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A Plea to the Webmasters of Sites of Famous People

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There is this trend I see at the Websites of many famous people.

The subject of the Website dies. And, suddenly, the whole Website goes away except for a basic tribute page.

This is a really bad idea.

Now, often the Website does come back, but by then the interest in the subject has started to die out. When a person dies, searches on the person always go up, on IMDB, in Google and in other places. When Steve Irwin died, Dead People Server had 2 1/2 times as many visitors as usual (and, let's face it, DPS doesn't really have that much information about each person who has died).

So, to be helpful to the people looking for information, please don't take the site down when the subject dies. Add any information about the death, memorial contributions, public services, et.c., to the Website that you (or the subject's family) feel comfortable making. But don't take it down.

Laurie D. T. Mann
Dead People Server Curator