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Patti Page (singer) -- Dead. Died January 1, 2013. Born November 8, 1927. "Tennessee Waltz."  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Jeanne Manford (teacher/activist) -- Dead. Died January 8, 2013. Born December 4, 1920. In 1972, a founder of Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). Make memorial contribution to PFLAG's Jeanne Manford Legacy Fund  twitter  Obituary

Aaron H. Swartz (Programmer/activist) -- Dead. Suicide. Died January 11, 2013. Born November 8, 1986. Helped write RSS 1.0 while still a teenager, involved with Reddit, started Demand Progress which fought SOPA and PIPA, got in trouble with the FBI over downloading and sharing many tech journals from JSTOR.  Home Page  twitter  Obituary

Conrad Bain (actor) -- Dead. Died January 14, 2013. Born February 4, 1923. Philip Drummond on Diff'rent Strokes, Arthur on Maude.  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Andre Cassagnes (inventor/technician) -- Dead. Died January 16, 2013. Born September 23, 1926. Invented the Etch A Sketch, first released in 1960.  twitter  Obituary

Abigail Van Buren (advice columnist) -- Dead. Died January 16, 2013. Born July 4, 1918. "Dear Abby..." (column now written by her daughter Jeanne) but her real name was Pauline Friedman Phillips and she was the twin sister of Ann Landers.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Patty Andrews (singer) -- Dead. Died January 30, 2013. Born February 16, 1918. Andrews Sisters, recorded the original "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy."  IMDb  Obituary


Chris Kyle (Navy SEAL/author) -- Dead. Murdered by a gun on a shooting range (along with another former soldier). Died February 2, 2013. Born April 8, 1974. Author of American Sniper, about his sniper-shooting of at least 150 people during the Iraq War.  twitter  Obituary

Stuart Freeborn (make-up artist) -- Dead. Died February 6, 2013. Born September 5, 1914. Did make-up for Alec Guinness in movies like Oliver Twist and Bridge on the River Kwai, later created the monkey make-up for 2001 and sculpted Yoda for The Empire Strikes Back.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

C. Everett Koop (former Surgeon General) -- Dead. Died February 25, 2013. Born October 14, 1916.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Van Cliburn (pianist) -- Dead. Bone cancer. Died February 27, 2013. Born July 12, 1934. First American to win Tchaikovsky Competition (1958) and went on to help popularize classical piano in the US.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Dale Robertson (actor) -- Dead. Lung cancer, pneumonia. Died February 27, 2013. Born July 14, 1925. Western actor who hosted Death Valley Days in the late '60s and early '70s.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary


Bonnie Franklin (actress) -- Dead. Pancreatic cancer. Died March 1, 2013. Born January 6, 1944. The mother on One Day at a Time.  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Malachi Throne (actor) -- Dead. Died March 13, 2013. Born December 1, 1928. Popular TV actor, on multiple versions of Star Trek, Noah Bain on It Takes a Thief.  Home Page  twitter  IBDB  IMDb

Frank Thornton (actor) -- Dead. Died March 16, 2013. Born January 15, 1921. Captain Stephen Peacock on Are You Being Served?, was active in British TV in his 80s.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Rick Hautala (writer) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died March 21, 2013. Born February 3, 1949. Wrote the bestselling Night Stone and the award-winning Bedbugs. The "other" horror writer from Maine. How to help Rick's family  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Derek Watkins (trumpeter) -- Dead. Died March 26, 2013. Born March 2, 1945. British trumpeter who played for many movie scores, notably every James Bond film from Dr. No through Skyfall.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Fay Kanin (writer/producer) -- Dead. Died March 27, 2013. Born May 9, 1917. Co-writer of Teacher's Pet, won an Emmy for producing Friendly Fire.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Richard Griffiths (actor) -- Dead. Died March 28, 2013. Born July 31, 1947. Many movies and much theater, probably best-known as Uncle Vernon in the Harry Potter movies.  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary


Milo O'Shea (actor) -- Dead. Died April 2, 2013. Born June 2, 1926. Starred as Leopold Bloom in Ulysses and Friar Lawrence in Romeo and Juliet, many bit parts on TV from the '60s through the '90s, including The Golden Girls and The West Wing.  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Ruth Prawer Jhabvala (classy writer) -- Dead. Died April 3, 2013. Born May 7, 1927. The German writer for Merchant Ivory Productions, she won two Oscars (for A Room With a View and Howards End) and a Booker (for Heat and Dust) and is a former MacArthur Foundation Fellow.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Roger Ebert (critic) -- Dead. Cancer. Died April 4, 2013. Born June 18, 1942. With longtime movie debator Gene Siskel, invented the tagline "Two Thumbs Up," voiceless but eloquent online, born on the same day as Sir Paul McCartney, wrote a great rumination on life and death published in 2009.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Annette Funicello (actress) -- Dead. Multiple sclerosis. Died April 8, 2013. Born October 22, 1942. An early Mouseketeer, she starred in many Beach movies in the '60s.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Lady Margaret Thatcher (first female Prime Minister of the UK) -- Dead. [rumors] Stroke. Died April 8, 2013. Born October 13, 1925. Prime Minister and great ally of Ronald Regan, often called "The Iron Lady," wrote Collected Speeches of Margaret Thatcher.  Home Page.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Robert Edwards (physiologist) -- Dead. Died April 10, 2013. Born September 27, 1925. Developed in vitro fertilization with Patrick Steptoe and they successfully impregnated Lesley Brown with the first test tube baby.  twitter  Obituary

Jonathan Winters (comedian/actor) -- Dead. Died April 11, 2013. Born November 11, 1925. Comic and improvisational genius, It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, played Maude Frickert, performed Papa Smurf in smurfy movies, major influence on Robin Williams (and later played Mork's son, Merth), The Unknown Jonathan Winters - On the Loose.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Frank Bank (actor) -- Dead. Died April 13, 2013. Born April 12, 1942. Lumpy on Leave It to Beaver  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Allan Arbus (actor/photographer) -- Dead. Died April 18, 2013. Born February 15, 1918. Maj. Sidney Freedman, the psychiatrist on M*A*S*H, married to Diane Arbus and worked with her in New York advertising in the '50s.  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Home Page

E. L. Konigsburg (writer) -- Dead. Complications of a stroke. Died April 20, 2013. Born February 10, 1930. Writer who understood generations of kids. Won the Newbery Award for From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler and, again for The View from Saturday twenty-nine years later, graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a chemistry degree.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Richie Havens (singer/guitarist) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died April 22, 2013. Born January 21, 1941. "Freedom" and "Motherless Child," his Woodstock opening act which ran for three hours, wrote commercial jingles like "The Fabric of Our Lives" for cotton.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Virginia Gibson (actress/dancer) -- Dead. Died April 25, 2013. Born April 9, 1925. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, co-host of the '60s kid's science show Discovery with Frank Buxton.  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Deanna Durbin (singer) -- Dead. Died April 27, 2013. Born December 4, 1921. A magnificently-voiced teenager who retired young, married to director Charles David for nearly 50 years.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

andrew j. offutt (writer) -- Dead. Died April 30, 2013. Born August 16, 1934. Sword and Sorcery writer who wrote a number of Conan novels, but made most of his living by selling porn under many pseudonyms.  Home Page  twitter  Obituary


Ray Harryhausen (special effects wizard) -- Dead. Died May 7, 2013. Born June 29, 1920. He revitalized stop-motion photography in memorable movies like Jason and the Argonauts and The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary  Remembrance  Remembrance

Dr. Joyce Brothers (writer/therapist/game show winner) -- Dead. Died May 5, 2013. Born October 20, 1927. Popular talk show guest on psychology who got her start by winning the The $64,000 Question in the '50s.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Jack Vance (writer) -- Dead. Died May 26, 2013. Born August 28, 1916. Wrote SF and mysteries and a charming autobiography.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Father Andrew Greeley (Priest/professor/writer) -- Dead. Died May 29, 2013. Born February 5, 1928. Sociology professor, writer of fiction (Cardinal Sins), non-fiction (Unsecular Man) and many newspaper columns..  Home Page  twitter  Obituary

Jean Stapleton (actress) -- Dead. Died May 31, 2013. Born January 19, 1923. Best-known as Edith Bunker, played Birdie in You've Got Mail.  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary


Frank Lautenberg (senator, businessman) -- Dead. Pneumonia. Died June 3, 2013. Born January 23, 1924. A founder of ADP, he was the last member of the Senate who was a veteran of World War II, he pushed for the drinking age to be 21 nationally.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Esther Williams (actress/swimmer) -- Dead. Died June 6, 2013. Born August 8, 1923. The swimmer turned star in movies like Neptune's Daughter, married to Fernando Lamas in the '70s, wrote her autobiography, Million Dollar Mermaid, step-mother of Lorenzo Lamas.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Iain Banks (writer) -- Dead. Cancer. Died June 9, 2013. Born February 16, 1954. The Wasp Factory, The Crow Road, the Culture series, and many other books, one of the great British writers of late 20th, early 21st centuries, was due to be the Guest of Honor at the 2014 World Science Fiction Convention.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Bernard Sahlins (theater manager) -- Dead. Died June 16, 2013. Born circa 1922. Founded and managed the original Second City which developed talented comics and became something of a training ground for Saturday Night Live.  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

James Gandolfini (actor) -- Dead. Died June 19, 2013. Born September 16, 1961. Bit part player who shot to stardom as Tony Soprano in 1999, died while on vacation in Italy.  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Slim Whitman (country singer) -- Dead. Died June 19, 2013. Born January 20, 1924. Guitarist and yodler known for "Indian Love Call," discovered by Colonel Tom Parker, generally better-known in Europe than America, but made a ubiquitous American commercial for his records in 1979 which made him more popular in the US.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Gary David Goldberg (producer/writer) -- Dead. Brain cancer. Died June 23, 2013. Born June 25, 1944. Created Family Ties, Brooklyn Bridge and Spin City, may have created the first funny closing card with "Sit, Ubu, it."  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Richard Matheson (writer) -- Dead. Died June 23, 2013. Born February 20, 1926 . Wrote books like Bid Time Return (later filmed as Somewhere In Time) and the famous Twilight Zone episode "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet."  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary


Douglas Engelbart (engineer) -- Dead. Kidney disease. Died July 2, 2013. Born January 25, 1925. He presented the famous "mother of all demos" in 1968 where he demonstrated a number of his ideas, including the mouse, multiple computer windows, hypertext and teleconferencing, later won the Turing prize.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Amar Bose (sound engineer/entreprenuer) -- Dead. Died July 12, 2013. Born November 2, 1929. Developer of advanced acoustic systems for halls and for home systems.  Home Page  twitter  Obituary

Elaine Morgan (Writer) -- Dead. Died July 12, 2013. Born November 7, 1920. TV writer who became interested in science and anthropology and wrote The Aquatic Ape.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Cory Monteith (actor) -- Dead. Drug overdose. Died July 13, 2013. Born May 11, 1982. Tall star of Glee, in and out of rehab since he was 19.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Mel Smith (comic) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died July 19, 2013. Born December 3, 1952. Part of the British comedy team Smith and Jones, he played the memorable albino in The Princess Bride.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Helen Thomas (journalist) -- Dead. Died July 20, 2013. Born August 4, 1920. Feisty White House correspondent for UPI and the Hearst papers for many years, one of the first female White House reporters, covered presidents from Eisenhower until Obama.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Dennis Farina (actor/police officer) -- Dead. Pulmonary embolism. Died July 22, 2013. Born February 29, 1944. Played many bit parts while an active officer, later became a star of Law and Order.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Ali Maow Maalin (polio erradication worker) -- Dead. Virus. Died July 22, 2013. Born circa 1954. The last known person to have smallpox, he worked on vaccinating people to erradicate polio in Africa.  twitter  Obituary

Virginia Johnson (sex researcher/psychologist) -- Dead. Died July 24, 2013. Born February 11, 1925. Masters and Johnson, one of the writers of Human Sexual Response.  twitter  Obituary

Eileen Brennan (actress) -- Dead. Died July 28, 2013. Born September 3, 1932. The Sting, Private Benjamin, survived a terrible car accident in the early '80s.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Michael Ansara (actor) -- Dead. Died July 31, 2013. Born April 28, 1922. Bit parts in many movies and TV shows, may be most memorable as a Star Trek Klingon, once married to Barbara Eden.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary


John Palmer (TV news reporter) -- Dead. Died August 3, 2013. Born September 10, 1935. Reported the news for on NBC for nearly 40 years, news anchor on the Today Show during the '80s.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Karen Black (actress) -- Dead. Cancer. Died August 8, 2013. Born July 1, 1939. Five Easy Pieces, Nashville, Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Elizabeth Peters (mystery writer) -- Dead. Died August 8, 2013. Born September 29, 1927. Mystery writer who also wrote as Barbara Michaels, real name was Barbara Mertz who studied Egyptology in college and wrote books about Egypt.  Home Page  twitter>  Obituary

Eydie Gormé (singer/actress) -- Dead. Died August 10, 2013. Born August 16, 1928. Mostly sang with her husband, Steve Lawrence, Best of Steve and Eydie, had a solo hit with "Blame It on the Bossa Nova," won a Grammy for "If He Walked Into My Life," of Spanish & Turkish descent.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Lisa Robin Kelly (actress) -- Dead. Died August 14, 2013. Born March 5, 1970. Best known as the original Laurie on That 70s Show, she was on other comedies and suffered from addictions to drugs and alcohol.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Elmore Leonard (writer) -- Dead. Stroke. Died August 20, 2013. Born October 11, 1925. Wrote Get Shorty, Out of Sight, Rum Punch and a number of other best-selling books.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Marian McPartland (pianist, composer) -- Dead. Died August 20, 2013. Born March 21, 1918. Well-respected pianist and long-time host of NPR's Piano Jazz.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Julie Harris (actress) -- Dead. Congestive heart failure. Died August 24, 2013. Born December 2, 1925. Member of the Wedding (playing a 12-year-old at 27), East of Eden, received 10 Tony nominations (won 5), voiced Mary Chestnut for Ken Burn's Civil War documentary.  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

David Frost (interviewer/writer) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died August 31, 2013. Born April 7, 1939. Interviewer probably best-known for his in-depth interviews with Richard Nixon, he worked with John Cleese on That Was the Week That Was.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary


Fred Pohl (writer/editor) -- Dead. Died September 2, 2013. Born November 26, 1919. Author of Man Plus and Gateway, co-author of the classic The Space Merchants, major editor in the '60s, '70s and '80s.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Ann C. Crispin (writer) -- Dead. Cancer. Died September 6, 2013. Born April 5, 1950. Wrote the Star Trek tie-in books Yesterday's Son and Sarek, a prequel novel to The Pirates of the Carribean series, and she co-created Writer Beware, a site that helped writers avoid scams  Home Page  twitter  Obituary


Tom Clancy (bestselling author) -- Dead. Died October 1, 2013. Born April 12, 1947. Wrote Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games and other technothrillers, part owner of the Baltimore Orioles.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Scott Carpenter (Mercury astronaut) -- Dead. Stroke. Died October 10, 2013. Born May 1, 1925.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb

Noel Harrison (actor) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died October 22, 2013. Born January 26, 1934. Good-looking son of Rex Harrison, did some TV (The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.) in the '60s, sang "Windmills of Your Mind," was also a ski champ.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Marcia Wallace (actress) -- Dead. Breast cancer. Died October 25, 2013. Born November 1, 1942. Carol on The Bob Newhart Show, Miss Krabappel on The Simpsons.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Lou Reed (singer) -- Dead. Six months after a liver transplant. Died October 27, 2013. Born March 2, 1942. Member of the Velvet Underground, may be best known for the classic "Take a Walk on the Wild Side," married to Laurie Anderson.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary


Doris Lessing (author) -- Dead. Died November 16, 2013. Born October 22, 1919. The Golden Notebook, in 2007 was the oldest Nobel Prize winner.  Home Page  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Jane Kean (actress) -- Dead. Died November 26, 2013. Born April 10, 1924. Second actress to play Trixie in The Honeymooners  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Tony Musante (actor) -- Dead. Post-surgical hemorrhage. Died November 26, 2013. Born June 30, 1936. Starred in Toma, appeared in the first season of Oz.  Home Page  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Paul Walker (actor) -- Dead. Ironically, in a high-speed car crash. Died November 30, 2013. Born September 12, 1973. Starred in five of the first six Fast and Furious movies, killed during a break from filming the seventh.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary


Nelson Mandela (politician/activist) -- Dead. Lung disease. Died December 5, 2013. Born July 18, 1918. For many years, the world's most famous political prisoner, later elected as the first black president of South Africa after the fall of apartheid and won a Nobel Peace Prize. "Grandfather of the World." There are very individuals who changed history by themselves - Mandela was one of them.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Eleanor Parker (actress) -- Dead. Pnemonia. Died December 9, 2013. Born June 26, 1922. Elegant American actress who played The Countess in The Sound of Music.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Tom Laughlin (actor/writer) -- Dead. Died December 12, 2013. Born August 10, 1931. Created and starred an early vigilante series, Billy Jack, ran for president. Make memorial contributions to Friends of the Pine Ridge Reservation  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Peter O'Toole (actor) -- Dead. Died December 14, 2013. Born August 2, 1932. Extremely talented actor in Lawrence of Arabia, Becket, A Lion in Winter, My Favorite Year, awarded an honorary Oscar in 2003, married to Sian Phillips for 20 years.  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Joan Fontaine (actress) -- Dead. Died December 15, 2013. Born October 22, 1917. Rebecca and Suspicion, sister of Olivia De Havilland.  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Ray Price (singer) -- Dead. Died December 16, 2013. Born January 12, 1926. "For the Good Times," longtime country singer, rumored dead the day before he died.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

James Avery (actor) -- Dead. Complications after heart surgery. Died December 31, 2013. Born November 27, 1945. Uncle Phil in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

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