920. Wrote dozens of satiric SF stories including "On Venus, Have We Got a Rabbi," "Child's Play" and "Winthrop Was Stubborn," longtime Penn State professor (his real name was Phil Klass), born same day as Frank Perdue and Richard Adams.  Home Page  IMDb

Caroline McWilliams (actress) -- Dead. Multiple myeloma Died February 11, 2010. Born April 4, 1945. Guiding Light, Soap, Benson, ex-wife of Micheal Keaton.  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Dick Francis (writer/jockey) -- Dead. Died February 14, 2010. Born October 31, 1920. A winning jockey in England, he later turned to writing racing-related mysteries.  Home Page  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Andrew Koenig (actor/editor) -- Dead. Died circa mid-February 2010. Born August 17, 1968. Boner in Growing Pains, edited a number of movies, son of Walter Koenig.  IMDb  Obituary

Kathryn Grayson (singer/actress) -- Dead. Died February 17, 2010. Born February 9, 1922. Starred in Showboat, Kiss Me Kate.  Home Page  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Lionel Jeffries (actor/director) -- Dead. Died February 19, 2010. Born June 10, 1926. Played the grandfather in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (even though he was younger than "son" Dick Van Dyke), wrote and directed the classic movie The Railway Children.  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Robert McCall (artist) -- Dead. Died February 26, 2010. Born 1919. Astronomical artist who worked for NASA and movies such as 2001 and Star Trek, created several space-related stamps in the '70s.  Home Page  IMDb  Obituary


Bruce J. Graham (architect) -- Dead. Died March 6, 2010. Born December 1, 1925. Designed the Sears Tower and Hancock Center in Chicago.  Obituary

Corey Haim ('80s teen star) -- Dead. Pneumonia, enlarged heart. Died March 10, 2010. Born December 23, 1971. Lucas, The Lost Boys, did a reality show with his old friend Corey Feldman in the late '00s.  Home Page  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Merlin Olsen (football player/actor/sportscaster) -- Dead. Mesothelioma Died March 11, 2010. Born September 15. 1940. Los Angeles Rams tackle, football color commentator, Little House on the Prairie, died same year as Don Meredith.  Home Page  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Peter Graves (actor) -- Dead. Died March 14, 2010. Born March 18. 1926. In the original Mission Impossible, the main voice behind A & E's Biography, brother of James Arness.  IMDb  Obituary

Alex Chilton (singer) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died March 17, 2010. Born December 28, 1950. Had one huge song from the '60s "My Baby, She Wrote Me a Letter," sang in The Box Tops and started Big Star.  Home Page  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Fess Parker (actor) -- Dead. Died March 18, 2010. Born August 16, 1925. Played Davy Crockett in the '50s that launched the coonskin cap fad among kids, Daniel Boone, winemaker.  Home Page  IMDb  Obituary

Liz Carpenter (writer) -- Dead. Pneumonia Died March 20, 2010. Born September 1, 1920. Down-to-earth writer who was Lady Bird Johnson's press secretary and fought for women's causes.  Obituary

Stewart Udall (politician) -- Dead. After effects of a fall. Died March 20, 2010. Born January 31, 1920. Helped expand national parks and helped craft environmental legislation during the 1960s.  IMDb  Obituary

Robert Culp (actor) -- Dead. Injuries from a fall. Died March 24, 2010. Born August 16, 1930. I Spy, Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice, Everybody Loves Raymond and lots more TV.  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

June Havoc (actress) -- Dead. Died March 28, 2010. Born November 8, 1913. Actress with an interesting career and a tendency to write about it (like her older sister, Gypsy Rose Lee), a star of Gentleman's Agreement, she played Miss Hannigan on Broadway in Annie.  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary


Ed Roberts (computer developer/doctor) -- Dead. Pneumonia. Died April 1, 2010. Born August 23, 1941. Founded MITS, an early developer of calculator and computer kits and employer of Paul Allen and Bill Gates in the mid-'70s. Roberts sold his company and later went to med school.  Obituary

John Forsythe (actor) -- Dead. Pneumonia, cancer. Died April 1, 2010. Born January 29, 1918. Bachelor Father, Charlie's Angels, Dynasty. Make memorial contribution to American Cancer Society.  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Lori Martin (retired actress) -- Dead. Died April 4, 2010. Born April 18, 1947. The daughter in the original Cape Fear.  IMDb

Corin Redgrave (actor) -- Dead. Died April 6, 2010. Born July 16, 1939. Probably best-known to Americans as Hamish, the Scottish husband in Four Weddings and a Funeral, a political activist like his sister Vanessa.  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

John Schoenherr (artist) -- Dead. Died April 8, 2010. Born July 5, 1935. Painted hundreds of famous science fiction book/magazine covers (Dune) and illustrated the Caldecott-award-winning children's book Owl Moon.  Obituary

Meinhardt Raabe (actor) -- Dead. Died April 9, 2010. Born September 2, 1915. Played the Munchkin Coronor in The Wizard of Oz, injured in a car accident in 1997 that killed his wife, Marie.  IMDb  Obituary

Dixie Carter (actress) -- Dead. Died April 10, 2010. Born May 25, 1939. Designing Women, Family Law, married to Hal Holbrook since the early '80s.  Home Page  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

George Scithers (editor) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died April 19, 2010. Born May 14, 1929. Longtime science fiction fan, Scithers promoted heroic literature, was the first editor of Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine (for which he won two Hugo Awards) and revived Weird Tales.  Obituary

Dorothy Height (civil rights activist) -- Dead. Died April 20, 2010. Born March 20, 1912. One of the early, visible women in the US civil rights, Height encouraged dialog between white and black women in the South, worked with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and served as an advisor to many presidents.  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Alan Sillitoe (writer) -- Dead. Died April 25 2010. Born March 4, 1928. Wrote "The Lonliness of the Long Distance Runner" and Saturday Night and Sunday Morning.  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Dorothy Provine (actress) -- Dead. Emphysema. Died April 25, 2010. Born January 20, 1937. Many '60s movie comedies, like It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave


Lynn Redgrave (actress) -- Dead. Breast cancer Died May 2, 2010. Born March 8, 1943. Georgy Girl and lots of other comedies, strong dramatic turn in Gods and Monsters and an excellent short part in Kinsey.  Home Page  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Lena Horne (singer/actress) -- Dead. Heart disease. Died May 9, 2010. Born June 30, 1917 . Long had a "Summertime" voice, one of the first major black stars in Hollywood, activist for civil rights causes.  Home Page  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Frank Frazetta (artist) -- Dead. Stroke Died May 10, 2010. Born February 9, 1928. Created thousands of book covers and posters on a swords and sorcery theme.   Home Page  IMDb  Obituary

Martin Gardner (writer/puzzle-maker/skeptic) -- Dead. Died May 22, 2010. Born October 21, 1914. Author of Scientific American's "Mathematical Games" for over 25 years and wrote many books.  Home Page  IMDb  Obituary

Art Linkletter (talk show host/writer) -- Dead. Died May 26, 2010. Born July 17, 1912. Hosted House Party and wrote books like Kids Say the Darndest Things.  IMDb  Obituary

Gary Coleman (former child star) -- Dead. Intracranial hemorrhage. Died May 28, 2010. Born February 8, 1968. Diff'rent Strokes.  IMDb   Obituary  FindAGrave

Dennis Hopper (actor) -- Dead. Cancer. Died May 29, 2010. Born May 17, 1936. Hoosiers, Blue Velvet and directed and starred in the classic Easy Rider. A former space cadet, Hopper was clean and sober for many years, former husband of Brooke Hayward and (briefly) of Michelle Phillips.  Home Page  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary  


Rue McClanahan (actress) -- Dead. Stroke. Died June 3, 2010. Born February 21, 1934. Maude, Mama's Family. Golden Girls - married six times, battled breast cancer.  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Jimmy Dean (singer/sausage king) -- Dead. Died June 13, 2010. Born August 10, 1928. "Big Bad John."  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Robert Byrd (senator) -- Dead. Died June 28, 2010. Born November 20, 1917. Longest-serving senator, represented West Virginia as Senator for over 50 years.  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave


Harvey Pekar (comics writer) -- Dead. Died July 12, 2010. Born October 8, 1939. His quirky American Splendor was the basis for a movie about his life, also wrote Our Cancer Year.  Home Page  IMDb  Obituary

James P. Hogan (writer) -- Dead. Died July 12, 2010. Born June 27, 1941. Science fiction writer (The Genesis Experiment) whose later writings frequently blurred the line between fantasy and reality.  Home Page

George Steinbrenner (Yankees owner) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died July 13, 2010. Born July 4, 1930. Owned the Yankees from 1973, many famous battles with Billy Martin.  IMDb

Daniel Schorr (journalist) -- Dead. Died July 23, 2010. Born August 31, 1916. Longtime CBS reporter, an analyst for NPR at the time of his death.  Home Page  IMDb  Obituary

Lorene Yarnell (mime, dancer) -- Dead. Aneurysm. Died July 29, 2010. Born March 21, 1948. Part of the ubiquitous '70s-'80s Shields and Yarnell mime team, Yarnell and Robert Shields divorced and she later retired to Norway after appearing as Dot Matrix in Spaceballs.  IMDb

Mitch Miller (conductor) -- Dead. Died July 31, 2010. Born July 4, 1911. Starred in Sing-A-Long with Mitch ("Follow the bouncing ball...") but started his career as an oboeist for symphony orchestras before going on to be a record producer for Columbia and launching the careers of singers like Leslie Uggams.  IMDb


Patricia Neal (actress) -- Dead. Lung cancer. Died August 8, 2010. Born January 20, 1926. The Day the Earth Stood Still, won an Oscar for Hud, ex-wife of writer Roald Dahl, had a major stroke in the '60s while pregnant with her last child, but recovered and returned to work.  Home Page  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

David L. Wolper (producer) -- Dead. Congestive heart failure/Parkinson's disease. Died August 10, 2010. Born January 11, 1928. Producer of Roots (who, ironically, died a day before the anniversary of Alex Haley's birth) and the original Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, created opening ceremonies for the 1984 Olympics and a lifelong friend of Art Buchwald.  Home Page  IMDb  Obituary

Edwin Newman (journalist/writer) Dead. Died August 13, 2010. Born January 25, 1919. Early NBC newscaster, did the Today Show, afternoon newsbreaks and hosted Saturday Night Live one time, author of books on the use of English, spoke strictly...  IMDb  Obit

Abbey Lincoln (singer/actress) -- Dead. Died August 14, 2010. Born August 6, 1930. Jazz singer with a long career who starred in For the Love of Ivy and other movies with Sidney Poitier, married to Max Roach during the '60s.  Home Page  IMDb  Obituary

Christopher Shea (Original Linus) -- Dead. Died August 19, 2010. Born February 5. 1958. Linus in the first few Charlie Brown specials.  Home Page  IMDb  Obituary


Cammie King (Marketer/actress) -- Dead. Lung cancer. Died September 1, 2010. Born August 5, 1934. Played Bonnie Blue Butler in Gone with the Wind (a role a very young Elizabeth Taylor was rumored to be in the running for).  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Larry Ashmead (editor) -- Dead. Pneumonia. Died September 3, 2010. Born July 4, 1932. Editor for writers including Isaac Asimov and Susan Isaacs.  Obituary

Billie Mae Richards (actress/cartoon voice) -- Dead. Died September 10, 2010. Born circa November 1921. Rudolph in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (later a neighbor in Toronto of Paul Soles who voiced Hermey (the dental elf)).  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

E. C. Tubb (writer) -- Dead. Died September 10, 2010. Born October 15, 1919. British science fiction and Western writer, probably best-known for the The Dumarest Saga and for novelizations of the Space: 1999 series.  Home Page  IMDb

Harold Gould (actor) -- Dead. Died September 11, 2010. Born December 10, 1923. The Sting, Rhoda, and The Golden Girls, along with Bill Cosby, one of the few folks in the entertainment industry to earn a Ph.d. (in theatre).  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Kevin McCarthy (actor) -- Dead. Died September 11, 2010. Born February 15, 1914. Broadway actor who earned an Oscar nomination for Death of a Salesman and went on to star in the cult movie classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Eddie Fisher (singer) -- Dead. Complications of surgery for a broken hip. Died September 22, 2010. Born August 10, 1928. Singer, movie star, married at various times, to Debbie Reynolds, Liz Taylor and Connie Stevens, father of Carrie and Joely Fisher.  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Gloria Stuart (actress) -- Dead. Lung cancer. Died September 26, 2010. Born July 4, 1910. A founder of the Screen Actors Guild, she appeared in many '30s movies and appeared as the older Rose in Titanic.  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Arthur Penn (Director) -- Dead. Died September 28, 2010. Born September 27, 1922. Directed many early plays on TV, including The Miracle Worker, went on to direct Bonnie and Clyde and Alice's Restaurant.  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Tony Curtis (actor/painter) -- Dead. Cardiac arrest. Died September 29, 2010. Born June 3, 1925. Oscar-nominated for The Defiant Ones, starred in The Boston Strangler, Spartacus, Some Like It Hot (later played the aging playboy in the theatrical version), once married to Janet Leigh, father of Jamie Lee Curtis.  Home Page  IMDb  Obituary

Stephen J. Cannell (producer/writer) -- Dead. Melanoma. Died September 30, 2010. Born February 5, 1941. Writer/producer of many TV shows, created popular shows like The Rockford Files, The A Team and The Commish.  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave


Belva Plain (writer) -- Dead. Died October 12, 2010. Born October 9, 1915. Evergreen.  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Benoit Mandelbrot (mathematician) -- Dead. Pancreatic cancer. Died October 14, 2010 Born November 20, 1924. Developed the area of fractal geometry.  Home Page

Simon MacCorkindale (actor) -- Dead. Cancer. Died October 14, 2010. Born February 12, 1952. Death on the Nile, Falcon Crest, married to Susan George.  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Johnny Sheffield (child actor) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died October 15, 2010. Born April 11, 1931. Boy in the Tarzan movies, Bomba in the Bomba movies.  IMDb  Obituary

Barbara Billingsley (Beaver's mom) -- Dead. Died October 16, 2010. December 22, 1915. An early TV icon (Leave It to Beaver), and a great bit part in Airplane!.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Tom Bosley (actor) -- Dead. Cancer. Died October 19, 2010. Born October 1, 1927. Best-known as Mr. C in Happy Days.  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Graham Crowden (actor) -- Dead. Died October 19, 2010. Born November 30, 1922. Tom in Waiting for God, many bit parts on British TV, including Dr. Who (he was cast as "The Doctor" but chose not to play the Tom Baker played him instead).  IMDb  Obituary

Bob Guccione (publisher) -- Dead. Cancer. Died October 20, 2010. Born December 17, 1930. Founder of Penthouse, which either raised or lowered the standard for nudity/porn in print (though may be curiously tame compared to some of the photos on the Internet).  IMDb  Obituary

Joseph Stein (playwright) -- Dead. Died October 24, 2010. Born May 30, 1912. Won a Tony for Fiddler on the Roof, also wrote Zorba and Enter Laughing, died a little over a week before Jerry Bock who wrote the music for Fiddler.  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Lisa Blount (actress/producer) -- Dead. Died October 25, 2010. Born July 1, 1957. Debra Winger's friend in An Officer and a Gentleman, won an Oscar for the short subject The Accountant.  IMDb  Obituary

James MacArthur (actor) -- Dead. Died October 28, 2010. Born December 8, 1937. Son of Helen Hayes and Charles MacArthur, the Danno on the original Hawaii 5-0, once married to Melody Patterson. Ironically, the exec producer of the Hawaii 5-0 remake wanted MacArthur on as a guest, but the original Danno was busy. The producer said "We have time," three weeks before MacArthur died.  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary


Jerry Bock (Broadway composer) -- Dead. Heart failure. Died November 3, 2010. Born November 23, 1928. Wrote the score for Fiddler on the Roof, longtime collaborator of Sheldon Harnick, and died a little over a week after Joseph Stein who wrote the script for Fiddler.  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Jill Clayburgh (actress) -- Dead. Leukemia. Died November 5, 2010. Born April 30, 1944. Oscar-nominated for Starting Over, she also starred in An Unmarried Woman, appeared on Broadway a number of times, and was married to David Rabe for many years.  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Dino De Laurentiis (producer) -- Dead. Died November 11, 2010. Born August 8, 1919. Active in the industry for over 70 years, he produced big movies like King Kong, Dune and Ragtime.  IMDb  Obituary

Irvin Kershner (director) -- Dead. Lung cancer. Died November 29, 2010. Born April 29, 1923. Almost single-handedly raised the Star Wars series from great popcorn flicks to art with The Empire Strikes Back, would like to have directed one of the last set of SW movies.  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Leslie Nielsen (actor) -- Dead. Pneumonia/staph infection. Died November 28, 2010. Born February 11, 1926. Formerly a somewhat serious actor (Forbidden Planet) until he exclaimed "And don't call me Shirley!" in Airplane, made silly comedies (like Naked Gun) for most of the second half of his career.  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave


Don "Dandy Don" Meredith (football player/football broadcaster/pitchman) -- Dead. Cerebral hemorrage. Died December 5, 2010. Born April 10, 1938. A Dallas Cowboy for years, part of the first Monday Night Football broadcast team, died same year as Merlin Olsen.  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Elizabeth Edwards (writer/advisor/activist) -- Dead. Breast cancer. Died December 7, 2010. Born July 3, 1949. Wrote a number of books after her cancer diagnosis and husband's famous infidelity, including Resilience: Reflections on the Burdens and Gifts of Facing Life's Adversities, an inspiration for many for her straight-talking attitude. Make memorial contribution to the Wade Edwards Learning Lab.  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Richard Holbrooke (diplomat/writer/Wall St. executive) -- Dead. Aortic dissection. Died December 13, 2010. Born April 24, 1941. Helped negotiate peace settlements, most notably in the Balkans, special representative to both Pakistan and Afghanistan at the time of his death.  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Blake Edwards (director) -- Dead. Pneumonia. Died December 15, 2010. Born July 26, 1922. Directed classic flicks like Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Great Race, the early Pink Panther movies, Victor/Victoria, married to Julie Andrews for over 40 years.  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Don "Captain Beefheart" Van Vliet (avant garde musician/artist) -- Dead. Multicple sclerosis. Died December 17, 2010. Born January 15, 1941. Influential musician and longtime friend of Frank Zappa, probalby best-known for Trout Mask Replica.  Home Page  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Steve Landesberg (actor/writer) -- Dead. Cancer. Died December 20, 2010. Born November 23, 1945. Dietrich in Barney Miller, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, many TV bit parts in-between.  IMDb

Teena Marie (R+B singer) -- Dead. Seizure. Died December 26, 2010. Born March 5, 1956. "Lovergirl," longtime protege of Rick James, one of the first white singers signed to the Motown label.  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Billy Taylor (musician/jazz educator) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died December 28, 2010. July 24, 1921. Pianist who hosted the first network TV show on jazz (The Subject Is Jazz) and later spoke about jazz on Sunday Morning and NPR.  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

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